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BOA Price:
$166.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$6.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BOA today is $0.039 USD.

The lowest BOA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.039, and the exact current price of one BOA crypto coin is $0.03930.

The all-time high BOA coin price was $0.54.

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The code for BOSAGORA crypto currency is #BOA.

BOSAGORA is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for BOSAGORA is $6,432,842.

BOSAGORA is ranking upwards to #642, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #BOA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BOSAGORA is $166,768.


The circulating supply of BOA is 163,671,229 coins, which is 30% of the maximum coin supply.


BOA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


BOA has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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Monthly Report 2022.12

2022년 12월 월간 리포트 — Development - BOSagora launches its own NFT marketplace, ‘BOASpace’ which based on Agora mainnet. BOA SPACE Phase 1 Open BOA SPACE, as an NFT marketplace based on the BOSagora mainnet, was published on December 21, 2022. The purpose of the first round is to provide users with verification of their NFT assets on Mainnet. The main features are wallet linking and asset import functions. Please prepare your wallet in advance to use the service.Github - - github.comHome Page - boaspace.ioTestnet Home Page - BOA SPACE Second Phrase Update Schedule for 2nd round: The main functional services that can provide trading NFT assets are being developed and will be completed in late March 2023. BOASpace, as the dedicated NFT Marketplace for the Agora mainnet, will be able to issue and trade NFTs issued by all dapps in the BOSagora ecosystem in the future. See more: — BOSagora’s MainNet ‘Agora’, officially goes live. — BOSagora, aims to ‘make a better world’ by using blockchain technology. The mainnet — ‘Agora’ launches at 6:12 pm (UTC+9) 2023.01.11! Meanwhile, POS genesis block started to be created, the Commons Budget and block creation reward (Confirmation Reward) also began to be issued. By staking 40,000 BOA issued by BOSagora, anyone has a right to vote and participate in the ecology as a member of the collective de...

BOSagora’s MainNet ‘Agora’, officially goes live

BOSagora, 공식 메인넷 ‘아고라’ 출시 Good day BOSagoraians, BOSagora, aims to ‘make a better world’ by using blockchain technology. The mainnet — ‘Agora’ launches at 6:12 pm (UTC+9) 2023.01.11! Meanwhile, it starts generating the Commons Budget and Confirmation Reward simultaneously. Birth of Agora “Agora” is not only the official name of the BOSagora mainnet, but also the public square of the ancient Greek city-state, which provided a place of communication for people to conduct meetings, trials, commerce, social and other activities. And nowadays, it is widely used in public communication and as a symbol of democracy. Agora, the official mainnet launched by BOSagora, determines all matters related to network operation through direct voting by members of the Congress Network, which is composed of DAOs. It is the same role as the agora of ancient Greek city-states, and it is intended to exert its original part by being grafted into various fields on the blockchain. Why Agora? By staking 40,000 BOA issued by BOSagora, anyone has a right to vote and participate in the ecology as a member of the collective decision-making body “Congress Network” composed of DAO. The Congress Network is an institution that plays a crucial role in discussing and deciding on overall matters related to the BOSagora Network. Moreover, it allows members to make proposals and decide on the use of ‘Commons Budget...

Snapshot airdrop results

스냅샷 에어드랍 결과 발표 Dear BOSagorians! Two days left before we turn to 2023. Thank you for all of your companionships this year. With your supports and loves, it definitely made BOSagora better. The BIG (BOSAGORAIAN IS GOOD) event of the snapshot airdrop we started last month was successfully closed yesterday. Let’s see the results below! A total of 357 people participated in this campaign, and the whale with about 6 million BOA reversals in the last 30 minutes ranked first! The results of taking a snapshot based on December 29, 2022, at 5:00 pm (KST) are as follows. 1️⃣The top 3 holders among the applicants, who with the most BOA in their wallets at the time of the snapshot 🥇1st: 0x79f (5.8M BOA) — $4,000 BOA Reward 🥈2nd: 0x73F (4M BOA) — $2,000 BOA Reward 🥉3rd: 0xA60 (3M BOA) — $1,000 BOA Reward 2️⃣ 10 people among the applicants, who have more than the amount of node operation (40,000 BOA or more) in the Mainnet wallet on the day of the snapshot, $200 BOA/each of winner 1.) 0x73F (4M BOA) 2.) 0xA60 (3M BOA) 3.) 0xb8F (2M BOA) 4.) 0x08C (0.6M BOA) 5.) 0xd44 (0.42M BOA) 6.) 0xb30 (0.36M BOA) 7.) 0x53e (0.16M BOA) 8.) 0x0dF (0.1M BOA) 9.) 0xB50 (40K BOA) 10.) 0x2E6 (40K BOA) 3️⃣20 people among the applicants, who have BOA in their Mainnet wallet on the day of the snapshot, $50 BOA/ each of the winner 1.) 0x97C 2.) 0xA80 3.) 0x6fb 4.) 0x594 5.) 0xf26 6.) 0xD0f 7....

