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ATOM Price:
$0.3 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ATOM today is $13.04 USD.

The lowest ATOM price for this period was $0, the highest was $13.04, and the current live price for one ATOM coin is $13.03951.

The all-time high ATOM coin price was $44.48.

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The code for Cosmos is #ATOM.

Cosmos is 6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cosmos is $3,110,247,293.

Cosmos is ranked #23 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very large daily trading volume on #ATOM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cosmos is $261,818,443.


The circulating supply of ATOM is 238,524,829 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


ATOM is the native coin for the Cosmos blockchain.

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ATOM is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 55 crypto exchanges.

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Biggest Movers: QNT Hits 6-Month High, ATOM Falls to 20-Day Low

    While crypto markets were mostly lower on Wednesday, quant rallied to a six-month high earlier in the day. Today's move came as the token broke out of a key resistance level, en route to its strongest point since March. Cosmos was another notable mover, dropping for a second straight session.Quant (QNT) Quant (QNT) rose to a six-month high on Wednesday, despite crypto markets mostly hovering in the red. Following a low of $122.08 on Tuesday, QNT/USD rallied to a hump-day high of $143.26 earlier in the day. The move came as prices raced past a key resistance point of $133.00, hitting their highest point since March 29 in the process. Shortly after the breakout, we saw bears reenter the market, likely as a result of uncertainty spurred by earlier bulls who opted to close positions. As of writing, quant is currently trading below the aforementioned resistance point, with the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) also hitting a ceiling. Currently, the index is deep in overbought territory, and tracking at 70.47. Should bulls aim to take price higher, the ceiling of 71.00 on the RSI will need to be broken. Cosmos (ATOM) On the other side of the spectrum, another notable mover on Wednesday was cosmos (ATOM), which fell by as much as 10%. ATOM/USD slipped to a low of $12.69 earlier in today's session, breaking out of a key support point of $13.40 in the process. This decline pushed cosmos to its lowest point since September 8, days after the token rallied from a support of $11.55 ... read More

Cosmos Struggles With $17 As Price Heads Into Distribution Phase

    ATOM struggles to break $17 as the price gets rejected. The price of ATOM enters the distribution phase on a daily timeframe. ATOM's price needs to hold the key support at $12 to maintain a bullish structure. Hidden bearish divergence resurfaces in the 4H timeframe. Cosmos (ATOM) has been the major player of the current relief bounce, with price rallying from a region of $6 to $17, with many paying so much attention to its ecosystem as this could prove to be a major player also in the bull run. The price of Cosmos (ATOM) showed so much strength, holding pretty well against tether (USDT) as the market continued to decline in price. Cosmos (ATOM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Despite a decline in its price from $45 to $6, over 70% decline from its all-time high, the price of ATOM showed great strength as price bounced from its weekly low of $6, rallying to a high of $17 before facing a rejection to break above that region to higher heights. The price of ATOM on the weekly chart looks strong despite seeing more sell orders lately as the price continues to hold. For ATOM to resume, its bullish sentiment price needs to rally and break above $17, as this has proven to be a resistance to ATOM prices. ATOM's price is trading at $14.3 below its resistance; the price of ATOM needs to hold above $12 to avoid the price from going lower due to the sell-off. If the price of ATOM holds this region, there could be more belief of a rally to its resistance at $17 and possibly break... read More

Cosmos ATOM Also Loses Its Gains As Market Fluctuates Heavily

    ATOM remained an exception to the general downtrend of the crypto market for a couple of days as it continued to gain despite heavy price fluctuations of other tokens. The Ethereum Merge took place successfully on September 15th, marking a historic moment in the history of crypto. However, just as some analysts predicted, it did not result in a spike as optimists have forecasted. In fact, most cryptos, including ETH, and BTC, experienced a downturn at the same time. Despite the extreme market fluctuations, ATOM continued to glide upward, gaining up to 20% in 48hours. ATOM is trading around $17 dollars at the time of writing, close to 20% above its $14 price 48 hours before. The Cosmos native token has been experiencing its up and downs in an ever-ascending trendline, unlike the wider market. ATOM Gains Were Due To IBC and Staking Opportunities The recent gains lead back to the influx of protocols migrating to the Cosmos blockchain. After the crash of the Terra ecosystem, several projects rebuilt their operations on Cosmos Hub. Consequently, each project adds value to ATOM by participating in the inter-blockchain security system IBC. Cosmos also offers staking opportunities with a lucrative APY of close to 18%. Furthermore, the network is introducing different utilities into its ecosystem, which will increase the value of ATOM going forward. One of these is the liquidity staking the protocol is ready to launch. Additionally, protocols on Cosmos are preparing to launch their ow... read More

