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BODAV2 Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$167.8 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BODAV2 today is $0.000000000240 USD.

The lowest BODAV2 price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000000000240, and the exact current price of one BODAV2 crypto coin is $0.00000000023975.

The all-time high BODAV2 coin price was $0.0000000827.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BODAV2 with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of BODAV2 at different market capitalizations.


The code for BODA crypto currency is #BODAV2.

BODA is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for BODA is $167,827.

BODA is ranked #1495 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #BODAV2.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BODA is $78.00.


The circulating supply of BODAV2 is 700,000,000,000,000 coins, which is 70% of the total coin supply.

BODA has a relatively large supply of coins, 5,758,482 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


BODAV2 is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


BODAV2 has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Happy 1st Birthday To Boda V2!

On the 22nd of September 2021, we embarked on a journey to save those who had invested in the original BODA V1 token project that had been abandoned from the start. BODA V2 was simply an attempt to fulfil the original goals of the initial BODA V1 roadmap with the addition of BUSD rewards being added into the tokenomics. We never imagined that BODA V2 would take off as strongly as it did at the peak of the 2021 bull season. From a humble fair launch starting at approx. $1000 Market cap on the 22nd of September 2021, by the end of October 2021 we had reached an incredible $60 Million Market cap. A true blessing from the Bull Market gods. BUSD rewards flowed almost endlessly during the peak Bull market period. Many holders earned enough BUSD to pay off debts ranging from credit cards to college loans. Many holders were able to reach a sense of financial freedom just by paying off extra debts and bills from the BUSD rewards they earned. To date, BODA V2 has paid out over $1 Million in BUSD. As we approached the Bear market period, the market cap and trading volume began to decline. An unfortunate, but natural, process that occurs in financial investing as there is always a bear cycle that follows a bull cycle. And vice versa. Hindsight is 20/20, and there are a lot of “should have, could have, would have” moments over the last 12 months, but dwelling on the past does not help us move into the future. We always planned to r...

An Honest Talk About Mental Health From Our CEO Billy

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening! First of all, I want to thank all of you who continue to hang around and support our Boda Token Project! It’s tough going for everyone at the moment. We have seen and experienced the crypto market take a bit of a dive in the last 3 months, with the likes of Bitcoin falling roughly 35% from $30,000 down to a low of $19,500 and BNB falling roughly 40% from $330 to a low of $197. For many people, it’s very easy to become discouraged and depressed when they see the $ value of their investment portfolio continue to get lower and lower. The unfortunate reality of financial investing is that the journey is like riding a rollercoaster. There will always be ups and downs in your investing journey, just the same as there are ups and downs in your life. And on the topic of ups and downs in life, I want to apologise for my lack of activity in the community as of late. After burning the candle at both ends for almost 12 months by committing myself to 18 to 20 hour days, 7 days a week, I completely neglected my own needs especially when it came to my mental health and I needed a break. I am sharing this with all of you now because I take pride in being upfront and honest about everything I do in crypto, and I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t do the same in being upfront and honest about my mental health. Before I continue, I have to admit I am nervous about how people might perceive ...

BODAV2 Development Diary #4

Welcome to the Fourth Development Diary for BODA V2, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans. Holy Mackerel! Another 3 months have flown by in a blink of an eye! We only wish this current bear market would fly by just as fast! We have been busy, both in front of the scenes and behind the scenes, to keep building those foundations to survive the incoming crypto winter. It’s not easy for any token project to keep fighting during a crypto bear market because it feels like a constant uphill battle, but we’ve always planned to be here for the long term.Highlights of Q2 : · Listed 20 projects on BodaSwap · Launched Boda Lottery · Joined the MetaArcade Metaverse with NFT Spaceship & Planet · Joined the DFS Mafia Sports Fantasy Contest Pool · Joined Glow Nation Podcasts and Twitter Spaces · Joined Nobility Token Crypto Gaming Cup · Hosted Twitter Spaces for BodaSwap Partners · Shill School created to help educate crypto investors & promote partners · Water Pump donated to charity thanks to Crypto Positive Token · Building more partnerships & networkingAdding additional utility to our project! The BODA Lottery is a fun addition to our ecosystem to provide everyone with a chance to win BUSD. The Lottery collects a portion of ticket sales that contribute toward weekly buyback and burns of BODAV2 tokens. We added a charity element to the lot...

