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BLURT Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$890.7 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BLURT today is $0.00228 USD.

The lowest BLURT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00228, and the current live price for one BLURT coin is $0.00227918.

The all-time high BLURT coin price was $17.38.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BLURT with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Blurt crypto currency is also #BLURT.

Blurt is 3.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Blurt is $890,686.

Blurt is ranking downwards to #1537 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #BLURT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Blurt is $1.00.


The circulating supply of BLURT is 390,793,137 coins, which is 86% of the total coin supply.


BLURT is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


BLURT has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #BLURT trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #BLURT purchase.



How to use any NPM module with Browserify in the browser |

Hi everyone, while working on something came across some issues where the code reference available did not work as we can not import npm modules directly on the web. There are CDN versions but not everything it supports. So, what can be done?NPM modules are built mostly for node.js system and may not work directly in the browser because of different dependencies used within any module. In that case, it becomes difficult to use that script. So, here is a better way to use any NPM module in the web without worrying for any dependencies. — Using Npm Module with Browserify - So, after looking for a way I found the way to do that. The idea behind this approach is to create a project with NPM that will give us a package.json for installing npm packages, add all dependencies whatever you want like Buffer, assign them to the window object that will be used to call the modules in the web script, generate a JS bundle to be exported later, serve locally in the same folder or via CDN as per your ease and requirement, Now, you have the idea. Let’s see how to do this. — Steps to make a JS bundle with Browserify NPM - — 1. Install the Npm package globally - Enter the below command in your terminal npm i -g browserify — 2. Create a folder and initialize the NPM project - Create a directory and move to the directory Enter the command in the terminal mkdir example cd example npm init -y this will create a...

20 popular Types of web Hosting platforms explained in detail

Hi everyone, if you looking for creating a new website, or just a blog. You might be looking for hosting and getting confused about which hosting to go with. Read this article more to know about types of hosting, probably for your next site. I will be sharing this in the series, so it is the first one you gonna read.Type of Different Web Hosting Before starting let us discuss what is Hosting and why we need the same. — Hosting or Web Hosting - So simply saying Hosting or Web hosting or say a web hosting server, all refer to the same thing as hosting. So, Hosting is like a personal computer but someone else’s. Let’s take an example, we have a personal home computer or office computer where we install some apps like ms office or a game, which we can use as locally, but no one from far away can use. In so same way hosting is a service where someone provides his computer and connected resources for our use from far away, by the connected network. So collecting all this together, Hosting is a computer with resources like OS, a hard drive connected over a network, available for use by someone over the internet. We require hosting to install our web app and make it available to people all around the world for use. So now moving to types of Hosting. — Types of Web Hosting Services - Basically, we have two types of hosting. 1. Shared web hosting 2. Dedicated Web Hosting — Shared Web Hosting - It is a bi...

Serey Blockchain and Trading contest on Coinsbit in 2022

Serey Blockchain Contest Today we are going to discuss a crypto project that is there in competition for a long time but slowly growing in terms of users as well development. This project is a fork of a popular project Steem blockchain that was built around 2016 and had a Dapp launched. From then on many chains forked the original Steem code to create their own chains. Popular chains like Hive, Serey, and Blurt are the ones people use a lot nowadays. Of the same chains, we are going to discuss platform — Serey Introduction - Serey is a next-generation blockchain based social media platform with an ecosystem of frontier decentralized applications (dApps) of Web 3.0. Serey dApps are censorship-resistant due to their utilization of the Serey blockchain. Serey is different from the original Steem because of the different functionality and dApps they provide along with the ownership. They have various dApps like Serey Poker, Marketplace, Football, and more serving content in specific categories. The rewards are given in a ratio of 75:25 where the curators get 25% and the authors get 75% as the voting rewards. One main difference from the other platforms is the disabled ability to self-vote where the users keep voting themselves and never interact with the community. This ensures community grows with each other support. As the Serey platform is closed source, the bots can not function ensuring only whitelisted ...

