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AVE Price:
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The price of #AVE today is $0.000186 USD.

The lowest AVE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000186, and the current live price for one AVE coin is $0.00018634.

The all-time high AVE coin price was $2,958.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of AVE with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Avaware crypto currency is #AVE.

Avaware is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Avaware is $745.

Avaware is ranked #1711 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #AVE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Avaware is $19.00.


The circulating supply of AVE is 4,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Avaware coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


AVE is a token on the Avalanche blockchain.


AVE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #AVE, and you can view them on our AVE disambiguation page.



Avaware Audits — Peace Of Mind For Projects & Users

The end of August is upon us already! The cryptocurrency community feels like it’s waking up from a short slumber compared to the last few months, and we’re ready for it! Avaware.Network APR’s are up and our recently refactored UI is running smooth as ever. We’re focused on adding value to our token and brands, and one of the ways we do that is providing services to other Avalanche projects. — Audited By Avaware — A must - Audits are expensive due to the small number of seasoned Solidity developers. The companies that do offer audits are spread thin and charge an amount that is typically to much for a new project just starting in the space. Our plan is to leverage our experience alongside interested talented developers looking to gain experience and earnings to bring down cost and make the ecosystem a safer place. Aside from an in depth initial report we will establish an on-going bug bounty program that rewards partakers in AVE for uncovering vulnerabilities. When a bug is found it will be analyzed and added to a public record, helping us improve our service each time. One of our goals is to create a framework that can analyze contracts in search of exploits we’ve encountered in the past. A list of projects we’ve audited along with any warnings will be made available. we’re currently looking for any projects interested in being audited, and developers interested in being notified of open bug bount...

Avaware Partners With RadioShack DEX

RadioShack is a 100-year-old brand embedded into the global consciousness! Radioshack aims to lead the way for blockchain tech to reach mainstream adoption by way of other large brands. Avaware is building a platform that aims to streamline growth. Devoted to the development of quality applications within the modern realms of Defi, Gaming, NFT, and information variety. It is our mission to build and maintain a portfolio of assets that add value to our token (AVE) while also expanding and supporting the Avalanche community. Our team understands that the projects we develop and or support reflect directly on us, therefore we take pride in building and supporting quality projects that we truly believe will add value to our ecosystem. Links RadioShack dApp Twitter Discord Telegram Avaware dApp Twitter Discord Telegr

Avaware Partners With Arable

Avaware.Network and Arable.Finance Partner Up Arable, a decentralized synthetic assets protocol, is partnering with Avaware to form a new pool for the $AVE/$ACRE tokens. The pool is going live on the 28th of July, and users will be able to find the pool on the Avaware website.What is Arable? In simple words, Arable is a decentralized protocol that allows for synthetic asset farming. This means cross-chain farming is now possible from just one platform, making Arable the perfect tool for those actively farming on different chains but want to eliminate the complexity from the equation! Arable’s platform features:Synthetic Asset FarmingSynthetic Asset MintingA Synthetic Assets DEXWhat are synthetic assets? A synthetic asset describes an asset pegged to a fiat currency or a native chain token. In the case of Arable, synthetic assets are called Synths. You will be able to recognize these assets as they are prefixed with the “ar” letters (arSOL, arDOT etc) These Synths are backed by $ACRE, Arable’s native token, and more tokens like $AVAX or $USDT.Synthetic Assets Farming What makes Arable unique is the synthetic asset farming feature. Users can buy Synths from a DEX or mint them on Arable. If you want to trade or farm a pair of tokens from different chains, you can do it through Arable, which opens the door to thousands of DeFi opportunities. You can learn more about Arable here: ...