BODAV2 Development Diary #3

Welcome to the Third Development Diary for BODA V2, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans. We are now past the first quarter of 2022 and gee whizz have those 3 months flown by quickly! It doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were welcoming in the new year with open arms, hoping to get rid of the bad vibes of 2021! Our team have been busy behind the scenes building to provide BODA V2 with long term fundamental utilities that will keep our token moving forward. We have also been active in front of the scenes by boosting our activity on Social media, and Discord, and recently reopening our Telegram group chat.We launched our first utility in Q1 of this year! BodaSwap is our first utility that provides benefits not just for BODA V2 holders but also benefits those who use our BodaSwap DEX to purchase tokens.BodaSwap is able to completely bypass slippage on every buy transaction.Trades often result in cheaper gas fees on the Binance Chain Network.Trading fees are only 0.2%, cheaper than other DEXs like Pancakeswap.Fees collected from the trade volume through BodaSwap go back toward token buyback and burn of BODA V2, helping to increase volume and BUSD rewards for holdersTwo Fiat On-ramps are available to use. - RAMP provides access for most global users, including US Citizens, to purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies including BNB BEP20. - Indacoin provides ...

BODAV2 Now Listed On Indacoin

We are excited to announce that BODAV2 is now listed on Indacoin Exchange, where investors can purchase BODAV2 directly for fiat using their Visa or Mastercard. Yes, you heard correct! BODAV2 can now be purchased directly for fiat!What is Indacoin? Indacoin is a Fait to Crypto Exchange that started in 2014. It has grown exponentially since then by listing more independent tokens on its exchange for direct fiat purchases. Indacoin averages over 500,000 users per day. Over 5 million verified customers using their mobile app. With a transaction time of less than 1hr from when you purchase your crypto to when it arrives in your wallet. Indacoin is partnered with some of the big players in the crypto space which include OKEx, Trust Wallet, Changelly, LaToken, Bithumb Global, Cointelegraph, Waves, and many more.How to Buy BODAV2 Direct with Fiat? You can simply visit the BODAV2 Partner payment portal here — In addition to BODAV2, Indacoin has kindly agreed to add BNB, Bitcoin and Ethereum to the payment portal. This means users will be able to purchase BEP20 BNB from Indacoin directly and use it on BodaSwap to trade other BEP20 cryptocurrencies. Users will also be able to buy native Bitcoin and native Ethereum if they wish. All tokens can be sent to your private wallet for better security and safekeeping! Listing BODAV2 on Indacoin is just the first step in the global expansion of Boda Token....

The First DEX without Slippage and Lower Gas Fees

Introducing BodaSwap, from Boda Token, the First Decentralized Exchange to offer swap trades on Binance Chain Network without slippage and lower gas fees. We have been hard at work these last couple of months to build the first utility for Boda Token. We are proud to have created BodaSwap, in what we believe is the first Decentralized Exchange that can process swap trades on the Binance Chain Network without minimum slippage requirements for tokens with trading taxes. By eliminating the minimum slippage requirement, an additional effect has occurred where the gas fees for processing token trades is lower in comparison to trading tokens on Pancakeswap. A Fiat On-Ramp has been integrated to allow anyone to purchase cryptocurrency using their Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Cards. At present we have one Fiat company providing services for customers, with additional Fiat companies to be integrated and onboarded in the coming weeks. BodaSwap currently has BODAV2, BNB, BUSD, SAFEMOON, BABYDOGE, FLOKI, CHEEMS INU, SOKU, SUTEKU, DOGE, USDT, ETH, BTC, AXS, AVAX, and XVS listed. You can import any token that is available on Pancakeswap by using the ‘Search Token’ import in the menu, simply by pasting the Smart Contract Address of the token you wish to trade. — Why should users switch from using Pancakeswap to BodaSwap?. — It's very simple. Not having to use the minimum slippage will net you more tokens per BNB ...

