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BitMart Token  


BMX Price:
$1.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$54.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BMX today is $0.33 USD.

The lowest BMX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.334, and the current live price for one BMX coin is $0.33363.

The all-time high BMX coin price was $0.43.

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The code for BitMart Token crypto currency is #BMX.

BitMart Token is 5.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for BitMart Token is $54,354,287.

BitMart Token is ranking downwards to #437 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #BMX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BitMart Token is $1,337,432.


The circulating supply of BMX is 162,916,910 coins, which is 22% of the maximum coin supply.


BMX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


BMX has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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BitMart Launches “Vote to Earn NFT Round Two” with Exclusive Pre-Sale and Marketplace Release

BitMart, the global cryptocurrency exchange, is thrilled to announce the exciting launch of its “Vote to Earn II” NFT. After the remarkable success of its inaugural Vote to Earn NFT, BitMart is again offering its community the unique opportunity to actively vote on potential projects to be listed on BitMart and earn coveted airdrops from projects that reach the voting threshold and are successfully listed on BitMart. In the second installment, ‘Vote to Earn II’ NFT holders are empowered to exercise their voting rights, influencing the listing of projects in the forthcoming season on BitMart. This unique opportunity not only grants NFT holders a voice in determining the tokens available on the platform but also offers them exclusive access to project tokens or stablecoin airdrops for their active participation. In a world increasingly fascinated by non-fungible tokens, BitMart is leading the charge in democratizing the exchange’s offerings through NFT ownership. With Vote to Earn II, BitMart continues its commitment to empowering its users to further shape the ecosystem and support project they believe in. — Exclusive Pre-Sale for Version 1 Holders (9/20–9/23):. — From September 20th to September 23rd, BitMart will open an exclusive pre-sale for Version 1 holders to purchase the Vote to Earn II NFT. This pre-sale will be hosted on the IEO launchpad, with a limited total supply of 500 pieces of unique N...

BitMart Listed CRE, Crypto Real Estate’s Native Token

BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, launched the primary listing of Crypto Real Estate (CRE) on Sep 14, 2023. The CRE/USDT trading pair became available for trading at 2:00 PM UTC on the same day. Founded in November 2022, Crypto Real Estate LLC (CRE) is a blockchain-based real estate company that aims to connect the real estate industry with cryptocurrencies. Crypto Real Estate is a project designed to combine the volatility of cryptocurrencies with the stability of real estate, where investors with a desire for both profit and impact can have an opportunity to become a part of something greater. The company has found that the safest investment in the real world is real estate, so they created an application in which real estate is traded using cryptocurrencies, as well as listing services related to the real estate industry with a direct impact on the CRE smart token and benefits for their token holders. The company will also establish and own a hotel that contains many services and is designed with inspirations and decorations selected from cryptocurrencies. This property will also provide services in exchange for payment in cryptocurrencies, such as booking rooms and space for events or crypto companies for business meetings, with the first branch to be in Dubai, as one of the most important economic cities in the world, later expanding to the rest of the world. On top of all that, the hotel will al...

“Transcending Geographical Boundaries, Harnessing the Power of Web 3.0”

“Transcending Geographical Boundaries, Harnessing the Power of Web 3.0” — Highlights from the Meta Era Summit - On September 12, 2023, the Meta Era Summit was successfully inaugurated and concluded in Singapore. This summit was hosted by the blockchain media, Meta Era, with top sponsorship from BitMart, CertiK, iPollo, and Web3 Lab. Co-hosts for the event included Fenbushi Capital, G-Rocket, Cipholio Ventures, Huawei Cloud, and ND Labs. The core theme of the Meta Era Summit was “Innovation and Integration in the Metaverse and Web 3.0 Industries”. The event boasted an impressive lineup of nearly a hundred top global industry leaders and influential figures as guest speakers. They joined a gathering of a thousand industry entrepreneurs, investors, developers, academics, media personnel, and others. Together, they delved into the latest industry trends, application prospects, and investment opportunities, providing a comprehensive platform for proactive industry contributors to aggregate information and resources. — Exploring the Innovation and Growth of the Web 3.0 Industry - The Meta Era Summit featured a diverse range of presentation topics. Guest speakers discussed a myriad of subjects, including cryptocurrency assets and the new financial system, media transformations in Web 3.0, Hong Kong’s strategic positioning in the global Web 3.0 industry, opportunities in the Metaverse sector of the Web 3.0 era...

