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CAPS Price:
$80.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$14.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CAPS today is $0.016 USD.

The lowest CAPS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.016, and the current live price for one CAPS coin is $0.01556.

The all-time high CAPS coin price was $0.23.

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The code for Ternoa crypto currency is #CAPS.

Ternoa is 1.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ternoa is $14,934,630.

Ternoa is ranked #518 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #CAPS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ternoa is $80,156.


The circulating supply of CAPS is 959,873,040 coins, which is 38% of the total coin supply.


CAPS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the CAPS Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


CAPS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Develop your first NFT project with JavaScript

While the NFT markets have cooled down since their high in summer this year, Non-Fungible-Tokens continue providing a unique opportunity to create new business models, and make existing businesses more efficient. A lot of the focus of the NFT hype was driven by speculation and so-called pfp collections, artworks with the primary purpose of being used as a profile picture. The future of NFTs is most likely driven more by the utility they provide. If you have an idea for an NFT project you want to build but aren’t sure where to start, this post is for you. It will outline shortly the benefits and limitations of NFTs, and then introduce you to building your first web3 project all without having to learn smart contract languages. — Benefits and limitations of NFTs. — In general, benefits of NFTs include: Ownership: NFTs allow holders to own a digital token and create a trail of provenance that cannot be forged, Authenticity: Together with the above, NFTs facilitate establishing if an artwork or token is authentic or not. This is traditionally quite the challenge when dealing with digital items as they can easily be faked., Transferability: Unlike digital items you might earn in a game, NFTs can be transferred without constraints., Increased efficiency: On NFT marketplaces artists, creators and audiences communicate directly with each other without intermediaries. By digitizing physical assets as tokens, transact...

Build your web3 project using Substrate

When looking for a way to build a web3 project, many popular blockchains like Ethereum might first come to mind. However, once you look into them more deeply, you will quickly realize that building a web3 project on such a popular chain comes at a cost. Not just monetary but also time, as it requires you to learn solidity to write a smart contract. In this post, we’ll share why you should consider using Substrate for your web3 project and how you can leverage Ternoa to build your first substrate-based web3 project without learning RUST nor smart contracts. — What is substrate? - Once you research, you’ll quickly find that Ethereum is a general-purpose blockchain. This makes it hard to customize for specific use cases. Additionally, all the dApps running on it compete for limited block space driving up the cost and risking congestion. Gavin Wood, a co-founder of Ethereum, recognized this bottleneck and decided to build blockchain infrastructure that would address these issues with his company, Parity Technologies. The solution they created is called substrate, an open-source blockchain framework for developers to build on and customize freely. All substrate-based chains can easily be integrated on Polkadot or Kusama, providing high levels of interoperability with other chains while opening the door to collaborations. Since its launch in 2018, substrate has accumulated an impressive collection of libraries and tools wh...

Recap of our French AMA with Ternoa CEO Mickael Canu

After the launch of our phase 3, on November 24th our CEO Mickael Canu held a French AMA to talk about all the recent changes and share more on the updates implemented. The recording of the space can be found here. In this post, you can find a summary of the most important points covered in English. — From time capsule to Ternoa - In 2013, Mickael had an idea that would eventually lead to the creation of Ternoa. He thought about a Time Capsule system, similar to how people bury time capsules and open them years later — but in a digital way. When he created it in firefox and chrome it didn’t work. In 2015, he relaunched the idea via torrent with another failure realizing the system was too centralized. In 2016/17 when Mickael’s company started using Ethereum, he discovered the concept of blockchain. In 2020, together with other entrepreneurs, he built a PoC of Time capsules on Ethereum. He quickly noticed that Ethereum was hard to adapt to for this use case as it was expensive and lacked encryption for NFT. In looking for an alternative, the team started imagining a layer-1 blockchain built using Substrate. That’s how Ternoa was born. Thanks to the SDK, it’s now easy to mint, send and create secrets for any developer, regardless if they had prior web3 exposure. Business leaders are very interested in Ternoa as they can leverage the technology without needing to find smart contract experts nor learn entire...

