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BAX Price:
$14.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BAX today is $0.000106 USD.

The lowest BAX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000106, and the exact current price of one BAX crypto coin is $0.00010567.

The all-time high BAX coin price was $0.00256.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BAX with market cap of BTC and how the supply of BAX affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for BABB crypto currency is #BAX.

BABB is 6.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for BABB is $5,283,409.

BABB is ranked #754 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #BAX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BABB is $14,753.


The circulating supply of BAX is 49,999,999,999 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, BABB has a large supply of coins, 2,273 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


BAX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


BAX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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How BABB App Is Making Financial Inclusion A Reality By Bridging The Gap Between Banking and…

How BABB App Is Making Financial Inclusion A Reality By Bridging The Gap Between Banking and Crypto: Exploring the Features of the BABB App - Are you looking for a centralised system that will assist you in keeping track of numerous cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currency and stablecoins? In the blog post, we will examine the BABB App and everything it has to offer, from its hybrid Great British Pound account and virtual cards to its three core areas (Money, CurrencyX, and Crypto). Individuals now have access to cutting-edge features that make it simpler and easier for them to handle their financial affairs thanks to BABB App. The app makes it easy and convenient for you to keep track of and record your day-to-day financial dealings by including a tab titled “Money” in its interface. The application gives you a centralised location from which you can examine the current balance in your account, make payments, keep tabs on your expenses, and manage your finances in general. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it makes it simple enough for anyone to use the app, including people who are not particularly knowledgeable about technology. — The “Money” Section - The “Money” tab provides access to a comprehensive set of functionalities, such as day-to-day banking, the ability to pay and get paid in fiat, the receipt of wages, the establishment of direct debits (soon to come), the conversion of fiat to curre...

BABB Makes Strides in Bridging Crypto and Fiat Economies with New Hybrid Money Account

All your money, stable-coins & crypto, in one app!. — — What’s a Babb Hybrid Money Account?. — BABB, the pioneering blockchain financial service platform, has released a new Hybrid Money Account this week, which promises to make it easier than ever to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the traditional economy. The Hybrid Money Account is centered on the idea of making a positive contribution to society. Babb has a history of dedication to the cause of financial inclusion, and its most recent offering is a potent instrument that can assist in the accomplishment of that objective. People in every part of the world will have easier access to financial services as a result of BABB’s innovative approach to integrating conventional financial functions with cutting-edge blockchain financial objectives. — Okay cool, but what exactly does this entail for users on a daily basis? 🤔. — One implication of this is that those who were previously barred from accessing standard financial services are now eligible to open a GBP Account that comes with the main bells and whistles traditionally associated with such accounts. This includes, accessing day-to-day financial services, spending your money anywhere (Mastercard Accepted) with the Babb Debit Card 😱, and other financial goods that are typically restricted to individuals with an established credit history. — So, it’s just like...

BABB: BAX Token Updates

TL;DR BABB team is currently working on the next exciting new project involving GBP Money accounts and linked debit cards. 10 billion BAX will be reserved for the treasury in order to be used in the development and deployment of this major project. As promised during the BAX swap last year, we are informing our community in advance. The first 3 billion BAX issuing is scheduled for next week. — The project — what’s coming - Money Accounts and Cards are two major projects that will benefit from the accelerated development process as a result of the increased token supply. BABB aims to add GBP money accounts to the BABB App and begin offering them to Babbians in early 2023. These Money Accounts would also have linked debit cards, allowing for daily purchases from a Babb account. GBP Accounts 💷, GBP Accounts with the ability to receive GBP locally, using a UK sort code and account number, or internationally, using an IBAN number and SWIFT code, as well as send money to any UK sort code and account number. Debit card 💳, Debit cards, both virtual and physical, that are directly linked to a GBP account and allow daily purchases in online and offline stores. Physical debit cards will be available to order within the UK or EEA. Field-test for multicurrency 🌐, GBP Accounts and linked cards will allow BABB to gain experience in fiat transactions and prepare for a future where the company will be able to o...

