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C3 Price:
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Circulating Supply:
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The price of #C3 today is $0.00494 USD.

The lowest C3 price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00494, and the exact current price of one C3 crypto coin is $0.00493750.

The all-time high C3 coin price was $4.23.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of C3 with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Charli3 crypto currency is #C3.

Charli3 is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Charli3 is not available at this time.

Charli3 is ranking upwards to #16303 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown during the past 24 hours for #C3.


The circulating supply of C3 is 90,869,050 coins, which is 91% of the total coin supply.


C3 is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


C3 exchange data is not currently available.



Charli3: new integrator, NMKR

NMKR NFT platform and ecosystem to integrate Charli3 Oracle feeds and explore Smart NFT creation. NMKR platform aims to provide an internal trading mechanism on their platform where you can swap out different tokens as payment for NFTs. Accuracy in the price data of these tokens is paramount for trust in the protocol and product users. Charli3 Oracles will be integrated to provide trusted pricing data for these operations. Starting with the ADA/USD price feed from Charli3’s free subsidized community feeds. just this feed can help out in a multitude of ways: NFT Mint price standard in USD automatically alters ADA need for purchase, helping projects accurately measure funding and plan operations from day 1, provide mental and technical security with accurate and secure ADA price for platform trading, The future will bring on chain price feeds to enable other CNTs to be used for minting, trading, and purchasing of NFTs and other products in the NMKR platform. We also hope to explore Smart NFT integration for future CNFT projects. Smart NFTs are NFTs with integrated oracle data to help them physically evolve and also have potential utility with other applications. ABOUT NMKR NMKR is a leading blockchain technology provider. By making decentralization usable, the NMKR ecosystem enables companies, artists, developers, and self-starters in the crypto space to effortlessly develop products, make integrations, and open additiona...

Charli3 partnered data provider: dxFeed

Charli3 is happy to announce our first partnered data provider, dxFeed, to begin bringing big data to the Cardano ecosystem with Charli3 Oracles. Having access to secure and accurate data feeds for defi on Cardano is paramount to the success of the ecosystem. Nearly all defi protocols will need data feeds provided by blockchain oracles for functionality. Charli3 and dxFeed intend to help build up this ecosystem together to make big data more accessible to all new projects from the onset of Cardano defi after the Vasil hard fork. The Plan: Charli3 to provide free community price feeds, funded through Catalyst fund 7 & 8 wins and future proposals., dxFeed to provide free data through Charli3 to supplement free community data feed proposals from Catalyst., dxFeed/Charli3 to supply some subsidized unique data feeds, if needed, for a limited time, in order to assist the growth of Cardano defi and dapp creation., dxFeed to run a Charli3 node, to further help bolster the trust in the project and the data provided to other projects., “Charli3 is very excited to be working with dxFeed as our first official data provider. The team is very professional and has a long track record of trust within the blockchain world. This partnership will help see Charli3’s aggregation model provide reliable and trusted data to all projects in need, across a wide range of data types as a provider, and Charli3 node operator.” — Damon Zw...

Charli3 — Update : post Nomad Hack

Charli3 — Update : post Nomad Hack The Nomad bridge hack in the mid evening of August 1st surprised us all. A flurry of worry and emotions hit many communities upon hearing the news that the projects they support and have invested in may be in danger. However, communication has been at the forefront of our efforts to educate the communities on the specifics of the events that unfolded. The History: The Nomad Bridge, along with Milkomeda, teamed up to bring ERC20 bridging possibilities to Cardano. Nomad holding the contracts for ERC20 deposits, and Milkomeda holding the Cardano Native Token (CNT) equivalent to be distributed to users of the bridge from Ethereum to Cardano. Charli3 supported the use of this bridge for users to be able to transfer their tokens to Cardano in a long-awaited migration event. At this point, Charli3 openly communicated that they would no longer support the ERC20 token, burned their ~56million remaining supply, and suggested all to bridge over to CNT where the full supply of 100million has been minted. Liquidity left on ERC20 was only user held and could be removed at any moment by those users, potentially leaving users without a way to liquidate ERC20 tokens. The plan was to keep the bridge open as long as possible to allow long-term holders and occasional wallet checkers the ability to swap to the supported CNT whenever they wanted. However, things changed with the bridge hack. The Hack: Th...