Cosmos (ATOM) In Green While Entire Market Bleeds

    A day after the much-anticipated Merge, many cryptocurrencies have lost more than they gained. The entire market is red, and even the top performers are not showing signs of price gains. Many investors predicted a downtrend reversal after Ethereum's upgrade to a proof-of-stake mechanism.  But right now, the reverse is the case. For instance, the number one crypto has remained red in its 1 hour, 24 hours and 7 days price gains. ETH's price is currently at $1,451.49, showing a move away from the previous $1700+. The Merge hasn't resulted in the price push as many expected.  But while many cryptos are recording pullbacks in prices, Cosmos ATOM has continued its gains.  Cosmos ATOM Gains Amid Price Crash   Cosmos ATOM price currently stands at $16.16 after adding 11.49% in the last 24 hours. The coin ranks number 20 on the CoinMarketCap crypto ranking. ATOM has recorded some price growth in this period, even when others struggle.  Its price chart today, September 16, showed a continuous rise in green. There were some dips, but not to the red zone. For instance, ATOM's price stopped at $14.65 on September 15. This morning, it rose to $14.73 and continued climbing until its current price of $16.16 at press time.  Analysts studying the price movement have noted that ATOM highs and lows remained within the ascending channel trendlines. Also, the price recorded a bull break outside the channel and tapped a 200-day moving average before correcting to the m... read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM Moves Closer to 4-Month High, LINK Also Higher

    Cosmos was once again in the green, as the token moved closer to a four-month high during Friday's session. Prices rose past a key resistance level during the day, as bullish sentiment continued to rise. Chainlink also traded higher, as prices surged for a third straight session.Cosmos (ATOM) Cosmos (ATOM) continued to trade higher on Friday, as the token moved closer to a multi-month high. ATOM/USD rose to an intraday high of $16.25 in today's session, pushing prices above a key resistance level in the process. The aforementioned ceiling is the $16.15 level. The move comes less than 24 hours after prices were trading at a low of $14.40. Friday's surge takes the token closer to last Friday's peak of $17.20, which was the highest point for ATOM since May 9. As seen from the chart above, the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) is tracking at the 65.00 mark, which has historically been a level of resistance. If cosmos were to recapture, and surge past last week's high, then the likelihood of ATOM moving above $17.20 would exponentially increase. Chainlink (LINK) Like ATOM, chainlink (LINK) also rose for a third consecutive session on Friday, as bulls continued to push prices toward a key resistance level. Following a low of $7.07 on Thursday, LINK/USD raced to an intraday high of $7.77 earlier in the day. This peak pushed the token closer to its long-term price ceiling of $8.05, which is the level LINK was trading at to start the week. However, following disappointing inflat... read More

Biggest Movers: LEO Hits 1-Week High, ATOM Rebounds From Recent Declines

    UNUS SED LEO rose to a one-week high on Thursday, as prices rebounded following a three-day losing streak. Another token which rebounded in today's session was cosmos, which climbed higher following five straight days of declines. Overall, crypto markets are down 1.09% as of writing.UNUS SED LEO (LEO) UNUS SED LEO (LEO) rebounded on Thursday, following three straight days of lower lows. Following a bottom of $4.73 on Wednesday, LEO/USD rallied to an intraday peak of $5.23 in today's session. However, Thursday's rally came as LEO bulls pushed prices higher, following the earlier breakout of a $4.80 support point. Today's peak is the strongest point the token has hit in the last week, and comes as a ceiling was broken within the relative strength index (RSI). As of writing, the 14-day RSI is tracking at 50.22, following a move past its resistance point of 48.11. Should this momentum continue throughout the week, bulls will likely look at exiting around a price point of $5.40 which has historically acted as a ceiling. Cosmos (ATOM) After five straight days of declines, cosmos (ATOM) rose higher on Thursday, as the token also rebounded. ATOM/USD hit a peak of $14.75 in today's session, as bulls rejected a breakout of a key support point. Bearish sentiment had threatened ATOM, with prices at $13.30 on Wednesday, however traders saw this as an opportunity to buy the dip. It was only last Friday, September 9, that cosmos was trading at a four-month high of $17.20, and it appears ... read More

ATOM Maintains 'Market's Biggest Mover' Tag, Sustains 4-Month High

    Cosmos’ native crypto continues its bullish run up to a 40% bullish gain while other cryptos ebb and flow; NEAR follows with a multi-week high. The native coin of Cosmos protocol, ATOM continues to move upward, hitting new highs every day. At the time of writing, the crypto is trading at $14 after briefly hitting $16 earlier today. It had hit a 4-month high of $13.92 on Thursday amidst the broader crypto market bounce back. That was after the Wednesday dip when ATOM price dropped to just below $12. Ever since the $6 dip in the middle of June, Cosmos token (ATOM) has been on an upward gliding triangle. Most of these sites opined that it would have to break its Relative Strength Index (RSI) barrier to achieve that. According to them, this hurdle would appear as a ceiling at 63.30.  However, ATOM cleared the barrier early this morning, trading at $16 before dropping to its current price, $14. This bullish run makes it a 40% gain ($10) within the space of 3 months. Other Cryptos Rally in The Wake of Sell-odd On Wednesday Additionally, this event comes alongside the wider market rallying from the ongoing massive crypto sell-off. The increasing strength of the dollar impacted crypto values negatively, causing a considerable market sell-off. This drove the price of tokens, like Ethereum Classic and  Aave, to drop dangerously. ETC dipped by 12%, while Aave dropped by 7% on Tuesday. Another crypto Celsius fell by 11% as well. However, by Wednesday afternoon, the affect... read More

Cosmos (ATOM) struggles To Stay Bullish, Is $20 Still Possible?