TOKEN2049 Singapore Highlights: BitMart and VP of BD Shine in Side Events

TOKEN2049 in Singapore was an exciting whirlwind of insights, connections, and enthusiasm. BitMart was delighted to be part of this dynamic event and actively contributed to various side events and discussions. (Join the BitMart event discussion group on Telegram so you won’t miss any updates and exciting events!) As the title sponsor of the Meta Era Summit, one of TOKEN2049’s standout side events taking place on September 12, BitMart made a significant impact. Our VP of Business Development, Victoria, delivered an insightful presentation titled “Crypto Assets and the New Financial System.” In her address, Victoria highlighted the unique features of the Metaverse compared to the traditional Internet, emphasizing its creative prowess and integration of cutting-edge technologies. She also expressed her strong belief in the growing importance of digital assets in shaping our future. Notably, many Web3 innovators are working diligently to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, solidifying the industry’s evolution. Victoria further showcased her expertise by moderating a panel discussion during the Meta Era Summit. The panel delved into critical topics such as distinguishing traditional venture capital models from emerging Web 3.0 paradigms, emphasizing the significance of technical knowledge and blockchain expertise in Web 3.0 VC decision-making. Attendees unanimously agreed on the need for Web 3.0 VCs to collabora...

BitMart Seoul Blockchain Future Night: A Resounding Success as a Side Event of Korea Blockchain…

BitMart Seoul Blockchain Future Night: A Resounding Success as a Side Event of Korea Blockchain Week 2023 - Seoul, South Korea — The KBW side event “BitMart Seoul Blockchain Future Night” was held on September 6th, 2023. It has been hailed as a monumental success, marking BitMart’s first offline event in South Korea. Under the theme “Connect, Learn and Explore”, attendees converged to collaboratively delve into the vast potential of blockchain technology. The event provided a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in both the global and South Korean blockchain industry. As a highlight of the Korea Blockchain Week 2023, the event attracted an impressive crowd of over 800 participants, including close to 100 renowned institutions and projects, as well as approximately 250 noted KOLs. The evening was filled with exhilarating activities, raffles, and attendees walked away with surprising gifts. “BitMart Seoul Blockchain Future Night” not only served as a platform for networking, but also for industry experts and investors to share innovative developments and forward-thinking perspectives in the blockchain ecosystem. During the event, BitMart provided attendees with insights into its brand philosophy and shared the latest updates. The success of the event was made possible thanks to the co-hosts, PEGO Network and Coresky. Additionally, the event received generous sponsorship from Fenbushi Capital, Ciphol...

Get Ready for Hibiki Run (HUT) Flash Sale: Your Pass to an Exciting Event on BitMart Launchpad!

Dear BitMart Users, Exciting news alert! BitMart is about to unveil something truly special — the Hibiki Run (HUT) 72-hour Flash Sale, kicking off on September 18, 2023. This is your chance to dive into a world where music meets digital collectibles, all thanks to BitMart Launchpad. — Explore a New Way with Hibiki Run - Experience Hibiki Run: the innovative nexus of music streaming and digital collectibles. It is a revolutionizing music discovery by melding gaming thrills with crypto-driven ‘L2E (Listen-to-Earn)’ incentives. Play-to-Collect (P2C) Users will be given a Hibiki Run headphones gachapon to begin their journey. The gachapon contains a pair of base headphones of “Dope” rarity to kick start their music runner experience. Once remixed with Omamori to upgrade to a higher rarity, such base headphones will be able to mint new headphones, be traded in the marketplace, and be withdrawable to blockchain wallets. Players will be able to play raffles to collect game assets such as headphones, pouches and partner projects’ NFTs along the P2C journey. — Vesting Schedule - TGESept 21,202350%Two MonthNov 21,202325%Four MonthJan 21,202425% — Get Your Tokens Step by Step - FIRST PART (50%) of tokens will be given after the Subscription, which starts on September 21, 2023. For example, if you’ve got 100 HUT tokens, you’ll receive 50 HUT on Sep 21., SECOND PART (25%) of tokens will be given ...

Meta Era Summit Unveils Official Agenda: Three Key Highlights Set to Make Waves!

