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Badger DAO  


$1.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$51.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BADGER today is $2.48 USD.

The lowest BADGER price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.48, and the exact current price of one BADGER crypto coin is $2.47526.

The all-time high BADGER coin price was $89.20.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BADGER with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Badger DAO is #BADGER.

Badger DAO is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Badger DAO is $51,363,602.

Badger DAO is ranked #291 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #BADGER.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Badger DAO is $1,420,214.


The circulating supply of BADGER is 20,750,760 coins, which is 99% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Badger DAO is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


BADGER is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 5 other blockchains.

See list of the BADGER Blockchain contracts with 6 different blockchains.


BADGER is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 22 crypto exchanges.

View #BADGER trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #BADGER purchase.



Reminder — action Required

REMINDER — ACTION REQUIRED - Ren 1.0 Network Shutting Down Today is the LAST DAY to reduce renBTC exposure before the Ren 1.0 network shuts down on December 20th, 2022. It is recommended that all users visit the following links to verify whether you have existing deposits in the effected vaults. ibBTC/crvsBTC: renBTC/wBTC: We strongly urge Badger users REMOVE EXPOSURE IMMEDIATELY to avoid potential loss of funds. The following link details the recommended ways users can take action to remove exposure as soon as possible. Learn how to remove exposure to renBTC:

Ren 1.0 Network Shutting Down — Ren Asset Holders Urged to Remove Exposure Immediately

Ren 1.0 Network Shutting Down — Ren Asset Holders Urged to Remove Exposure Immediately - On December 20th, 2022, the Ren 1.0 Network will be shutting down. As a result, renBTC holders will no longer be able to bridge these assets back to the native Bitcoin network. This event affects holders of the ibBTC (deprecated) and depositors in the discontinued ibBTC/crvsBTC and renBTC/wBTC Curve LP Vaults. In response, we urge Badger users remove exposure to renBTC immediately to avoid potential loss of funds . Badger cannot manage or alter user funds in anyway. Actions taken must be done by token holders. Below are the recommended ways users take action as soon as possible… — ibBTC Holders - Holders of wrapped ibBTC can swap out to wBTC using the following Curve LP pool. Holders of naked ibBTC can redeem their tokens for the underlying bcrvRenWBTC pool tokens using the Badger app and continue to withdraw their vault position from the corresponding renBTC/wBTC. Redeem ibBTC: Withdraw from LP Vault: Once withdrawn, users can return to Curve to withdraw their assets into wBTC. — ibBTC/crvsBTC and renBTC/wBTC LP Vault Depositors - Depositors will first need to withdraw from the following Badger LP vaults. ibBTC/crvsBTC: renBTC/wBTC: Once withdrawn, users can return to the corresponding Curve LP’s and withdraw their assets into wBTC. ibBTC/crvs...

We Have Moved to

The new is officially LIVE! To christen the new site, Spadaboom has dropped a Badger Retrospective & 2021 Roadmap in our News section.With the launch of our own news section, we will no longer be posting here on Medium. Please check the site and keep your eye on socials for all your Badger News! So what’s new and notable on We’ve included some standout highlights below.New to Defi? We take you on a journey starting with a little Badger 101. By the time you’re done reading, ull be able to set up a wallet, bridge native Bitcoin and start earning interest today!Wanna learn more about Badger products? We provide a detailed overview of our suite of products including their utility, core functionality and how they support our mission to bring Bitcoin to DeFi.Community rules everything… Wrapping one’s head around the idea of a community owned DAO can be tough and it will continue to evolve into the future. We’ve done our best to share how we operate, your role as a user and how we make key business decisions together.In the news today… We are leaving Medium behind and moving all newsworthy content to our new news page. Be sure to check out the newest post from Spadaboom.Security is key… Security is of utmost importance and we take the necessary steps to conduct proper auditing along the way to ensure users deposits are as safe as possible. This section provides a...

