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CARD Price:
$50.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CARD today is $0.00178 USD.

The lowest CARD price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00178, and the current live price for one CARD coin is $0.00178419.

The all-time high CARD coin price was $0.037.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CARD with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Cardstack crypto currency is #CARD.

Cardstack is 4.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cardstack is $5,351,342.

Cardstack is ranking downwards to #630 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #CARD.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cardstack is $50,271.


The circulating supply of CARD is 2,999,311,734 coins, which is 50% of the maximum coin supply.


CARD is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


CARD has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.

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Ask Me Anything — Part 1

Ask Me Anything — Part 1 - — #CardstackAMA: Behind the scenes of the Cardstack Project. — Chris Tse, Founding Director of the Cardstack Project, hosted an AMA session on September 1, 2022, where he answered various questions from the Cardstack community. He shared progress updates on product development and announced upcoming product launches. He also addressed questions around Cardstack’s strategy, protocol, and marketing efforts. — Strategy - — What’s the biggest pain point in Web3 that Cardstack is trying to solve? (8:52). — Web3 is very difficult to enter for a regular person. You have to know how to use MetaMask and wallets and you have to understand crypto as a concept. You have to be a savvy trader and you have to kind of understand the culture and economics. And you have to know the very specific blockchain development tools, and how to use them. None of these things make a lot of sense to people outside the blockchain industry right now. So our goal is to build a very smooth onramp where you can download a wallet and start interacting immediately, using the wallet as a second-factor or first-factor login application and you’re guided through everything. So this onramping process requires us to not just say, “We’re a dApp provider. We create a dApp that does one thing. Please learn how to use the rest of Web3 and then use Cardstack.” We have to own the whole user exper...

Web3 Roundup

September 2022: First edition of our biweekly newsletter!. — — Web3 Watch & Other Events - — Cardstack’s AMA with Chris Tse. — If you missed our live AMA with Cardstack’s Founding Director Chris Tse, you can watch it now on our YouTube channel! Here’s the gist of what was covered: The three pillars of Cardstack’s infrastructure The Cardstack App combines a self-sovereign, self-hosted smart-contract wallet (iOS & Android) with a growing set of tools and features in the form of a Web app., The Cardstack Protocol is a set of protocols that deals with payment & billing via stablecoins to facilitate fast, cheap, and easy blockchain payments. It also includes the Tally analytic protocol that powers the reward system., The Cardstack Framework is an R&D project that is open-source and encompasses the Card Runtime, the Card SDK & the Card Catalog., Community questions Chris Tse answered numerous questions from the community around Cardstack’s strategy, protocol, product, and marketing, including: The launch of the B2B invoicing product & the payment scheduling tool, Updates on the Card Compiler & Card Catalog, Staking & prepaid cards in the Cardstack Wallet, Details about Card Space &, Watch the AMA here. — Web3 Watch Podcast - Join our upcoming fireside chat about building a DeFi protocol with Kain Warwick, Founder of Regist...

Web3 Roundup

August 2022: Second edition of our biweekly newsletter!. — — Web3 Watch & Other Events - — AMA with Cardstack’s Founding Director Chris Tse. — Join us for a live AMA session on September 1st, where our Founding Director Chris Tse will share progress updates on product development,, talk about Cardstack’s priorities for the rest of the year,, announce upcoming product launches,, and answer questions in a Q&A!, Register for the AMA here. — Web3 Watch Podcast. — Join our upcoming fireside chat about chain-agnostic push notifications with Harsh Rajat, Founder of Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS). Watch the fireside chat here. Check out our latest fireside chats! Cardstack’s Founding Director Chris Tse spoke with Aziz Amer Tash, GetBlock’s CBDO, about blockchain nodes & dApp development. Recently, we also hosted fireside chats with… Matthew Wisniewski, Founder of, about decentralized messaging, Brendan Playford, Founder of Masa Finance, about building a DeFi protocol, Web3 Watch fireside chats are on every Wednesday! You can listen to each chat on these streaming platforms: Spotify | Amazon Music | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Anchor — Project & Product Updates - We’re working to improve the modularity of the Card Pay Protocol, so we can provide new features that users can easily upgrade to or opt into if they...

Web3 Roundup

August 2022: First edition of our biweekly newsletter!. — — Project & Product Updates - We’re making a lot of progress on our technology stack! — Cardstack Protocol. — Improving the modularity of the Card Pay Protocol, Extending the system to support scheduled & recurring payments, Deployed our off-chain computation service as part of staking, — Cardstack Framework. — Migrating features so that apps can run entirely in the browser, — Cardstack Wallet. — Integrated in-app purchases for profile creation, Updated the app to handle cross-platform encryption & decryption of keys via pin code, — App Suite. — Extending our end-to-end payment solution to handle B2B use cases, Read the tech update here. — Web3 Trends & Insights - — Fixing data privacy with Web3 tools. — The 2018 Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal shocked the world and forever changed the way we think about data. As the general public learned more and more about Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter harvesting their personal data, many began wondering if the utopian dreams promised by Silicon Valley throughout the last decade were all a sham. Today, data privacy is in total disarray. How can Web3 tools such as distributed ledger technology and block validation help clean up the mess? Read our article about how Web3 can strengthen data privacy and m...

