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C3 Price:
$1.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$15.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #C3 today is $0.17 USD.

The lowest C3 price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.167, and the exact current price of one C3 crypto coin is $0.16697.

The all-time high C3 coin price was $4.23.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of C3 with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Charli3 crypto currency is #C3.

Charli3 is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Charli3 is $15,431,444.

Charli3 is ranking upwards to #1121 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #C3.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Charli3 is $1,888.


The circulating supply of C3 is 92,419,982 coins, which is 92% of the total coin supply.


C3 is a token on the Cardano blockchain.


C3 has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.



Charli3: Bridge update

We are happy to bring an update on the focus of the bridge for Charli3 holdings. Since the Nomad bridge hack of August 1st, 2022, many token holders on ERC20 have been stuck with their investments on the Ethereum platform. This situation is very unfortunate and we have discussed it many hundreds of times internally as well as in the community. We are happy to announce that we are bumping up the development of the bridge ahead of other products! initially, we felt we needed the ODV and VRF products out first, to ensure products for upcoming customers. However, the severity of the issue with holders being stuck has not sat well with us at all, so we have decided to prioritize a bridging solution over these next products. Current focus The current focus of Charli3 is still on improving and upgrading/enforcing the node network security, and features for customers and internal operations. This ensures the company's survival as we bring on customers and begin gaining revenue while building trust in the community from projects and people. This is the focus to protect all holders, users, and the team. Why isnt the bridge up already? Due to the nature of the Nomad hack, 3million+ tokens that were meant to be burned were flooded back onto the market. This means we can not use any normal bridge, as these tokens would take away from current holders if allowed to be part of the functional circulation. A chain snapshot has been taken ...

Charli3 Anniversary Merch & Store

Happy anniversary everyone! and what an anniversary it has been! We are very happy to be bringing Charli3 merch to a Shopify store near you! The first collection will be our 25 anniversary NFT shirts. ONLY 25! 5 smalls, 5 medium, 5 large, 5 XL. There will be more shirts and merch later on :) Anniversary Groovy Tie Dye collection! 25 unique hand-crafted Groovy Tie Dye masterpieces, NFCs sewn in (NFT chips), Utility in person, See all 25 here, Price TBD, First come first serve, The sale of all merch will help fund the further development of Charli3 Oracles, and all royalties of shirts and NFTs changing hands will be given to charity. Other Merch ( ) another Merch NFT shirt collection of 125 will launch soon after the anniversary shirts. C3 branded and cyan/red Tie Dyed. — ==See link above^^== — (Rarebloom 2022 conference attendees were able to pre-order these. 32 are already accounted for), C3 regular shirts, C3 hats, We aim to have this up ASAP to celebrate the 2nd anniversary and are just working on the ADA payment plugin with Shopify.

Charli3 C3 Token Staking Live on VyFi

ITS HERE! C3 token staking (vault farm) is LIVE now on the VyFinance platform. STAKE NOW! The Road Charli3 has historically taken a stance of no open farming operations, due to worsening market conditions and low ecosystem liquidity. But no longer! with the launch of our first customer, Liqwid, we have further faith in the stability of the company and token. Furthermore, we wish to be able to reward our long-term community and open an incentive for new holders, to grow the community and continue oracle and defi education to the masses. Stake C3 to earn C3 The farm is set up on VyFi’s token vaults, allowing users to stake C3 token for C3 token rewards for a 6.40% APR. This is calculated with an expected 20% of the circulating supply on Cardano to be staked in the farm, which would last 6 months. The duration of the farm is dependent on allocation to the farm. with regular farms, the yield reduces with increasing allocation. However, with this farm, TIME reduces with more C3 allocation to the farm. So if the allocation is less than expected, the farm will run longer. If it is more, it will be shorter. Purchase C3 the C3 token can be purchased on any Cardano DEX Sundaeswap, Minswap, Wingriders, Meusliswap, ERC20 holders we understand the worry for old holders of the ERC20 token that you will not be able to participate in this inaugural staking initiative. Don't be too worried though as we do pl...

Charli3 Cuties NFTs Staking!

We are very excited to announce the long-awaited staking operations for the CHARLI3 CUTIES NFT collection, in partnership with INFINITY POOLS. This taking operation comes with a unique, first of its kind operation. in order to gain rewards users will be required to lock 2 assets. C3 token lock, Cuties NFT lock (from either policy ID), 30% ROI in C3 ! (from mint price of 80ADA), Set Rewards, All rewards will be the same for each rarity. The C3 token lock amount will be lesser for higher rarities. Mythic holders will require 0 token lockups! example (these are NOT final values): Uncommon CUTIE = 1000 C3 lock, Rare CUTIE = 800 C3 lock, Epic CUTIE = 600 C3 lock, Legendary CUTIE = 400 C3 lock, Mythic CUTIE = 0 C3 Lock, 30% ROI set of NFT mint price, C3 lock-up amounts are a requirement for rewards, the final C3 token lock requirements will be determined nearer the time of staking going live We aim to launch this operation within the next 2 months. Thank you so much for sticking with us over 2 years and we hope for your continued support!

