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BTU Protocol  


BTU Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$9.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BTU today is $0.12 USD.

The lowest BTU price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.118, and the exact current price of one BTU crypto coin is $0.11752.

The all-time high BTU coin price was $0.82.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BTU with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for BTU Protocol crypto currency is #BTU.

BTU Protocol is 4 years old.


The current market capitalization for BTU Protocol is $9,401,482.

BTU Protocol is ranked #1096 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #BTU.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BTU Protocol is $15.00.


The circulating supply of BTU is 80,000,000 coins, which is 80% of the total coin supply.


BTU is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the BTU Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


BTU has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #BTU trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #BTU purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #BTU, and you can view them on our BTU disambiguation page.



BTU Protocol universal reward software and BTU token are now available on Polygon

BTU Protocol universal reward software and BTU token are now available on Polygon BTU Protocol and Polygon are glad to announce the BTU token and software are now available on the Polygon (Matic network). BTU Protocol’s mission is to help companies get closer to consumers thanks to the BTU universal reward. BTU Protocol’s software now supports BTU rewards on the Matic network. This integration means less gas fees and more use cases for the leading e-commerce brands working with BTU. “We are excited to bring the BTU Protocol utility token to the Polygon (Matic network). We feel the Matic technology will help the Ethereum ecosystem grow with more users and in many more countries. We look forward to continue to work with Matic on other projects” said Hervé Hababou, CEO of the BTU Protocol. About Polygon (previously Matic Network): Polygon is a decentralized scalability platform solution using an adapted version of the Plasma framework that empowers Ethereum-based DApps with the high-speed and extremely low-cost transactions required to achieve mass adoption. With 60+ DApps building on their network already, Matic Network is one of the most widely adopted DApp platforms in the industry. About BTU Protocol: BTU Protocol is providing reward software on top of Ethereum. Earlier this year, the Verso mobile application was launched at The Verso app offers several ways to earn, store and redeem BTU toke...

Faites un don contre le COVID-19 et gagnez vos premiers BTU

Initiative BTU Protocol au profit de la Fondation de France. — Opération “Gagnez vos BTU à l’occasion de votre don contre le COVID-19” BTU Protocol lance au bénéfice de la Fondation de France une opération contre le COVID-19. Tous les donateurs recevront gratuitement des BTU en remerciement. Cette initiative démarre le mardi 14 avril 2020 Les dons sont collectés directement par la Fondation de France. Ces fonds sont utilisés contre le Coronavirus, pour la recherche, l’achat de matériel médical et pour augmenter immédiatement la capacité d’accueil des soignants dans les hôpitaux. Exemple d’acquisitions:3 respirateurs légers et 4 systèmes d’oxygénothérapie haut débit pour permettre aux patients hospitalisés d’être placés sous respirateurs au CHU de LyonDes équipements biomédicaux permettant de traiter les patients dans de bonnes conditions aux CHU de Bordeaux, Lille, Reims, Strasbourg et le Centre Hospitalier de Nantes. Pour participer Il suffit de réaliser un don par Carte Bancaire depuis le portefeuille électronique BTU Direct, qui est intégré avec le site officiel de l’opération de dons au bénéfice de la Fondation de France. Mode d’emploi Voici les étapes à suivre pour les personnes ou entreprises souhaitant participer : Etape 1 - Téléchargez l’application mobile “BTU Direct” depuis l’AppStore ou le Google Play.BTU Direct est disponible sur les stores ...

The BTU Car Rental Dapp has been added to Enjin Dapp browser

BTU Car Rental by BTU Protocol is a car rental Dapp that agregates at negociated prices the full inventory of car rental companies such as Avis, Rent A Car, Sixt, Hertz or Europcar. For every rental, the crypto community is benefiting from : - Negociated price with payment in credit card - 10% cash back in BTU crypto We are glad to announce that the BTU Car Rental Dapp is now added in the default bookmarks of Enjin Dapp Browser. This makes the service available to the growing Enjin community. By referencing BTU Car Rental Dapp into the Enjin wallet, every US, Canadian and South Korean citizen owning a Samsung Galaxy S10 can benefit from our service using the Enjin app natively installed on their prefered phone. More generally, Enjin wallet users have now the possibility to rent car at best price while earning their first BTU(s). BTU Protocol believes that it is by integrating with well-known systems such as Enjin Wallet, more people will have access the the crypto benefits. About Enjin: In 2009, Enjin launched the Enjin Network, a gaming community platform which boasts over 20 million users. In 2017 following a successful ICO that raised $18.9 million, Enjin began building a suite of blockchain products that enable anyone to easily manage, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. For more information, visit About BTU Protocol: The BTU Protocol solution is democratizing the peer-to-peer (blockc...