Convex Helper Vaults: Suboptimal Harvest Paths Post-Mortem

In mid August, community members flagged an ongoing issue with the ROI showing for the CVX and cvxCRV Helper Vaults. As we dug deeper into the issue, we uncovered a suboptimal trading path in the harvest function. As a result, the team decided to stop harvesting these vaults at 4:00 PM EST on August 22nd until a suitable solution was found to rectify the situation.What went wrong? As indicated on the harvest transaction shared below, the core problem was the hop during swaps between wETH to cvxCRV while harvesting StrategyCvxCrvHelper and StrategyCvxHelper without first hopping over the CRV. This translated into losses while swapping through a non-optimal/illiquid route every time a harvest was triggered. Non-optimal paths:CVX → wETH → cvxCRV route for CVX to cvxCRVUSDC → wETH → cvxCRV route for USDC to cvxCRV The cvxCRV/wETH pool has less than $1M in liquidity which is fine with low AUM. As AUM increased, our trades naturally became larger and with less frequent harvests due to higher than usual gas fees, the size of trades grew even further. As a result, the slippage on these trades became quite significant.Solution Our Analytics and QA teams got together to analyze the problem and update the harvest strategy with new paths. Optimal paths:CVX → wETH → CRV → cvxCRV route for CVX to cvxCRVUSDC → wETH → CRV → cvxCRV route for USDC to cvxCRV The new harvest strategies have been deployed on-chain, and th...

Badger Boost Optimizer: User Guide

With the passage of BIP 63, the Badger community voted to change how BADGER rewards are distributed to users of Sett Vaults, resulting in the Boost Power Up. The new system allocates more BADGER rewards to users who show a desire to participate in governance and support the BadgerDAO ecosystem by holding Badger assets. It also improves the Boost scalability and creates a direct connection between users’ Stake Ratios and the level of rewards they receive. In short, the higher the ratio of your native balance (like bBadger or a DIGG LP) compared to non-native balance (funds deposited into BTC Setts), the higher the Badger token rewards you receive on your non-native vault positions. To help you calculate the amount of native Badger assets needed to increase your Boost, we have released a new tool called the Badger Boost Optimizer. It will tell you the exact ratio of native to non-native assets required to increase your Boost incrementally. How to Use the Boost Optimizer 1. Visit and connect your wallet 2. Click the Boost dropdown and select Boost Optimizer 3. View your current Boost The Boost Optimizer automatically displays the native and non-native balances in your wallet, and calculates your Stake Ratio (native to non-native) in order to generate your boost multiplier. The color code corresponds to your current Boost level, spanning from Basic Badger (orange) to Frenzy Badger (red). According to the a...

Convex Helper Vaults Explained

All Badger strategies to this point have either had a BTC or Native (BADGER/DIGG) component. In order to optimize returns on the new CRV LP Vaults and future partner vaults, we’ve launched our new helper vaults. They are aimed at optimizing partner rewards earned by our depositors to bring better yields to the underlying BTC strategies. Our first 2 helper vaults are CVX and cvxCRV. — What are Convex helper vaults exactly?. — Well, as standalone vaults, users can deposit CVX or cvxCRV and as a result, Badger will manage the staking and auto-compounding of rewards earned with those assets. See the diagram below for a visual explanation. To use one of our traditional vault strategies as an example, wbtc/eth SLP vault, we take the users earned Sushi rewards from the wbtc/eth SLP and stake them for xSushi to optimize yield. We then distribute that xSushi directly to users. With helper vaults we take the reward token (in the above example xSushi) and further optimize the yield by putting those assets to work. — How do they help the new CRV LP Vaults?. — Users who deposit crvBTC directly into Convex would receive CRV and CVX rewards as a result. You would then want to use stake CVX to generate cvxCRV and stake that in addition to your CRV to earn even more rewards. This process however can be onerous and gas intensive and thats why Badger is doing the work for you! With the introduction of our new CVX a...

