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BAKE Price:
$34.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$89.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BAKE today is $0.32 USD.

The lowest BAKE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.324, and the exact current price of one BAKE crypto coin is $0.32415.

The all-time high BAKE coin price was $8.45.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BAKE with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for BakeryToken crypto currency is #BAKE.

BakeryToken is 3.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for BakeryToken is $89,262,462.

BakeryToken is ranking upwards to #367 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #BAKE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BakeryToken is $34,687,028.


The circulating supply of BAKE is 275,376,462 coins, which is 38% of the maximum coin supply.


BAKE is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 20 crypto exchanges.

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New Featured Artists join the #BakeryGallery.

Hello Fè — Federica Sutti, Mojtaba, Inkciar, Monica Hee Eun and Flemmevandam.. — Welcome talent to Binance Smart Chain! Bakery Gallery brings you the best, versatile, and trending digital art from worldwide. We take this opportunity to introduce you to five artists and invite you to visit to discover their artworks. We take pride in introducing our new featured artists, whom we hope will bring versatile and extraordinary art to you. They have used different mediums and ideas to create Outstanding artworks and have the potential to evolve to the best. We welcome the following artists: Fè — Federica Sutti: Federica Sutti, also known as Fè, is an Italian artist based in Milan. She is fascinated by the contemporary, complex, and messed-up world we live in. Creating artworks helps her think about contemporary issues, common dreams, and desires. Fè has no preconception on what art should be and approaches each project differently, experimenting freely with numerous techniques. Exploring new means and tools keeps her alive and very happy. Mojtaba: Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi studied civil engineering at university. He was always very interested in art and graphics. He decided to pursue his interest and follow it seriously. In the beginning, he practiced graphics part-time and out of interest. But since 2017, he has made a serious decision to work in this field. In the most challenging conditions,...

Meet Bakery Featured Artists (18): Federica Sutti (Fè), an ingenious contemporary artist.

Federica Sutti (Fè), an Italian contemporary artist in an interview session with BakerySwap, talks about her inspirations, struggles, creative processes, and view about NFTs. Art is about conveying an idea or a feeling that could not be expressed in words so elegantly. Contemporary artists use different materials and mediums in the modern era and find innovative and dynamic ways to communicate their idea. As the art has progressed, Many artists are considering NFT as a new tool in their arsenal. In this week’s edition, Federica Sutti (Fè), an Italian contemporary artist who talks about her inspirations, struggles, creative processes, and view of NFTs in an interview session with BakerySwap. Thank you for accepting our invitation. Could you please introduce yourself? Hello, thank you for having me. I’m Federica Sutti, but you can call me Fè. I’m an Italian artist who is fascinated by the complex and messed-up world we live. Creating artworks helps me think about contemporary issues, shared dreams, and nightmares. I’m dealing with the themes of diversity, affection during social distancing, human adaptation to technology, and digitalization. I have a background in industrial design and no pre-concept on what art should be; therefore, I approach each project differently, experimenting freely with different techniques (painting, concrete casting, 3dmodeling and animation, graphic design, etc.). Experimenting with new...

Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (17), Iciar (Inkciar), an adventurous tattoo artist.

Iciar (Inkciar), Tattoo artist, in an interview session with BakerySwap, talks about her journey to become a tattoo artist, experience on BakerySwap, and view about the future of NFTs for a tattoo artist. The advent of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has changed the world of digital art. Many traditional artists are also adapting to this new change. The popularity of NFTs has also attracted tattoo artists to explore the latest technological advancement. Tattooing, one of the oldest forms of art humans have practiced for centuries, is relatively untouched by technology. Although machines, ink, and even techniques have certainly evolved, it’s still the very same act our ancestors explored. Digitalization has not changed much for the tattoo industry apart from the introduction of social media. In this week’s edition, Iciar (Inkciar), a Tattoo artist from Barcelona, in an interview session with BakerySwap, talks about her journey to become a tattoo artist, experience on BakerySwap, and view about the future of NFTs for a tattoo artist. Thank you for accepting our invitation for this interview. Thank you for having me with you. It’s such an honor being a part of this huge beginning of yours. Could you please tell us about yourself and let us know more about your journey into tattoo artistry? Yes, sure, my name is Iciar. I’m a tattoo artist, and I live and work in Barcelona. Sometimes I think ‘tattoo artist’ is a little pie...

Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (16) Andrés Pascal ( ToyBoy), the Architect, Musician & Urban…

Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (16) Andrés Pascal (ToyBoy), the Architect, Musician & Urban artist Andrés Pascal — an Architect, Musician, Urban artist, and one of the finest digital artists on the BakerySwap platform shares the story about his journey into the NFT realm, his view about the future of digital arts and his experiences with the platform. The aspect of blockchain technology known as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has continued to see excessive interest from different calibers of blockchain enthusiasts as it continues to be the hottest topic among these individuals. To propagate the understanding of NFTs through massive awareness and education for faster global adoption, the BakerySwap platform adopts a means of unveiling upcoming digital artists and promoting professional artists through weekly interviews. In this week’s edition, Andrés Pascal shares the story of his journey into digital artistry, the future of NFTs, and the BakerySwap platform. Andrés Pascal is a seasoned architect, musician, and urban artist who hails from Santiago de Chile. He is one of the founding members of a Chilean collection known as Toyboy. Check his BakerySwap profile here: Thanks for joining us today. Please, can you tell us about yourself? Hi, thank you for the invitation that we have been waiting for. My name is Andrés Pascal aka Estr...

BakerySwap and Dogemon Go partnership announcement

1/3 What is Dogemon Go?. — The first AR and NFT Game where you can earn Dogecoins while playing and holding DOGO, and earn DOGO while playing! to play the DogemonGo Game? Download the App iOS / Android / APK available If your Phone does not support the Game yet, you can download the APK file from our website and try it. The Game is 100% Free and No Payment or Deposit is required! You can catch the Dogecoin in the Game and thus you earn Doge Coins. Hold DOGO Tokens (minimum 50,001 Tokens) in your personal Wallet and earn DOGE a few times a day (you can trigger the transfer by sending a small amount of DOGO from your wallet to another Wallet which you own). Hold DOGO Credits in the Game and earn DOGE once a day. If you catch Dogemons, you earn DOGO Credits which you can always Swap at 1:1 ratio into DOGO tokens. 100,000 users have already used the platform, what are you waiting to give a try? — 2/3 About BakerySwap Partnership. — New $BAKE pool launching Wednesday, September 15th, 07.00 AM UTC. Stake $BAKE earn $DOGO during 10 days! You will find the new $BAKE pool hereBakerySwap will have a character in the game! You will have chance to chase a BakerySwap branded Bear Chef!Teams are evaluating further collaborations in the NFT space! — 3/3 About $DOGO Token. — You can convert $DOGO ...

Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT Collection

Mystery Box Drop 1 of 3 Sale on BakerySwap — Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT. — Mystery Box Sale on BakerySwap at 9/8 13:00 PM — 9/14 13:00 PM UTC — Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT Mystery Box Sale. — Total Issued: 10,000 Price: 50 USDT Time: 9/8 13:00 PM — 9/14 13:00 PM UTC Sales link: Drop 1 contains 8 of 27 NFTs in Collection 1 Below are the details for the Masterminds of Hip Hop Mystery box drop 1. — How to buy:. — 1.Enter and connect your wallet. Select the “buy” option and confirm. Then you will get in the Masterminds of Hip Hip NFT collection. Each Mystery Box is a random selection of one of the 8 NFTs in drop 1. 2.You can buy and also trade with other fans the MMOHH NFTs at “BakerySwap — NFT Marketplace — TOKAU NFT” 3.You can check and preview your NFT on the TOKAU Dapp website personal center. — Rule Introduction. — 1. The Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT collection, set 1 will be delivered in 3 separate drops total. All 3 drops will be completed before October 9, 2021. We will announce the dates for drop 2 and drop 3 shortly. 2. Every person who collects all 8 unique NFTS for drop 1 will qualify to win 2000 USD/USDT. To participate, please email your wallet address once you have collected all 8 NFTs for drop 1 to by September 15, 2021 at 3 am U...

Introducing Game Ace Initial NFT Offering: World’s first NFT that can be played as a standalone…

Introducing Game Ace Initial NFT Offering: World’s first NFT that can be played as a standalone retro video game. We are delighted to announce the launching of the Game Ace NFT INO on the 6th day of September 2021 at 07:00 UTC. About Game Ace NFT Game Ace NFT is the World’s first NFT that can be played as standalone retro video games. These NFTs are rare and unique with slightly different game experiences. They are the first of their kind and a historic milestone in the NFT gaming ecosystem. There will only be 999 of these spectacular NFTs whereby some will have a more unique combination of features that make them more valuable than others. The Game Ace NFT game is part of the Gat Network ecosystem. The first game, Doggies Moon Chase is a flappy-bird clone from GAT Network and Cryptodoggies collaboration. Here, a CryptoDoggie chases the moon and collects BAKE-bagels in the process. To make it more interesting, the game is starting with a game challenge known as the 150 GAT Challenge. The first player to reach 150 points (BAKE-bagels) in the game wins 150 GAT. First #GameAce #NFT sold for 4.08 $BNB! Some offers went up to 5.05 BNB, but were 11 seconds too late unfortunately! INO Details INO Amount: 900 NFTs (Total Supply: 999 NFTs) INO Price: 1BNB/NFT INO Date: 6th September 2021 INO Time: 07:00 UTC About GAT Network Website: Twitter: Telegram:

Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today Chiara Magni (15), the prestigious Italian painter.