Charli3 Development Updates 12/5/22

Hello all. We hope everyone is holding together through these difficult times in the market. Thank you all for the support of our 1 year anniversary and congrats to all the prize winners from discord, twitter, and telegram competitions To assure you all that we continue to build, here is a list of our current developments and news. TECH: FinishedDeployed a swap user contract which uses the oracle price feed on public testnetDeveloped a Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with user swap contractImplemented an error/failure catching mechanism in the oracle contractAdded tests for the new minting policy of the NFTs used in oracle contractDeployed and tested the oracle contract with an optimized validator on private testnet In ProgressInternal testing of oracle feed with multiple user contracts utilizing the oracle feedImplement the error catching mechanism in the backendBackend and oracle contract reliability testing for the price feed OTHER: Consensus:We will be attending Consensus in Austin Texas June 9th-12th. Co-Founders Robert and Damon will be around to meet with the community and other industry professionalsWe will have a presence at the IOHK booth to learn more about Charli3 Nfts:Charli3 Cuties 2nd minting policy is currently ongoing We are actively discussing the future of the collection.Current utilities: Royalties all go to to build clean water s...

Charli3 catalyst fund 8 voting: last chance!

Charli3’s Catalyst Fund 8 Proposals Voting ends on May 5th! just 2 days left. The Cardano ecosystem is growing daily, and so is Charli3! We believe in the spirit of the community, and that together we are the change-makers, the innovators. Cardano and Charli3 can act to change the world, and you can play an important role in this. “How?”, you may ask. By taking a look at our current Catalyst Fund 8 proposals, and voting on them. The first step is voting:Oracle Developer Portal: — because we value the importance of working together. Through this proposal, we will create a dev portal and a node/feed portal to easily access information, test, and integrate any data feeds. 2. Free off-chain data feeds (part 2) This proposal will allow us to expand our treasury fund to subsidize free oracle data feeds to help bootstrap the Cardano community. This is a continuation of our previous proposal awarded in Fund7. Remember registration for voting for Fund 8 has already closed (but registration is now open for Fund 9). If you have already registered, but not voted for Charli3’s proposals, then have no fear, as you still have some time left to vote. Voting ends on May 5, 2022, at 11:00 UTC.

Charli3 Cuties CNFTs — Extension

Charli3 Cuties CNFTs — Extension The Cuties mint extension is upon us! The final 307 Cuties are up for grabs to finish out the total 2222 of the collection. All of the details from the original mint are exactly the same. other than the new policy ID b132363c8495f6e656203e4fe2de4492e5e9cc9f1ae69c03994ea489 MINT LIVE HERE: Mint Price = 80 ADA Rarities = Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic There is still no further announcement of the future of the NFT project. For now, they are CUTE support tokens for C3. However, if they all mint out, we can start discussing the potential future :) 01101001 01100110 01100011 01101100 01110100 01101111 01110010 01101110 01100101 01100101

C3 Bridging Instructions

$C3 Token Bridge How-to Guide Step 1: Navigate to the Nomad Bridge website Official URL is The website should appear like the screenshot below ***Only connect to official sites*** Double check the URL is correct. Step 2: Connect your Wallet ***For this step, make sure you already have a MetaMask wallet created and your $C3 tokens stored in the wallet. You can learn more about how to setup MetaMask here: MetaMask How-to***Select the ‘Connect Wallet’ Button in the top right corner of the Nomad Bridge webpageSign in if you haven’t alreadySelect your MetaMask account with the stored tokens you are bridging. It should look like the image below.Select NextSelect Connect Step 3: Setup MetaMask for Milkomeda NetworkLocate the network setting at the top of your MetaMask wallet(shown below)Select Add networkEnter the information below to add Milkomeda as a network Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano (C1) New RPC URL: Chain ID: 2001 Currency Symbol (Optional): MilkADA Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://explorer-mainnet-cardano-evm.c1.milkomeda.comChange network to Milkomeda by selecting ‘Milkomeda’ from the drop-down list. Step 4: Setting up the Nomad BridgeSet the Origin as ‘Ethereum’Destination as ‘Milkomeda C1’The addresses should match your MetaMask wallet addressIt should appear as shown belowSelect the $C3 from the dropdown menuEnter the...

