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BZE Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$59.8 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #BZE is $0.000299 USD.

Please note that the price of #BZE was last updated over 90 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #BZE statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest BZE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000299, and the exact last price of BZE was $0.00029906.

The all-time high BZE coin price was $0.00300.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BZE with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for BeeZee crypto currency is #BZE.

BeeZee is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for BeeZee is $59,814.

BeeZee is ranking downwards to #1974 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak daily trading volume on #BZE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BeeZee is $332.


The circulating supply of BZE is 200,006,673 coins, which is 80% of the total coin supply.


BZE is a token on the Osmosis blockchain.


BZE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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CoinTrunk — The decentralized content feeder

CoinTrunk — The decentralized content feeder - — Time to start. — If you missed the notice in this article, is BeeZee’s first decentralized application. Its main goal is to feed news, articles & links to users from BZE blockchain. Governed by the people this network is the one enforcing the rules under which articles can be published — their original source, the author, and so on. More about how everything is working in the following lines. — Articles & Accepted Domains. — In order to keep the users away from malicious websites the network accepts articles only from accepted internet domains. These domains are voted by the community and accepted only through governance proposals. At the time of this writing accepted domains are: ,, and a few subdomains of them (for pictures and media). Articles are composed by title, URL and picture URL. URL and picture URL have to be hosted on an accepted domain, otherwise the article can not be submitted to the network. At this moment title’s length is limited between 20 and 140 characters, but we have a plan to move this decision in network’s “hands” and make it a configurable parameter that can be changed through governance proposal.CoinTrunk Web — Add article form As you can see in the picture above if you’re not a publisher accepted by the network you’ll have to pay...

Status Update — Feb 17, 2023

Status Update — Feb 17, 2023 - Let’s have a short recap about what happened with BZE since our last medium article about CoinTrunk: Stress the testnet to prepare v6 for mainnet, Reach out to CMC, CG, LiveCoinWatch to upgrade our info, Develop CoinTrunk Web DApp, Plan CoinTrunk Mobile DApp development, Plan next blockchain upgrade, The recent period has been one of increased activity, and we appreciate your continued support. — BZE v6 upgrade. — Following the successful launch of v6.0.0 on the mainnet, our attention has turned to the next moves. We intend to initiate a burn (or multiple burns) of 100–200 million BZE from the community pool, which holds a total supply of 412 million BZE, in order to maintain an optimal supply-demand balance. Adjustments to parameters like goal bonded or min/max inflation will also be necessary. — Your vote decides. — To facilitate the launch of CoinTrunk, the blockchain requires predefined data, and trusted domains will need to be selected via a community vote to ensure the source of articles can be trustful. Proposals to list well-known domains as trusted domains will be submitted in the following days.CoinTrunk Web — articles listing There is also a list of parameters used by the blockchain to decide how CoinTrunk can be used: anonymous article limit — represents the maximum number of anonymous (paid) articles / month — currently se...

Introducing CoinTrunk

A BZE product. — Among other tasks, in the past 2 months we focused on building a Cosmos SDK module that serves as the backbone of a web and mobile application. The main goal of the module is to feed users with information from across the crypto world in a decentralized manner while giving BZE delegators the power to control it. — Here comes CoinTrunk. — CoinTrunk is a product of two combined elements: CoinTrunk blockchain module and an end-user application. If you haven’t read the summary of how CoinTrunk will work in this Twitter Thread, you should. The doctor recommends a Like and a Retweet for the health of the project. — CoinTrunk blockchain module - The blockchain part of this application was developed as a Cosmos SDK module and introduces the ability to work with the following resources: Accepted Domain, Publisher, Article, They might not say too much at the moment, so let’s describe them. — Accepted Domain. — In order to prevent bad actors from publishing articles from scammy websites, a list of trustful website domains is recorded on the blockchain. New entries can be added to the list or deactivated through governance proposals — giving BZE community the power to decide what website is worth to be accepted as a trustful source of information. An example of accepted domain would be “”. This is the place to look for interesting articles and crypto project...

Trust is a must!

