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BSW Price:
$3.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$37.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BSW today is $0.19 USD.

The lowest BSW price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.186, and the current live price for one BSW coin is $0.18647.

The all-time high BSW coin price was $6.65.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BSW with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Biswap crypto currency is #BSW.

Biswap is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Biswap is $37,317,485.

Biswap is ranked #381 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #BSW.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Biswap is $3,616,556.


The circulating supply of BSW is 200,121,305 coins, which is 29% of the maximum coin supply.


BSW is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


BSW is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #BSW trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #BSW purchase.



Biswap Multilingual Website | Use DEX Platform with Comfort

Biswap is proud of its international community and spreads the best DeFi products over the globe! We understand the importance of accessibility in all ways. Therefore, the Biswap team released a multilingual website to ensure convenient usage and quality user experience for everyone! Try a multilingual website. It’s a beta version, so you may notice errors or inaccuracies. We are still working on the optimization. Improvements and more languages will be implemented soon. We appreciate your understanding and patience. 🌍 📍You can find a complete list of languages by clicking the languages button. If you click on the language that will be released in 2nd iteration, it won’t be available, and a pop-up will notify you about that. The multilingual website will include 11 languages and will be implemented in two stages: 1st and 2nd iterations. Currently, 1st iteration has been released and offers 4 languages: 🇨🇳Chinese (CN, TW) 🇻🇳Vietnamese 🇮🇩Indonesian 🇪🇸Spanish The 2nd iteration will be implemented within April and will provide these languages: 🇵🇹Portuguese 🇹🇷Turkish 🇺🇦Ukrainian 🇫🇷French 🇩🇪German 🇷🇺Russian Take into consideration: 📍As of the multilingual function release date, the entire site has been translated. However, all further releases and texts on the website will be implemented in English primarily. Translations of new materials will be ad...

BSW Listing Anniversary Celebration Event | $2 000 in BSW & Unique OATs Await!

Welcome to the festive event dedicated to the BSW Listing Anniversary on Binance powered by Galxe! This project is a credential data network enabling projects to engage communities. Join the Biswap x Venus mutual initiative! We are happy to welcome new users and, one more time, remind Biswappers about the mighty project we collaborate with. Venus is a simple and powerful algorithmic-based money market system designed to bring a completely decentralized finance-based lending and credit system onto BNB Smart Chain. Biswap and Venus invite you to join and share $2 000 in BSW with mighty winners. Every participant can claim unique OATs with the BSW logo right after all the conditions are met. Let’s jump to the details! 📆Duration: March 22–30, 3:00 PM UTC 📍Where: 🏆Winners: 20 randomly selected users 💰Prize Pool: $2 000 in BSW & Galxe OATs with BSW logo Rewards & Winners 💎All participants who met the conditions can claim unique Galxe OATs (on-chain achievement tokens) that confirm their participation. The on-chain activity participants’ list will be updated daily at 03:00 PM UTC by the Biswap team to verify the meeting with the condition. Once it’s updated, a participant will be able to claim the OAT., After the end of the competition on March 30, 3:00 PM UTC, users still will be able to claim OATs during the next 24 hours., 💎Every winner will get $100 in BSW, a Biswap native BEP-20...

$5 000 in BSW Listing Anniversary Trading Competition | Join the Prominent Moment!

Biswap celebrates BSW 1st listing anniversary on Binance! In honor of this, the Biswap team has launched a profitable crypto contest — the Trading Competition. Join us in celebrating this significant event and grab trading benefits for pleasure! 🏆Prize Pool: $5 000 in BSW 🫶Total winners: 100 users with the highest trading volume 📅Duration: March 21–30 (1:30 PM UTC) 🪙Eligible tokens: BSW, WBNB, ETH, BTCB, BFG, GHNY, AOG Take part in the trading challenge: 💸 — Check Out the Rules of Trading Competition: - You can trade with all eligible tokens (including sales and purchases)., 100 users with the highest trading volume are the winners., BSW Trading Competition consists of two parts: Competition A and Competition B. — Competition A | The Higher Trading Volume — The Higher Reward! - After the crypto competition, the first 100 users ranked by effective trading volume (including buys and sells) with eligible tokens will share the main prize! 🏆 Pool: $4 000 in BSW 💫 Winners: 100 📍 Buy and sell eligible tokens that were mentioned before. — Competition B | Take a Special Place and Get an Extra Crypto! - Users ranked 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 places based on their effective trading volume (including buys and sells) with eligible tokens will each receive an additional reward in the trading contest! 🏆 Pool: $1 000 in BSW ($100 in BSW for each one) ...