August 2022: Tech Status Update

Cardstack Protocol, Framework, Wallet, and App Suite. — The Cardstack engineering team continues to work on four parallel efforts including our protocol, framework, wallet, and app suite. — Cardstack Protocol - — Gnosis Safe modularization. — Our protocol team is working to generalize our layer-1 and layer-2 smart contracts to migrate and use as many of the features in the Gnosis Safe smart contract as possible. We are working to migrate special features used for the Card Pay Protocol into modules that can be installed in Gnosis Safe. This initiative, which we call the Generic Safe Refactor, allows us to improve the modularity of our protocol, enabling us to add features to it by providing new modules that users can upgrade to or opt into based on their preferences. — Off-chain compute. — We have deployed our off-chain computation service, formerly known as Tally, as part of our staking infrastructure on layer 2 (Gnosis Chain). This analytic infrastructure observes the balance that users have bridged to their depots on layer 2. Based on those activities, it can then provide a staking reward through a Merkle proof process that allows users to redeem their rewards via Cardstack Wallet or a compatible Web3 wallet. This infrastructure requires a sub-system called Crank, which schedules periodic processes to ingest new activity history from the layer-2 chain, generate new analytic output for ...

Fixing Data Privacy with Web3 Tools

How blockchain can restore autonomy to users. — 2018 was a watershed in the history of data privacy. In March of that year, The New York Times and other publications uncovered what’s become known as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Through a series of investigations, journalists discovered that Facebook had surreptitiously harvested users’ data throughout the 2010s and sold it to Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based political consulting firm. Facebook had gathered user data by collecting information stored in profiles, activity, and even private messages, actions that breached basic privacy and data protection rights. Both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica were hit with a slew of contentious lawsuits, and the scandal caused uproar not only among the tech and media industries but also within the general public. Facebook going so far as to explore private messages and sell that data to consulting firms and advertisers constituted an unforgivable breach of trust for everyday people, and many still feel that violation today. “If Facebook was going through my private messages, what else can they do?” Many In 2019, Twitter also found itself wrapped up in scandal when it came to light that the social media company granted advertisers access to users’ personal data, including email addresses and telephone numbers. The advertisers then used the data of over 140 million users to better reach p...

Web3 Roundup

July 2022: Second edition of our biweekly newsletter!. — Project & Product Updates — Staking for CARD.CPXD available August 1st!. — Starting August 1st, Card Pay & Card Wallet users will be able to stake their CARD.CPXD tokens on layer 2 (Gnosis Chain) — without relinquishing ownership of their tokens! Rewards will be calculated through our off-chain analytics, generating a reward equivalent to approximately 6% APR on a monthly basis for CARD.CPXD held in a depot. Read our announcement here! — Learn all about crypto staking. — This guide will help you understand:What is crypto staking & how does it work?What is proof-of-stake?What chains allow staking?How to get started with staking?Staking with Cardstack…and more Read the guide here!Web3 Trends & Insights — Building for the decentralized future using blockchain. — Did you catch Chris Tse’s talk about leveraging blockchain to build decentralized business ecosystems at the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris? — Creating meaningful revenue in Web3. — The consistent volatility of the cryptocurrency market has shaken the faith of newcomers and stalwarts alike. Recent market crashes have left many wondering: is the dream of decentralization a lost cause? The solution to this problem lies in what traditional finance calls meaningful revenue. How can crypto start generating revenue and pull...

A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Staking

How token holders can earn rewards on their assets. — Newcomers to the crypto space often think about investing in two ways: mining or purchasing assets from an exchange. In recent years, however, staking has become a popular mode of investing for token holders looking to grow their assets and generate passive income. While staking has become a mainstay for various crypto projects and Web3 stalwarts, those outside of the space often have trouble wrapping their heads around the concept, and for good reason. Given the financial terms, tokenomics, and tech jargon associated with staking, the concept can be confusing when first learning about it. We’ve created an introductory guide to help you grasp staking and start earning. Read more below. — What is crypto staking?. — To put it generally, staking is a financial activity that provides token holders a way to earn passive income simply by storing tokens in a crypto wallet. Consider traditional savings accounts held in banks. You deposit funds into a savings account and banks use that deposited money to balance their own books, meet cash reserves, and manage operations. In return for keeping your money in the bank, you earn a percentage of interest that is ultimately deposited into your account. In these traditional banking systems, the yield percentages are very low, something like 2.5%. — How does it work?. — Crypto staking follows the same l...

Web3 Roundup

July 2022: First edition of our biweekly newsletter!. — Project & Product Updates — Staking for Card Pay & Card Wallet users. — Starting on August 1, users will be able to stake their CARD.CPXD tokens on Gnosis Chain, using Card Wallet! The staking rewards will be calculated through our off-chain data analytics. Read the announcement here! — Rewards for Card Pay & Card Wallet users. — We’ve introduced profile creation rewards for Card Pay & Card Wallet users! New and existing users will be rewarded with 100 CARD.CPXD upon creating their profile. Read the announcement here! — Card Space & Card Flow. — What’s the difference between Card Space,, and Card Flow? is a live, public hosting service for Cardstack, supporting the creation of payment profiles for on-chain payment use cases.Card Space is a more general term, representing “cards-at-rest,” as in a space for cards to be created, displayed, and shared.Card Flow is a workflow infrastructure that facilitates interactions between businesses and teams, representing “cards-in-motion.” Learn more about these products here.Web3 Trends & Insights For decades, digital piracy has plagued the media and content industries. Though technological evolution has introduced new security tools like encryption, digital watermarking, multimedia fingerprinting, and more, piracy still c...

Introducing Staking for CARD.CPXD Tokens

Holders can now earn rewards on their tokens. — Today, we’re excited to announce staking for CARD.CPXD tokens. Users will be able to stake their CARD.CPXD tokens starting August 1, 2022. The staking of CARD.CPXD tokens is supported on layer 2, and users can stake without handing over ownership of the tokens. The staking rewards will be calculated through our off-chain analytics. Users will receive a reward equivalent to approximately 6% APR (0.48% per 518400 blocks) on a monthly basis for CARD.CPXD held in a depot. Here are detailed responses to questions token holders may have: — What’s the vision behind introducing staking for CARD.CPXD tokens?. — Cardstack believes that staking plays an important role in the development of a healthy Web3 ecosystem. Current staking solutions are limited to considering one or two data points, such as volume of tokens and period of staking, to determine staking rewards. However, we believe there is an opportunity to use more data points when determining staking rewards — leveraging other signals from the participation of members into an algorithm that influences the staking reward. This is why we have developed an off-chain data analytics and computation protocol called Tally as part of the protocol stack. This protocol will allow us to roll out a new algorithm that extracts, transforms, and combines data about community contribution, token balances, and other d...