    Cosmos (ATOM) has maintained so much bullish sentiment topping the charts in the crypto space; despite pullbacks across the market, Cosmos (ATOM) would recover with good volume and rally higher. The price has been faced with resistance on the weekly chart and has shown weakness as much doubt sets in if the price can reclaim the price of $20. (Data from Binance) Cosmos (ATOM) Token Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Weekly ATOM Price Chart | Source: ATOMUSDT On ATOM saw a decline in its price from $45 to around $6, with an over 70% drop from its all-time high despite having good fundamentals. The price of ATOM bounced off after touching a weekly low of $6, and the price rallied to $17, showing some great strength. The price of ATOM on the weekly chart showed great strength rallying to $17 with strong volume, but the price was faced with major resistance at $17 on the weekly chart. ATOM failed to flip this weekly resistance into support as the price has maintained a decline but above its bullish trendline support. For the price of ATOM to trend higher price needs to flip the weekly resistance into support and close above $17; if the price of ATOM fails to rally back to this region, we could see the price of ATOM retesting its support of $12. The price of ATOM could retest its weekly support of $12, which is a healthy retracement. So far, the support of that region holds the price of ATOM from sell-off, and this would be a good zone for more buy orders, an... read More

Cosmos Touches Highest Point Since May As ATOM Expands 25%

    Cosmos (ATOM) has managed to soar by 25% which is considered its highest point since the coin traded at around $15.70 on May 8. ATOM’s trading volume spikes by 89% in past 24 hours Cosmos’ NFT volume surged to $778,000 as seen on September 7 Cosmos 2.0 triggers 40% price pump for ATOM Even though the recent figures are far from ATOM’s ATH seen at $44.45, the latest developments seem to have revived investor trust and confidence. ATOM’s trading volume has also increased by 89% in the past 24 hours. However, ATOM’s dilemma is how to rally by taking the lead from the crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC). Based on ATOM’s on-chain metrics, it seems that there is no disparity between the negative and positive sentiments. It shows a balance with only a little difference spotted at 0.188, with the positive sentiment being 9.531. The negative sentiment remains at 9.413. NFT volume for Cosmos has spiked to $778,000 as observed on September 7.   5 Unique Wallet Addresses Buy ATOM NFTs The unique wallet addresses that purchased ATOM NFTs increased to five. On the other hand, both these metrics decreased while ATOM was in its glory in price hikes. More so, total NFT volume has nosedived to roughly $223,000 a few days ago, and at that time, the unique wallet addresses were limited to two. Judging by the four-hour chart of ATOM/USDT, the coin may hover in the green lane for the short term. This assumption was validated by ATOM’s 20 EMA going ove... read More

Biggest Movers: SHIB Hits 3-Week High, ATOM up by Over 20% Today

    Shiba inu moved to a three-week high on Friday, as crypto markets surged during today's session. Markets were mainly in the green, as bullish sentiment returned to end the week. Cosmos was a notable mover once again, as the token rose by over 20% today.Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shiba inu (SHIB) rebounded during Friday's session, as prices rallied following a recent spell of consolidation. SHIB/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.00001379 on Friday, as prices broke out of two consecutive resistance points. The first ceiling that SHIB rose past was the $0.00001290 level, which has been in place since late August. Following this, bullish momentum intensified, with the token surging towards another resistance level of $0.00001380. Overall, shiba inu is now trading at its highest point since August 26, when prices were above $0.00001400. As of writing, some of today's earlier gains have eased, as the relative strength index (RSI), moved closer to an obstacle at the 54.00 mark. Cosmos (ATOM) Cosmos (ATOM) was higher for a third straight session, as prices rose to a fresh four-month high this afternoon. Following a rally beyond its ceiling of $13.35 during yesterday's session, ATOM/USD hit a high of $16.23 earlier today. Today's move sees ATOM climb to its highest point since May 7, and comes as the token has now risen by nearly 30% in the past two days. Looking at the chart, the RSI is now tracking at 72.23, which is deep in overbought territory. Overall, price strength is now at its stro... read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM Hits 4-Month High, NEAR up 10% on Thursday

    Cosmos moved to a four-month high in today's session, as crypto markets rebounded following Wednesday's sell-off. Prices of the token broke out of a key resistance point this afternoon, reaching the milestone. Near protocol was another notable mover, as it hit a three-week high.Cosmos (ATOM) Cosmos (ATOM) raced to a four-month high this afternoon, as prices of the token broke out of a key price point. Following a low of $11.98 on Wednesday, ATOM/USD rose by nearly $2.00 in today's session, hitting a high of $13.92 in the process. Thursday's rally comes as the token raced past its ceiling of $13.35, en route to its highest level since May 11. Looking at the chart, ATOM has been in an ascending triangle since hitting a low of $5.62 in mid-June. Bulls of the token now look as if they could be targeting the $15.00 mark, which would see the token rise by almost $10.00 in just under two months. In order to achieve this milestone, the token will need to overcome a hurdle on its relative strength index (RSI), which will come in the form of a ceiling at 63.30. Near Protocol (NEAR) Another notable gainer on Thursday was near protocol (NEAR), which rallied to a multi-week high earlier in the day. NEAR/USD was able to reach a peak of $4.63 today, as prices rose for a second consecutive session. Unlike cosmos, which moved past its own price ceiling, near protocol was unable to break out of its resistance, after almost colliding with the $4.65 level. As of writing, prices are at $4.60, ... read More