Charli3 Oracle’s 1st integrator! Liqwid

The day is finally here! The FIRST ORACLE INTEGRATION ON CARDANO! Charli3’s Oracles have been integrated by Liqwid, a major defi project on Cardano. This is a MAJOR occasion for our two companies, but also for the Cardano ecosystem as a whole, showing that projects are following the continuous push for full decentralization on Cardano. Along with Liqwid’s integration, there is also another announcement! Liqwid is integrating Charli3 price feeds (SHEN/USD, and ADA/USD to begin with) to receive continuous price data in a decentralized process to secure collateral, loan origination, and liquidations in the Liqwid protocol. Liqwid also plans a host of new feeds to support emerging demand for new markets on their platform. “Charli3 is Cardano’s first decentralized oracle infrastructure on mainnet, working with the talented developers that built this protocol and seeing their clear vision for the evolution of Cardano DeFi has been insightful and super motivating!” — Liqwid co-founder DC This first integration for Charli3 Oracles is a monumental milestone. Following our simple main net first price feed launch in September 2021, our main net product launch in October 2022, and our full Vasil era product update on February 14th 2023, we now have the first users of the product. By use of Charli3 Oracles, Liqwid is paving the way to expand decentralization and security within Cardano defi, setting the best example for...

Charli3 Technical Documentation: Part 3 — Oracles Operation

Charli3 Technical Documentation— Oracles Operation - Gitbook direct link: Technical solutions are often difficult to understand, however, we feel it necessary to do what we can to educate our community and future users the best we can on the function or Oracles. This week we publish our “Oracle Operations” section of the Charli3 technical documentation to give insight towards charli3 oracles. In this documentation, you can read more about: Oracle Contract’s UTXOs, Reference Script UTXO, Consensus algorithm with a single Node UTXO, Consensus algorithm with multiples Node UTXOs, Oracle Settings (The Oracle Settings store variables that can be adjusted to fit the feed’s focus and target audience needs), Outlier Detection, and much more, here, This documentation will give a good idea of what functional and security parameters the Charli3 oracle network operates under. We look forward to continuing to buil

Charli3 Technical Documentation: Infrastructure

Gitbook Documentation: Continuing past the Swap Contract documentation the Charli3 base infrastructure is a necessity for understanding the process the oracle uses to aggregate and validate a set of data. A High-level overview of our V2 upgrade that uses all Vasil features, to how the node operations are run, and the process of the smart contracts. Below is the documentation, that can also be read on the gitbook link above ^^^ — Cardano smart contracts as Oracles - Charli3’s Oracle smart contracts connects trusted information from the external world through decentralized Charli3 nodes. The nodes periodically gather information from various trusted sources, referred to as data providers. The input from these nodes is then processed through a consensus algorithm, where the value of the feed is calculated. Figure 1 provides a visual representation of the UTXOs that a Charli3 Plutus V2 Contract holds at a specific contract address Charli3’s Oracles utilize the Plutus V2 Validator, taking advantage of features introduced in the Vasil Hard Fork, such as: Inline Datums, Reference Scripts, and Reference UTXOs., Figure 1 shows the UTXOs that a Charli3 Plutus V2 Contract creates to initiate operations. *A Plutus V1 version is also available for use, which was developed prior to the Hard Fork. * Node operator backend Charli3’s Node Operator Backend software automates transactions with Oracle...

Charli3 Technical Documentation- Swap Contract: part 2

Swap Contract- Part 1: In Part 2 of the Swap Contract we take a deeper look at reading the oracle feed, the parameters behind a swap, and the libraries/tools used to do so. This document is a bit longer, but full of great information. If you find yourself with questions, please feel open to bringing them to our social media channels and speaking with the team. — Swap Use - Now, we will delve into the implementation of the “swap A” and “swap B” transactions within the Python code. It is assumed that the creation and filling of liquidity for the swap UTXO have already been accomplished. Contract’s arguments To begin, we need to specify:: the address of the oracle contract and its UTXO feed NFT identifier, the address of the swap contract and its UTXO NFT identifier, the address of the user’s wallet, and the details of the assets being traded., As in this example, we don’t need to provide tADA information as it does not contain a policy ID or asset name. It is assumed that a valid oracle contract already exists on the blockchain and you are able to use that one, or that you can deploy your own for testing purposes if using a private testnet.Copyright: © Charli3, 2021–2023Copyright: © Charli3, 2021–2023 The Pycardano library supports mnemonic wallets. In this example, we utilize a 24-word Shelley-compatible wallet to sign transactions by restoring an existing wallet via the wa...