Africa-Focused Crypto Exchange Yellow Card Raises $40 Million via Series...

    Africa-focused crypto exchange Yellow Card recently revealed it has closed its $40 million Series B funding round. The exchange's announcement of its latest capital raise comes just over a year after it raised $15 million from its Series A round. Funds to Be Used for Development of New Products Yellow Card, an Africa-focused cryptocurrency exchange, recently disclosed it had closed its $40 million Series B funding round. The crypto exchange said it will use the funds raised to finance the development of new products as well as to 'advance strategic partnerships across Africa.' According to a press statement, the exchange platform's latest funding round was led by Polychain Capital with the participation of Valar Ventures, Third Prime Ventures, Sozo Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, Fabric Ventures, DG Daiwa Ventures, The Raba Partnership, Jon Weiner, Alex Wilson, and Pat Duffy. As reported by news in September last year, Yellow Card had raised $15 million in its Series A funding round. This round was led by Valar Ventures with the participation of Third Prime, Castle Island Ventures, Square, Coinbase Ventures, and Ventures. Africa's Appetite for Crypto Meanwhile, in remarks accompanying the statement, Chris Maurice, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Yellow Card, said: For the past three years, our team has worked tirelessly to make this technology accessible to anyone and create a world-class product. This fundraise in this market not o... read More

Binance to Open Two Offices in Brazil, Company Hints at Debit Card Launc...

    Binance, one of the biggest crypto exchanges by volume traded, has announced its expansion plans for Brazil. The exchange will open two new offices in the country to host 150 employees, who will be able to choose if they want to work in-office or remotely. The company also hinted at the launch of a debit card in the future. Binance Expands Team Facilities in Brazil Latam countries like Brazil are becoming more and more important for cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world, due to the boom that crypto is experiencing in the region. Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently announced it will open two new offices in the country. However, according to reports, employees will have the choice of working in these offices or completing their tasks remotely. The two new offices, which will be located in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, will reportedly be shared co-working spaces, with the function of supporting the growing number of Binance employees in Brazil. While at the beginning of this year the company had only 60 employees there, this number has more than doubled, reaching a headcount of 150. Compliance Moves and Debit Card Launch While Binance has been affected by compliance issues with local laws in several countries before, the exchange is currently making efforts to achieve compliance in Brazil. In this sense, the company announced the purchase of Sim;paul Investimentos in March to become a regulated payment institution in Brazil,... read More

Reef's Highly Anticipated Reef Card Is Officially Available for Crypto H...

    PRESS RELEASE. London, The UK, August 31st – Reef, a layer 1 Substrate based blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, announced today its highly anticipated Reef Card is now available for people in the United Kingdom and Europe. Reef has been working with Baanx, an experienced partner for revolutionary web3 financial solutions, to create and produce Reef Card. Reef Card, powered by Baanx, is part of the MasterCard crypto debit line. Due to covid, and material production delays, the card was put on hold until this year. Now it's officially available to everyone in the UK and EEA. Denko Mancheski, CEO of Reef said, 'We feel good about the future of Reef, and over the past year, we've been working hard with Baanx to get Reef Card out. We're excited to have it available now and allow hodlers the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrencies in the physical world.' Crypto debit cards have become a hot ticket in the physical world as they add another layer of utility to tokens and the cryptocurrency landscape. Reef Card owners will be able to spend their crypto and have their card convert it to fiat only at the time of purchase, and they will be able to use their card at over 90 million merchants worldwide and even withdraw fiat at certain ATMs. To start, Reef Card will be available as a physical card and Google Play right away. Apple Pay will come next. Garth Howat, CEO of Baanx said, 'It's very exciting to see that more companies and communities are adopting our solutions to... read More

The Card Battle Heats Up in Latam, as Ripio and Bitso Both Announce Cryp...

    Cryptocurrency debit and credit card offerings in Latam are thriving, as two exchanges in the area are planning to launch their crypto-enabled cards. Ripio, the Argentina-based exchange, and Bitso, a Mexican exchange, both announced the future launch of their cards, in partnership with Visa and Mastercard respectively, as an answer to the rise of the popularity of crypto in the region. Crypto Cards Galore in Latam The separation of the crypto market and the traditional banking world is disappearing, as more and more banking institutions are adopting crypto and offering crypto services to keep their customers in-house. Two popular exchanges in Latam, Ripio and Bitso, have announced the launch of cryptocurrency-enabled cards that will allow their customers to make purchases with their crypto holdings present on these platforms. In the case of Ripio, the company teamed up with Visa to produce an internationally accepted prepaid card to sidestep the difficulties that credit analysis brings for customers wishing to access the instrument. The exchange expects this product to be a catalyst for people to use more crypto in their everyday purchases and payments. The Visa-based crypto card will offer cashback of 5% on purchases made, which will be deposited to user accounts until October 31. Henrique Teixeira, global head of new business at Ripio, announced the exchange believes more than 250,000 customers will be using this card by December, with an investment of almost $300,000 in th... read More