BTU Protocol launches bDAI stable coin, the BTU Incentivized version of MakerDAO’s DAI

Earning BTU crypto after each stable coin payment Paris, February 27th, 2020. BTU Protocol, a top 200 crypto-asset, is applying its reward token to foster real-world DAI adoption. DAI is the world’s first unbiased currency and leading decentralized stablecoin, pegged to USD. BTU Protocol has designed several Dapps offering to earn BTU crypto during every day situation : hotel booking, car rental, developer hiring. As a result, earning BTU crypto is straightforward and does require not any risky investment. Aligned with BTU principles, bDAI stable coin rewards users with BTU crypto, simply by holding or paying with bDAI. In practice, any user can swap its DAI to bDAI at 1:1 ratio.Screenshot of bDAI dapp The rewards are powered by the DAI Saving Rate (DSR), currently at 8% annual rate, and distributed in BTU.Etherscan screenshot showing a bDAI transfer triggering a BTU Reward Hervé Hababou, co-founder and President at BTU Protocol explains : “bDAI has many applications. E-commerce sites will be able to accept crypto payments. Consumers will earn BTU without having to conduct speculative trading. They can even optimize their BTU holdings by claiming their rewards at different times”. At launch time, the bDAI is listed on - Paraswap : - 1inchExchange : About MakerDAO : MakerDAO is a decentralized organization dedica...

What is bDAI ?

What is bDAI ? — We are ecstatic to announce the birth of BTU Incentivized DAI (bDAI), a stable coin that automatically rewards in BTU at each use. bDAI is a token based on DAI, a stable coin that is pegged to USD by MakerDAO.. — At BTU Protocol, we have been successfully applying incentives without taking platform commissions to various industries like Hotel bookings (e.g. our Dapp at with 2M hotels available), Car rentals, Developer recruitment or Online commerce. Our white-paper published in 2018 also included Finance as an industry to be disrupted by crypto. bDAI is our first contribution in this direction. The bDai Innovation bDAI is an innovative stable coin that provides incentives for using it. bDai is stable : - One can obtain bDAI by swapping 1 DAI for 1 bDAI - At any time, 1 bDAI is redeemable for 1 DAI whose value is pegged to 1 USD Bdai is BTU incentivized. Each time a bDAI is transferred BTU are automatically sent to the sender to thank him for his use of bDAI. This is the magic of programmable money. e.g.: Alice holds 1000 bDAI during a month, then she sends these 1000 bDAI to Bob. Bob receives the full 1000 bDAI. Alice receives automatically 43 BTU as rewards. Actual figures may vary. Furthermore, a bDAI holder can claim its BTU incentives at any time.BTU amounts are based on the DAI Saving Rate, 8.75% per year (February 5th data). What is BTU ? BTU Protocol helps compan...

BTU-Earn, le générateur de widgets pour devenir sa propre plateforme de réservation

BTU Protocol lance BTU Earn, la plateforme pour générer les widgets BTU et monétiser son site web facilement, rapidement et gratuitement. Grâce à des widgets de réservation, chacun peut donner à la possibilité à ses utilisateurs de réserver des services (hôtels, activités touristiques…) au meilleur prix. A chaque réservation effectuée, vous serez récompensés jusqu’à 10% du montant global en crypto $BTU. Qu’est ce qu’un widget ? Un widget est une application interactive permettant aux utilisateurs d’accéder à un service de réservation directement sur leur site web. Ce système de réservation peut être inséré :Sur n’importe quel site internet : Intranet, WordPressSur une page Facebook (2000 likes minimum) → Vous trouverez un tutoriel complet du processus d’installation de votre système de réservation ici d’une intégration sur une page Facebook Grâce à BTU Earn chacun à la possibilité de :Proposer à son audience les meilleurs prix parmi plus de 2 millions d’hôtels à travers le mondeProposer plus de 400 activités & excursions dont des visites de la Tour Eiffel et des croisières sur la Seine avec des spécialités Françaises.Plus de services à venir comme la location de voitures… Comment faire pour insérer ce système de réservation ? 1/ Vous devez posséder une adresse Ethereum pour recevoir vos commiss...

Comment gagner simplement des cryptos BTU ?

