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BIFI Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BIFI today is $38.35 USD.

The lowest BIFI price for this period was $0, the highest was $38.35, and the exact current price of one BIFI crypto coin is $38.34985.

The all-time high BIFI coin price was $4,466.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BIFI with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Beefy.Finance crypto currency is #BIFI.

Beefy.Finance is 3.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Beefy.Finance is $3,067,987.

Beefy.Finance is ranked #826 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #BIFI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Beefy.Finance is $403.


The circulating supply of BIFI is 80,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Beefy.Finance is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


BIFI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


BIFI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #BIFI, and you can view them on our BIFI disambiguation page.



Moonpot x Beefy Finance

The win-win savingy game on Binance Smart Chain. — It’s been a long time in the making, and we are now pleased to announce the aunch of, powered by Beefy Finance. Moonpot was built by Beefy devs, with the support of new partners and new team members. As with everything we do at Beefy, the safety of your funds is our number one priority. And Moonpot has been built with this in mind. The code was already audited by Certik, and we will be launching an Immunefi bug bounty specifically for Moonpot soon. We’ve been live for a few weeks now, and the current TVL has already reached $30,000,000. — What is Moonpot? - Moonpot is a win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain that rewards everyone who takes part. Deposit crypto in one of the savings pots and you are automatically entered into a weekly lottery. Moonpot prizes are already worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (paid in crypto). Your deposit acts as your entry ticket, but is never at risk. Even if you don’t win the Moonpot lottery, your deposit will always get bigger thanks to the interest paid on your assets. Think of Moonpot as a crypto savings account that also enters you into a regular big-money lottery. — How do I play? - The first CAKE Moonpot game went live on Monday July 19. There is a CAKE prize, and CAKE interest. Currently you can also win $POT tokens from the CAKE Moonpot, with a prize value of $274.00. To play the Moonpot ...

What is wrapped bitcoin?

WBTC — renBTC | What are their differences?. — Did you know that “pure” BTC only exists on the Bitcoin blockchain? Yeah, that token that you exchange in 1inch is not the real BTC, but don’t be scared. It is as valuable as the real one… There are many ways to have a version of BTC on other blockchains (including the seven chains that Beefy Finance supports: Arbitrum, Harmony, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche and HECO). We are going to explain two of those techniques in this article. WBTC, and renBTC. — WBTC. — The first is WBTC (or wrapped BTC). WBTC is an erc-20 token backed 1:1 by BTC. In order to mint WBTC, an authorized merchant needs to send BTC to the BTC custodian, and after he receives the BTC, the custodian mints WBTC in exchange. The same process can be reverted burning 1 WBTC to receive 1 BTC in exchange. This process is only available to a selected group of Merchants. There is a different approach to this, since the custodian holding all the BTC is not much… decentralized… Here comes renBTC. — renBTC. — renBTC is a decentralized approach to having BTC on other blockchains. It’s a protocol that decentralizes custody and makes the process of minting and burning available to everyone (not only selected merchants). — Why do we need wrapped BTC? - Both WBTC and renBTC allow BTC holders to access DeFi products, like borrowing stablecoins agains...

Beefy’s Coveted Advantages Revealed

How we attract coding and creative talent. — “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage.” — Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO, General Electric In any activity, there are some advantages that have to do with resources and some that have to do with the absence of them. That underdogs often come out on top is because the latter has “unseen advantages” against the former. At Beefy.Finance, we don’t consider ourselves underdogs… And we generally prefer to let what we build do the talking… However, a core component of our vision for the future is attracting and incentivizing the best coding and creative talent on the planet to join our community. Through our unique reward system, our developers receive a percentage of Beefy.Finance’s revenue from the vaults they build for Beefy. Because this exists, we have grown an enormous development team quickly — an army of smart contract developers who are ready to create new vaults almost the same day as we finish our due diligence. The migration from TradFi to DeFi is a marathon rather than a sprint, but it serves the market to be able to act quickly when we need to. The marathon means having safety as our number one priority. The sprint is sustainably spinning up new vaults. Code — and the talent that writes it — is the ultimate force multiplier in...