bitcoinblack's Crypto Credit Card Is Becoming Top Choice for Crypto to F...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, UAE, 17th August 2022, Chainwire bitcoinblack has become a popular choice for millionaires and billionaires worldwide who want to join an exclusive club that provides them access to the world’s most exclusive no-limit black crypto credit card. The luxurious credit card, which has no spending limits, allows users to use crypto to make purchases instantly in USD wherever credit cards are accepted. bitcoinblack’s popularity has grown due to its ease of use and ability to provide users instant access to their money. As more high-net-worth individuals continue to join the club, bitcoinblack is quickly becoming the go-to choice for those wanting to use their crypto to make purchases. bitcoinblack CEO Prakash Chand says that people with a lot of wealth in crypto need an easy way to spend their crypto and to be rewarded for it. He notes that bitcoinblack is accepted in over 140 countries and that members can load up their crypto through the web app or soon to launch iOS/android app to spend their crypto with the best conversion rates and high limits. bitcoinblack members enjoy a host of premium benefits. They have a no spend limit wherever credit cards are accepted globally and receive rewards of up to 10% back in exclusive $SPND tokens. The $SPND tokens can then be redeemed in the Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, a curated online boutique that includes luxury watches, purses, cars, charter jet deals, private mansion access, and exclusive events. T... read More

BitPay teams with Dosh to enable cashback rewards on crypto debit card

    BitPay, the bitcoin and crypto payment processing platform, announced today that users of its BitPay Card will now be rewarded with automatic cashback rewards when swiping the card at thousands of retailers. Thanks to a new partnership with Dosh, when spending with the BitPay Card, users will see crypto cashback rewards add up directly in the BitPay app, 'We’ve partnered with Dosh to bring you cashback offers from brands you love. When you make a transaction with your BitPay Card, Dosh checks to see if it is eligible for a cashback reward. If the transaction is eligible for cash back, Dosh will send us a message to credit your checking account after the transaction has been completed and posted.' - The BitPay Team The post BitPay teams with Dosh to enable cashback rewards on crypto debit card appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

Australia First Reward Card Program Launches, Paying Rewards In Ripple (...

    CryptoSpend users will earn up to a 3% bonus in XRP for spending both fiat and cryptocurrencies. CryptoSpend, a cryptocurrency company, has launched Australia’s first Ripple (XRP) reward card program for its customers. According to an announcement by local news outlet Australian Fintech, the initiative will see CryptoSpend’s fiat and crypto spenders get up to a 3% bonus in XRP within the same day of making a purchase. Andrew Grech, the CEO of CryptoSpend, said: “This XRP rewards card program is all about bringing additional value to our customers and CryptoSpend cardholders. By rewarding CryptoSpend Card users up to 3% back in XRP through the CryptoSpend app on the same day they spend, it provides another fantastic value-add for our customers.”  According to Grech, customers who spend Australian Dollars (AUD) will also be rewarded with a 3% bonus in XRP. Widespread Adoption of CryptoSpend Card CryptoSpend is based in Australia and offers its users the ability to spend their crypto assets on everyday purchases. The company was the first fintech company in Australia to roll out Visa-backed crypto payment cards. Per the announcement, CryptoSpend partnered with Visa and Novatti Group to launch the cryptocurrency card last year. Since its launch, crypto payment cards have been widely adopted. This year, CryptoSpend recorded massive growth in everyday transactional cards despite a decline in crypto prices. Grech said the company had observed m... read More

onXRP Partners up with Banxa, XRP Can Now Be Purchased via Bank Card and...

    onXRP, one of the fastest-growing XRP Ledger-built projects, announced the deployment of the Banxa fiat on-ramp solution into its ecosystem. Thanks to this innovation, onXRP users can now buy XRP using bank cards or ApplePay. At this time, the fresh feature is available to users from all continents, with the exception of Russia, Canada, and New York and Hawaii residents. Enabling U.S. residents to buy XRP with a bank card was the top priority in developing the innovation, according to a tweet from onXRP. ANNOUNCEMENT We present you our fiat onramp powered by @BanxaOfficial that can be found under 'cash' on our dex or directly at: and USA citizens (apart from NY and Hawaii) can buy #XRP easily now using Creditcard and ApplePay. Accessibility— (@onXRPdotcom) July 7, 2022 It is also important to note that only XRP is available for purchase onXRP for fiat. The developers have not said whether it will be possible to buy other tokens of the ecosystem in the same way in the future, be it OXP or OVX. However, these and other tokens built on the XRPL blockchain can be purchased for XRP on the onXRP DEX. onXRP has another Trump card up its sleeve Currently, the DEX section of the onXRP website includes the decentralized exchange itself, the XRP-Avalanche bridge, the DeFi or onAVAX section - which was also recently introduced - and the Cash section, where users purchase ... read More

Nearly 70,000 Issued Binance Refugee Crypto Card for Ukrainians

    Thousands of Ukrainians have ordered a crypto card issued by the world's leading digital asset exchange, Binance, for its users from the war-torn country. The card allows people displaced by the ongoing conflict with Russia to make payments and receive financial support. Binance Announces Results From Efforts to Help Ukrainian Refugees Between April 26 and June 10, almost 70,000 people have been issued the Binance Refugee Crypto Card, the largest coin exchange by trading volume unveiled to the crypto news outlet Forklog. The payment product was offered in April to support Ukrainians forced to leave their homes amid Russia's military invasion of the country. The card allows displaced Binance users from Ukraine to make or receive crypto transfers and pay at merchants in countries from the European Economic Area. With it, the refugees can also accept financial aid through Binance's partners. The applications of 4,000 Ukrainians currently residing abroad have been approved with more than 1,700 already having received funds. Binance also participates in efforts to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) as part of a project launched together with the charitable foundations Palianytsia and Rotary Club Kyiv International. Large families and those with minor children, disabled, and elderly Ukrainians will benefit with priority. These most vulnerable people will be able to rely on a monthly assistance in the amount of 75 BUSD ($75) for a period of three months, the report details... read More

New American Express Credit Card Lets Shoppers Earn Crypto Rewards Trada...