BOSagora launches its own NFT marketplace, ‘BOASpace’ which based on Agora mainnet.

BOSagora, 아고라 메인넷 기반 자체 NFT 마켓플레이스 ‘BOASpace’ 출시 BOSagora launches its own NFT marketplace, ‘BOASpace’ which based on Agora mainnet. Good days BOSagorians, The door to BOASpace, our NFT marketplace based on the BOSagora mainnet has opened! Birth of BOASpace “BOASpace”, an NFT Marketplace to expand the BOSagora ecosystem and strengthen infrastructure. Also it aims to provide NFT holders with more benefits and convenience while trading. BOASpace, as the dedicated NFT Marketplace for the Agora mainnet, will be able to issue and trade NFTs issued by all dapps in the BOSagora ecosystem in the future. BOASpace update schedule A step towards implementing the DAO platform With the launch of the mainnet, BOSagora aims to become a trustworthy DAO platform that is faithful to the blockchain spirit and philosophy pursued from the beginning of the project. In order for the DAO platform to be activated, various convenient functions are required so that projects can freely build and operate their own projects by using the platform. In particular, the NFT Marketplace is indispensable. It is because the NFTs can be used in multiple roles in the construction and operation of blockchain project businesses. Launching ‘BOASpace’, an NFT marketplace based on the BOSagora mainnet is expected to promote NFT while ultimately contributing to the BOSagora DAO. We appreciate BOSagorians have be...

Development for Agora MainNet PoS

Monthly Report November 2022 The development team completed the launch of the Agora mainnet by adding a POS chain. Visit the new website at to see all the latest news and updates. Tests were also successfully conducted on a test network where the switch to POS from POA was simulated. Many tools and resources are listed here: Document, Github,,,,,,,,,,, Home Page, BOSagora Testnet RPC —, Agora Staking —, Agora-cl explorer —, BOA Scan —, BOSagora Mainnet RPC —, Agora Staking —, Agora-cl explorer —, BOA Scan —, In addition, work has also been started on several new projects to support the Agora mainnet, for example BOASPACE, which is a platform to collect, view and trade NFTs. — Marketing - The BOSagora team had a fruitful with our marketing announcements last month. — BOSagora has completed the development of the Agora mainnet and started the node operation application. — On November 17th, BOSagora announced the completion of Agora Mainnet development, and started calling for validators to build up Agora Mainnet. As a “Everyda...

BOSagora, partners with Lightning Beans, a Blockchain Game Developer

BOSagora, 블록체인 게임 개발사 라이트닝빈즈와 파트너십 체결 After finishing the development of the mainnet and vitalizing the ecosystem through network onboarding project expansion, BOSagora agrees to a partnership with Lightning Beans, a blockchain game developer with excellent development capabilities. Lightning Beans, a blockchain content developer Lightning Beans, a company founded by senior developers from large domestic game companies with 20 years of business experience, is a promising blockchain content developer with skills and long-term industry know-how. With a broad understanding of blockchain technology and tokens, we are building various business models. Currently, they are developing multiple blockchain contents such as ‘Robot Taekwon V Space War’, a node-type P2E range, and horse racing ‘Lucky Sprinter’. Robot Taekwon V ‘Robot Taekwon V’ the first giant robot animation of Korean, and it was first released in July 1976. It is a robot animation that opened the era of Korean theatrical animation as a work with a level of recognition that anyone can recognize when it comes to giant robots in Korea. For children who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, Robot Taekwon V was a dream, hope, and memory. It shows the fact that Taekwondo was famous all over the world at that time from this animation. At the same time, the “World Taekwondo Championship” and the “Asia Taekwondo Champions...