How to Bridge ibBTC to Polygon

The cross-chain journey continues… The time has finally come for users to bridge their highly composable interest bearing bitcoin (ibBTC) to Polygon to put it to work. As of today, users who bridge their assets will be able to earn both $MATIC and $SUSHI rewards in the newly launched WBTC/ibBTC LP on Sushi. This same LP on Ethereum is currently the 9th largest pool on Sushiswap. Following the reduction of fees to mint, redeem and withdraw ibBTC within the Badger app, it has never been easier or more cost effective for users to leverage their position cross-chain.How to Bridge ibBTC to Polygon and LP on Sushi In collaboration with our partners at DeFiDollar, we’ve developed a comprehensive how-to guide that will show you how to prepare your wallet, bridge your assets and finally, LP them on Sushi. If you intend to leverage ibBTC currently staked in our designated Sett Vault, you will need to remove your assets from the vault and ensure they are visible in your wallet.I. Preparing your Wallet for Bridging 1. Add Polygon Network to your Metamask Wallet To begin bridging your assets, you will first need to add Polygon to your Metamask wallet. You can do this by clicking the network dropdown located at the top of the app and selecting Custom RPC. You will then need to enter the following criteria in the fields indicated below. Network Name: Matic Mainnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 137 Curren...


BadgerDAO Launching Curve Optimizer Vaults in Collaboration with Convex Finance Much of current Ethereum L1 yield farming is based on the long term CRV emission plan by The original BTC-only Badger Setts are strategies that collect and sell CRV for more of the underlying which is different from how we treat other tokens earned via strategies (ex.taking Sushi earned and staking it for xSUSHI before distributing to users). In the 6+ months since launch Badger has been finding its place in the market as a partner-first aggregator of products and services supporting BTC in DeFi and we think now is the time to take the effort to make a change to these vaults. With these changes we intend to commit to supporting the Curve protocol in collaboration with Convex.Why Partner First? Badger is focused on bringing BTC to DeFi and bringing the best of what DeFi has to offer to our users. To do this we work closely with all types of projects building in the space. While everything is open source and open access there can still be benefits in collaborating directly with teams and communities. The badger team thinks that going the route of engaging with projects that we build strategies with to find a mutually beneficial management of reward assets will yield the best results long term for Badger, the partner and our users. We have already taken this approach with other partners, we now want to shift to do the same with Curve and...

BadgerDAO and Polygon Partner to Bring Bitcoin Crosschain

BadgerDAO is excited to partner with Polygon to accelerate the adoption and utility of Bitcoin on their network. With our mission to bring BTC to DeFi, we want to make it as easy as possible for users to put their Bitcoin to work where there is plenty of utility. Polygon has seen explosive growth in the last few months with over $7.4B in total value of assets locked and $1.3B worth of BTC already being utilized in protocols like Aave and Sushiswap. This clearly shows a demand for BTC and together with Polygon we can help grow that footprint substantially. To start we’re going to accomplish this in 3 ways;Bringing a yield bearing version of Bitcoin to PolygonIncentivizing and making it easy for users to bridge BTC to PolygonCreating unique strategies to optimize yield for BTC on PolygonBringing Interest Bearing Bitcoin (ibBTC) to Polygon The first step in our partnership will be bringing ibBTC to Polygon and creating deep liquidity. In collaboration with Sushiswap, we will launch a ibBTC/WBTC pool thats incentivized with SUSHI & MATIC rewards on June 7th, 2021. Today the similar pool on Ethereum has $51M in liquidity making it a top 10 pool on Sushiswap by TVL. We anticipate similar liquidity to flow to Polygon through this joint initiative. With fragmented representations of BTC across chains (ex. BTCB on BSC, WBTC on Polygon etc.) the intention is to make ibBTC the most liquid and composable BTC on all chains. User...