Powering Down: AUSD, Cabbage.Cash

DeFi and cryptocurrency continue to evolve at breakneck speeds, and the Avaware team is focused on improving our little space within the Avalanche DeFi realm. Over the last year we launched and helped launch several projects on Avalanche alongside developing our own unique projects. Our flagship project Avaware.Network continues to chug along, albeit with lower APRs due to falling coin price. Cabbage.Cash was our third project we launched through our distribution only (to AVE holders) launchpad after Avaware.Network and Avalanche.Today (One of the very first Avalanche news websites!) If you have any funds staked on the site please visit and remove them, we will power down the server on August 1st though the contracts will be available indefinitely on the blockchain. Avaware USD (AUSD) is a stable coin we released around January 2022 with the intent of giving our users the ability to farm using AUSD paired with other stable coins such as USDt, USDC, MIM, and unfortunately UST. We had a substantial amount of backing in UST that when dropped, left a near 30% loss of our backing. Avaware USD was created to always be backed 1:1 with the top stable coins, ensuring our peg. We initially announced this about a month ago when we still had some backing with the intent of slowly adding the funds back so long as we had some backing to hold us over. Unfortunately the majority of our backing has been redeemed aside from the now nearly wort...

Avaware Roadmap 3.0

Avaware: Grow With Us! Hey everyone! It’s officially been over a year since we launched Avaware and it’s be a fun and educational ride! We’ve learned a lot over the last year, and look forward to taking the knowledge we’ve accumulated and making our ecosystem even better! When we started Avaware our plan was to make an all in one application that let our users earn passive income by investing in AVE. Now a year later we offer staking via our LP Farms, Single Sided Pool, and NFTs! Our investors can also earn by partaking in our IFO (Initial Farming Offering) Launchpad. So far we’ve utilized our Launchpad to launch Tip.Blue (Discord Tip Bot for Avalanche Tokens) and Embr.Finance (BalancerV2 Fork on Avalanche) We’ve continually added interesting new features for our users, such as stable coin farming, and fun NFT events like Alex Wiley’s Unmoved NFT, or AVME’s Avalanche Friend NFT which came loaded with 80% of the purchase price in AVME loaded on the NFT which can be claimed. The Avalanche Friends series is a great way for us to introduce our users to partner projects on the network, and allow our partners to distribute some of their project token to Avaware holders. We look forward to continuing innovating in the space. We’re working out the best way to keep Avaware being a profitable project for our users to earn passive income and partake in the friendly and close-knit community we’ve established. Lets t...

Avaware Farming Changes — Q2 2022

Avaware Farming Changes — Q2 2022 Avaware is making making some changes to the platform and to start off those changes we have decided to change our farming setup a bit. We’re no longer hosting partner farms but we are of course still open to working with partners in other ways! After the removal of the partner farms our farms are as follows for the time being: AVE/AVAX PGL AVE/AVAX JLP AUSD/AVE PGL AUSD/UST PGL AUSD/MIM JLP AUSD/USDC.e JLP AUSD/USDC EPT AVE/EMBR EPT AVE/CABAG PGL AVE Single Sided Staking Our total emissions have gone from 180k~ to 100k, putting us at 4.8m coins created per year. In addition to these farming changes we have some other improvements on the way as well, including staking and being rewarded in AUSD generated for the platform via the Avaware USD 1% fee. We will have a more general overview post up soon covering our various other improvements that will be coming in Q2. Take care! metadept

Avaware Artist NFT “Unmoved” by Alex Wiley

We’ve released a new NFT from our Avaware Artist collection on Avaware.Network, The Avaware Artist collection highlights talented artist from around the globe. In this series we’ve been blessed by hip hop artist Alex Wiley who has bestowed upon us three exclusive tracks and some of his very own digital art. Each NFT includes the three original tracks, high res digitally signed artwork, and Avaware card-sized collectible. The title of the artwork is “Unmoved” and only 500 of these NFT collectibles will ever exist. In addition to downloading the artwork and music through IPFS, you can also stake your NFT and generate $AVE passively, earning your money back while you enjoy good tunes and support the artist directly! Alex Wiley has an active discography, releasing several mixtapes and albums since 2012. If you are interested in learning more about his work you can visit his SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube channel. This is the second rapper to feature music via NFTs on Avaware, following the release of singer Magnus Low’s album, ‘Moonbreaker’, in what is the second of many more to come. Keep an eye on Avaware for the latest news! Buy NFT