BSW Listing Anniversary on Biswap | Share $1 000 for an Art!

Biswap is celebrating an important event — the anniversary of BSW listing on Binance! In honor of it, we invite you to participate in a creative event on Biswap Instagram. The essence of the contest is simple: create art depicting BSW in the crypto world. Let your imagination run wild! 🏆 Prize Pool: $1 000 in BSW 📅 Dates: March 20–27 📌 Where: Biswap Instagram ⭐️ Winners: 4 best creators Places: 🥇1st — $500 in BSW 🥈2nd — $300 in BSW 🥉3d — $150 in BSW Additional 4th place based on users’ opinion: $50 in BSW 📍Note that the Biswap team will choose the first 3 winners at their discretion. Next, 5 additional works will be selected that the team considers creative. After that, the subscribers will choose the best artwork for the 4th place as the audience award. Important to Note about BSW Art Make art on the topic of “BSW in the Crypto World”. Create it as you imagine, and add all the details to complete your work! The rules: 📍 The art must include BSW logo and represent BSW in the world of crypto. Then the user can add anything to the art that relates to Biswap and crypto in general. 📍 The idea you implement has to be unique, of high-quality, and must be originated by you only. In case Biswap detects any plagiarism, you will be disqualified. Art with simply attached stickers will not be taken into account. You can also use these promo materials to create an art: ...

Weekly Highlights from Robi | March 6–12!

One more indelible week! We collected the most important announcement for you. Be aware of the latest offers and news. — New Double Launchpool | BTCB & BSW Enrich You! - 💵Stake BSW to earn BSW & BTCB: Max stake per wallet: 1500 BSW Stake 500+ BSW in Holder Pool to join. — Biswap on Quora! | New Informative Profile! - Any questions about Biswap or crypto? We’ll answer them here: Gain & share knowledge: 💬Q&A format | 💬Hot discussions | 💬Exclusive information Subscribe to learn more about DeFi products & crypto. — Reminder to Join TikTok Meme Contest | Share Fun & $500 in BSW! - This contest combines humor & crypto. Make a video meme about Biswap! Here are an example & conditions: 🏆 5 winners ($100 in BSW for each) Explore details via the article. — February Space Agents | Cheers to the Winners! - The creative ones shared $2 250 in BSW! Join Monthly Spacewalk in April & get the benefits: ⭐️BSW rewards ⭐️Cooperation with the Biswap team ⭐️Audience expansion Spread your crypto passion all over DeFi! Go on earning on Biswap and make next week profitable! Follow the Biswap Social Media: 🔥Website | Telegram Channel | Telegram Channel for CIS Users Telegram Chat | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Medium | Zendesk CoinMarketCap | Facebook | TikTok | Quora Local TG Communities: 🇲🇨 I...

Weekly Highlights from Robi | February 27 — March 5

Weekly Highlights from Robi | February 27 — March 5 - Welcome to the new season of Biswap updates and activities! Find out how the spring has started! — $500 in BSW TikTok Meme Contest | Share Fun!. — The new competition that’s full of humor and crypto is on! Make a meme about Biswap and share $500 in BSW! Go over the example and conditions: 🏆5 meme creators ($100 in BSW for each) 📅March 1–15 Explore the details and spread crypto jokes over TikTok! — Meet Raised APY | Stake & Grab TOP Crypto!. — 💸12.27% for DAI — USDT pair! Rush on Farms to stake via extremely high APY: Enjoy beneficial offers on Biswap! — LZ Delisting on Biswap DEX. — 📍Dear users, The LZ token was delisted on Biswap due to its hack by the DND exploiter. The LaunchZone team is handling the situation. Stay safe with Biswap. — Biswap x Venus Live AMA has been Rescheduled!. — Dear users, Due to technical difficulties, the AMA was postponed. All the problems have been fixed & we’re ready for the live session! We apologize & look forward to sharing unique information with you! New date: 📆March 9, 01 PM UTC 🎙️Chloe, Biswap Business Developer 📍Venus Twitter Space Reset your notifications and join live AMA with Biswap! — 280 BSW Colibri Pace | Listing on Binance Anniversary!. — A new theme has been launched on Telegram in ho...