Beefy x ONTO AMA and Giveaway

We’ve been invited to an AMA at the ONTO Wallet Telegram channel, and we are doing a small BIFI giveaway to both communities. The giveaway details are below, but first let us introduce ONTO. — What is ONTO Wallet? - ONTO is a decentralized, cross-chain wallet, allowing users to securely manage their identities, data, and digital assets. ONTO users can manage their crypto assets (including NFTs), perform cross-chain swaps, keep up-to-date with the latest industry latest developments and events via the ONTO news feed, and enjoy access to a variety of dApps, including Beefy.Finance. With ONTO Wallet, users can create an ONT ID, a decentralized digital identity that fully protects their private data through an encryption algorithm and enables one-click multi-chain wallet address creation and management. Users worldwide can download ONTO Wallet now via or their mobile app store. You can also install ONTO Web Wallet for Google Chrome on desktop. — Full AMA Details - 6 July —13:00pm UTC on the ONTO Wallet Telegram. Onto will be rewarding people that suggest good questions to them on Twitter, with some BIFI too. — Giveaway Rules - Complete as much tasks as you can on Gleam to have more chances to win! Mandatory Retweet the competition tweet (2 points), Follow @beefyfinance on Twitter (2 points), Follow @ONTOWallet on Twitter (1 point), Join the ONTO Wallet Telegram channel (5 points), There ar...

Beefy x Sushi AMA — Recap

Beefy x Sushi AMA — Recap - SushiSwap’s Omakase dropped by’s Telegram group for an Ask Me Anything session with Beefy’s community. A huge thanks goes out to Omakase for taking the time to answer questions and giving a chance to our cowmoonity to get such thorough and in-depth answers as well as insight. Through the duration of the AMA five participants from the live audience got a chance to win $20. Moreover, users from Twitter that had recommended questions for the AMA also got a change to win from a pot of $500 in $SUSHI rewards provided as rewards for the BeefSushi competition. If you’d like to keep up to date with upcoming AMAs and competitions make sure to follow Beefy’s official account on Twitter and join’s official communitu group on Telegram. — SushiSwap AMA 28.06.2021 - — Omakase: - Hi everyone, glad to be here and answer any questions you all might have about Sushi. Also will be answering to your questions posted on Twitter afterwards as well. — Moon Cow: - Welcome Omakase. Yup, I have a few questions, and then will share some that the cowmoonity asked on Twitter and Discord too. Can you introduce your self a bit, and what your role is at Sushi. And let us know what Omakase is… looks delicious. — Omakase: - Sure, happy to dive in. I was the first core developer at sushi. Involved in all things engineering and product. Omakase essentially mean...

BeefSUSHI Week — Meme Contest

BeefSUSHI Week — Meme Contest - — With our multichain partner, SushiSwap. — Beefy Finance is calling all the creators to spark their imagination and create the funniest, and if you like, prettiest NFTs. Do you have top level illustrating skills? A great imagination? Or maybe you just have the ability to make everyone laugh. If you fit in any of these descriptions you might be in the right place. Images, GIFs and videos are all welcome, just make them BeefSUSHI related. — There’s a theme again - To celebrate the new Onsen rewards autocompounding in the BIFI-USDC vault on we are launching a new contest. If you win, you’ll get an NFT from each category, and the runners up will win the rest of the Diamond and Gold versions. We’ll also run a meme curation contest where the crowd can win the remaining Silver NFTs. — Contest information - The theme of this contest is BeefSUSHI. If you are not familiar with it we suggest you to head over to this Medium article, and give it a read. If you want to participate you have to: Tweet your Meme with the hashtag #BeefSUSHI, Retweet the competition tweet, Paste your public wallet address in this Gleam Contest., Meme entries close: 2021–07–05 11:59:59 AM UTC SushiSwap will pick one winner and some runners up that will get: — First Place - Your MEME immortalised on Polygon, 0.25 BIFI, 1 x Diamond Hooves + 1 x Gold + 1 Silver...