ibBTC and bBadger Now Accepted as Collateral on Ruler Protocol

Adding more utility to ibBTC. — Since launch, users who minted ibBTC have been able provide liquidity on the new Sushiswap ibBTC/WBTC pool in order to receive an LP token that could then be staked in a dedicated Badger vault for boosted APY and little impermanent loss. Until now… BadgerDAO is excited to announce that Ruler Protocol is now accepting ibBTC and bBadger as collateral for borrowing and lending stablecoins along with farming to earn Ruler and Badger tokens. You will never be liquidated and your interest rate is fixed at the time of your transaction. In order to collect your collateral back you just need to repay prior to the expiry date. This is the first of many steps towards adding increased utility to ibBTC across DeFi, allowing users to lend, borrow, farm, and provide liquidity cross-chain.👉 Use ibBTC or bBadger on RulerAbout Ruler Ruler Protocol is a lending and borrowing platform providing its users with market-driven, fixed-rate, and non-liquidatable loans. With the Ruler Protocol, there are no bonding curves to determine interest rates. Instead, rates are decided by market supply and demand. As long as you make your loan repayment by the due date given, you will never have to worry about health factors or having your position liquidated. Learn more about Ruler Protocol: FAQs: to use ibBTC and ...


The Across Protocol (ACX) to Be Launched on MEXC on November 28

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] On November 28, MEXC Global Exchange will open and launch the Across Protocol (ACX) and ACX/USDT transactions. MEXC/ACX Across Protocol is built on UMA's Optimistic oracle machine, which supports cross-chain round-trip transactions from Ethereum L1 to Ethereum L2. It combines Optimism oracles, repeaters, and single-sided liquidity pools to provide decentralized instant transactions between chains. The ACX currently supports networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. Across Protocol allows users to borrow liquidity from decentralized repeaters to transfer tokens between different chains (layers) instantly and with low fees. Repeaters can pre-fund users for instant transfers between chains. In return for providing this service, repeaters can choose on-chain compensation from a single liquidity pool on the Ethereum network. The following is a list of the supported tokens for each of the chains that ACX supports. In order to cross tokens from one chain to another, the token being crossed must be supported on both chains. Across Protocol has currently integrated Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon networks, and supports cross-chain transfers of ETH/WETH, WBTC, DAI, USDC, BOBA, BADGER, BALANCER, and UMA. $ACX is the original asset issued by Across Protocol, with a total supply of 1 billion pieces. It will be issued on November 28. The wallet addresses or ecosystem contributors who participated in Across cross-c... read More

Crypto transaction monitoring platform Merkle Science adds support for 1...

    Merkle Science, a predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform, announced it has now extended support to over 1,2000 ERC-20 tokens. This additional coverage allows users to have better visibility over a substantial portion of the DeFi space, allowing them to monitor flows of funds across some of the most popular DeFi tokens and stablecoins. Some of the tokens added included 1inch (1INCH), BitBase (BTBS), Bean Protocol (BEAN), Compound USD Coin (CUSDC), DeFIRE (CWAP), DeFinity (DEFX), Huobi BTC (HBTC), NFTrade (NFTD), Unify (NIF), Orion Protocol (ORN), Wrapped BTC (WBTC), Compound Dai (CDAI), Solidity (SOLIDITYLABS), Baby Shiba (BABYSHIB), Badger DAO (BADGER),  DAO Maker (DAO),  Cream (CREAM),  MoonSwap (MOON), Wrapped Ether (WETH), DeFi Chain (DFI), with the full list to be found here. 'Parallel to the growth in the DeFi sector, fraudulent activities also continue to increase — both in volume and complexity. In 2021, the amount of crypto stolen through DeFi platforms totaled $2.2 billion, a 1,300% increase from 2020’s amount. To this end, Merkle Science is accelerating product development and the addition of host DeFi tokens and stablecoins to our predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform. This will empower users to observe transactional activity and addresses that are likely linked to previously-undetected criminal activity. Our rapid... read More

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