ATOM Price Show Signs Of Exhaustion, Following 3-Month Uptrend

    Cosmos (ATOM) has managed to pull it off despite the decline in demand due to a bearish market. Altcoin rallied by 27% in the past week Cosmos’ integration with DOT, ETH to trigger a spike in demand ATOM price experiences exhaustion ATOM has been remarkably bullish since June and in fact, dubbed to the one top-performing cryptocurrencies in the past three months. The altcoin was on a bull run as seen in the past week, rallying by as much as 27%, following its rebound from the ascending support line. In the face of an upswing, ATOM is showing signs of a pullback especially since it appear to be hovering within the key resistance zone as of late. Could ATOM be nearing its exhaustion phase? Is it time to throw in the towel? ATOM Facing Bearish Retracement ATOM has suffered a massive drop in May as it tested its resistance zone. The altcoin was not able to move past the key resistance level on August 24 and 25. As it is, Cosmos seems to be pushing through hurdles at the same level for the past few days. As of press time, the crypto is experiencing a bearish retracement. According to CoinMarketCap, the crypto's price has nosedived by 6.19% or trading at $11.84. However, it’s selling activity remains incredibly low which might be connected to the updates or developments going on within the Cosmos network. There is a huge possibility that this can increase the demand for ATOM. Regardless, ATOM looks promising and healthy for long-term alongside the rest of the other c... read More

ATOM Expands Over 25% In Last Week, Keeps Bullish Run Since Mid-June

    Cosmos (ATOM) has been a top-performer and exhibited a bullish fervor for the past couple of months, or since June.         ATOM up by 25% in the past seven days         Cosmos network collaborations such as with Polkadot is likely to increase demand         ATOM price up by .04% as of press time ATOM’s bullish streak has lingered on for the past week, showing a price pump of over 25%. The crypto rallying for the past week happened after its successful rebound from the ascending support line. Despite the bullish momentum, ATOM could potentially go through a slippery slope. This may happen due to the fact that the coin is currently trading around its key resistance level. The crypto was able to test its key resistance level in May following an eclipse or crash. Cosmos failed to move past the key resistance zone present on August 24 and 25; respectively. More so, ATOM has also experienced some hurdles present at that price level as seen in the past four days. ATOM May Swerve Towards Bearish Detour According to CoinMarketCap, ATOM price is up by 0.04% or trading at $12.83 as of this writing. ATOM seems to be swerving up and down validating a bearish detour. As of press time, ATOM is looking like it’s heading towards a bearish retracement. Further, the altcoin’s selling pressure is considerably low which could be due to Cosmos’ overhaul of its delegation strategy. The low selling pressure can a... read More

Cosmos ATOM Breaks Above Key Resistance – Eyes $16

    Cosmos (ATOM) ranged in a wedge against Tether (USDT) as it builds more strength to break above the $12 key resistance. The price of Cosmos ATOM has shown bullish strength as the price breaks above resistance after ranging for days. (Data from Binance) Cosmos ATOM Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Weekly ATOM Price Chart | Source: ATOMUSDT On From the chart, the price of ATOM saw a weekly low of $6.2, which bounced from that area and rallied to a price of $12, marking ten weeks of bullish strength from ATOM.  ATOM weekly candle closed with a bullish sentiment, with the new week's candle looking bullish for price recovery.  The price has continued to gain traction; despite Bitcoin's (BTC) retracement, ATOM has shown great strength in breaking out of the price range.  If the price of ATOM on the weekly chart maintains this structure, it could quickly trend higher to a region of $16, acting as the weekly resistance for the price. read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM up 12% on Tuesday, as NEAR Snaps Losing Streak

    Cosmos was a notable gainer on Tuesday, as prices of the token rose by as much as 12% in the day. Today's surge sees the cryptocurrency climb for a third straight day, hitting a five-day high in the process. Near protocol was also in the green, as it rebounded following recent declines.Cosmos (ATOM) Cosmos (ATOM) was one of Tuesday's big gainers, as prices of the token surged by as much as 12%. Following a low of $10.25 to start the week, ATOM/USD rallied earlier today, hitting a high of $11.93 in the process. Today's peak sees ATOM climb higher for a third straight session, hitting its highest level since August 18 in the process. Looking at the chart, today's move came as the token briefly broke out of a key resistance level of $11.55. As of writing, ATOM continues to trade above this ceiling, however earlier gains have faded, with price currently at $11.56. Overall, it appears as if previous bulls have turned bearish, liquidating their positions shortly after today's breakout. Near Protocol (NEAR) In addition to cosmos, near protocol (NEAR) was also in the green in today's session, as prices rebounded following recent losses. NEAR/USD rallied to an intraday peak of $4.41 on Tuesday, climbing over 8% higher than Monday's low. Yesterday saw NEAR briefly fall below its support point at the $4.10 level, however bulls rejected a full break, and instead bought the dip. Today's rebound in price comes as another rebound took place, on this occasion it was via the 14-day relativ... read More

