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BOLT Price:
$332.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BOLT today is $0.011 USD.

The lowest BOLT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.011, and the current live price for one BOLT coin is $0.01121.

The all-time high BOLT coin price was $0.042.

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The code for BOLT crypto currency is also #BOLT.

BOLT is 5.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for BOLT is $4,626,879.

BOLT is ranking upwards to #770, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #BOLT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BOLT is $332,316.


The circulating supply of BOLT is 412,600,355 coins, which is 41% of the maximum coin supply.


BOLT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


BOLT is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #BOLT, and you can view them on our BOLT disambiguation page.



Create a Bolt+ Live Chat Dock in OBS

OBS is the go-to live streaming Bat Cave for a lot of content creators, and it hooks up very neatly to Bolt+. A couple of details and a click of a button, and you’re live on over 8 million TVs around the world, straight from OBS. Noice. But we’ve been playing around with additional features that might help Bolt+ live streamers, such as importing the live chat from your channel into an OBS dock. Here’s how. — Custom Docks - In OBS, “docks” are the small control panels that make up the OBS interface. Scenes, Sources, Audio Mixer and so forth. This awesome streaming tool also lets you create custom docks from any web address, which is what we’re going to do here. By adding the live chat from your Bolt+ channel as an OBS dock, you no longer have to keep an eye on a browser tab as well as your streaming control centre. You can have it all right there in OBS, at your fingertips and in front of your eyeballs.Here you can see the standard OBS docks highlighted in yellow. We’re going to add a new one. — Pop Out the Bolt+ Live Chat - Go to Bolt+ and sign in. Click your icon in the top right corner, followed by “View Profile”. This takes you to your home on Bolt+, where your live streams, videos and social posts all live. Click the gear icon at the top right of the live chat, and then click “Popout Chat”. The live chat will now open in its own browser window.Here’s the settings button that let...

Bolt+ to collaborate with WBC Boxing and VIVE TV

Almost everyone is familiar with the bright lights and fanfare of a main title card in boxing. It is a dazzling affair, where two of the greatest combatants on the planet meet face to face in an epic showdown. After the dust clears, one victor remains and their name is forever etched into the pantheons of boxing legend. But all legends have to start somewhere, and that’s what the initiative between VIVE TV, the WBC and Bolt+ will facilitate. Though Tyson and Ali became household names, few members of the public had heard of them prior to that. In a sport like boxing, where an athlete’s success is critically dependent on their reputation and persona, ‘not being heard of’ can immobilise a career before it gets started. There are some options to help them; social media has provided a useful tool for a budding fighter to build a fan base. This, in turn, can help them build a reputation. Video streaming platforms have also made it easier to demonstrate skills and publicise talent. Even then, fighters run into several issues: Current social media platforms require that you pay for essential distribution and outreach., It’s difficult to monetise content., Video platforms are too saturated with content, resulting in an empty echo chamber., It’s our belief at Bolt+ that fighters shouldn’t need to sacrifice financial sustainability and community growth potential by using services that prioritise the needs of the plat...

Chingari and Bolt Global Team Up to Bring India’s Leading Content Creators onto Social TV

Bolt+ brings Chingari creators to the TV Across the rise and peak of web2 platforms, content creators have learned that it’s their imagination and work upon which a platform’s success relies. Any benefits have been greatly skewed towards the operator on web2, rather than the creator. So it’s no surprise that as the digital world transitions into web3, platforms are emerging that offer a much fairer deal to the millions of people who are developing that amazing content. Leading the charge are Chingari and Bolt+. Both platforms are tightly focused on building a sustainable creator economy that benefits everyone fairly. Platforms upon which creators can build a community, a content catalogue to be proud of, and a genuine career. Chingari is one of India’s biggest rising social stars, offering a social, short-form video platform that’s supercharged with a vibrant web3 ecosystem. With more than 50 million users and boasting over 1.6 billion views, it topped the Indian download charts and provided a home to the country’s biggest creators, along with their huge communities of fans. Bolt has approached social content from a different angle. Bolt+ is a web3 content sharing platform with a smart TV app that’s pre-installed on over 8 million TVs, a self-custody BoltX digital asset wallet, and its own EVM-compatible media-focused blockchain, BoltChain. Combined with the BoltOS toolset, content creators have everything t...

Bolt Global partners with Gametacus!