Use cases of Soulbound tokens

Until now, Web3 has been a largely anonymous experience for its users. Primarily by design, privacy and decentralization have been part of its founding principles. However, the inability to identify individuals, their credentials, or known associations has limited commerce and effective governance. Soulbound tokens (SBTs) will help to overcome this lack of native web3 identity and offer a way to establish trustful relationships. Soulbound tokens are issuable by any organization, including DAOs, educational institutions, DeFi companies, or employers. The SBTs can represent membership, certifications or degrees, or attendance to an event. And soulbound tokens can leverage these connections between people and other entities to provide a clearer view of distinct user identities and their origins. SBTs transfer credibility from the issuing entity to the wallets or souls holding them. And the higher the quality of the issuing entity, the greater the reputation of the soul possessing a soulbound token. The individuality and reputation of distinct souls are further enhanced as more entities connect to a user. It is this constellation of connections that soulbound tokens leverage to assemble verifiable identities of souls. These connections between established entities and SBT holders create an augmented sociality. They represent the building blocks for constructing the identity and reputation of Web3 users. And their public accessib...

Capsule Corp Labs partnering with Kylin Network for reliable market data

Capsule Corp Labs is excited to announce its latest partnership with another Polkadot ecosystem player: Kylin Network. Capsule Corp Labs, as the main developer of the Ternoa blockchain, will leverage Kylin Network’s trustless Oracles to obtain data from other parachains and validate it. One of the major challenges for any dApp or blockchain-based project is accessing correct, reliable data and quickly serving it. Kylin Network provides developers and projects with a set of APIs and SDKs, allowing anyone to source market and social data in an instant, transparently, and with validation on and off-chain. Kylin Network’s solution consists of three different elements: Kylin Data Analysis: a set of analytical tools for data warehousing. This enables dApps to tap into data and easily search and aggregate it for their purpose, Kylin Data Oracle: a decentralized data delivery protocol that provides diverse, real-time data at a low cost for dApps to retrieve data from chain, and off-chain., Kylin Data Marketplace: enables an open exchange of prices and data., Through this partnership, Capsule Corp Labs will start relying on data from Kylin Network’s oracles for the native blockchain Ternoa and all applications built on top of it. This will greatly benefit the developer as well as user experience in the Ternoa ecosystem. Furthermore, as an NFT-focused chain, Ternoa will feed its data to the Kylin network to make it available t...

An Introduction to Soulbound Tokens

Besides its negative impact on the environment, one of the most common criticisms of web3 is that everything is money-oriented and driven by speculation. The increasing moves to financialize even NFTs have certainly not helped the perception, despite their obvious benefits to NFT holders. Unfortunately, the culture around NFTs is often driven more by the markets, which puts a strain on projects and holders alike. Ironically, in an industry that is trying to be trustless, trust is often lacking due to privacy, anonymity, and the ease at which one can create new wallets. In the real world, a lot of trusts is established through connections and past history. You might trust someone more if they have been referred to you through a friend. When joining a company, you probably feel more comfortable after reading some positive reviews on glassdoors. This comes down to reputation, which we’re thoroughly missing in web3. While NFTs have to a degree, established people’s digital identities by letting them showcase what communities they associate with, NFTs can quickly be sold and transferred, so they don’t contribute to building a more sustainable on-chain reputation. That’s where the most recent innovation in the NFT space comes in: soulbound tokens. What are Soulbound Tokens? Soulbound tokens, short SBTs, are non-transferable. They constitute unique, publicly verifiable tokens that could “encored social relationships of t...