Explore COSMOS With 1xBit

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] 1xBit continues to onboard projects and develop features to create a better user experience. Based on this commitment, COSMOS is now on 1xBit, and bettors can utilize this cryptocurrency for their payments, stake, and withdrawals. What is Cosmos? COSMOS bills itself as a project looking to democratize the cryptocurrency industry by focusing on demystifying blockchain technology. The protocol seeks to make it convenient for blockchain networks to interact seamlessly and reduce industry fragmentation. This is a notable feature in crypto betting. By making cryptocurrency and blockchain less complex, COSMOS fosters a culture of seamless adoption. This would significantly impact crypto betting as it widens the rate at which people enter the sportsbook space. A protocol such as COSMOS contributes to optimizing the crypto betting experience, moving us closer to the future. COSMOS is also developer-focused. It provides the framework to connect different blockchain layers, allowing developers to create blockchain applications. Most importantly, this protocol leverages open-source tools, making it convenient for developers to jump on the trend and create platforms for the future. The protocol also places a lot of power on users. For instance, users can become validators making key decisions on the platform. Other users can also earn rewards by delegating their tokens to validators. This process subtly compels validators to act in an honest fashi... read More

Biggest Movers: SHIB Rebounds on Saturday, as ATOM Moves Away From 3-Wee...

    Following three consecutive days of declines, shiba inu rebounded on Saturday, as the meme coin appears to have found a support point. Cosmos was also higher, in what has mostly been a bearish start to the weekend. As of writing, the global crypto market cap is down 1.31%.Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shiba inu (SHIB) was back in the green on Saturday, as the token rallied following three straight days of declines. The world's twelfth-largest cryptocurrency rose to an intraday peak of $0.00001397 to start the weekend. This came less than a day after prices of the meme coin were at a low of $0.00001270, which was below a key support point. Looking at the chart, this price floor was the $0.00001290 mark, however bulls resisted any further declines, pushing SHIB/USD back into the $0.00001300 region. As of writing, the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) is tracking at 52.13, which is marginally above a floor of 51.44. Should the index continue to climb, and move towards a ceiling of 58, then we may see SHIB move closer to $0.00001500. Cosmos (ATOM) Cosmos (ATOM) was also trading slightly higher to start the weekend, as it too recovered from a recent losing streak. Saturday saw ATOM/USD race to a high of $11.02, which is over $1.00 higher than yesterday's bottom below $10.20. Yesterday's bearish pressure was not enough to send ATOM below $10.00, with bulls returning to the market, after a brief move below a key support point. The floor at $10.65 was marginally broken on Friday, however se... read More

Cosmos Hub Soars Over 5% Within 24 Hours – ATOM Up 13% In Last Wee...

    Cosmos (ATOM) coin buyers have clasped on the $10 level as its support zone. Cosmos (ATOM) coin soars by over 5% as seen in the past 24 hours. ATOM still fluctuates wildly as observed in the upwards parallel channel. Coin's price has made impressive traction and surged by 13% in the past week. According to CoinMarketCap, ATOM is having a sweeping uptrend at $12.09 or an impressive spike of 4.46% as of this writing. Currently, ATOM’s ATH is set at $44.45 which means the bulls have to work a bit harder than usual to push the price further up. ATOM’s Trading Volume Spikes 102.0% In Past Week The daily chart shows the volatility and price movement for Cosmos Hub (ATOM). Currently, ATOM’s trading volume has spiked by 102.0% as seen in the past week. The total circulating supply or volume of ATOM has however dropped by 0.27%. As of now, ATOM ranks as the 28th largest crypto in terms of the market cap which is currently at $3.47 billion. It seems the bears moved away from ATOM as the bulls continue to drive the price higher. Cosmos Hub has had an impressive rally seen in the past couple of weeks due to aggressive buying pressure. ATOM coin is seen to be consistently moving upwards for the past few weeks. More so, the bulls were also re-energized after they revisited the coin’s support line. In the event that the buyers breach ATOM’s resistance zone, the buyers are optimistic about a 60% ROI in the coming days. Buyers are definitely pushing the price ... read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM, DOT Hover Below Key Resistance Levels on Saturday&...

    ATOM and DOT were trading in a sideways trend on Saturday, as crypto markets were mainly in consolidation mode to start the weekend. The majority of the cryptocurrency top 100 was marginally lower, as traders seemingly consolidated their gains from this week's action. Cosmos (ATOM) After almost ten consecutive sessions of higher highs, ATOM was consolidating to start the weekend, as traders seemingly secured gains. The token rose to an intraday top of $9.34 to start the weekend, as bulls continue to move towards the $10 mark. Saturday's moves comes less than a day from prices trading at a low of $8.93, to now on the cusp of a potential breakout. Over the last three weeks ATOM/USD has almost doubled in value, climbing from a floor of $5.48 on June 18, to its current point today. This rally came following a crossover of the 10-day and 25-day moving averages (MA), respectively, which enticed traders to take long positions. However, with the RSI now running into a wall at its 58.38 point, some of this momentum may slow, with traders instead taking profits, rather than maintaining open positions. Polkadot (DOT) Following a slow start to the day, DOT shook off market uncertainty to marginally rise during today's session. DOT/USD surged to a peak of $7.35 to start the weekend, which follows on from a low of $6.97 on Friday. Today's action now sees DOT moving closer to a ceiling of $7.50, a point it has not broken in the last ten days. Whilst prices have consolidated below this ce... read More