BODAV2 Development Diary #2

Welcome to the second Development Diary for BODA V2, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans. We have been super busy since our last Dev Diary. Here’s a quick list of what we’ve been up to!Completed Events Since November 2021 -Certik Audit Completed with onboarding of 24/7 Skynet Security Monitoring!Dessert Finance Audit Completed!New Dashboard update released with wallet connect, manual claim option, and BUSD reward estimator!Main website has been given a make-over!Logo design was given a touch-up and new graphics for social media posts!BODA V2 logo is now on Trust Wallet!Merchandise Store is online, where 100% of profits go toward the Token Buy-Back Initiative! YouTube Videos about BODA V2!More articles in the press! Yahoo Finance! Business Insider, Market Watch, and more!BSC News Podcast with Billy and Dave — Evens for 20214 x Billboard Advertisements booked to go up in Los Angeles from 13th to 20th DecemberMoving Telegram Chat Community to DiscordAudit for the Yield Farm and Governance TokenManual Buy-Back and Burn to happen in DecemberStill developing the Lottery, Token Minter and Token LockerTwo Audits Completed! We were extremely pleased with the completion of the Certik Audit. As explained in AMA #9 (Watch here

BODAV2 Development Diary #1

Welcome to the first BODAV2 Development Diary, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans. It has been quite the ride since BODAV2 launched! The growth in terms of new holders, trade volume and market value have been incredible! And we love seeing how the BODAV2 tokenomics are being tested in real-time. We honestly did not expect to have taken off as quickly as we have in the last month, but we definitely appreciate the position that we are in. Most of the credit to the success so far has to go out to you, the token holder, as without you here beside us we wouldn’t have a project to develop. We are grateful and truly thankful for every single token holder, as you are a part of the BODAV2 family and we truly appreciate it! In this development diary, we will cover a few topics that have been mentioned a lot in the chat rooms over recent days. For those who do not have the time to read the entire dev diary, we have provided a summary of events below; *note: these events are always changing and more designs are being added, this is just a basic summary of what we know can be achieved as we do not want to give false promises to our community.Completed events since 22nd September 2021 : · Updated new contract address to all previously listed sites · Launched Reward Tracker Website · Submitted solidity file to Certik for Auditing. · Listed on CMC & CG · Partnered...


A different kind of white paper, because being the same as everyone else is boring! PAGE 29: LINKS Email: Website: Rewards Tracker: Twitter: Telegram: Discord: Medium Blog: Reddit: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok:

The First BODA NFT Release Is Here!

History has been made as we announce our first ever Official NFT for BODA Token!. — It’s no secret that Non-Fungible Tokens have become a hot trend in 2021, with more and more crypto lovers spending up big and collecting all sorts of NFTs. — So, what is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?. — A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). NFTs can be used to represent easily reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items. (Source: — And how does having an NFT benefit BODA?. — Having an official NFT that represents BODA is just the first step in building our presence in the NFT marketplace. It's also a great way for members of the BODA Community to have a collectable item that they can hold on to forever or decided to trade on open NFT Marketplaces with other NFT collectors. We have grand plans to build our own NFT Marketplace platform in 2022, something similar to Opensea, where artists from around the world can come to our platform, mint their NFTs, and for collectors to come and purchase those NFTs. In addition to building our own NFT Marketplace, we plan on building an NFT game. Where players can earn and spend BODA tokens within the NFT game space. — So, are you ready to see what our very first BODA NFT is going to...

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