Maybe you noticed our previous article, and if you didn’t give it a read here. Today we would like to focus on the following fragment from that article:Now since a lot of coins remained unclaimed we have some burning to do. The initial 100M BZE announced to be used as development fund will be lowered to 30M and the difference of 70M plus the unclaimed 196M BZE coins will be burned in 2 steps. This gives us the opportunity to lower the circulating supply with approximately 266M BZE. It has been brought to our attention that the huge amount of unclaimed coins might be a burden and there might be some newcomers that can not trust the new “kid” with low liquidity pool and a huge amount of unstaked coins that can be transferred at any time. Even though we’re not an anonymous group of people — we just enjoy our privacy — this isn’t enough on the trust scale, so we decided to take action. — Burning the coins. — Coins can not be burned in Cosmos SDK without wiring the code that’s meant to perform this task thus we can NOT burn the coins right away, we have to wait for our next release. We already implemented a feature that will allow us to burn unwanted coins — like those not claimed during the swap — but it is not available on mainnet YET. This is the only reason we have this huge supply, but we have a solution to show you we are trustful. (Thank you Redhaze from “The Chicken Coop...

BZE in Cosmos

As you may know we moved to a new chain based on Cosmos SDK and we can say it was the best decision ever. We unlocked amazing features and a stable blockchain ready for the future. The SDK and its modularity gives us the power to develop features we couldn’t dream of implementing on the old blockchain. With the new network we found amazing support and managed to attract a group of people that are not just hosting validators but also lend a hand whenever is needed. Their experience and involvement is more valuable than a server hosting a validator. — Swap outcome. — On August 16, 2022 the swap period ended as we announced in this tweet. A total of 103,920,383.53 BZE were claimed out of the initial 400,000,000 coins minted as announced in this post.On the new blockchain 400,000,000 BZE coins will be issued for the swap.300,000,000 BZE allocated to users that swap from old blockchain100,000,000 BZE allocated to development fund (used for farming on ETH/BSC chains, airdrops, listings, bounties, marketing and swap support from exchanges and third party wallets)Users will receive coins on a 10:1 ratio on the new blockchain, meaning that for 10 BZE on v4 network the user will receive 1 BZE on v5 network. The old blockchain was stopped at this date and moved to the trash, making swaps impossible since then. Now since a lot of coins remained unclaimed we have some burning to do. The initial 100M BZE announced to be u...

It’s SWAP time!

BeeZee blockchain is ready for new users. We have prepared a swap service that will help you move your coins from our old chain (BZEdge v4) to BeeZee (BZEdge v5) — our new blockchain based on Cosmos SDK. In order to get your new coins you will need access to your funds, an internet connection and a Vidulum App account (Mobile or Desktop). Please follow the instructions below carefully and read the Q&A at the end of this article if you encounter any issues. Use Vidulum App to create a new address. Open the wallet and search for “BZEToken” coin and press “Receive”., BZEToken is the new blockchain in Vidulum APP This will show your BeeZee address — your NEW address — copy it by clicking on it.Copy the address from Vidulum App 2. Visit . The webpage should look like Paste the address you created in Vidulum App in the “Destination address”. The system will send the new funds to this address when a swap is complete. Press “Create Swap Address” button. The system will allocate you a swap address(v4).Swap address example Now you can proceed on sending OLD coins to the “Swap Address (v4)” and the system will swap them on a parity of 10:1 to the new blockchain. You will receive the funds in your Vidulum App address as soon as the transactions are validated. You can bookmark this link in order to use it later. Also, if you lost the link you can create...

BZE v5 testnet is up and running

Public test network released - As you may know we are working hard on our v5 release. We explained a lot about this in this articles. This upgrade will bring a lot of improvements and will open our door to Cosmos Universe. This upgrade requires a public testnet available so we can all test new features and get to know our next release better. The testnet is currently running with two validators issued since genesis and 2 other nodes. One of the nodes is exposing gRPC and REST public endpoints meant to be used for testing. We recommend the following resources to help you start using the testnet: Cosmos SDK docs, Tendermint docs, Interacting with a node, BZE testnet REST endpoint, BZE testnet gRPC endpoint, BZE testnet RPC endpoint, BZE testnet release, Denomination “utestbze” and 1,000,000 utestbze is equal to 1 testbze., Testnet chain id is “bzetestnet-1”, Testnet genesis file, BZE testnet release is in fact our daemon and it will be updated periodically. It will remain on the same version v5.0.0 until the network goes live (until the swap starts). Make sure you follow us to always use the up to date binaries. We can not offer a faucet for testnet yet but we invite you on our discord if you need any testnet coins. With this goal achieved we can move on with testing, further blockchain development and upgrade swap testing. Thank you all for the amazing support you have been showing. You guys are amazing! ...