Umee building first native oracle for Cosmos blockchain network

    Umee, a cross-chain borrowing & lending platform built on the Cosmos SDK, announced today the development of Orion, the first decentralized price oracle native to the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem. The price oracle will allow applications to accurately determine the price of a Cosmos IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) asset at any given time, which is crucial to the smooth and secure operation of network applications. Built on the Umee blockchain, Orion will ensure that interchain DeFi apps are able to access real-time price data from both on-chain and off-chain sources. Until now, Cosmos builders have only had access to limited price information, which has generally been concentrated in smaller feeds on select protocols. This can make real-time asset prices imprecise and pose a threat if any of the limited price feeds are overwhelmed or breached. As a decentralized oracle service, Orion will address these vulnerabilities and shortcomings by using a permissionless set of validators that collect and aggregate price data. The protocol will synchronize price information between chains while computing volume-weighted average prices via a commit-reveal schema that penalizes validators for submitting incorrect data. “We are excited to spearhead the effort to build out the critical infrastructure for a decentralized price feed that can be utilized by everyone across the Cosmos ecosystem. Orion solves a key problem and will make the Cosmos ecosystem even safer for users and mor... read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM Approaches 1-Month High, While MATIC Hits 1-Week Hi...

    ATOM was fast approaching a one-month high during Tuesday's session, as bullish momentum continued to rise following recent gains. This move comes as MATIC also climbed higher, hitting its highest level since June 29 in the process. Cosmos (ATOM) ATOM was trading higher on Tuesday, as prices rose to a multi-week high earlier in today's session. The token rose to an intraday peak of $9.27 following yesterday's July 4 celebrations, where prices hit a low of $8.14. Today's peak sees ATOM/USD hit its highest point since June 9, as prices made their way down below the $10 mark. However, following recent gains, ATOM may be set to once again climb above $10, as bullish pressure continues to intensify. Although recent momentum has been higher, following today's high, gains somewhat eased, with some opting to exit rather than push for further gains. This uncertainty came as prices hit a resistance point at $9.10, which hasn't been broken in nearly four weeks. Polygon (MATIC) MATIC has once again made the news for being a notable mover, as prices continue to move away from last week's low. Prices hit a bottom of $0.4218 on Friday, however, they surged to an intraday peak of $0.5325 earlier in today's session. This is the highest point MATIC/USD has reached since June 29, and comes as the $0.4375 support point has stabilized. Looking at the chart, today's surge also comes following a breakout of the 45.50 ceiling on the 14-day RSI. As of writing, the Relative Strength Index is trac... read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM up for Fourth Straight Session, While XTZ Rebounds ...

    Cosmos rose for a fourth consecutive session to start the weekend, as prices edged closer to a resistance point. While cosmos (ATOM) extended gains, tezos (XTZ) rebounded following a streak of recent losing sessions, with bulls seemingly buying this weeks' dip. Cosmos (ATOM) Cosmos (ATOM) extended its recent bullish run on Saturday, as prices have now risen for four consecutive sessions. The token rose to an intraday peak of $8.33 to start the weekend, as prices have so far increased by over 12% in today's session. This latest move saw ATOM/USD move closer to its resistance level of $8.90, which seems to be the last remaining hurdle in the way of the $10 level. As of writing this, prices have fallen from earlier highs, with ATOM now trading at $8.12, which is still 11.75% higher than Friday's low at $7.29. Looking at this chart, today's gains began to ease as the 14-day RSI indicator hit a ceiling at 51, and is currently tracking at 49. Following a four day win streak, bulls seem to be securing gains, however we could see this run continue, should relative strength pass its currency resistance level. Tezos (XTZ) On the other side of the spectrum, the tezos XTZ token had fallen for four consecutive sessions prior to today's rally. Following a low of $1.34 on Friday, XTZ/USD rose to an intraday high of $1.45 to start the weekend. This surge in price, which currently sees XTZ trading nearly 8% higher, came as bulls bought the token at its recent support level near $1.33. Foll... read More

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Swells 12% – Can It Breach Resistance?

    The price of Cosmos (ATOM) has not been left behind by the present cryptocurrency rally. ATOM is currently trading at $7.66, its highest price since the middle of this month. Since its low point in June, the token's value has increased by about 40 percent. ATOM is currently positioned to surpass $8.4 resistance, which may solidify a bullish trend. The token also reached its highest level in 11 days on Thursday, as prices increased for the fifth straight session. Since the broader crypto market has been in a sea of red recently, ATOM has followed suit. After a dismal 10-week weekend, though, buyers are observing some encouraging signs. Cosmos (ATOM) Hosts dydx On Its Platform A lot of attention has been paid to $ATOM with the revelation by dydx that they will be building their V4 blockchain on the Cosmos platform. Suggested Reading | Stepn GST Token Slides 97% – Despite Fitness App Having 3M Users In their disclosure, dydx praised Cosmos. They said that the V4 protocol's most crucial characteristic is its total decentralization. The V4 protocol contains a fully decentralized, off-chain orderbook and matching engine. The Cosmos platform, according to dydx, allows them to expand to a substantially higher number of orders and cancellations per second. Cosmos is one of the largest and most significant blockchain-based platforms. It employs the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol to guarantee that different cryptocurrencies can connect with one another. ATOM total ... read More

Crypto exchange AscendEX adds new leveraged tokens: OP, SOL, FTM, SHIB, ...