BOSagora has completed the development of the Agora mainnet and started the node operation…

BOSagora has completed the development of the Agora mainnet and started the node operation application - BOSagora, 아고라 메인넷 개발 완료 및 노드 운영자 모집 안내 Good day BOSagoraians We are pleased to announce that the development of the Agora mainnet of BOSagora has been completed today. As a “Everyday Blockchain Platform” dedicated to connecting real life, BOSagora Network will establish an X2E (X to Earn) ecosystem related to real life, providing diversified Dapp, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, M2E, P2E, etc., and offer reward point for specific activities. So, let’s check out the technical and environmental advantages of Agora Mainnet developed by BOSagora team, what the conditions are for participating as a node operator, and how the differentiated network ecosystem of BOSagora is going to be implemented. The consensus algorithm chosen by Agora mainnet To make sure BOSagora network to survive as a blockchain under the deepening competition situation, it is a ground task to launch a highly versatile network in a short period of time. For this reason, we decided to use a proven consensus algorithm that can support a large number of validators. It already has use cases that have been active for many developers and users. Gasper BOSagora now uses an algorithm known as Gasper. Gasper is a combination of Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (Casper-FFG) and the LMD-GHOST fork choice algorithm. Gasper is an...

Development for BOSagora’s Agora MainNet PoS

Monthly Report October 2022 The development team has been busy with final software changes and documentation for the Agora Mainnet releases to add a Proof of Stake consensus layer to the existing Agora BizNet Proof of Authority chain. See here for more details: Taken from the public project plan: Taken from insights of public projects in — Marketing - The BOSagora team had a fruitful with our marketing announcements last month. BOSagora’s the last week’s journey to the development of the blockchain industry and expansion of the business ecosystem Don Tapscott, an advisor of BOSagora project and Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), visited Korea on the 16th. During his visit, he shared insights for the future and development of the Korean blockchain industry by having meetings with various government agencies, local governments, and companies, and giving a keynote speech at the Korea Herald-hosted BizForum. At the Biz Forum, Don Tapscott gave a lecture on the current status of the global blockchain industry and major ecosystems and projects that will lead the industry in the future. In particular, we proudly listed our BOSagora among several platforms that shared insights on Web 3.0, which is currently attracting the most attention, and was selected as a promising platform. In-Hwan Kim, Chairman of the BOSagora Foundation, also participated as a speaker and m...

BOSagora’s new real-life use case, Finpl NFT sale, is officially starting

BOSagora의 새로운 리얼라이프 유스케이스, 핀플 NFT 판매 개시 BOSagora, pursues an innovates real life through its Real-Life Blockchain Platfrom. After the successful sale of FM_US-NFT, which is linked to stocks by Crowdy, a crowdfunding company. One of the ecosystem partners Finplus Global releases their ‘Finpl NFT’ related to profitable real asset on November 7. Finpl NFT is a BizNet-based NFT issued by Korean real asset company Finplus Global. (More detail about the MOU between BOSagora & Finplus) The Finpl NFT allows more people to easily access real asset with small amounts and get compensation safely without risk. The sales will be available on the Finpl NFT official website from November 7th.Finpl NFT How will Finpl NFT fit into our Real Life? Finplus Global explains as follows. First, you can easily own a profitable property for a small amount of money. It is because the Finplus maximizes real asset income based on the experience accumulated through the “Online Register Platform”. Therefore, NFT holders can own it with a small amount and expect stable monthly profits as well as capital gains when selling the building. Second, it can eliminate the hassle of owning real asset while generating profits. Real asset owners often feel tired of incidental tasks such as tax management and payment, building defects and maintenance, monthly rent management, insurance contracts, and other fees. Fi...

BOSagora, agrees partnership with NFTGo, a domestic operator of Byterum Korea

BOSagora, NFTGo 국내 운영사 바이테럼코리아와 파트너십 체결 BOSagora has signed a partnership with Byterum Korea, which holds the right to use IPs of works by world-class artists to publish NFTs using various and scarce IPs in the NFT marketplace, which will be released this year. NFTGo, a global leading platform in the NFT market Byterum Korea is a domestic operator of NFTGo, an NFT data aggregation platform. NFTGo strives to lower the barriers to entry and increase accessibility for users in accessing the NFT marketplace by providing data so that all users can analyze and trade NFT market data. Currently, more than 1,000,000 users from domestically and abroad are using it. In recognition of the technology and potential of NFTGo in the continuously expanding NFT market, they have raised $6.75 million in Pre-Series A round investments from Qiming Venture Partners, SeaX Fund, Youbi Capital, Circle, Altonomy, Zonff Partners, Hash Global and Mask Network. Recently, Rudolf Budja Gallery introduced pioneers of pop art, such as Marilyn Monroe’s silkscreen portrait created by Andy Warhol were presented in the form of NFT at the NFT Auction, a side event of BWB 2022 in Busan, South Korea. Moreover, Byterum Korea is issuing NFTs using IP rights for works of famous world-class artists. The main contents of the agreement with Byterum Korea are as follows. Key agreements 1. BOSagora provides a blockchain network a...

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