Capsule Corp Labs partnering with Nomiks

Capsule Corp Labs, the lead developer behind the layer-1 blockchain Ternoa, has partnered with the web3 analytics firm Nomiks to bring tokenomic expertise to the Ternoa ecosystem. Nomiks supports blockchain projects with deep knowledge in financial markets and economics models. Tokenomics are inherently tough to master field, yet crucial for a project’s long-term success. To help projects create sustainable economics around their tokens, Nomiks offers a large scope of modeling & testing solutions to support a wide range of projects from P2E to DeFi. Nomiks also ensures a monitoring & control of our customers supply after the launch of their project leveraging their modeling and data science backgrounds. As a partner to Capsule Corp Labs, Nomiks will provide economic design guidance within the Ternoachain ecosystem through risk assessment insights and support in modeling & testing their token economy. “Nomiks and Ternoa joining forces will allow the European Web3 ecosystem to uncover and accelerate handpicked projects with market-proof token economies,” highlights Nomik’s CEO, Nathan. “We’re looking forward to working with Nomiks on further supporting anyone building with and on ternoa. By partnering with the fantastic team of Nomiks, we’re providing builders with an opportunity to tap into their deep expertise and ultimately level up their projects.” — adds Capsule Corp CEO. Ternoachain is ...

Ternoa Monthly Recap: October

While the markets were as usual trading up and down, and bulls gained some ground, at Ternoa we focused on building our mission and shipping new features. Read on to learn what we’ve been up to in October. CAPS Staking in the Nova Wallet Nova wallet has added support for $CAPS to its wallet. That means users can now easily manage their tokens and earn 12–15% APY on all staking rewards. — JavaScript is not available. - G-Token One of the biggest challenges for games looking to integrate blockchain and tokens into their game logic is that players frequently have to stop and sign transactions to continue. While working on the Babolex project, our CEO Michael Canu came up with a way to address this problem. The GTOKN resolves not only the frequent interruption of gameplay but also provides instant transaction verification. You can learn more about the token here, and watch out for future blog posts going into depth on the GTOKEN. Ambassador Program launch and contest We recently launched our ambassador program for our community members on And to celebrate that we hosted a contest together with Paid Network to giveaway 100,000 $CAPS to 250 winners. A huge thanks to all the submissions and all the ambassadors that already joined our program. If you want to get started as well and help us spread the word about Ternoachain, sign up here. Partnership with Crust Network — Canu Mickaël on Twitter: &qu...

Ternoa Labs bringing Wine Bottle Club to its launchpad

Ternoa Labs is bringing wine to web3 in collaboration with Wine Bottle Club. Through the partnership, Wine Bottle Club will start offering its NFTs through the Ternoa launchpad, and Ternoa will launch a lottery for its community to win Whitelist spots. While NFTs are mostly thought of as a tool to verify digital art, as an ownership certificate and a membership, NFTs are perfectly suited to be tied to existing valuable assets such as wine. “We all know that French wine is among the finest in the world. We’re happy to see an innovative team of wine merchants combine web3 and wine to create a unique space for wine lovers and experts to exchange ideas and discuss. At Ternoa Labs, we’re excited to be able to support, and look forward to the benefits it can bring to both our communities,” — Someone from the Labs highlights. “ After creating BTC Wine, we knew that we were onto something. We’ve been impressed with Ternoa’s laser-focus on enhancing utility for NFTs, something we align on. We’re looking forward to working together and bringing wine to web3.” — someone at WBC shares. What is the Wine Bottle Club? The Wine Bottle Club was born out of a merge between blockchain and NFTs. The team behind the club combines experience in the wine industry as Bordeaux Negociants with technical know-how in the world of web3. The Wine Bottle Club is a new way to discover and share wine experiences between exper...

TapNation Games will start building on Ternoa to bring blockchain to their games.