How Mobile Technology Has Reduced The Number of Unbanked People Globally

There is no doubt that mobile technology is empowering the world’s unbanked. It allows underserved individuals to gain more access to the financial tools they need, all the while making it possible for them to utilise services through the convenience of a smartphone. In fact, the mobile technology sector has made significant strides in reducing the number of unbanked people globally over the past decade. The term unbanked refers to individuals who do not have access to traditional financial services such as bank accounts and loans, often due to a lack of financial market infrastructure in their area. Since they do not use banking institutions in any capacity, including savings accounts or credit cards, it is especially difficult for unbanked individuals to make payments and access credit. Incapable of borrowing, saving or investing money, exclusion from the global money system strips unbanked individuals of some of the core conditions for economic well-being. Therefore, using mobile technology to fundamentally empower entire communities through financial inclusion collectively can drive overarching economic growth and tackles inequality. According to the World Bank, 1.4 billion adults are still unbanked and at risk of financial exclusion due to a lack of resources in their low-income communities and a lack of awareness about the financial services available. More than 55% are women, who may live too far away from banking i...

The Road To Financial Inclusion: Building New User Behaviour Through FMIs

Commonly referred to as the plumbing of the financial system, financial market infrastructure (FMI) is composed of payment and settlement systems which enable transactions to take place. When FMIs are coupled with the curation of new user behaviour in emerging markets, it can ensure the smooth functioning of a financial system. However, financial market infrastructure is scant in various parts of the world, namely in less developed countries where there is a higher concentration of unbanked and underbanked individuals residing within the population. As a term itself, unbanked categorically refers to adults who do not use banks or banking institutions in any capacity, including savings accounts or credit cards. Global Findex data from the World Bank estimates that there are more than one billion unbanked adults globally. Why is close to one-fourth of the world’s population lacking access to traditional financial services? Partly, the cost of setting up viable financial market infrastructure in such regions is high, making these unbanked individuals the hardest to reach. — The essential role of FMIs - A lack of FMI creates a paralysing state for unbanked individuals, from being unable to make card payments to the inability to get cash out of ATMs. Payment systems also make it possible for users and businesses to buy and sell things. For perspective, the United Kingdom has an established FMI with payment systems that ...

BABB is Introducing a New Hybrid Money Account for the Benefit of Humanity

One of the leading Blockchain start-ups is introducing a new money account that allows people to have cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat money, all in the same account! - From the crypto world, BABB announced the introduction of a new Hybrid Money Account that’s designed to help people send money abroad in a very smart way using the technology of Blockchain. It’s a world-first, allowing account owners to have cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat money all in the same mobile application. The company hopes that this will help move the world forward to create a financially-inclusive place and prove that decentralized finance can work for the benefit of humanity. With its Hybrid Money account, BABB will focus on global payments from all four corners of the world. The account holders can send money to their families and friends abroad, all with no risk and no extra hidden fees. Deploying Throughout 2023 The current roadmap for the Hybrid Money Account expects deployment to begin in the early months of 2023. This will see the launch of UK BABB Accounts in collaboration with Clearbank, leading to the inclusion of UK debit cards in early Q2 of next year. Following this, EU BABB Accounts will be launched in collaboration with LHV, and the target is to roll out EU debit cards by the end of Q2 as well. Towards the end of the year, US BABB accounts should be launched alongside US debit cards. It’s an exciting roadmap that ...

BABB’s CEO Becomes the First to Receive His Salary in GBPx Stablecoin

Meta Description: Learn more about the BABB platform’s milestone moment as the BABB CEO is the first to receive a salary in GBPx stablecoin via the app. What next for crypto? Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and fintech is leading the way in driving forward the change with new blockchain applications. Cryptocurrencies may not be new, but the past couple of years have been crucial for digital asset variety. Cryptocurrency has been gaining ground for several years, but it is only in recent times it has started to integrate itself into our daily lives. Growing acceptance and wider adoption of cryptocurrencies raises crucial questions about the future of banking. With increasing use cases of cryptocurrencies and stable coins, decentralized banking becomes a viable alternative and a future with official recognition by governments is getting even closer. As a leading cryptocurrency platform, BABB has been a driving force in the cryptocurrency industry. BABB aims to become one of the first regulated decentralized Banking Service Platforms in the UK. The platform has earmarked 2023 as the year this vision becomes a reality. With this aim firmly in mind, BABB Group’s CEO Mr. Rushd Averroes, made a significant step forward with his quest on October 5, 2022. On this date, the BABB platform made its first salary transfer in GBPx, and Mr. Averroes became the first person to be paid in CurrencyX through the BABB app. “Stand...