Bolt Global and Gametacus unite to make blockchain technology easily accessible for all gamers. The main priority for most Web3 gaming projects is to successfully convert Web2 gamers. However, this ambitious goal has so far delivered varying results, most of which have not been positive. In trying to create a completely unique Web3 gaming experience, these same projects lost sight of the very audience they were trying to engage. We’ve found there are three common gripes when it comes to the Web3 gaming space: The barrier to entry is still too high, Gaming experiences are poor in comparison to Web2, Gaming benefits soon go stale, Web2 gamers are simply finding it too difficult to understand, and are not enchanted by the games they do try. And if they do get around to playing one for a while, they find that the game’s longevity is sorely lacking due to problematic mechanics. Our belief at Bolt Global is that the best technologies (regardless of industry) are the ones that require the least amount of thought to use, and consistently deliver a reason to use it. In other words, accessibility and utility are king. We should know, It is the very foundation which we built our own ecosystem on. Which is why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Gametacus, a Web3 mobile multiverse gaming ecosystem. Gametacus’ vision is much the same as ours; leveraging the power of blockchain technology in a way that’s both t...

Updated Streaming Engine on Bolt+ Gives You Ultra-Low Latency at High Quality

Amazing Streaming Engine on Bolt+ Gives You Ultra-Low Latency at High Quality - Live streaming is an essential part of Bolt+ both for viewers, and for content creators. It’s been our objective to make the feature as easy as possible to access, and we’re really happy with how few clicks it takes to go live on the platform. The next part of the plan has been to boost the tech side of things, and we’re really excited that it’s now gone live. It also requires existing Bolt+ streamers to make a couple of tweaks, so read on. — Speed and Quality Boost - In the background, Bolt+ is now using a brand new service to carry the content from your computer or mobile to the web and living rooms of over 8 million smart TV owners. Let me first point out that there’s nothing you need to do; this is just a bit of a glance inside the matrix. We’ve built a really powerful system that we’ve been testing to allow both direct streaming on Bolt+, and streaming from third-party clients like Streamyard. The tests have gone really well, and it’s now live across the whole platform. What you’ll immediately notice is a much lower latency time. Five seconds or less. That means in less than a couple of seconds after you share your screen or speak into your webcam, the video is appearing on Bolt+, the web, mobile and smart TVs around the world. Video game streamers in particular will appreciate this. And it does all this while maint...

The Biggest Ever Update to Bolt+ is Now Live — The Home Feed Festival

The Biggest Ever Update to Bolt+ is Now Live — The Home Feed Festival - Every new feature and development is exciting, but the update that just landed on Bolt+ is especially thrilling for us. Not just because we’re rolling out a huge number of updates and redesigns, but because we’ve been waiting so long for you to see them. First things first, let’s dig into what’s new on the Bolt+ Home Feed. — The Home Feed - We now have a sidebar on the Home Feed to put a couple of important navigation options at your fingertips. Just hover over the left edge of the screen to reveal it. Home Feed: This is what you’re looking at when you arrive. It’s the focal point of the Bolt+ social network., Watch: These are the content channels that are broadcasting on the Bolt+ network, such as Red Bull TV, Monstercat and Ticker News. If you’re looking for something to watch, here’s where to go., Listen: What we used to call the radio stations now have a new home on their very own page. Listen along to a huge range of online stations broadcasting 24-hours a day., Notifications: Here’s a new page that shows you what kind of activity has been going on in your personal Bolt+ world., — Bolt+ Posts - As before, you can post text, images and videos onto the Bolt+ Home Feed. Now there are some exciting differences in how you post, and how you interact with posts. For example, you can now post a gallery...

February 2023 AMA: Secrets Behind Our Revolutionary Blockchain Project

Bolt’s February 2023 AMA We held the first of our new, monthly AMAs in February, hosted by Bolt co-founders Jamal Hassim and Christel Quek, and presented by our VP of Product and Operations Anwar Arieff. The event gave the Bolt community a glimpse of the company’s future plans, including the first exciting, insider info on development of our own blockchain, called BoltChain. — Introducing BoltChain: The Future of Media on Blockchain - The co-founders kicked off by explaining how Bolt’s vision is about building an interoperable future, which is why they have always harbored dreams of having their own blockchain that‘s’ compatible with Ethereum virtual machine compatible blockchains. Christel stated that this is one of the primary reasons she and Jamal started the content-focused social media network Bolt+ in the first place. The team at Bolt believes that the future of content distribution lies in blockchain technology, and the development of BoltChain will allow the company to retain value in its ecosystem and share opportunities with those coming onto its platform. Jamal added that BoltChain is an epic project that will allow the company to be more self-sufficient as the project evolves. The development of BoltChain has taken over three years of work and is a crucial linchpin in the company’s grand vision for the future. With Bolt already partnered with Hisense, the company’s app is...