Ternoa is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with the gaming studio TapNation. The partnership will enable players of TapNation games to claim rewards in the native currency of the Ternoa blockchain: CAPS. The first implementation of the new reward mechanism will be in the game “Rock Crawling”.. — TapNation is an up-and-coming publishing studio with a vibrant community that continues to innovate how gaming works. Its games have been downloaded more than 700 million times and feature 40 million active users. So far, 22 HIT games have come out of their studio, with many more to come. Capsule Corp Labs is the core developer of the Ternoa blockchain and provides businesses with blockchain-as-a-service, development services, and marketing support. The Ternoa blockchain is uniquely positioned around NFTs with enhancing utility and a focus on smooth user experiences. The native token CAPS gives holders access to store their own NFTs through Ternoa’s architecture, earn through staking, and pay transaction fees.“We’re excited to be working with the innovative team at TapNation to make our CAPS token available for players. The mobile gaming market is set to grow, and we’re looking forward to contributing and further collaborating with TapNation to reward players and show them the potential of blockchain.” — Clement Tequi, CEO at Capsule Corp Labs.“We are very happy to collaborate with Ternoa, one o...


Altcoin Indexes Outperform Bitcoin, Small Caps Lead Market

    Data shows all the altcoin indexes have outperformed Bitcoin during the past month, with the small caps becoming the market leaders. The Past 30 Days Were Green For Both Bitcoin And Altcoins According to the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, all indexes record positive returns in the 27-31% range during the past month. The 'altcoin indexes' here refer to groups of alts divided based on their market caps. The benefit of creating indexes of cryptos is that it makes it easy to assess the performances of the different segments of the market against each other this way. There are three main altcoin indexes: the 'small caps,' the 'mid caps,' and the 'large caps.' As is already apparent from their names, each of these covers coins of different sizes. Now, here is a chart that shows how these three indexes have performed against each other, as well as versus Bitcoin, over the past month: As shown in the above graph, both the altcoins and Bitcoin observed very little price action in the final third of December, as their returns were close to 0%. This trend started to change around a couple of weeks ago, however, as some bullish price action finally returned to the market after what was a full year of mostly bearish movement in 2022. In the period since then, the entire market has seen a significant uplift, as all the market segments are in some major profits now. The winner during the past 30 days has been the small caps, who are currently sitting at 31% in the green. An i... read More

Bitcoin, Ethereum Lack Volumes To Justify Caps, Says Santiment

    Data from Santiment reveals both Bitcoin and Ethereum currently lack the trading volumes to justify their market caps. Bitcoin And Ethereum NVT Ratios Are Both Bearish Right Now According to the on-chain analytics firm Santiment, both the bitcoin and ethereum networks will need to see a pickup in activity this year. The relevant indicator here is the 'Network Value to Transaction' (NVT) ratio, which measures the ratio between the market cap of any crypto and its transaction activity. Usually, the trading volume is considered as the transaction activity of a coin, but Santiment's NVT ratio works differently. Instead of dividing the market cap by the volumes, this version of the metric makes use of the 'daily circulation,' a measure of the total number of unique coins that have seen some movement in the past day. The advantage of the circulation indicator is that transactions, where the same coins jump through several wallets, are only counted once towards the measurement, while the normal trading volume metric would have counted them as many times as they were transferred. This helps eliminate duplicate transactions and gives a more accurate idea about the market activity. Now, what the NVT ratio tells us is how the market cap of Bitcoin or Ethereum currently compares against the activity on the respective networks. High values of the metric suggest the volumes are much lower than the cap right now, and hence the coin may be overvalued at the moment. On the other hand, low val... read More

The PoW Dominance Purge — Only 6 Crypto Assets out of the Top 50 M...