Babb is Phasing Out Certain Services Related to the Recent OLD BAX Swap

🗓 October 17, 2022📍 London, United Kingdom⏰ 3 mins — TL;DR - BAX ICO (from 2018) & Fundraising — Phase Out: 31 December 2022 ⏭ Babb will PHASE OUT processing services from 2018’s OLD BAX ICO by 31 December 2022. Any BAX tokens and fundraising balances unclaimed after this date will be transferred and used for Babb platform development. 👉🏽 To claim BAX from 2018 ICO: Contact 👉🏽 To claim fundraising balance: Login to Babb app, go to profile, tap My Campaigns, select completed campaign with balance, withdraw all funds from the campaign to your BAX wallet. BAX Swap — Phase Out: 30 June 2024 ⏭ OLD BAX to NEW BAX swap facility will remain available with free processing until 30 June 2023. Afterwards, Babb will charge a fee for processing BAX SWAP transactions. ⏭ Babb will phase out processing of OLD BAX to NEW BAX services completely by 30 June 2024, and unclaimed balances will be used for Babb platform development. 👉🏽 To request NEW BAX airdrop: Use — Intro - Babb is phasing out OLD BAX token related operations as part of its recent app revamp activities to clear the way for the introduction of the Babb Banking Service in 2023 and to steam off some load off the app and reduce the administrative costs for record keeping. The first group of operations being phased out by end of 2022 for having a connection to the OLD BAX toke...

BAX Got Listed on the MEXC Global Exchange

September 29, 2022London, United Kingdom⏰ 2 mins We are proud to announce the listing of BAX on MEXC Global Exchange, ranked as the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange in a recent article published by Coin Gecko. This partnership is one of many endeavors being set in place for implementation by the Babb team in the aim of boosting the BAX token’s liquidity in preparations for the upcoming crucial milestones we have ahead of us in Q4, 2022 and Q1, 2023. MEXC listed BABB (BAX) in the Innovation Zone and opened trading for the BAX/USDT trading pair. The specific timings are shown below. Deposit & Withdrawal: 12:00 2022–09–28 (UTC), BAX/USDT Trading: 14:30 2022–09–28 (UTC), Note: The price may move greatly for projects in the Innovation Zone, please be cautious of the risks. An M-Day listing event was held exclusively for all users to participate in and enjoy project token airdrops on the day of the listing and other marketing activities are planned for the weeks after to introduce BAX to the MEXC community and boost trading practices. — About MEXC Global - Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is known as the exchange of high performance and mega transaction matching technology. The team at MEXC Global are some of the first movers and pioneers of financial and blockchain technology. Currently, MEXC Global caters to 10 M+ users in more than 170 countries around the world and they have just started. This magn...

The Merge: Ethereum’s Mainnet Upgrade

September 16, 2022London, United Kingdom⏰ 4 mins — TL;DR. — “The Merge” is what Ethereum calls its mainnet upgrade intended to combine the Ethereum mainnet with the Proof of Stake Beacon Chain to make it more scalable and energy efficient. This shift from a Proof of Work to a Proof of Stake consensus includes various stages and is supported by Babb Platform. Following the merge, Ethereum (ETH) and BAX (ERC20) tokens are now supported on the Proof of Stake network. We will continue monitoring possible Proof of Work Ethereum variants (if any), however Babb does not support any Proof of Work forks initially. — Intro. — From the day Ethereum was announced in 2015, the company positioned itself as a major player in the Blockchain industry, offering a popular decentralized computing platform that opened doors to many projects to salvage and innovate on the blockchain technology. Now given its rising global popular demand and the platform being the most relevant of blockchains, Ethereum’s current infrastructure can’t scale up enough to meet global needs. So, to tackle that issue, the Ethereum team proposed a set of upgrades to its mainnet starting with the Beacon Chain, and followed by The Merge, The Surge, The Verge, The Purge, and The Splurge. — The upgrades: A brief explanation. — The Ethereum 2.0 upgrades include the existing Beacon Chain (already in place), The Merge, as well as ...

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