Bolt’s Key Highlights of 2022

From record-breaking user numbers to new partnerships and product launches, it has been our biggest year yet. As we gear up for an even bigger 2023, we thought it would be fun for you to join us in reminiscing about the highlights of the past 12 months. — Bolt+ is Helping Content Creators to Connect, Earn and Build Communities - Over the past 12 months, we have significantly expanded the functionality of Bolt+ to go beyond watching your favourite live streams. Powerful new features have been added for you to create content in lots of different ways, including live streaming, sharing photos, videos, links and text. Stream live from your computer or phone — no additional software required, Connect directly with the spectators on your live stream via a live chat box, Integration of Binance’s wallet directly into Bolt+, making it simple for anyone and everyone to earn globally, even if they’re unbanked, A social media network to rival the biggest platforms, The lowest transaction fees in the industry, Instant cash-out at any time via your Binance wallet, Unique tipping and gifting features., What’s more important is that unlike other social platforms, anyone can immediately start earning from day one on Bolt+. There are no minimum community sizes or minimum amounts to earn before you cash-out. One of the standout features that has arrived this year on Bolt+ is the low transaction fees. Other platforms tak...

The BOLT web3 revolution is here!

Are you ready for the new web3 💠 generation of social 🤝 and entertainment 📺?. — ⚡️ Now, you can watch, stream, and earn in one platform.It’s easy to start your web3 journey. 💡Login with your existing BOLT+ account (or sign up for one!) 💡Simply click on “Connect Wallet” to access special NFT-only features on with our channels. We support WalletConnect, Metamask, and the BoltX web extension (of course!) 🔥 tip: You can restore your 12-word secret recovery phrase from Trust Wallet or Metamask in the BoltX web extension, or simply create a new wallet in BoltX to try our web extension! 💰The new wallet drawer will also have sections for you to buy crypto with MoonPay directly (Coming soon!) and to add more wallets you own.Start posting on! You can also start posting photos, text posts, or videos directly on, which will also show up on your user profile. 🔥 tip: We don’t censor content* on, and we welcome anyone to start creating their own creative and financial freedom on We’re also rolling out support for audio content including music, DJs, and podcasts. Interested? Contact Us. *No pornography, violence, or abuse. Let’s keep this a friendly platform for everyone! Please refer to our fair use policy (terms and conditions) here.🎁 We have enabled virtual gifts and tips for ALL users! 😲 Like magic! You will see that you...

MoonPay is now available on BoltX!

Users of BoltX will now be able to purchase crypto using MoonPay. This new service addition to BoltX will allow wallet holders to securely purchase over 80 cryptocurrencies in more than 160 countries across the globe. ‎With over 7 million registered customers, MoonPay will open BoltX to a large and growing base of potential users. In addition to the release of MoonPay on BoltX, followers of BOLT Global can also look forward to the launch of MoonPay on the BoltX Extension and which will debut later this month. “We are excited to be working with MoonPay on this initiative to provide BoltX users with a frictionless method of purchasing cryptocurrency,” said Jamal Hassim, Co-Founder and CEO of BOLT Global. “MoonPay is a leading fintech ecosystem that is growing at a tremendous pace. BOLT Global is proud to have successfully integrated with MoonPay and we are looking forward to creating mutual value for both our users.”BOLT Global — A Leading Technology Company that Builds Web3 Platforms and Services BOLT Global is a leading provider of web3 platforms and services. The company was founded in 2017 by media and technology veterans Jamal Hassim and Christel Quek, to enable financial and creative freedom for all users. A firm advocate of decentralisation, BOLT Global believes that the pervasive nature of web3 technologies will form the next generation of the internet and its products will help to chart th...


Crypto Firm Wyre Reportedly Shuts Down After Canceled Bolt Acquisition, ...

    According to several reports, Wyre, a cryptocurrency payments firm, is allegedly sunsetting its business. Wyre’s purported wind down follows Bolt, another payments company, canceling its plan to acquire Wyre in September. Wyre CEO Ioannis Giannaros, however, told Axios that the company is “still operating” and is simply “scaling back.”Wyre Cryptocurrency Payments Firm Allegedly Shutting Down, CEO Denies Reports of Winding Down Operations On Jan. 4, 2023, Axios published a report that said Wyre, the digital currency payments platform, was winding down the company’s operations. Furthermore, several other reports about the situation stemmed from former employees and known associates. JD Ross, the founder of the music investment platform said: Looks like Wyre just shut down their business. Everyone in our shared Slack channel disabled except the GC. Hearing no severance. “We'll continue to do everything we can, but I want everyone to brace themselves for the fact that we will need to unwind the business over the next couple of weeks,” CEO Ioannis Giannaros wrote to staff in an email seen by Axios. The news publication’s reporters Brady Dale and Lucinda Shen further detailed that a former Wyre employee named Michael Staib wrote about the situation on Linkedin. Wyre was considered a profitable company and it raised $29.1 million via nine different funding rounds. The company was founded in 2013 by Giannaros and Michael ... read More