TikTok Meme Contest | Have Fun & Share $500 in BSW!

Did you know that Biswap recently launched a new social media account on TikTok? You are kindly welcome to follow us and participate in the first Biswap meme contest on TikTok! We know for sure that you have great ideas and deserve only high rewards. 💰 Pool: $500 in BSW 🎵 Where: TikTok 🏆 Winners: 5 meme creators ($100 in BSW for each) ⌛️ Duration: March 1–15 Take into consideration: 📍Winners will be announced within 5 working days after the end of the contest. 📍Rewards will be shared within 5 working days after the winners’ announcement. 📍The selection of winners will be based on the fulfilled conditions, uniqueness, creativity, the Biswap team’s own opinion, and the opinion of the users. 📍One user can participate with several memes, but only one of those memes can win. It’s time to showcase your potential! Complete all the rules and get a chance to be among the winners. Conditions: 1️⃣Follow Biswap on TikTok 2️⃣Create & post your own Biswap video-meme on your TikTok account, using Biswap brand identity, such as logo, mascot, products, etc. 3️⃣Tag Biswap TikTok account & add #Biswap_Memes Make sure that your content fits all the conditions. Only relevant memes to the following requirements will be taken into account. Meme requirements: 1. Use Biswap branding, such as logo, mascot, products, etc., when creating memes. You can find all the promo materials here. 2. The mem...

Weekly Highlights from Robi | February 20–26

The end of winter makes Biswap progressive with new updates and events! Let’s check it out! — $1K in BSW & NFTs for Memes | Biswap x Math Wallet Event. — Biswap x Math Wallet Collaboration invites you to join the meme contest! Make fun — get rewards! QR the event’s post to join the activity: 🏆20 random winners with quality memes 💎Best creators will get exclusive NFT Lands as extra prizes Go over the details and participate! — Get BSW & ETH | Superb Double Launchpool!. — Earn TOP crypto on Biswap DEX via the new BSW + ETH Double Launchpool! 🔥 Stake BSW 🔥 Get BSW & ETH Max stake per wallet: 1500 BSW Stake 500+ BSW in Holder Pool to join! — Glorious 21st Month of Biswap | February Report!. — Biswap is relentless! The 21st month has been distinguished with significant events and updates. Check out the full report and get ready for crazy numbers: 💫 $52.8B Total Trading Volume 💫 623K Biswap community 💫 148K BSW Holders 💫 42M BSW burned 💫 Upgraded earning opportunities No limits to the Biswap progression! — Exclusive Interview with Biswap CEO | Read on The Coinbrain Blog!. — The Biswap CEO, EK, gave a private interview about the Biswap affairs, the crypto markets’ current state and its impact on the DeFi future! 👇Find the answers in the article! — Biswap Ecosystem Update | New Par...

Glorious 21st Month of Biswap | February Report!

Biswap has severe intentions for 2023. The performance in February is off the charts: new events, launches, and improved offers for earnings! Take a look at the monthly report! — Check out the stats | Biswap Results in Numbers! - Biswap DEX Statistics: $52 796 850 142 Total Trading Volume $282 631 061 Total Value Locked 519 708 Unique Traders 29 418 879 Total Trades 2 100 355 Total Users 623 427 Biswap Community BSW Token Statistics: 42 114 754 BSW Total Burn 148 012 BSW Holders 13 372 757 BSW staked in BSW Holder Pool 24 345 063 BSW Transfers 📍The data as of February 24, 2023. — New Collaborations & Ecosystem Updates | Meet the Changes! - Biswap does not stop and expands every month: new partners, activities and opportunities for your best crypto experience! — Space ID x Biswap DEX | Explore New Collaboration! - Welcome, Biswap’s new partner! Space ID — a decentralized name service network that connects people, data, crypto & Apps! Unite all your multi-chain addresses in one unique .bnb domain name and get a chance to buy & sell NFT domains on Biswap Marketplace! Try it here 👉 — pGALA Token Claim | The Important Announcement! - Great news for Biswappers! All eligible holders of old pGALA can claim their proportional share of the 2 225 319.366982 new pGALA on Biswap Dex according to the pNetwork’s pGALA Recovery Plan: 📍 Go over the de...