Chiara Magni, a professional Italian Painter, the pioneer of a new painting style known as Bright Expressionism, and one of the most successful digital artists on the BakerySwap platform in an interview session reveals how her journey into the NFT world began and her views about the future of digital arts. BakerySwap is poised at maintaining its standing as one of the top DeFi platforms that offer diverse services which are aimed at educating the general public on blockchain technology, offering a sleek platform for easy access to DeFi products, and keeping its users abreast with the latest DeFi information. The BakerySwap weekly interview session is a weekly event that is aimed at: advertising the great artistry works by legendary artists, marketing upcoming NFT creators, and providing the opportunity to know what these great artists believe about NFTs in general. In this week’s edition, we present to you Chiara Magni as she talked about her journey into the NFT realm, her views about the future of digital arts, and her experiences with the BakerySwap platform. Chiara Magni is an Italian professional painter who is famous for her bold and strong colors. She is the pioneer of a new painting style known as Bright Expressionism and over the years, she has sold over 300 paintings. Thank you for joining us today. Please tell us about yourself. Thank you for having me here today and for reaching out for this interview. My name ...

Bakery Upgrades: Farming 2.0 and NFT Marketplace 3.0

A year of achievements… When we ask our users what BakerySwap is, we get amazing replies like innovation, fun, reliability, etc. This means we have built a solid brand during this incredible year, and we have been recognized beyond our core services like the DEX, the NFT Marketplace, the Launchpad or the Gamification area. This recognition has resulted in the best token performance in 2021, with over 10,000% price growth. The popularity and activeness of our social media brought us into the top 10 of Lunar Crush Social Rankings, directly competing with the most popular tokens. Our 350,000 Twitter followers is an indication of a solid position. We started as a DEX, but we rapidly became the first player to launch NFT, Financial NFT and even the NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. We were also the first to launch innovative features like earning NFT by staking a token and NFT staking. Our Marketplace has seen a quick growth with over 1,400,000 transactions and 500,000 mintings so far, and seeing top sales like the $400K NFT Combo transaction back in June. Our product has attracted cool collectibles like the Maye Musk collection, and more recently the ONEPIECE or Marvel collectible NFTs which has helped to make our brand more solid and attractive to partners. Another strong indication of success is the kind of partnerships we have delivered to our Bakers, with strong players like Binance, TokoCrypto and 1inch. But, what w...

Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today Cookie Munster (14). From game development to digital artist

Izam (Cookie Munster), an independent game developer and one of the finest digital artists, in an interview session with BakerySwap talks about his journey into digital artistry, his experience as an artist on BakerySwap, and his view about the future of NFTs In its quest to offer a sleek platform and opportunities for both legendary and upcoming artists, BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain continues its weekly unveiling of top NFT creators on Bakery. Over the past months, BakerySwap has maintained its stand as a reference platform for all DeFi users’ needs by adding fascinating features on its platform and welcoming excellent projects that share the same vision. BakerySwap does not only offer a marketplace for NFT creators and collectors, but it also promotes its users through weekly interviews. In this week’s edition, Izam, popularly known as Cookie Munster talked about his experience on BakerySwap, his journey into the NFT realm, and his view about the future of digital arts. Izam is an independent game developer with many years of experience and also a fine artist known as Cookie Munster on the Metaverse. Thanks for honoring our invitation and for your time. Please can you tell us about yourself? You’re welcome. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m Izam or better known as Cookie Munster on the Metaverse. I was an independent game develope...


Bake Token (BAKE) Cracks Double Gains As Buyers Eye A Feast At $0.4

    Bake token (BAKE) has struggled to break above the key resistance level of $0.29 as the price has remained in a range. For weeks, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fluctuated between $19,500 and $20,000, with the price stalling on the next movement. Most altcoins, including Bake token (BAKE), have struggled to break out of a downtrend as a result of this choppy movement. (Data from Binance) Bake Token (BAKE) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  BAKE has struggled to replicate the bullish move that saw the price rally to $2 in recent months, creating the excitement of a bull run. After falling from an all-time high of $9, BAKE has struggled to stay afloat as the price keeps dwindling with no sign of a major bounce. With the current indicators, BAKE could be poised to rally from its weekly low of $0.2 to around $0.4. The price of BAKE is facing resistance at $0.29; if the price of BAKE flips this region, we may see the price surge higher. If the price of BAKE maintains this bullish structure, we could see the price of BAKE breaking off of its first resistance at $0.29 with more buy volumes.  Weekly resistance for the price of BAKE - $0.29-$0.4. Weekly support for the price of BAKE - $0.2. Price Analysis Of BAKE On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily BAKE Price Chart | Source: BAKEUSDT On Following the formation of a bullish pattern, the price of BAKE struggled to break above the symmetric triangle formed, as it broke below the bullish pattern, sending the price of BAK... read More

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