    American Express and Abra are launching a new credit card that will allow shoppers to earn cryptocurrency rewards 'tradable across over 100 different cryptocurrencies' without annual or foreign transaction fees.American Express and Abra Launching Crypto Rewards Credit Card American Express (Amex) and crypto trading platform and wallet provider Abra announced the upcoming launch of the Abra Crypto Card on the American Express network Friday. Abra described the new card as: The first crypto rewards credit card on the American Express network that will transact in U.S. dollars and offer crypto back on any purchase category and amount. 'The crypto rewards will be tradable across over 100 different cryptocurrencies supported by Abra, with no annual or foreign transaction fees,' the crypto company detailed. The Abra Crypto Card will offer several benefits from the American Express Network, including Amex Offers, presale ticket access, global dining benefits, and purchase protections, Abra further noted. Mohammed Badi, president of Global Network Services at American Express, commented: 'One of the ways we back the evolution and innovation of commerce is by making it easier for fintechs to develop and scale innovative payment solutions leveraging the American Express global payments network and the Amex/i2c platform.' The Amex executive added: 'We have a long-standing relationship with Abra through our Amex Ventures investment portfolio.' Interested customers can now join the waitl... read More

American Express To Offer Their First Crypto Rewards Credit Card

    American Express is rolling out it's first-ever crypto rewards credit card as part of a partnership with Abra, according to a joint announcement at this week's crypto conference Consensus in Austin. The announcement is a move in the footsteps of other major credit card providers, most notably Visa and Mastercard, but is still a major call-out in crypto integration into the current credit card landscape. There are over 60M AmEx holders according to figures from earlier this year - and now the network will bring access to direct cryptocurrency rewards for spending for the first time ever with a partner card with Abra. American Express And Abra Team Up The 'Abra Crypto Card' was unveiled at the annual Consensus event in Austin, Texas today, and will offer crypto rewards for any purchase category and amount, according to the formal press release. Abra offers a platform token, 'Crypto Perx' (CPRX) that is expected to be alongside a variety (but thus far undisclosed) of top tokens as options for earning rewards. AmEx has carved out a long-time niche of serving top dollar customers and offering commensurate rewards. The Abra card is expected to bring those rewards along with it too, with rewards from the slate of the AmEx network, including 'Amex Offers (for shopping, travel, dining, services, entertainment, etc.), presale ticket access, Global Dining benefits, and purchase protections,' according to the press release. Abra joins a growing list of crypto-native card issuers with cry... read More

Onlyfans Creator RJ Phillips Announces Zoop: An NFT Trading Card Platfor...

    When RJ Phillips launched Onlyfans, he started a whole new movement of democratization of the adult industry. Now, he wants to conquer the WEB3 with a new NFT project. The founder of OnlyFans has announced the launch of a Trading Card Platform named 'Zoop.' The decentralized NFT trading platform will be available for all types of audiences and will run on the Polygon network. According to a press release, the new ecosystem will feature officially licensed digital cards of celebrities and influencers, thanks to Zoop's partnerships with different media enterprises. but Zoop is not just a one-man project. The platform will be supported by a team of developers with proven experience in WEB3 products. Zoop will enable the exchange of 3D digital letters from celebrities and influencers. RJ Phillips, founder and co-CEO of Zoop said that his platform will assist users in the process of buying and auctioning the cards. He also indicated that Zoop will be a 'win for celebrities' and brands as it will bring new ways to interact with their fans and customers. 'Zoop is the trusted home for authentic celebrity card drops, enabling all fans, regardless of their technical expertise, to participate in the web3.0 space. We hold users' hands as they compete in acquiring digital collectables in the auction process, show off their holdings to friends, and 'collect-to-connect' with their favorite celebrities of today and tomorrow. Another innovation that Zoop offers is that users will be able to e... read More

Binance Visa Card Guide: Read Before You Order

    Spending cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in shops and restaurants is getting easier by the day. More and more merchants grasp the potential of cryptocurrencies and adopt them in one way or another. Several cryptocurrency debit cards have recently popped up to help businesses offer digital assets as a payment method. Just like any other conventional ones, cryptocurrency debit cards allow you to conduct day-to-day transactions using BTC, ETH, XRP, and other altcoins. Binance - the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume - has also joined the fray and has recently launched a new crypto-based Visa debit card. It enables real-time conversion of cryptocurrency to EUR when a user makes a transaction. Binance has been striving in making cryptocurrency usage as widespread as possible,, and the latest Visa debit card is a testament to that. What is Binance Visa Card? Binance Card is essentially a Visa debit card that is linked to your Binance account and allows you to spend crypto anywhere that Visa is accepted. It is a prepaid card just like a regular debit card and has to be pre-loaded with crypto beforehand. Currently, it is available to Binance users in selected European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal... read More

The First Rewards Card for the Web3 World by The Crypto Card Club

    PRESS RELEASE. An emerging NFT company, The Crypto Card Club, has developed an innovative system that aims to recognise and reward investors by merging real-world reward point systems with NFT and Web3 purchases. The groundbreaking service financially rewards holders for their usual NFT spending, attempting to minimise Web3 financial risks and safely help grow investor portfolios. The founder, Harrison Bishop, has stated that they are looking to become THE rewards card for Web 3.0 and ‘IRL’. Members that hold the C3 NFT in their wallet and purchase NFTs from partnered projects will earn $C3 tokens. In addition, $C3 tokens can buy exciting products and services, including VIP passes to Coachella, a holiday to the Bahamas, or even tickets to The Monaco Grand Prix. C3s members will have access to perks and benefits valued at more than $100k. This includes but is not limited to: Alpha channel access: C3 members will have access to ‘alpha’ (valuable trading information) that has been sourced, aggregated and summarised from the most exclusive and expensive paid alpha channels in the crypto space. Gas Fee Rebates: C3 will provide gas rebates up to 50% for purchases made with partnered projects. Masterclass: C3 Members will have access to an exclusive masterclass on ‘how to build a successful NFT project’, with interviews from top collection founders and directors. All C3 partnerships are fully vetted to ensure maximum benefit is provided to hol... read More