Avaware’s Roadmap 2022

Avaware’s Updated Roadmap 2022 It’s been two and a half months since the last Avaware roadmap update, and in the crypto universe that’s an eternity. It’s been on schedule and the project continues to grow at an incredible pace, so it’s time for an update on where things stand here. By the end of last year the focus was on the creation and development of Avaware’s stablecoin, $AUSD, which is now fully operational. Along with this, we were also looking to grow in the stablecoin farming sector, especially now that there are more and more different ones circulating and it is necessary to have different points of liquidity. The year 2022 started with the launch of the new flagship product: Embr Finance, a next-generation DeX that combines the best of Balancer V2, Curve pools and Uniswap swap routing. The $EMBR token has been launched from Avaware both public and private pre-sale via NFTs, plus the possibility to generate it as a yield if you stake AVE on Avaware’s Launchpad. The next big step for Embr will be the creation of xEMBR, a special way of staking that will be released very soon. Important things planned for Q1 of 2022 are:There has been and continues to be work on improving the UI, an upgrade for the NFTs section, as well as the creation of an Analytics page for Avaware. Our system is now tracking a number of data points and the UI for the analytics page will be ready soon.The creation of a ‘Swap Aggr...

Avaware Embr.Finance IFO Launchpad Event: 45 Days Left!

Embr.Finance Launchpad Event Is Still Going! Its been 45 days since we launched the Embr.Finance IFO launchpad event on Avaware.Network, that means we’re half way done! There are a total of 250k EMBR being distributed through the IFO event that is spread out over 90 days, the more AVE you stake the more EMBR you will receive. Visit the Launchpad page on Avaware.Network to participate!Embr.Finance IFO on Avaware.Network Simply stake your AVE, there is no risk of IL since you aren’t creating any LP. This is great if you’re looking for a way to compound your AVE rewards. Simpy take your rewards and stake them in the IFO to start earning EMBR. Then you can compound your Launchpad rewards and AVE farming rewards into AVE/EMBR EPT for even more earnings! -meta Avaware’s

Avaware Avalanche Friend NFT Event! AVME

New Avalanche Friends NFT! Welcome AVME to our Avalanche Friends NFT collection! Each NFT can be staked in our NFT staking pool, can be bought and sold on our NFT marketplace, and also are each loaded with 160 AVME each (72 $AUSD at time of writing) that can be claimed immediately! 80% (8k AUSD) of the proceeds went towards market buying our new Avalanche Friend AVME’s token. We did this ahead of time so we could fund the NFT. 8,000 AUSD was used to market buy AVME on Pangolin and that got us 16,200 AVME. We rounded that off to 16k and divided it amongst the 100 NFT holders. You can immediately claim your 160 AVME ($72 AUSD) once you purchase the NFT via the Avaware NFT wallet on our site. The other 20% of the NFT sale will be used to market buy AVE and fund the giveaways to raise awareness about both Avaware, and AVME. This is a great chance for our Avaware investors who haven’t yet invested in AVME to jump in and get a some AVME, as well as a new Avalanche Friends NFT. Buy The NFT! Avaware on Twitter AVME on Twitter


Go Pocket, Multi-chain Wallet Focusing On Real-time Security Services, I...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The multi-chain safe wallet Go Pocket was officially open-sourced on GitHub on March 4th. It has now realized multiple user-oriented security functions including one-click security detection, risky token submission and identification, real-time risk monitoring and management. Open Source Announcement Go Pocket Mobile App is open sourced! 6 reasons to choose Go Pocket crypto wallet OPEN-SOURCE User-Oriented Non-Custodial One-Click Security Detection Risky Token Submission Real-Time Risk Monitoring and Management — Go Pocket (@gopocketwallet) March 4, 2022 Go Pocket is a non-custodial wallet that provides comprehensive, real-time, and scenario-based security services for crypto investors. It blocks malicious attacks and effectively protects users' assets by virtue of proactive and comprehensive risk management strategies. Out of excellent security protection, Go Pocket is also featured with a user-friendly interface and NFT management.   As a crypto wallet, the Go Pocket token security function is powered by Go+ security API, which develops a complete, dynamic and automatic security detecting platform, including token detection, real-time risk warning, dApp contract security, and interaction security. Go+ security API has also supported Arbiproject for projects security reference on Arbitrum and AVE DEX for token security detection. About Go+ Security Go+ Security is an open, permissionless, user-dri... read More

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