Charli3 Technical Documentation- Swap Contract: part 1

Throughout our long development, technical documentation has always been front of mind for public review. Charli3 is in a unique position of being a business-to-business technical back-end service provider. This requires consistent updates and alterations in order to serve the front-facing projects of the Cardano ecosystem. With Cardano infrastructure maturing, and our solution solidifying, we are proud to be able to begin sharing our technical documentation with the community and customers. We thank PyCardano and Blockfrost for the beneficial tooling provided by their teams. “It’s great to hear that PyCardano is proving to be a valuable tool for the Cardano ecosystem, and more specifically, the Charli3 team, in creating their oracles. We look forward to future project implementations using PyCardano and future collaboration” — JerryC (PyCardano) — Swap contract - The swap contract is an interactive example, written in Python, that integrates data feed from a Charli3’s oracle. The contract supports trade operations, liquidity, and minting operations. — Introduction - After the Vasil upgrade, Charli3’s developer team faced the challenges of transitioning from the previous wallet architecture, written in Haskell, to a new architecture that fully supports the Vasil Hardfork features, CIPs 31, 32, 33. A key aspect of this process was creating an oracle data feed as a reference input for various transac...

Charli3 V2 Upgrade

Charli3 Oracle V2 Update: With the Cardano update this Valentines, Charli3 also has been working towards this update from Plutus V1 to Plutus V2. You can see the new feed running here. What is included in this update? Support for Vasil’s features: Reference scripts, Reference inputs, and most importantly Inline datums, New NFT set, Updated validator from Plutus V1 to Plutus V2, Updated Data source count from 1 to 5, This update to our systems brings a more efficient and secure way of providing data to the Cardano blockchain. We are very excited for this as more defi comes online to the Cardano ecosystem that requires security and trustworthy data. Reference inputs will allow many users to access the same data sets placed on-chain from the Charli3 node network, while the Inline datums will increase ease of use by allowing efficient communication between those data sets and customers. Reference scripts help to keep transaction size lower, again increasing the efficiency of the chain and reducing congestion in conjunction with the other features. Minting new NFT sets to work with our V2 operations was imperative to continue standard function. They are in the same format but reminted for V2 Updating our data sources from 1 to 5 is a big leap in price accuracy, redundancy, and decentralization, in conjunction with our minimum set of 5 node operators, these 5 data sets will highly increase data set validity fo...


XRP Rally Cools Off, MicroStrategy Buys More BTC, Market Calms Down: Thi...

    The past seven days saw the broader cryptocurrency market cool down a bit, with some of the previous week's leaders also taking a breather. Namely, Ripple's XRP was unable to sustain the major gains it posted seven days ago and is lost around 5% throughout this week. It could just be setting itself up for another leg up, though. Let's dive in. The total cryptocurrency market cap is down about $15 billion in the past seven days, which is indicative of it cooling down. BTC was unable to conveniently pass above $28,000 (where it's currently trading) and is still battling with that level, which seems quite important. The Bitcoin dominance is down about 0.5% throughout the period, which shows that altcoins were able to outperform. This doesn't come as a surprise. Ethereum managed to pull ahead, posting gains of slightly less than 4%, while Dogecoin (DOGE) exploded by 11%. This came on the back of an interesting development. Elon Musk stayed true to his promise, to the dismay of many, and changed the actual Twitter logo to one of Dogecoin. That's right - the world's second-largest social media had a Dogecoin logo for a couple of days. Needless to say, DOGE's price exploded, posting gains to an extent of some 30% before retracing and losing most of them - as it typically happens. Some other altcoins also managed to increase a bit. LDO is up around 3.5%, same as SHIB and others. On the other end of the spectrum, XRP was unable to maintain its upward momentum and lost around 5% over t... read More

Cardano Gets Its First Oracle Integrator But ADA Falls Back

    On April 6, Charli3 was launched on Cardano as its first oracle integrator. The platform’s oracles have been integrated by Liqwid, a leading DeFi project on Cardano. Charli3 provides a decentralized node network with the framework for projects to supply secure, accurate, and safe data to their platforms and users. It could be viewed as the Cardano version of Chainlink. Liqwid is an algorithmic liquidity market protocol built on Cardano for lenders and borrowers. The announcement noted that it was a big deal for the ecosystem: “This is a MAJOR occasion for the Cardano ecosystem as a whole, showing that projects are following the continuous push for full decentralization on Cardano.” INTEGRATION@liqwidfinance is Charli3's, and Cardano's, first Oracle integrator! championing the way to full #decentralization for the #CardanoCommunity SHEN/USD and ADA/USD. more feeds to follow for Liqwid markets. — Charli3 Oracles live FREE ADA/USD feeds (@Oraclecharli3) April 6, 2023 Cardano Oracles According to Liqwid co-founder Dewayne Cameron, “Charli3 is Cardano’s first decentralized oracle infrastructure on mainnet, working with the talented developers that built this protocol and seeing their clear vision for the evolution of Cardano DeFi has been insightful and super motivating!” Furthermore, Charli3 is now able to produce accurate on-chain oracle feeds, such as prices for SHEN/ADA. The next oracle price feed to be integra... read More

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