BeefSUSHI Week

To celebrate the BIFI-USDC pair being added to SushiSwaps Onsen program, we’re running a whole week of AMAs and NFT Giveaways with Sushi and our Polygon ecosystem partners. — Wait, there’s a new farm? - Yes, last week the Sushi team added a BIFI-USDC pair to their Onsen program, paying out daily rewards to those who provide liquidity. And of course the Beefy Devs vaulted this as soon as possible. You can currently earn 185% APY by autocompounding your BIFI-USDC on Beefy’s Polygon platform. Learn more about our partnership with Sushi, here. — What about BeefSUSHI week? - One of the reasons we are running BeefSushi week is to draw attention to this new vault, but it’s also an opportunity for the Sushi and Beefy communities to get to know each other a little bit better. Not only are we hosting Sushi at an AMA today on our Telegram, we’ll be visiting the Sushi discord later this week for an AMA there. We’re also happy to announce that we will have an AMA with Polygon themselves on Wednesday, which will be your chance to learn more about the chain and the exciting projects that are being built there. Finally we have invited IMToken to come to our Telegram on Thursday. IMToken is an excellent choice for people wanting to access Beefy’s Polygon platform through their phone. They already have a Polygon DApp browser you can play with. — BeefSUSHI Week Schedule - — Monday June 28. — G...

Beefy’s Sushi Partnership

A multichain match made in heaven. — Beefy’s multichain journey is going from strength to strength. After last weeks announcements with Pangolin on Avalanche, we’re now happy to announce that we are working directly with SushiSwap to bring you the best yields on Polygon. To celebrate this partnership, we’re currently running our BeefSUSHI week with AMAs and token giveaways. Learn more about BeefSUSHI week, here. — What is SushiSwap? - Well, it’s kind of a big deal. Sushi over $3 Billion TVL across five chains, with $677M on Polygon alone. Sushi is a community-driven DeFi project. Their community is building a comprehensive, decentralized trading platform for the future of finance. Their products include a regular AMM DEX, MISO their IDO platform, and Kashi for leveraged lending and borrowing). Their NFT platform Shoyu will be coming soon. — Sushi on Polygon, with a side of Beef - We asked Sushi why they deployed onto Polygon, and they told us there were three main reasons: — One. — Polygon’s growing ecosystem — new projects deploying there everyday and Ethereum projects are coming there too. There are many new assets and users who never even used Ethereum, Sushi is looking to attract them directly on Polygon. Overall, there are many opportunities. — Two. — The second reason is transactions are faster and cheaper. That’s what many users are adopting Polygon al...

Beefy x Sushi AMA and Giveaway

As part of BeefSUSHI week, and to celebrate our multichain partnership with Sushi, we’ve their team to an AMA on our Telegramon 28 June, and they’ve given us $500 of SUSHI for a giveaway. With this new partnership we are looking forward to increasing liquidity for BIFI on Polygon, thanks to the Onsen rewards they have added to our BIFI-USDC pair. You can read more about the SUSHI Partnership, here. — Full AMA Details - 28 June —17:00 UTC, on the Beefy Telegram channel. We will also be rewarding users that suggest good questions on Twitter or our discord channel. — Giveaway Rules - Complete as many tasks as you can on Gleam to have more chances to win! Mandatory Retweet the competition tweet (2 points), Follow @beefyfinance on Twitter (2 points), Follow @sushiswap on Twitter (1 point), Join any Beefy Polygon Vault (10 points), Join the Beefy Telegram channel (5 points), To participate enter this link on our Gleam page. The contest will close at 2021–06–30 11:59:59 PM UTC. Half of the winners will be picked from Gleam, and the other half from people who suggest good questions. — Join the Cowmoonity - Twitter | Discord | Website | Github | Telegram Beefy x Sushi AMA and Giveaway was originally published in Beefy Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Beefy x Pangolin AMA and Giveaway

To celebrate our ongoing multichain partnership with Pangolin, we’ve been invited to an AMA on their Telegram channel, and we are doing a small BIFI giveaway to both communities. With this new partnership we are looking forward to building liquidity for BIFI on Avalanche and we expect a governance proposal from their team in the next couple of weeks. You can read more about the Pangolin Partnership, here. — Full AMA Details - 23 June — 07:00am UTC on the Pangolin Telegram Channel Pangolin be rewarding users that suggest good questions to them on Twitter, with PNG rewards. — Giveaway Rules - Complete as much tasks as you can on Gleam to have more chances to win! Mandatory Retweet the competition tweet (2 points), Follow @beefyfinance on Twitter (2 points), Follow pangolindex on Twitter (1 point), Join any Beefy Avalanche Vault (10 points), Join the Pangolin Telegram channel (5 points), To participate enter this link on our Gleam page. The contest will close at 2021–06–23 17:59:59 PM UTC. Half of the winners will be picked from Gleam, and the other half from the AMA itself. Beefy x Pangolin AMA and Giveaway was originally published in Beefy Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Binance Reserves Report Dissected As Exchange Quells Concerns