8 Top Mini Games To Play Online For Free In Browser “ Tekraze

There was a time when there was a craze of mini games running with flash players in the system and they were fun to play. Games were small with a limited character or map-like racing, stunt, action, hitting, and more. The games have somewhere lost after the arrival of big games like GTA and assassins creed which provide more functions and are better. But all these games have become competitive and have lost the spirit of having just fun. So, here to bring back memories, we will list you some of the top mini games we found while surfing over the internet. So, let’s have a look at the list of top mini games to play online which we curated for you all. The mini games range from simple to advance and will keep you engaged. — 1. Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts - Teen titans go jump jousts game It is a very interesting game where you play as teen titans characters and you need to defeat another player. It is versus computer as well versus player both modes available. It is very fun gameplay as you can use different character powers to hit another opponent. On successive hits, you get a powerful hit. if you are a teen titan go fan, play this. — 2. What’s Your Loud House Halloween Costume - clown house game This is a simple quiz where you select Halloween items like clowns, candies, pumpkin faces style, and more to know what type of clown you are. You can play this quiz game with your kids and have fun at home. &mdas...

24 Top Free Graphic Design Websites For Graphic Designers In 2021 “ Tekraze

Top free graphic design websites — A list of 24 top free graphic Design websites for graphic designers and web designers - One of the most clever shortcuts I have found as a creative entrepreneur is to use freebies. Whether you’re working on a new website design or designing a package for your product, you can find high-quality resources to help you speed up the process and get things done in a professional manner. There are tons of communities sharing free graphic design resources for graphic designers such as mockups, icons, fonts, textures, photos, and much more. Let’s check out this list where one can get the best graphic design inspiration for work. — 1. Freepik - Freepik helps you to find free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD, and photos for use in websites, banners, presentations, magazines. They are currently creating hundreds of free vectors daily. — 2. Fribble - Fribble is a website for curated design freebies from the biggest online design community called Dribbble. — 3. Printasia - Printasia is an Indian printing company for you, which is so Indian that it makes true Indian designing and printing visiting cards, brochures, letterheads, flyers. Printasia comes to the customers, where they want. They can design available that suit your business; exclusive, affordable, and of high-class Indian quality and caliber. In this, you can view designs and create yourself. — 4. Graphic...

6 Ways How To Avoid A Cringey Or Embarrassing Business Name In 2021 “ Tekraze

Businesses with cringe brand names frequently get into difficulty because their brand names-which were designed to help them succeed-become a source of humiliation and disgrace. — Let's check out ways How to Avoid a Cringey or Embarrassing Business Name - Countless companies have fallen prey to the hungry jaws of failure due to a lack of understanding of the effect their brand’s name has on their products. And if you don’t want your company to suffer the same fate as Ayds diet candy, make sure you avoid these naming blunders. — 1. Avoid Names with Negative International Connotations - With the rate at which everything is becoming digital, don’t expect your brand name to be limited to its immediate surroundings. Customers all over the world are watching, and they won’t hesitate to dump your products if you make a blunder with your brand name. Want to know what Spanish customers did when they learned that ‘La Puta’ meant ‘The Whore?’ Well, they wasted no time in dumping Mazda’s Laputa. And yes, customers did something similar in Finland when they abandoned Fiat’s Uno because the Italian term for ‘One,’ ‘Uno,’ also meant ‘Fool’ in Finnish. So, before choosing a foreign brand name, make sure you’ve done your homework to ensure it won’t offend buyers from other countries. — 2. Don’t Use Names that’d Offend Customers - In today’s world, where customers are much more...