Comment gagner simplement des cryptos BTU ? BTU est la crypto dédiée à l’univers de la réservation en ligne. Les entreprises offrent des cryptos BTU aux personnes qui partagent les liens de réservation. La crypto BTU est cotée sur Bittrex, Upbit et Kyber Network. A la recherche de bons plans pour gagner des cryptos facilement ? Rendez vous sur pour gagner des cryptos BTU. BTU Protocol a créé une plateforme de réservation d’hôtels qui récompense ses promoteurs en crypto BTU. Vous nous aidez, nous vous remercions.Comment faire ?1- Allez sur https://hotel.btu-x.com2- Entrez votre adresse e-mail L’email est utilisé pour vous informer de chaque réservation faite grâce à votre lien. Vous pourrez ainsi être au courant de vos gains en BTU.3- Entrez votre adresse BTU Il s’agit de l’adresse sur laquelle vous recevrez vos BTU. Vous pouvez la créer depuis notre application mobile BTU Direct.4- Partagez votre lien Plus vous partagez votre lien, plus les réservations sont nombreuses, plus vous gagnez des BTU. Vous pouvez partager votre lien par SMS, email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram ou par tout autre réseau social qu’utilisent vos contacts. Vous pouvez aussi en parler sur des forums et autres sites Internet. Cliquez sur le réseau social de votre choix pour partager votre lien ou copiez collez le lien directement là où vous le souhaitez. Chaque fois qu’une réservation e...

How to simply earn BTU crypto by sharing a link:

How to simply earn BTU crypto by sharing a link ? BTU Protocol, the crypto for peer-to-peer booking. With BTU, you are rewarded in BTU tokens after each booking! BTU is listed on Bittrex, Loopring, Uniswap and other exchanges. Willing to earn crypto? Then go to and earn BTU! BTU Protocol has created a hotel booking platform that rewards its promoters in crypto BTU. You help us, we thank you.How to proceed ? 1- Visit 2- Enter your email address The email will be used to notify you each time someone makes a booking via your link. This way, you can keep track of your BTU rewards. 3- Enter your wallet address Type the BTU wallet address where you wish to receive your BTU. You can use BTU Direct to create your BTU address or any other ERC-20 compliant wallet as Enjin, Trust, imToken or Status. Continue by clicking on “Create my link” 4- Share your link The more you share your link, the more bookings are made, the more BTU you earn. You can share it by text, email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram or any other way to reach your contacts. You can also post it on forums and any website. Click on the social network where you would like to share your link or copy paste it directly. Each time a reservation is made via your link, you get 5% of the total price in BTU. Example : A businessman books a room in Hong Kong for a week. He pays $2000 USD and you earn $100 USD worth of BTU...

BTU Protocol launches the BTU Direct mobile application to democratize access to crypto-currency…

BTU Protocol launches the BTU Direct mobile application to democratize access to crypto-currency and its daily use. BTU Protocol will be exhibiting at the next CES Unveiled Paris. This presence coincides with the emergence of the crypto-currencies topic at the CES 2020: for the first time a “crypto-currency” market place appears at the world’s largest technology exhibition. This is the sign of a democratization of the crypto topic among the general public. In line with this trend, BTU Protocol will be launching the mobile application “BTU Direct” during the CES Unveiled Paris. The app is available on iOS & Android. It aims to democratize and facilitate the access to the crypto-asset BTU as long as the booking services connected to the BTU protocol. The app offers several ways to earn BTU crypto to its users. Vidal Chriqui, co-founder and inventor of the BTU Protocol declares : “The mobile application BTU Direct is designed to support first-time entrants in cryptocurrency through a simple and non technical mobile application. The application offers many ways to earn BTU by taking advantages of good deals. Payment is made by credit card. This way of gaining access to BTU crypto-currency is fun. This does not involve a purchase or investment in crypto which is often complex.” Hervé Hababou, President of BTU Protocol completes: “The BTU Direct mobile application and the rewards in BTU incentivize users to ...

BTU-Earn, the widget generator to become your own booking platform

BTU Protocol is glad to launch its widget generator BTU Earn, an easy way to earn $BTU crypto by embedding a booking widget* on any website. *What is a widget ? A widget is an interactive application enabling users to access to direct booking through a simple interface. The BTU widget can be embedded :In any website : Wordpress, IntranetOn a Facebook page with 2000 likes minimum (here is the full tutorial of a Facebook integration Thanks to, you can :Offer to your audience the cheapest booking rates with over 2 million hotels around the worldOffer more than 400 tours & activities including the Eiffel Tower tours & Cruise on the Seine River with French typical meal.More activities incoming like car rental. At each booking made through your website, you can be rewarded up to 10% of the global booking amount in BTU crypto. The service is easy & fast to integrate How easy it is to embed our widget ? 1/ You need to have an ethereum wallet such as metamask (desktop) or Trust Wallet (mobile). Once you have an ethereum wallet address (starting with 0x…), you can start to generate your booking “code” and earn BTU. 2/ Insert your email address (for being notified of your earnings), your wallet address and choose the size of your widget for your website 3/ Just integrate the code on the platform of your choice. The procedure is similar to...

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