Payments Firm Bolt Scraps Deal to Acquire Crypto Company Wyre

    California-based online payments company Bolt is pulling out of an agreement to buy crypto provider Wyre. The news of the scrapped deal, which was agreed to earlier this year, comes amid plunging valuations in the crypto and fintech sectors.Bolt Gives Up Plan for $1.5 Billion Wyre Acquisition Bolt Financial, a U.S. technology company headquartered in San Francisco, said Friday it had scrapped a deal to buy crypto infrastructure provider Wyre Payments, Reuters reported on Saturday. A definitive agreement to acquire Wyre for a reported $1.5 billion was announced by the e-commerce platform in early April. The deal was considered one of the largest crypto business acquisitions this year. After a funding round in January, Bolt was last valued at $11 billion. The report notes, however, that high tech valuations have since come under increased pressure as investor sentiment was hit by recession fears and negative developments in the equity markets. Payments processor Stripe and fintech Klarna Bank have also taken significant valuation cuts, Reuters pointed out. Industry valuations have dropped significantly in the crypto sector as well during the market slump in the past months. In a released statement, Bolt emphasized it will continue its partnership with Wyre. The online checkout firm elaborated that remaining independent would allow it to focus on its core areas of business. Company CEO Maju Kuruvilla was quoted as stating: We will continue our existing commercial partnership wi... read More

Fintech Firm Bolt Acquires Crypto Startup Wyre for $1.5B

    The acquisition is worth a whopping $1.5 billion, making it one of the largest in the sector that did not involve a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Crypto mergers and acquisitions have surged over the past year, and there has been $1.25 billion worth of deals done in the first quarter of 2022. This latest one will put activity on track to eclipse the $4.9 billion in crypto-related M&A in 2021, according to the Wall Street Journal. Payments Firms Want Crypto Bolt, founded in 2014, operates in the online-payments space with a “one-click checkout” service for merchants called “CheckoutOS.” The report added that the firm has had $1.3 billion in venture capital investments and was valued at around $11 billion. Wyre provides services for retail and business customers to exchange currencies and crypto assets between banks and wallets and a digital asset trading platform. Bolt and Wyre will be operating together to develop new payments channels for the mainstream, including cryptocurrencies. Wyre CEO Yanni Giannaros stated: “Today, we’re making history and joining forces to reinvent the way that people interact with commerce and crypto … Simply put, we want to allow every retailer to transact easily in cryptocurrency, removing long-standing barriers.” He added that the firm is committed to providing its partners and builders with the tools and infrastructure needed to “create powerful crypto experiences.” Bolt f... read More

Bolt Acquires Wyre for $1.5 Billion, Firm Aims to 'Decentralize Co...

    On Thursday, the payments and checkout and shopper network, Bolt has announced the firm plans to acquire the digital currency provider Wyre in a $1.5 billion deal. Bolt has explained the acquisition is aimed at bolstering cryptocurrency services and 'the opportunity of Web3.'Payments and Checkout Firm Bolt Acquires Wyre The e-commerce platform Bolt has revealed a definitive agreement to acquire Wyre, according to the company's press statements published on Thursday. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the deal was one of the largest crypto firm acquisitions in terms of financial settlement size in 2022, as the WSJ report noted the acquisition was roughly $1.5 billion. The official Bolt press release does not disclose the financial details of the acquisition deal. The announcement explains that the companies aim to 'decentralize commerce' and 'simplify digital shopping.' Both Bolt and Wyre plan to 'close the transaction and fully integrate before the end of the year, and once complete, the acquisition will bring the power of Bolt's CheckoutOS-one-click checkout, authentication, payments, and fraud protection-to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.' CEO of Bolt: 'Acquisition Will Pave the Way for Seamless, Secure Crypto Transactions' The firm says the benefits of the partnership include millions of Bolt network shoppers gaining access to a variety of digital currencies. Bolt detailed that 'hundreds of retailers' can now accept crypto assets for goods and services. Furthermore... read More

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