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BIP Price:
$1.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BIP today is $0.000534 USD.

The lowest BIP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000534, and the exact current price of one BIP crypto coin is $0.00053385.

The all-time high BIP coin price was $0.047.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BIP with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Minter crypto currency is #BIP.

Minter is 6.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Minter is $1,156,498.

Minter is ranked #1296, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small volume of trading today on #BIP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Minter is $1,120.


The circulating supply of BIP is 2,166,319,616 coins, which is 22% of the total coin supply.


BIP has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Fortune Unicorn Club (FUC), the First DIY-Mint Method NFT Project, Has W...

    PRESS RELEASE. ForChain Labs was founded in April 2022 as a web 3 startup company. Meanwhile, the NFT project, Fortune Unicorn Club, was being developed. ForChain Labs has raised 2 million funds in its seed round and will use the funds to develop and operate Fortune Unicorn Club (FUC), the first NFT project to utilize DIY-minting. As reported, ForChain Labs currently manages investments in four major segments: industrial, technology, finance, and web 2, with 198 portfolio companies and $9.3 billion in assets. As a result, the venture capital sector is actively exploring opportunities in the Web 3 market, and ForChain Labs has become one of the VC's first companies to be backed by a Web 3 company. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot disclose more information about the venture capital firm at this time. Fortune Unicorn Club (FUC) allows people to select traits during their mint. It offers 500+ high-quality 3D traits for people to assemble their FUC avatar, so the minter is the one to decide what the metadata is and the one to decide what each unique FUC avatar looks like. Thus, the NFT collection is generated by pure human aesthetics rather than generated by a cold random program or AI. ForChain Labs hopes people can put their personalities and stories into each FUC avatar using the DIY-mint method. In addition, it lets each FUC avatar carry an additional sentiment value, making the FUC collection more meaningful. Furthermore, FUC has built its Create-to-Earn system. M... read More

How a Trezor Wallet Passphrase Taking a Lifetime to Brute Force Was Crac...

    Have you lost the passphrase for an hardware wallet and looking how to recover your coins? Here is how the KeychainX recovery experts have done just that for a client. This is a trusted service provider that specializes in recovering lost crypto wallets and they can even recover funds from broken hardware drives, phones or Trezor/Ledger wallets. Recovering a Trezor Wallet Passphrase A TREZOR hardware wallet is a security device that protects the user from key loggers and phishing e-mail, keeping the user's Bitcoin and crypto safe. Various hacking groups could open the device by mitigating side-channel attacks; however, the method was only possible because 'a passphrase was not used'. When making a transaction, the user only enters a PIN and therefore protects the private key of the Bitcoin. The only backup is a 12/24-word mnemonic that determines which addresses are stored on the device. Recently, a client asked the KeyChainX team to brute force their TREZOR wallet as the client had forgotten the passphrase, commonly known as the 25th word. The passphrase was designed to ensure funds are safe if a user loses their TREZOR and someone gets hold of their 24-word mnemonic. The passphrase can be a word, a number, or a string of random characters. The idea behind it is to deceive the thief into believing that once he opens someone's TREZOR or recovers it with the 24 words, he will only find a 'fake' or low-value amount of BTC. This specific client had 10 USD worth of Bitcoin stored... read More

Lightning Labs Introduces Taproot, Musig2 in Beta Version of Lightning N...

    Lightning Labs has announced the release of the beta version of the Lightning Network Daemon (lnd). The firm has revealed incorporating several improvements in the new - v0.15-beta. The main idea is to offer developers and users access to the 'latest and greatest' Bitcoin protocol upgrades that include Taproot and Musig2. Taproot and Experimental Musig2 According to the official blog post, Lightning Labs' product growth lead Michael Levin announced that more than 50 contributors participated in launching the firm's first release in 2022. 'Since 0.14, we've made immense progress to better meet the needs of our developer community. We're excited to deliver this technology to our builder community around the world to see what amazing use cases they can bring to users.' Its latest release will give complete Taproot support for the internal lnd wallet, which will be able to generate P2TR addresses for receiving and sending via bech32m. Support for an experimental Musig2 API compliant with the latest BIP draft has also been added in v0.15-beta. Taproot was activated in November 2021 after receiving 90% consensus. Prior to the upgrade, Bitcoin used the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to generate keys and verify transactions. The Taproot soft fork aimed to make Bitcoin more private, secure, and scalable. It brought Schnorr Signatures to reduce network burdens and made it possible to conduct multi-signature multi-input transactions (UTXI) a lot easier, faster, and c... read More

Polygon (MATIC) Price Falls Short Of Reaching Full Potential Despite Rec...