10 Tips On How To Extend The Life Of Your Laptop “ Tekraze

What we can tell you right away from experience — you shorten the life of your laptop without even realizing it. With its careful use and maintenance, it can serve you faithfully for years. Without battery, your laptop is just another desktop as it needs to be plugged in every time. If you take care of your laptop, it can last for more years.Also read this, if you are planning to buy a — These are 10 things you should avoid doing to extend the life of your laptop. - — Avoid Overheating - High temperatures are the deadly enemy of laptops. Letting it overheat will endanger sensitive components such as the processor, cooler, and battery. So avoid using laptops on soft surfaces that could block the air vents and make cooling more difficult. It is ideal to use it on a table and similar flat surfaces. If you must use the laptop in bed, make sure the air vents are free. In addition, do not leave the computer near objects that emit heat (such as radiators) or in spaces where the temperature may rise (such as a car in the sun). surrounding temperature can also affect the battery adding up to heating and damage. — Handle It Carefully - Although relatively durable, laptops are still expensive devices with a lot of sensitive electronics that need to be handled with care. They are portable but just to take away from one place to another, not like moving regularly, so better to keep it steady a...

16 Top Websites To Chat Anonymously With Random People In 2021 “ Tekraze

Chatting online has become an essential thing these days. Be it a workaholic or a loner or an individual with a simple life, and there is a part within us that wants to pass our time. So the first thing that comes to our mind is to talk, share one’s time to lighten ourselves. So what’s better than chatting online with people with whom we can talk about anything we wish. Often, people want to know about certain websites where they could have a good time and feel better. — 16 Top Websites to chat anonymously with Random People in 2021 - Here in this article, we are listing some of the great websites that would provide you a quality time while chatting to a stranger. Some of the sites described support video chat too. One most exciting features of all these websites and that is your identity would not be revealed, and that’s a good thing when you are talking to a stranger. It also allows you to use your Fb account to search for the persons whom you are looking for. There are many exciting features too provided by these websites, like one of these websites allows you to draw images, while the other lets you listen to music. You can chat with strangers about any topic you like on websites to chat online The website supports multiple languages., No registration. Chat with random strangers just by signing in using any username., This platform is a global one and connects you with people in other countries., We have op...

18 new Web Application Development Trends in 2021

From its inception onwards, the internet always remained a reason for the change. Now no one in this world is unaware of its influence in our daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly. Similarly, the impact of websites and web applications too changed the fate of the world largely. Because Starting from desktops to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, people’s way of using websites has changed largely. Web application developers now play a crucial role in the success of any business. Also adopting ways to keep in pace with the changing scenario in web development. The Latest Web Application Development Trends has changed lately from using backend vs frontend technologies with updatesLaptop Showing web Application Development We have witnessed a very fast-moving growth of the technology industry and the speed with which web applications have taken over cyberspace by storm. As of late, there is no business that can go without an effective web presence and branding to reach customers. Web applications set open the windows to an unprecedented avenue of global revenue alongside spearheading brands. — Let's discuss about new Web Application Development trends in detail - With an unprecedented surge in consumer demands, there are a lot of innovations and strategies when it comes to web development in modern times. It is not an exaggeration if you comment that web applications now rule the cyber world and dictate business doma...

Scheduling Zoom Meetings In Java using Rest API and methods

Zoom is a popular app for setting up meetings and one good feature is the scheduled meetings. So let read how to set up scheduled meetings from Java Application Using API.Source- Canva — Steps for zoom meeting setup - Signup for Zoom Account with a paid plan., Go to zoom developers and create a JWT App for your application with your details., Get and copy Zoom Api Key and Api Secret to your project., Get user id from your registered Zoom Account., Now create and add methods below (Create for creation, and get/list for getting new/existing created meetings), Note: Each Api needs authorization, so we have added a helper method in each to generate JWTToken using key and secret. — Zoom API Methods - Create Meeting method, 2. List Meetings Method 3. Get Single Meeting Method So, we have listed Methods to create and get zoom meetings from Java Application using Rest API.Note: We have used RestTemplate library for calling apis, but you can use any other similar package like okHttp too keeping the options same. — Bonus - There is no SDK as of now for JAVA, so I have created and added DTO’s (Data Transfer Objects) for handling responses. Check below all. Zoom Meetings List Response DTO for handling get meetings list API, APi = 2. Single Zoom Meeting Object DTO for handling Single Zoom Meeting DetailApi =

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