Charli3 BRIDGE to CNT!!!!!

C3 Bridging to CNT It has been a long road. The journey thus far has been full of amazing memories and unexpected challenges, but it’s time for the next chapter of Charli3 to start. It’s time to give the “wen cnt” question its answer! The Charli3 team is proud to announce that the C3 token is taking its rightful place on the Cardano blockchain. That’s right, the C3 token is officially going to be a Cardano Native Token (CNT)! We couldn’t be more excited to share this news with the community! What does this mean for the Charli3 community? What do you need to do? What new opportunities can you look forward to with the C3 CNT? This article will give you an overview of everything you need to know, with more detailed instructions (step-by-step guide) and video tutorials to follow shortly after. The Bridge The initial bridge that will be publicly accessible was created by the stellar teams at Nomad and Milkomedia. This bridging process will not be as simple and as inexpensive as the originally proposed bridges, but it is the only way that we can achieve this important milestone right now. We understand that this might be your first bridging experience, so have no fear, we will be here to support and walk you through every step of the process. It is important to note that this bridging process is a one-way bridge, meaning you will be able to send your ERC-20 C3 tokens and receive CNT C3 in exchange. Do not attempt to s...

Charli3 Merch! Happy 1 Year to Charli3

Happy 1 Year from Charli3! We continue the celebrations by bringing you the long-awaited Charli3 Merchandise deSigns! (EACH PIECE A UNIQUE NFT)t-shirts and Hats for now with plans to expand items and designs for the future.we designed these with all types of folks and events in mind. NFTed!every piece of merch will be its own unique collectible NFT.To achieve this, each T-Shirt will be splattered with bleach or other colors, a picture taken, and minted as an NFT, a QR code attached to the merch, then transfered to your Cardano wallet to go along with your item. **Bonus: 1 year anniversary t-shirts, only 25! check the end of this post* for the modest and corporate look: For the louder branded look to get people to notIce us more and express your love for the clean C3 brand: Edgy? dang tootin we got it! Introducing our new mascot! for more fun and artistry: You want more pizzaz? we got it covered! this is our favorite! Out in the suN? quality embroidered hats are on standby! (more designs to come) 1 year anniversary BONUS! NFT tye-dYe items from special set of 25 t-shirts (and maybe some other items) will have some insane tie-dye designs with Charli3 branding printed on.Below are some examples of their work, but please check out their art at ADDED for events, future giveaways, and other such things. more details to follow!

Charli3 1 Year Anniversary !!!

Charli3 1 Year Anniversary !!! Charli3: Our 1st Anniversary When we set out to build a decentralized Oracle on Cardano, we did so in a world where Cardano smart-contracts, and Cardano native-tokens were yet to be fully realized. We held our IDO, in April of 2021, on the Ethereum blockchain to raise awareness, and the necessary capital to begin building our vision. Transparency, accountability, and communication have always been major tenets for us at Charli3, so we wanted a fair and community-led funding model, but our end goal was always to bring C3, a key piece of Charli3, home to Cardano when the time was right… Fast forward to today, the Cardano ecosystem is blossoming before our eyes, and the future has never looked brighter for Charli3! After a long road of challenges and unexpected hurdles, the Charli3 team is very proud to be celebrating our one-year anniversary with you! We have many things to share with you, but we want to be clear, by stating upfront that our most exciting and definitive future announcements will only be possible after the completion of the CNT bridge. As many of you know, the CNT bridge is imminent, but Cardano ecosystem developers have encountered many unexpected challenges and delays along the way. These delays, coupled with legal constraints placed on us by securities laws, prevent us from revealing the full extent of planned utilities, and the future opportunities of the Charli3 protocol t...

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