    At the time of writing, only one coin in the top ten crypto assets by market capitalization is a proof-of-work (PoW) token and out of the top 20, there are only three tokens that leverage a PoW consensus mechanism. Moreover, out of 50 of the largest crypto coins by valuation, only six use PoW and out of all of them, there's roughly 230 exahash per second (EH/s) of hashpower combined. Only 12% of the Top 50 Crypto Assets Leverage PoW - Hashpower Currently Equates to Close to 230 Exahash With Ethereum changing from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), only 12% of the top 50 coins now leverage PoW. Six crypto asset networks use PoW consensus mechanisms like SHA256 or Scrypt to verify transactions and mint new coins. News recently reported on how the top ten would only see one PoW asset remain and at the time of writing, that's bitcoin (BTC). Dogecoin (DOGE) was a top ten contender just recently, but the meme token's market cap has been pushed down to the 11th position. That leaves ethereum classic (ETC) as the third PoW coin in the top 20 standings today. Doge has roughly 429 terahash per second (TH/s) of hashrate or 0.00042994 EH/s. ETC has even less with 0.00022551 EH/s, which equates to 225 TH/s of hashpower. Following ETC is litecoin (LTC), which is the fourth-ranked PoW coin in the top 50. Roughly 0.000469 EH/s or 469 TH/s is dedicated to the Litecoin chain today. Behind LTC is monero (XMR) with 2.71 gigahash per second (GH/s) of hashrate. The last and ... read More

Cryptocurrencies With Incredibly High Market Caps

    Cryptocurrencies are an online alternative to FIAT currencies, and because of the way they are designed, they offer added protection to those using them just like a licensed and SSL encrypted live casino ensures protection for its players. Transactions with them are anonymous and the currencies cannot be duplicated or falsified. Having said that, new users of cryptocurrency may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of variety the currency offers and the differences between them. Read this article to find out more about the more common cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin — BTC Around 2008, Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency and is currently the highest-ranking of cryptocurrencies. An anonymous collective known as Satoshi Nakamoto is credited with creating this coin. It is exchanged from person to person, controlled by no one bank. BTC can be used for a variety of purchases and the coin's market cap has surpassed the US$100 billion range. Ethereum — ETH A close second to Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) is another decentralized software platform. The coin was released to the public in 2015 after a fundraising effort. One of the main advantages of ETH is the speed of the transaction time, which is mere seconds when compared to other cryptocurrencies. ETH can be used for any transaction where cryptocurrencies are accepted. The market cap for ETH is also over 100 billion US$. Tether — USDT Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tether is what is known as a stablecoin. Tether can be us... read More

While Bitcoin and Ethereum Dominance Slides, Stablecoin Market Caps Reap...

    During the past 30 days, $285 billion has left the crypto economy and bitcoin's USD value hit a 2022 low at $17,593 per unit on June 18. Moreover, last month's statistics show bitcoin's market dominance was 2.9% higher and ethereum's market dominance was 2.1% higher than it is today. Bitcoin and Ethereum Dominance Has Dropped Over the Last Month The crypto bear market has done some damage to the digital currency economy and many continue to wonder if the market carnage will continue. The market has seen a brief consolidation period after the most recent sell-off, which took BTC down to $17,593 per unit and ETH dipped to $877 per coin. Both coins have seen a significant amount of fiat value removed since last month and BTC's and ETH's market dominance has decreased since then as well. At the time, BTC was trading for $28,946 per unit on May 27, 2022, and ETH was exchanging hands for $1,745 per unit. At the time of writing, BTC is exchanging hands for just above $21K per unit, while ETH is swapping for $1,221 per unit. BTC dominated the $1.25 trillion crypto economy by 43.9% on that day and ETH had a dominance rating of 17.1%. 30 days later, data shows that BTC's current dominance is 41%, while ETH commands 15% of the entire crypto economy. Tether, USD Coin, and BUSD Dominance Swells The stablecoin tether (USDT) captures 6.94% of the digital currency economy's net value and usd coin (USDC) commands 5.77%. Tether's market cap has grown since last month as it was hovering aroun... read More