Goons of Balatroon Introduces Fun Play-to-Earn Trading Card Metaverse

    Blockchain is no doubt revolutionizing the gaming industry. Today, concepts such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn (P2E), and metaverse have garnered interest from mainstream gamers and institutional investors. In the past, gamers spent their time and money playing games and purchasing in-game assets without getting any monetary rewards in return. But with blockchain gaming, everyone has the opportunity to earn passive income while having fun. However, in recent times, P2E games have lost their fun as the potential of earning incentives has become the major reason for playing them. The Goons of Balatroon promises to be different, and it is preparing to launch a “fun first” play-to-earn game for every gamer. About Goons of Balatroon The Goons of Balatroon (GOB) is a hybrid metaverse project with a 2D/3D interface. It offers users access to a free-to-play/earn blockchain game that infuses trading card strategies and land ownership. GOB promises to bring players 'fun first,' then earning opportunities. The GOB game is being built with Unity and the Ethereum blockchain and Immutable X Layer 2 solution to support the NFTs it offers. The game allows players to own and control in-game NFTs required for game functions. These NFT rewards create room for more earning opportunities and can be traded on secondary NFT marketplaces. The game integrates functional NFTs into its platform to improve gameplay and boost engagement. These assets are not prerequisites for jo... read More

Cronos (CRO) Crashes 15% Daily as CryptoCom Cuts Card Rewards

    Popular cryptocurrency exchange CryptoCom has come under fire following its latest decision to slash its staking rewards. In a blog post published on Sunday, the platform revealed that effective June 1, it would cut down Cronos (CRO) rewards on card usage. CryptoCom Slashes Card Rewards As per the update, users with lower-tier cards, including the Midnight Blue and Ruby Steel, would get 0% on CRO rewards. Those with Royal Indigo and Jade Green would receive 0.5%; Icy White and Frosted Rose Gold would receive 1%, and users with the highest level of CryptoCom cards, Obsidian, would receive 2%. The new update is a significant change in the CRO rewards, considering that the current rates are 1% for the lower tiers and over 8% for the highest tier. Additionally, the exchange noted that its monthly CRO Card rewards for Ruby Steel and Royal Indigo/ Jade Green would be capped between $25 and $50 respectively. The higher tier cards, however, would have no monthly rewards cap. CryptoCom also pointed out that it would no longer offer staking rewards to cardholders, except for those with Midnight Blue and Ruby Steel, which are the two lowest tiers. However, cardholders who have an active 6-month stake and those who staked before May 1 will continue to receive their CRO rewards until the end of their 180-day staking period. Other benefits that cardholders enjoy, including 100% cashback on subscription services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, complimentary airport lounge access, and more... read More

Binance Introduces New Crypto Card for Ukrainian Refugees

    The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange launched its newest feature, called Binance Refugee Crypto Card. It is designated for current and future users of the company from Ukraine, who were forced to move to other countries due to the military conflict with Russia. Binance Keeps Aiding Ukrainians Ever since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, the leading crypto platform has been a strong supporter of the Ukrainian side. A few days after Putin launched his 'special military operation,' Binance donated $10 million to help the humanitarian crisis in the region. The contribution was split among numerous organizations, including UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, and more. Nearly a month later, the exchange donated $2.5 million worth of digital assets to support Ukrainian children and families who have been affected by the war. Binance's most recent attempt to help Ukraine includes launching a refugee crypto card. To introduce the product, the entity partnered with the European financial services provider – Contis. Binance Refugee Card enables displaced Ukrainians to make or receive digital asset payments and complete transactions at retailers in the European Economic Area (EEA) who accept such settlements. Kirill Khomyakov - General Manager of Binance in Ukraine – noted that around four million people have already left their Ukrainian homes due to the war: 'The Binance Refugee Card will allow Ukrainians to get help from Binance and other charitable organization... read More

Goons of Balatroon (GOB) Raises $2.46M To Craft A Unique Free-to-Play-to...

    Goons of Balatroon, a 2D/3D hybrid metaverse featuring Play 2 Earn card strategy gaming and land ownership built within the Elysium ecosystem, has just closed their most recent funding round with $2.46M in seed and private financing. The funding included backers such as Merit Circle, Jun Capital, Vulcan Forged, Faculty Group, Maven Capital, and Bullperks, alongside a handful of founders of companies including the HUSL, Lovelace and Rarestone Capital. The flagship product, a Trading Card Game (TCG), is unique in its use of complex element-tile strategies, wacky characters, and deep gameplay mechanics, never before seen in the P2E environment. Alongside this project, GOB is working on a land battler game that will also play a major part in the GOB ecosystem. Goons of Balatroon Co-Founder, Mark says, “With the recent surge in play to earn games, we see an increased focus on the ‘earn’ function, and while this is absolutely an aspect of our environment, we believe a focus on making the game fun to play, first, is of utmost importance.” The project boasts some notable names in its collection of partners. Vulcan Forged and Merit Circle have both put a lot of effort into the project, alongside The HUSL, Lovelace, Unizen, GSR Capital, MEXC, Synaps, Skyvision Capital, PlayNity, and ImmutableX. Vulcan Forged and Merit Circle both have advisors helping the project reach fruition. Experienced partnership goes a long way towards turning this vision into reality. &l... read More