$1 000 in BSW & 9 NFT Lands for Twitter Event! | Biswap x Math Wallet Meme Contest!

We know that our users have a great sense of humor! So you would definitely like the event Biswap x Maths Wallet have prepared. Participate in the Meme Contest on Twitter and claim cool rewards! $1 000 in BSW and 9 Math Wallet NFT Lands await your funny creatives. 💸 Prize Pool: $1 000 in BSW + 9 partner’s NFT Lands 🕊️ Where: Biswap Twitter 📆 Duration: February 22 — March 1 (9 AM UTC) 😎 Winners: 20 ($50 in BSW for each) 💎9 users with the best memes due to Biswap’s team opinion will get an extra prize of Math Wallet’s NFT Land. — NFT Lands from Math Wallet. — Biswap DEX’s robust partner Math Wallet, which supports cross-chain token bridges & a multichain DApp store, prepared a special prize for the best meme creators. NFT Lands are exclusive NFTs you will be able to use in the upcoming MathVerse metaverse created by Math! Till the release, you can trade them on Marketplaces. — Take into consideration:. — ❗️Users will have 3 days for complaints. ❗️Winners will be announced within 5 working days after the end of the event. ❗️Rewards will be shared within 10 working days after the winners’ announcement. Can’t wait to join? Here are simple but obligatory conditions you have to fulfil. — Follow the Conditions:. — 1️⃣ Follow Biswap & Math Wallet on Twitter 2️⃣ Make QT of the event’s post sharing your own meme about the situation on...


BiSwap and OKX Wallet Join Forces to Enhance Web3 Experience

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The collaboration between the two platforms showcases the power of cross-chain and multi-chain opportunities in DeFi. February 27, 2023 - BiSwap, the first DEX platform with a Multi-type Referral Program and the DeFi platform with the lowest transaction fees, has announced its cooperation with OKX Wallet, a leading multi-platform, universal self-custody solution for digital assets. As part of the collaboration, OKX DEX has aggregated liquidity of BiSwap, and has listed BiSwap on the OKX Discover platform. Simultaneously, BiSwap has successfully integrated the OKX Wallet web extension on its website and product, providing users with easy access to OKX Wallet's features. By sourcing liquidity from BiSwap’s leading trading platform OKX DEX would further optimize users’ output by adding BiSwap’s steamed prices into a pool of liquidity providers (LPs) and selecting a route that minimizes slippage and network fees. This is made possible by OKX’s independently developed split-route algorithm. X Routing, which secures the optimal trading route by considering LPs across chains, factoring in prices, slippage, and network fees. Through the OKX Discover Portal, OKX provides insight and access to 10,000+ third-party dApps, including crypto games. Meanwhile, OKX Wallet is a decentralized wallet product providing users with self-custodial control over their private keys and crypto assets. The wallet provides users access to mu... read More

Biswap DEX Unveils Improved AMM as Part of Its Ambitious 2023 Roadmap

    [PRESS RELEASE - New York, United States, 31st January 2023] BNB Chain decentralized exchange Biswap has published its 2023 roadmap, which includes a number of proposed improvements and upgrades. It includes details of a new AMM, route optimization, and perpetual trading. Take a look at the main Biswap benefits: A new AMM protocol with concentrated liquidity will allow Liquidity Providers to accumulate their capital to smaller price intervals than from 0 to infinity, increasing capital use efficiency and providing users with more profitable exchange conditions with less slippage. Improved routing to find the best trading pairs will allow users to execute larger transactions with less slippage and increase capital efficiency, as well as receive greater rewards from trading fees for Liquidity Providers. To reduce pressure on the price of the native Biswap token and provide opportunities for more earnings for long-term BSW token holders, the Biswap team has developed several initiatives. In the future, they will be explained and put forward to BSW holders for voting. Evolving market trends have also prompted the Biswap team to implement decentralized futures trading (with an on-chain order book on the BNB network). To implement this idea in a safe manner, the team has decided to connect a ready-made solution from ApolloX at this stage of product development. As part of the Biswap ecosystem expansion, there are plans to create a widget that will increase trad... read More

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