Crypto Investors Dump Small Caps For Blue Chips Like Bitcoin

    The current trend in the crypto market has seen investors reassessing their positions in digital assets such as bitcoin. As the market had boomed and the infamous altcoin season had blossomed, a lot of investors had flocked to smaller cap altcoins for some large gains. However, with these digital assets now in a decline, investors have had to find ‘safer’ alternatives which have brought them right back into the arms of larger caps like bitcoin. Small Caps Take A Beating Like with any declining market, small caps have borne the brunt of the losses. They have underperformed the other indexes by a large margin. They are often the first point of contact for investors who are looking to make large gains in a short amount of time. However, their tendency to grow very quickly also make them susceptible to large drops in prices, which is what the market is seeing now. Small Caps Index record the most losses | Source: Arcane Research The performance of the small caps index has been nothing to write home about as it has returned -46% in the losses for investors. It is almost half of where they were trading at the start of the year, making it a consistently bad performer throughout the first quarter of 2022. Bitcoin To The Rescue Since small caps are no longer able to return the massive gains that have been pulling investors to them, the alternatives now remain the larger cap coins that have held up in the market. With only a 20% decline since the start of the year, it is o... read More

Bill 'On Digital Currency' Caps Crypto Investments for Russi...

    Russia's recently revised bill 'On Digital Currency' limits crypto purchases for non-qualified investors while providing legal ground for some cryptocurrency payments, according to local media. The draft law, proposed by the Russian finance ministry, also introduces strict requirements for platforms operating with digital assets.Russian Citizens Who Don't Pass Test to Buy Only $600 Worth of Crypto Annually The Ministry of Finance of Russia recently submitted to the government an updated version of its bill 'On Digital Currency' designed to comprehensively regulate the country's crypto market. Details about the law's provisions have surfaced in Russian media reports this week. According to the draft, qualified investors, or 'professional purchasers of digital currency' as they are now described, will have unrestricted access to crypto assets. Ordinary Russians, however, will be able to buy a maximum of 600,000 rubles (approx. $7,000) worth of cryptocurrency each year. And that's after they take a special exam. Those Russian residents who fail to pass the test will be allowed to only acquire coins with a total value not exceeding 50,000 rubles annually (around $600 at the current exchange rates), the Interfax news agency revealed, quoting a source familiar with the document. The new law defines the term 'digital currency' as 'a set of electronic data contained in an information system that can be accepted as a means of payment that is not the monetary unit of the Russian Federa... read More

Tokenized Gold Market Caps Grew Significantly Last Month as Fresh Demand...

    While gold tapped an all-time high (ATH) this year surpassing $2K per ounce, the top tokenized gold crypto assets by market valuation continue to see significant demand, premiums, and market capitalization growth. For instance, Paxos Trust Company's PAXG market cap jumped more than 43% in 31 days from $424 million to today's $611 million.PAXG and XAUT Market Caps Swell, Both Gold Tokens See Premiums Over Gold's Spot Market Value On March 8, 2022, the price of one troy ounce of .999 fine gold reached an ATH at $2,069 per unit. A troy ounce is equivalent to 480 grains or roughly 31.10 grams of gold that is considered almost pure. As the price of the physical bullion has risen, demand for tokenized gold crypto assets has increased a great deal. Additionally, tokenized gold assets have been carrying a premium in recent times, as tokens that represent one troy ounce of .999 fine gold have seen higher spot market prices than the physical bullion market. At the time of writing, Tether's XAUT has a 2.18% premium compared to the current spot value of gold. Pax gold (PAXG) carries a 0.26% premium, and both tokenized gold asset market valuations have grown during the last 30 days. Data indicates that Paxos Trust Company's PAXG had a market valuation of $424 million on February 19, 2022. A month later, metrics show PAXG's market cap grew by over 43% to $611 million. XAUT's market cap grew from $430 million 31 days ago to today's $486 million, jumping more than 13%. Leveraging the average... read More