    AscendEX, a full-stack cryptocurrency exchange platform, has informed completing the addition of 7 new leveraged tokens for trading: OP, SOL, FTM, SHIB, ATOM, SAND, and PEOPLE. Check below for details of the new tokens: Leveraged Token 3X Leverage Long 5X Leverage Long 3X Leverage Short 5X Leverage Short OP OP3L/USDT - OP3S/USDT - SOL SOL3L/USDT SOL5L/USDT SOL3S/USDT SOL5S/USDT FTM FTM3L/USDT FTM5L/USDT FTM3S/USDT FTM5S/USDT SHIB SHIB3L/USDT SHIB5L/USDT SHIB3S/USDT SHIB5S/USDT ATOM ATOM3L/USDT ATOM5L/USDT ATOM3S/USDT ATOM5S/USDT SAND SAND3L/USDT SAND5L/USDT SAND3S/USDT SAND5S/USDT PEOPLE PEOPLE3L/USDT PEOPLE5L/USDT PEOPLE3S/USDT PEOPLE5S/USDT Leveraged tokens offer traders increased exposure to an underlying asset. Leveraged tokens aim to amplify the returns of the underlying asset at a higher ratio such as 2:1, 5:1, etc. For example, if the asset price increases by 1%, the 2x (2:1) leveraged token would increase by 2%. The post Crypto exchange AscendEX adds new leveraged tokens: OP, SOL, FTM, SHIB, ATOM, SAND, PEOPLE appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

Biggest Movers: ATOM Falls Towards Multi-Week Low, as GRT Extends Recent...

    ATOM fell towards a three-week low on Thursday, as crypto markets were victim to yet another red wave. Overall, markets are down nearly 5% as of writing, with GRT dropping by almost 10% lower on the day. Cosmos (ATOM) ATOM dropped towards a three-week low during Thursday's session, as global crypto markets were nearly 5% lower. Following a peak of $10.46 on hump-day, ATOM/USD slipped to an intraday low of $9.23 earlier in today's session. This move sees ATOM back to its long-term support level of $9.30, which has mainly been holding firm since May 12. However, with prices currently under a significant amount of descending pressure, this floor could be tested in upcoming days. An early test will be how the 14-day RSI will react in the next few days, as price strength currently hovers marginally above a floor of 34. Should this level give way, then bears will likely continue to pressure prices, pushing them to further lows in the process. The Graph (GRT) Another token to fall by over 10% on Thursday was GRT, which dropped for a second straight session. Despite going on a run of four sessions in the green, prices of GRT have dropped in the last two days, with today's move taking price close to its floor. GRT/USD hit an intraday low of $0.1414 today, which is over 10% lower than Wednesday's peak of $0.164. As a result of today's decline, prices are now nearing the support level of $0.1320, which hasn't been hit since May 27. This comes as the momentum of the moving averages ... read More

Biggest Movers: AVAX and ATOM Over 10% Lower on Thursday

    AVAX was one of the biggest movers in crypto markets on Thursday, as prices fell by over 10%, hitting a two-week low in the process. ATOM was also trading in the red, with its value dropping by as much as 13% in the day. Avalanche (AVAX) AVAX was one of today's biggest losers, as prices fell by over 10% on Thursday, pushing them to a two-week low. Following a low of $23.72 during Wednesday's session, AVAX/USD climbed to a peak of $28.54 earlier in the day. Today's drop saw AVAX hit its lowest point since May 12, and comes as its recent support point of $29.20 was broken. Prices now seemed to have found a lower floor at the $24.10 level, which is not far off from a ten-month low of $22.30. Looking at the chart, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is tracking below 30, after its ceiling of 32 was held earlier in the week. This has resulted in an increase of bearish strength, and an extension of an almost six-week down cycle. So far, the latest floor has held somewhat firm, and bulls will potentially look to use it to push prices back towards resistance at $28. Cosmos (ATOM) ATOM also dropped by double digits on Thursday, as it too fell below its recent price floor during today's session. The floor of $10.00 was broken as prices of ATOM/USD fell to an intraday low of $9.37, which, like AVAX, is also a two-week low. Thursday's drop follows a high of $10.90 during yesterday's session. However, following four consecutive sessions of declines, prices are now in single digits. As c... read More

Cosmos creator and co-founder of Tendermint Jae Kwon launches NewTenderm...