    The recent trend for Polygon (MATIC) has followed a negative pattern, raising more concern within the industry. Within the midst of the 2022 extended cryptocurrency market correction, MATIC has a consistent bearish overview. From its value of $2.92 on December 27, 2021, the token has fallen by over 60%. Volatility remains one of the significant characteristics of cryptocurrency that has generated mixed opinions within the virtual space. It creates the basis on which the profitability of the assets stands. Also, it could form the foundation for the collapse of a previously growing project despite its record. With the overturn of activities, the Polygon network would depend on new motivating development to revive its downtrend. So, it has launched its NFT Minter new version that allows users to create NFTs using customizable functionalities. Also, this NFT execution comes with no gas fees for all customers. The network-integrated several functionalities within the Minter, such as using ERC-1155 and ERC-721 standards, regular NFTs, and Soulbound. Also, Polygon's team is concluding its plan for the release of a wholesome minting API. More people regard the option of mining with gas fees to be very appealing both for intending users and existing coin holders. The evidence comes with the increased investment in MATIC from ETH wallet holders. The Polygon network has experienced an increase in its customer base through the elaborate gaming and NFT adoption. It recorded up to 45.5 inc... read More

Litecoin Activates MimbleWimble Extension Blocks (MWEB)

    Litecoin has finally announced the activation of Mimblewimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) more than two years after it was first introduced. On May 2nd, Litecoin achieved the 75% network consensus threshold required for activation after months of dialogue with different miners of the network. Following this, MWEB officially locked in for activation at block height 2257920. Mimblewimble's Integration Into Litecoin A privacy-focused decentralized protocol that gets its name from a tongue-tying spell made famous in the Harry Potter book series, MimbleWimble enables users to conceal transaction data with its confidentiality feature while providing a foundation for other blockchains to improve the usability of their token. With Mimblewimble Extension Block, users of the network can opt-in to confidential transactions. The end goal is to enhance the viability of Litecoin as a fungible currency that can be used for real-world transactions by lowering fees and adding privacy, throughput, and scalability. David Burkett, a Mimblewimble expert, and developer of Grin ++, was tasked with leading the development of the MimbleWimble protocol for Litecoin. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee commented: 'In terms of fungibility and privacy, I believe MWEB gets you 90% there. For most people, that’s good enough. It’s the difference between living in a glass house vs living in a house with windows. For people who need 100% privacy, they can live in a house with no windows.' MWEB Implementation... read More

Cash App Introduces Paid in Bitcoin, BTC Roundup and Lightning Network S...

    At the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, Block, Inc., formerly Square, Inc., announced three new bitcoin services for the company's mobile payment platform. The mobile payment platform Cash App will feature a 'paid in bitcoin' service that allows users to auto-invest their work pay into bitcoin.Cash App Adds 3 New Bitcoin Services Jack Dorsey's Block announced in Miami that the Cash App mobile payment system will offer three new features. The San Francisco company explained that the first feature will be a 'paid in bitcoin' service that allows people to convert their pay into bitcoin (BTC). Cash App users will be able to convert 1% or up to 100% of their payroll into the leading crypto asset. The Block, which also manages Spiral, TIDAL, and TBD, explained at the conference that the team has been working on the idea since 2019. The next service the company revealed was a bitcoin round-up service which basically allows Cash App users to round up spare change from purchases into bitcoin (BTC). Essentially, the user's Cash App card transactions will round up the purchases and automatically transfer the change to the user's BTC wallet. Block is not the first firm to introduce paid in bitcoin services or BTC round-up services, as the concepts have been around for quite some time. For instance, people can leverage Coinbase or Bitwage to be paid in crypto as well, and Bundil and Roundlyx offer BTC round-up products. The third feature Cash App announced at the Miami bitcoin conference... read More

Next Earth and CodeCluster Support Metaverse Growth With CCTF Sponsorshi...

    The term 'hacking' might conjure up images of shadowy figures typing away in darkened rooms, but the truth is that hacking can be a force for good. As part of their ongoing efforts, CodeCluster and Next Earth will be sponsoring CCTF – the largest hacker competition for crypto and blockchain hackers. This year's event will take place in May, but players can apply until April 7th. Crypto CTF is more than just a competition – it's also an educational event, teaching through hacking. The challenges are designed to be realistic, and cover topics that cryptographers, auditors, pentesters and security engineers face on a daily basis, including hacking challenges related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Polkadot. The sponsor Next Earth is the third-largest metaverse project, with more than 30,000 virtual landowners, 180,000+ registered users, and 2,500+ transactions. The platform was created to become a self-sustaining, self-regulated not-for-profit supporting environmental causes on Earth, and has donated $1 million to environmental initiatives since launch in Q4 2021. CodeCluster is a culture-first web and app development shop. The vision for Crypto CTF was conceived at the beginning of 2019 by Six, and the first round was played during the BsidesBUD information security conference. Since then, each event has seen an increased number of participants and sponsors. Teaching Through Hacking As Next Earth aims to lead the metaverse charge with their innovative platform, they ... read More

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