Augmented NFT Blockchain Ternoa Released its Launchpad

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] There’s no more doubt that the non-fungible token sector has expanded well beyond the realm of the cryptocurrency industry, being adopted by some of the largest and most prominent celebrities and businesses. The number of projects getting involved with NFTs also continues to grow rapidly, with different firms aiming to launch various features. One such example comes from Ternoa, which wants to separate itself from the pack by providing an augmented NFT blockchain platform. Ternoa Launchpad is Here The team behind the project says the platform’s services can “bring the future of NFTs by adding unique utility and actions to them.” This is possible through Ternoa’s blockchain, allowing unlimited use cases for decentralized data encryption, long-term storage, augmented content, and VR room access granting. The project’s Launchpad saw the light of day on January 20th, 2022. It enables users to allocate funds in the early stages of decentralized applications, which will be launched on the Ternoa blockchain. The team promised that it thoroughly inspects each dApp before selection. To award users for their engagement, Ternoa promised to offer daily airdrops with a simple hold-to-earn system. This also includes an NFT lottery. This becomes possible once the users connect their non-custodial wallets holding at least 10,000 of Ternoa’s native token (CAPS) and the address of their Ternoa Wallet app to the ... read More

2 Gold-Backed Crypto Asset Market Caps Near $1 Billion, XAUT Jumps 19,00...

    While reserve-backed crypto assets and stablecoin market valuations increased a great deal during the last year, gold-backed cryptocurrencies have also seen their market caps swell. Between the tokens tether gold and pax gold, the market valuations of these two gold cryptos are nearing a billion dollars in value with $742 million today. Tether Gold's Market Cap Swells Over 19,000% in Less Than 2 Years, While Pax Gold Increased by More Than 15,000% On February 21, 2020, the market valuation of tether gold (XAUT) was $2.1 million and 23 months later, the valuation has increased by 19,423% to $410 million. Since March 24, 2020, or 672 days ago, pax gold (PAXG) has seen its market cap grow from $2.2 million to today's $332.7 million. The increase the gold-backed crypto token PAXG saw over the last 22 months was around 15,022%. Both projects claim to be backed by one ounce of .999 fine gold which means XAUT's vaults should hold 223,921 ounces of fine gold. PAXG's reserves should be around 181,321 ounces of the precious metal. According to PAXG specifications, the token is backed by one fine troy ounce of a London Good Delivery gold bar. While both gold-backed tokens have seen significant market cap increases over the last two years, trade volume is light. XAUT's trade volume on January 25 is $1.5 million while PAXG has $16.1 million in 24-hour trades. Tether gold only has three major trading pairs which include tether (USDT) with 66.92% of all trades today, USD with 26.69%, and ... read More

Expanding Crypto Market Caps by 500% to 1,300%: Stablecoin Issuance Saw ...

    As crypto-assets grew immensely in value last year, the growth of the stablecoin economy swelled as well and today, there's $170.24 billion worth of stablecoins in circulation. Data indicates that over the last 12 months, a slew of stablecoin valuations grew exponentially. 12-Month Stats Show Stablecoin Market Valuations Saw Massive Growth Last year, numerous crypto assets touched all-time high (ATH) prices as current data highlights the crypto economy's significant growth in 2021. Moreover, fiat-pegged tokens, commonly referred to as stablecoins, have also seen massive growth as centralized custodians and decentralized protocols have issued billions of tokens since last year. For instance, on January 11, 2021, tether's (USDT) market cap was $24.4 billion and it has grown 221.31% since last year. Usd coin (USDC), the second-largest stablecoin asset in terms of market valuation, had a market cap of $4.4 billion on the same day last year. Today, USDC's market cap is $43.9 billion, which is an increase of 897.72%. The stablecoin issued by Binance (BUSD) only had a $1 billion market cap a year ago and now it's $14 billion, increasing 1,300% this past year. Terra's stablecoin UST had a market valuation of $138 million on January 11, 2021, and today the market cap is $10.5 billion. Over the Last Year, Fiat-Pegged Token Market Caps Jumped Higher Than Most Crypto Gains Makerdao's DAI token went from $1.3 billion to today's $9 billion as it grew 592.30% over the last year. MIM, othe... read More

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