Nexo Teams up With Mastercard to Introduce Crypto Card

    The digital asset platform, which offers crypto-backed loans – Nexo – partnered with Mastercard and DiPocket to launch the first cryptocurrency card in Europe that enables customers to spend without selling their holdings. By collaborating with the payment providers, Nexo granted its users access to over 92 million merchant sites worldwide. Enter Nexo Card According to a document seen by CryptoPotato, the new feature (dubbed Nexo Card) is linked to a Nexo-provided, crypto-backed credit line that stays at 0% APR. It allows clients to employ their holdings as collateral instead of selling them. “The credit line is dynamic and can use multiple assets as collateral, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether,” the document reads. Nexo Card requires no minimum repayments. There are also no foreign transaction (FX) fees for up to $20,000 per month. The card provides instant crypto cashback, paid out in Bitcoin or Nexo’s native token. As such, customers can earn up to 2% back in free digital assets with each purchase. Nexo Card is available both in virtual and physical form as it comes with direct Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations. Ordering additional virtual cards is for free. Antoni Trenchev – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Nexo – summarized the advantages of the new product: “Launching the Nexo Card in Europe in partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket is a big milestone for us and the latest proof of the imm... read More

NFT Marketplace Opensea to Add Credit Card, Apple Pay Support via Moonpa...

    According to the firm Moonpay, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Opensea plans to accept credit card payments using the company's payment infrastructure. The move follows Opensea gathering $23.5 billion in all-time sales volume, and the company's recent Solana support announcement.Moonpay Reveals Opensea Users Will Soon be Able to Pay for NFTs With a Credit Card Opensea visitors can soon pay with credit cards if they don't own any crypto assets, according to a tweet from the company Moonpay. 'Sail the Opensea with your card,' Moonpay detailed on Friday. 'Soon, you will be able to buy NFTs with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more,' the firm added. Currently, Opensea users are required to leverage crypto assets like ethereum (ETH) to purchase NFTs on the marketplace platform. The Moonpay integration will change that going forward, and Opensea visitors will have the ability to choose from an assortment of payment options. In recent times, Moonpay has been helping celebrities buy expensive NFT assets like Bored Ape Yacht Club collectibles. The company helped the American rapper Wiz Khalifa acquire Bored Ape #1506 and the firm helped the 'Queen of Pop' Madonna purchase Bored Ape #4988 for $564K in ether. At the end of November, Moonpay raised $555 million during the firm's first finance round led by Tiger Global and Coatue. After the capital injection from investors, Moonpay's overall valuation hit $3.4 billion. The company said at the time that the capital wo... read More

Venezuela's Sunacrip Launches Petro-Based Gift Card Market and Exc...

    Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency watchdog, has announced a set of improvements to its Petroapp wallet, allowing Venezuelans to use the petro (PTR) for new functions. The app now has an embedded cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to exchange petros for other currencies, and a series of gift card and payment options to increase adoption. Petro Relaunch Aims to Offer More Use Cases Sunacrip, the cryptocurrency regulation institution in Venezuela, has announced a series of changes to its petro (PTR) wallet app called Petroapp, which are directed to improve the usability of the cryptocurrency. Joselit Ramirez, head of Sunacrip, explained these changes and enumerated the new functions on social media. Ramirez stated: Having achieved the recovery of the market and the balance of the PTR conversion rates, we have updated the PetroApp where you have new services that strengthen the usability of our sovereign crypto asset. Ramirez highlighted that the redesign of the Petroapp will allow users to pay for their phone plans with all of the national carriers. Also, the three leading cable operators in the country will be available in the app to accept payments in petros. Gift Cards, Exchanges, and Payments The new update also aims to make it easier for people to purchase petros directly from the app, with the possibility of using the national fiat currency to acquire these crypto assets. At the same time, these assets can b... read More

BitYard Partnering With Transak – Smooth the Way for Crypto Credit...

    PRESS RELEASE. BitYard and credit card service provider – Transak, muscle into India and Mid Asia for 1 billion crypto market. Transak's Background Transak enables developers with seamless and easy-to-integrate crypto onboarding infrastructure technologies, in line with their objective of making decentralized applications accessible. Transak has partnered with some of the biggest web3 players, like Polygon, MetaMask, WazirX, and others, to provide API-driven fiat payment options in 100+ countries and cryptos on 30+ blockchains. Transak has added UPI FIAT payment functionality to Metamask, Ledger, Decentraland, WazirX NFT, Terra Station, Anchor, BitYard, and Hiro as part of its India launch. Transak is continuing to invest aggressively in Indian talent as a major market, and will hire 150+ positions locally over the next year. About the Partnership In order to give India and Mid Asia crypto users a faster way to trade crypto, BitYard partnered with Transak. They commited to create a convenient and efficient deposting system for its users.Through this partnership, BitYard users are able to purchase crypto-assets instantly through Mastercard/Visa payments and transition easily from fiat to crypto. Headquartered in Singapore, BitYard is a crypto derivatives exchange offering services in 150+ countries globally. BitYard has continuously optimized and upgraded the platform and has brought many quality trading services to users. Supported Coin Through Transak Payment Crypto... read More

Topps Plans to Auction Rare 1952 Mickey Mantle NFT Card Minted on Ethere...