    Mainstream media has been on a crypto rampage this year following several high-profile company meltdowns. The Wall Street Journal has been at the forefront of some of those attacks. Its latest attempt to deride the crypto industry has taken a swipe at Binance and its recently released proof of reserves. Over the weekend, the outlet reported that it had consulted with accounting experts who said “investors still shouldn’t be satisfied with the report.” Over the past month, Binance has been releasing data on its crypto wallet holdings, as reported by CryptoPotato. Furthermore, the firm claimed that deposits were backed 101%. Binance Reserves Picked Apart According to an accounting professor at Baruch College in New York, Douglas Carmichael, the report released by audit firm Mazars last week lacks information. The WSJ also nitpicked at a Bitcoin price discrepancy that it claimed would make Binance reserves 97% collateralized, not 101% as the firm claimed. Binance spokeswoman Jessica Jung told the outlet the difference of 21,860 BTCs was “made up of BTC loans made to customers through the Binance loan program,” adding that “the collateral for said loans are not in BTC but in other currencies.” The audit report did not detail any of Binance’s internal controls or systems to liquidate assets to cover leveraged loans, according to other accounting experts. Former Financial Accounting Standards Board member, Hal Schroeder, commented: &l... read More

SUSHI Latest Feats Are Quite Impressive, But Crypto Must Overcome Rough ...

    SUSHI has shown strong bullishness, ranking as the most influential project in Avalanche and breaking into the top 10 in Altrank on Polygon. At this time of writing, CoinGecko is estimating a 24% increase in value, which is a 10% increase from where it was. The following is a quick rundown of some of SUSHI's more notable qualities that demonstrate its 'tasty' status: There was a 4% increase in TVL. Positive environment, but unfriendly market conditions are a drag for the token Future discomfort is possible, but the investment case remains strong Most Influential Project on Avalanche$SUSHI @SushiSwap$JOE @traderjoe_xyz$FITFI @StepApp_$TIME @wonderland_fi$CRA @PlayCrabada$ALBT @allianceblock$BIFI @beefyfinance$PNG @pangolindex$CQT @Covalent_HQ$ANY @MultichainOrg#AVAX $AVAX — AVAX Daily (@AVAXDaily) November 21, 2022 In addition, DeFiLlama has noticed a 4% rise in TVL. All in all, investors and traders have a lot to be optimistic about here. But the technicals of the coin suggest that the bullishness is fleeting, as it is being carried around by the present bear market. SUSHI Remains Stale Since its crash in May 2022, SUSHI's price has barely moved. Also, the token has been trading between $2.083 and $0.861 for some time now. This coin, however, has been making higher highs and lower lows despite the bear market since the latter half of Q2 this year. The present price surge, however, is not only due to its recent successes, but also to the act... read More

CryptoCom Removes DOGE, SHIB, and 13 Other Altcoins From Earn Progr... on Monday removed 15 altcoins including Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) from its Crypto Earn program. The delisting of these cryptocurrencies will be effective from 27 June 2022, 10:00 UTC, the company said. It also revised the interest rates of 5 stablecoins and added three new coins to the reward program. Under the Crypto Earn program, the company offers up to 10% on stablecoins and up to 14.5% on cryptocurrencies deposits. It provides support for over 40 assets.   “Existing fixed-term allocations for these tokens will remain unchanged and continue until the term ends. Funds from any active flexible-term allocations for the tokens listed above will be automatically returned to users’ Crypto Wallet by 28 June 2022, 10:00 UTC,” said in an announcement.   Other coins that got removed from its Earn program are Tezos (XTZ), Maker (MKR), Flow (FLOW), Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC), EOS (EOS), OMG Network (OMG), ICON (ICX), Compound (COMP), Gas (GAS), Stratis (STRAX), and Bancor (BNT), Beefy Finance (BIFI), Ontology Gas (ONG). Coins Added to Crypto Earn The crypto trading platform added three new coins - Zilliqa (ZIL), Fantom (FTM), and NEAR - to the Crypto Earn rewards program.  “Users can now enjoy rewards rates of up to 5% p.a. for FTM, and 6% p.a. for ZIL and NEAR. We will also be revising the reward rates for select stablecoins,” it said. Earlier, CryptoPotato reported that the trading pla... read More

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