Spearheaded by blockchain giant Meta Era and co-headlined by industry leaders BitMart, CertiK, iPollo, and Web3 Lab — with the robust support of Fenbushi Capital, G-Rocket, Cipholio Ventures, Huawei Cloud, and ND Labs — the much-anticipated agenda for the Meta Era Summit 2023 is out! With a vast global canvas painted with the shades of Web3, Meta Era Summit is set to be a hallmark event. Attendees will be immersed in diverse Web3 topics, touching on the transformative role of blockchain in global sustainable development, the evolving landscape of Web3 infrastructure, opportunities in the Web3-era metaverse, Asia’s strategic embrace of Web3’s digital wave, Hong Kong’s global Web3 positioning, and the cascading effects of VC strategies on the Web3 sector’s trajectory, etc. The summit is also teeming with industry-altering announcements. In an alliance that’s set to redefine the digital landscape, Huawei Cloud and metaverse luminary iPollo are joining forces to introduce the Web3 Infrastructure Alliance. On another front, security trailblazer CertiK is orchestrating a high-impact roundtable themed “Elevating Web3 User Security”, which will be coupled with the unveiling of their visionary initiatives aimed at accelerating the ascent of Web3 technology and the metaverse ecosystem across Asia and the globe. Hong Kong’s leading Web3 media powerhouse, Meta Era, is on the cusp of a significant strategic ann...

BitMart to Host “Seoul Blockchain Future Night” Amid Korea Blockchain Week

BitMart, a premier global digital assets trading platform, is excited to announce its inaugural event in Seoul — BitMart Seoul Blockchain Future Night. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th. This exclusive event aims to highlight the latest trends in the South Korean and global blockchain industry and will be held at People the Terrace in Seoul, South Korea. Themed “Connect, Learn and Explore” the evening promises an enriching experience for all attendees. As BitMart’s first offline event in Korea, it aims to offer a deep dive into the state of market development in South Korea. Participants will gain insights into BitMart’s brand philosophy and explore emerging trends in the global and South Korean blockchain sectors. They will also have opportunities to network with noted Korean KOLs, pioneering blockchain projects, and professional institutions. The event will bring together industry experts and enthusiasts to share innovative developments and forward-thinking perspectives in the blockchain ecosystem, and is expected to become a benchmark event during the Korean Blockchain Week. Co-hosting this landmark event are PEGO Network and Coresky, with TokenPost as the Chief Media Partner. A roster of renowned sponsors such as Fenbushi Capital, Cipholio Ventures, KaratDAO, Conflux Network, BNBTiger, Meta Era, iPollo, PSE Trading, Staynex, GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform and SynFutures are supporting this initi...

BitMart Continues “Vote to Earn” with Second Season and NFT Innovation

BitMart is thrilled to announce the launch of the second season of its acclaimed “Vote to Earn” program on September 20, 2023. After the triumphant debut of the inaugural season, this upcoming phase is set to deliver even more engagement and innovation, reaffirming BitMart’s dedication to involving users in shaping the exchange’s evolution. BitMart introduced its pioneering “Vote to Earn” NFT program last September on its NFT marketplace, offering “Vote to Earn” NFT holders the opportunity to actively vote on potential exchange listings on BitMart. Voters are rewarded with an airdrop of the project’s tokens after its listing on BitMart. Since the launch, BitMart has empowered users with its influential “Vote to Earn” program, reshaping the crypto landscape. Buoyed by the first season’s triumph, BitMart extends this initiative, enhancing user experiences and nurturing community ownership. Mark Your Calendar for BitMart “Vote to Earn” II: September 20, 2023: “Vote to Earn” II NFT launchpad sale kicks off, with exclusive early access for old “Vote to Earn” NFT holders. Snapshots of “Vote to Earn” NFT holdings will be taken from September 18 to 19., September 20, 2023: Secondary market trading for old “Vote to Earn” NFTs will be temporarily suspended. These NFTs can’t be used for second-season voting., September 25, 2023: Get ready for the opening of the “Vote to Earn” II NFT se...

BitMart Listed MEGODS, MemeGods’ Native Token

BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, announced the listing of Memegods (MEGODS) on Aug 23, 2023. The MEGODS/USDT trading pair is available for trading at 3:00 PM UTC on Aug 24, 2023. MEGODS is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize the world of memes and bring together creators, consumers, and investors in the vibrant and innovative MemeGods ecosystem. It serves as the native digital currency within the MeGods platform. It can be used to purchase NFT items such as rare gear, accessories, companions, and status items to enhance your NFTs ecosystem benefits. Additionally, the token can be utilized to participate in special events, access exclusive features, and trade with other players in the MemeGods marketplace. MeGods Token provides an innovative and decentralized approach to NFT utility, allowing investors to collect NFTs with utility while also leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology and digital currencies. MeGods Token aims to empower meme creators, provide a seamless platform for meme sharing, and incentivize community engagement through its unique features and utility. Start trading MEGODS now on BitMart: About BitMart BitMart is the premier global digital asset trading platform. With millions of users worldwide and ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinGecko, it currently offers 1,000+ trading pairs with competitive trading fees. Constantly evolvin...

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