    The American firm that produces Bazooka chewing gum, candy, and collectibles, Topps has announced the company is planning to auction one of the rarest baseball cards on earth in NFT form - Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card. The Topps 1 of 1 'Timeless Collectible' will be issued as a non-fungible token (NFT) and sold on the NFT marketplace Opensea on March 1, 2022.Topps Announces 1952 Mickey Mantle NFT Card Auction via Opensea, Physical Card With a PSA 9 Score Is Worth $5.2 Million Topps has announced the minting of one of the rarest baseball cards in the world as the company has revealed it plans to auction the digital collectible on March 1st through the 4th, next month. According to the Topps website, the firm is auctioning the Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card which is a highly sought after collectible in the real world. The physical card has an estimated worth of around $5.2 million as the card was purchased for that price by the entrepreneur and actor Rob Gough last year. According to Beckett's sources, the card Gough purchased is one of six cards that have a grade of Mint PSA 9. Topps says the 'Timeless Collectible' sale is backed by Major League Baseball (MLB) and Mickey Mantle's estate. 'Deep within the annals of just a few prized collections comes a coveted vintage relic transformed for the Digital Age,' Topps says. The candy and collectibles company further added: As the Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle Card continues to be one of the world's most rare collectibles, fans will now ... read More

Visa Partners With Over 65 Crypto Platforms — Crypto-Linked Card U...

    Visa has now partnered with more than 65 crypto platforms and exchanges. In addition, the payments giant revealed that crypto-linked card usage exceeded $2.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter, 'which is already 70% of the payments volume for all of fiscal 2021.' Visa Outlines Crypto Strategy and Achievements Visa Inc. discussed its crypto strategy and achievements during the company's earnings call Thursday. Visa CEO Al Kelly said: 'Many current trends in payments, including … crypto, and wallets, are enabling new ways to pay. These represent opportunities for Visa.' Regarding his company's efforts in the crypto space, the executive highlighted: We're also providing on-ramps for crypto players creating connectivity with fiat economies. There are over 65 crypto platforms and exchanges that have partnered to issue Visa credentials. Recently, News reported that consumers will be able to spend cryptocurrency at 80 million merchants using crypto-linked Visa cards. However, CEO Kelly said during the call that the actual number is 'closer to 100 merchants.' The Visa boss also revealed: 'This quarter, Visa credentials and crypto wallets had more than $2.5 billion in payments volume, which is already 70% of the payments volume for all of fiscal 2021.' In July, Visa said that crypto-linked card usage reached $1 billion for the first six months of 2021. Furthermore, the Visa CEO detailed: 'In addition to embedding credentials and crypto platforms, we continue to i... read More

Yellow Card Announces It’s Resuming Deposits and Withdrawals via the N...

    Yellow Card has announced the resumption of naira deposits and withdrawals in Nigeria via a statement from the cryptocurrency exchange platform. The move by the company comes almost a year after a central bank directive forced Yellow Card to suspend deposits and withdrawals. CBN's Growing Interest in Digital Currencies Almost a year after suspending services following a central bank directive, crypto exchange platform Yellow Card now says it is resuming local deposits and withdrawals in Nigeria. The company's resumption of services also comes a few months after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) launched its own digital currency. In its statement published in the Vanguard, Yellow Card's director of services Oparinde Babatunde suggested that the CBN's altered stance on digital currencies may have influenced his company's decision to resume services. He said: The tide has changed and we are now seeing a growing interest from the CBN in them creating their own digital currency. Around October last year, they announced the release of the e-naira which is a digital form of the country's currency and draws its value from the physical naira. In the coming months, we hope the CBN will reconsider their stance on cryptocurrency. Similar to other crypto exchange platforms, Yellow Card was forced to stop naira deposits and withdrawals after the CBN ordered financial institutions to exclude crypto entities from the banking system. However, with this announcement, Yellow Card becomes the l... read More

Crypto gift card marketplace Bitrefill adds support for Saudi Arabia

    Bitrefill, a crypto gift card marketplace, announced today it has integrated 73 new and popular gift cards for the best local and international brands in Saudi Arabia. Users in Saudi Arabia can now pay with bitcoin, litecoin, ether, USDT, and other tokens on gift cards including: Noon Amazon STC Careem Lulu Hypermarkets Tamimi Markets Nahdi Pharmacies Carrefour Shukran Virgin Megastore The full catalog of products for Saudi Arabia is available here. The post Crypto gift card marketplace Bitrefill adds support for Saudi Arabia appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

Binance to acquire outstanding shares in crypto card issuing platform Sw...

    Binance, a leading crypto & blockchain infrastructure provider, announced today will acquire the remaining outstanding shares of Swipe, a Visa-based crypto card issuing platform that enables users to spend cryptocurrencies in real-time. In July 2020, Binance acquired a majority stake in Swipe with the goal to further mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets, notably payments and purchases in cryptocurrency through traditional financial systems. Today, Binance and Swipe work with regulated and licensed entities to issue Visa cards, with Swipe acting as Binance's card program manager and technology platform. Swipe also works with strategic partners to issue cards in permitted regions and markets. Following the completion of the purchase of the remaining outstanding shares, Swipe CEO, Joselito Lizarondo, will step down and leave Binance. “Swipe has helped Binance and Binance Card make considerable progress towards a future where digital assets can become a daily payment option for millions of people”, remarked CZ, Binance Founder & CEO. “I also want to thank Joselito for his contribution to both Swipe and Binance. Joselito is both a great entrepreneur and a strategic thinker. I wish him all the best for his next endeavor,” Terms of the share purchases were not disclosed. “Binance has helped Swipe grow to new heights, with over $1B in Visa-crypto linked processing just this year. I feel confident that the missi... read More

Ledger opens up waitlist for its ‘Crypto Life’ debit card

    Ledger, the popular blockchain asset security and hardware wallet company, announced it has opened a waitlist for the launch of its Crypto Life (CL) Card. Users will be able to top-up and manage the card easily and securely through the Ledger Live application. Features Include: Access to liquidity using the crypto as collateral. Open a line of stablecoin credit using crypto as collateral with rates from 0%. Spending the card's crypto will only be converted at the time of purchase. Users can link different crypto wallets to the card in priority order for preference spending. Select a percentage and receive part of a paycheck in crypto to a card account. The post Ledger opens up waitlist for its 'Crypto Life' debit card appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

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