Status update Jan 24, 2022

What kept us busy - Since our last post — the one describing the support Vidulum team offers to us on the new blockchain— we had to focus on multiple topics. We promised to keep you posted with every step we make, and that’s what we’re doing. Since we’re in the middle of a major upgrade that will enhance our network’s speed, scalability and usage we have to take care of all third parties that support us at this moment. — ZelCore. — FLUX team are and always have been amazing. They offered us the support we needed to have BZE on their Desktop/Mobile wallet since a while ago and they will keep supporting us. We have reached an agreement with them to have our new blockchain supported as well. — Exchanges. — As you may know BZE is traded on and We initiated a channel to discuss with them about our upgrade. Crex24 stated clearly that they can NOT support Cosmos SDK based coins. They asked us to provide a wrapped version of BZE on either ETH or BSC blockchains. This is the only way they will keep supporting us. Since we already have a plan to have wrapped BZE on multiple chains including BSC we will try to provide them what they ask for. So we might see BZE wrapped on BSC before the time we planned it in our roadmap. discussions continue and we will announce the outcome as soon as we have a decision. — Swapping to new blockchain. — We want to repe...

Vidulum App for BeeZee blockchain

BZEdge v5 — or simply BeeZee - As we announced in the previous blog post BZEdge will change its name to BeeZee to celebrate switching to a new blockchain technology based on Cosmos SDK and a new PoS consensus based on validators. — Vidulum App to support BeeZee - If you’re not familiar with Vidulum App you should definitely check them out. We know each other since the birth of our projects. BZE and VDL teams were always in touch and will always be in touch to collaborate, exchange experiences or maybe just chat. Recently we found out we’re going in the same direction: Cosmos SDK. So we decided once again to get in touch and discuss the possibility of having BeeZee fully supported on their amazing wallet. Their response was just like their project: amazing. We agreed on a partnership where Vidulum App will support all our new and old features: coin transfer, staking, governance proposal and voting. — BeeZee wallet - As a result of the work the team at Vidulum is doing we no longer need to pursue the development of our own wallet. It wouldn’t make any sense to develop a new multi-platform wallet for both desktop and mobile. We can leave this to professionals, to a team that is committed to develop and maintain a reliable application like Vidulum App and we can focus on other important things that we want to implement like cross-chain Swaps and Farming on BSC and ETH. Moreover we have an agreement w...

We are BeeZee (/ˈbɪzi/)

Being busy… - In the last few months we have been busy. Both teams have been working hard to prepare the next steps in BZEdge’s life. Studying the opportunities and the ideas we want to implement has been keeping us busy. This entire period has been a planning marathon, not a sprint. A period that spanned on a few months in which we discussed and planned our next moves. We decided we need a restart: a fresh blockchain to build our future on. You’re already familiar with the upcoming upgrade which we described in “BZEdge V5 is coming” post and in “BZE v5 specs and swap details”. If you’re not, go ahead and read it. It’s interesting. — … Let’s make that a name - Since we’re involved in BZE with all our power, ideas, free time and money we should name us in a way to portrait it. We should highlight that we’re a community project, but dedicated. We were just a few persons but we grew. We had teammates that had to leave, but others came around. We’re striving to become better, no matter what obstacles we encounter. We did our best to have privacy and up-to-date and bug free Zcash codebase, but we have to give up on it… WE ARE BUSY! WE ARE BeeZee! — New blockchain, new habits, new name - In the upgrade event that is coming we decided to change our name from “BZEdge” to “BeeZee” as in “busy” as in “we’re here to stay and grow”. We will keep the same ticker “BZE” an...

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