    Effective today, All in Bits, Inc. DBA “Tendermint”, which rebranded to ‘Ignite” in February 2022, declared the creation of two independent entities - Ignite Inc. and NewTendermint Inc. The first entity, NewTendermint Inc., sees the return of the co-founder of the original Tendermint, Jae Kwon, holding the position of CEO. NewTendermint will focus on contribution to the Cosmos ecosystem core technology. The team will work on Kwon’s existing project,, the Tendermint2 project, and Cosmos SDK. is a smart contracting platform, designed especially for wide-scale developer adoption, with the ambition to ultimately compete with Ethereum. The second entity, Ignite Inc., is led by current CEO Peng Zhong and will continue on the growth path positioned since the official rebranding. Product development will remain the focus of this entity, with Ignite CLI and Emeris as flagship products, for developers and end-users respectively. Jae Kwon, CEO of NewTendermint states, “NewTendermint will lead the development of Tendermint2 and, which is the best contender to Ethereum. Ultimately, we want to provide this technology to the world, for everyone to benefit from publicly accountable DAOs and censorship-resistant communication.” With Ignite rapidly scaling in the past year, this split is aimed to ensure that all projects on the roadmap are given the right focus needed to progress for the benefit of the crypto industry. Peng Z... read More

Biggest Movers: SOL Slips Again as ATOM Drops 10% to Start the Weekend

    SOL was trading lower to start the weekend, as prices slipped on Saturday. This comes as bears re-entered the market following a week of consolidation. ATOM was one of the biggest movers, falling by 10%. Cosmos (ATOM) After climbing by over 15% on Friday, ATOM was one of the biggest losers on Saturday, as prices fell by over 10%. ATOM/USD followed up yesterday's peak of $12.12 by falling to an intraday low of $10.82 to start the weekend. The move comes as ATOM moved back towards its floor of $9.90, just as some were preparing for a rally towards $15.00. However, instead of this, we have seen ATOM move back towards a ten-day low, as bearish pressure pushed prices lower. Looking at the chart, the drop comes as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) failed to break out of a ceiling at 38. Markets will now likely continue to move around the current support point, prior to any further rallies or possible declines. Solana (SOL) SOL fell to ninth in the list of most valuable crypto tokens in the world, as markets were once again red to start the weekend. Following a peak of $52.11 on Friday, SOL moved lower, hitting an intraday low of $48.05 in the process. Saturday's sell-off sees ADA leapfrog solana to be the eighth most valuable token, as prices dropped by over 7% in today's session. Overall, prices are now trading closer to the long-term support level of $47, which is near a ten-month low. Looking at the chart, the 14-day RSI is now hovering around 34, which is below a resistance... read More

Cosmos (ATOM) Skyrockets 12% Following Bitcoin And Ethereum Recovery

    The crypto market is showing signs of recovery, and it seems Cosmos has also been pulled in the same direction with an increase of 12% in the last 24 hours. Cosmos (ATOM), the 27th biggest cryptocurrency, has a total market cap of $3.2 billion. ATOM, the token that fuels the Cosmos blockchain network, has been gaining a lot of traction with an increase of over 12.7% overnight. Currently, ATOM is trading at the price point of $11.45. Suggested Reading | Avalanche Crumbles More Than 16% As Crypto Landslide Continues ATOM Remains In Bear Territory  Even though the charts have been looking bullish, ATOM is still at a bearish stance with trades that plummeted by 74% compared to its all-time high record of $44.70 in September 2021. There has been a noticeable spike in ATOM’s trading volume that is evident in multiple exchanges. The total trading volume is at roughly $327 million in the past 24 hours, which is up by 11% in comparison to the previous day. What Is Cosmos? Cosmos refers to a decentralized network of blockchains that runs using the power of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) algorithms. More so, Cosmos also enables developers to create and innovate their own blockchains plus allows Blockchains that run on Cosmos to freely interact or engage with one another. Some of the major blockchains that run in the Cosmos are the Terra, Kadena, and Thorchain. Developer Incentives Following Terra’s Demise Injective, a decentralized blockchain that is focused on the d... read More

Biggest Movers: Cosmos Climbs 15%, as AAVE Nears a 10-Day High

    ATOM was trading over 15% higher on Friday, as prices rose for a second consecutive session. Today's rise took ATOM to its highest point since the start of the week, and comes as AAVE neared a 10-day high. Cosmos (ATOM) ATOM was one of the biggest movers in Friday's session, as price climbed to its highest point since the beginning of the week. Following a low of $10.55 on Thursday, ATOM/USD surged by over 15% on Friday, hitting a peak of $12.12 in the process. The move comes as ATOM used yesterday's support point of $9.90 as a springboard to these heights, following a huge bearish drop the day prior. Today's surge now sees prices approaching a ceiling of $12.35, which has been in place since May 11, following almost two weeks of declines. Looking at the chart, after breaking out of one resistance level of 34, the Relative Strength Index is now tracking at 38, which is close to another ceiling at 40. Should we see ATOM overcome this obstacle, then bulls will likely make a run toward the $15 mark during the course of the weekend. Aave (AAVE) AAVE also rose for the second session running, with Friday's gains pushing prices close to their highest level in nearly two weeks. Today's surge in AAVE/USD, which is also over a 10% climb, saw prices hit a peak of $97.38 less than 24 hours after trading at $86.41. Friday's top is the most AAVE has traded at since May 10, when prices dropped from highs above $120. As a result of the recent market consolidation, which has seen prices ... read More

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