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AR Price:
$25.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #AR today is $9.18 USD.

The lowest AR price for this period was $0, the highest was $9.18, and the current live price for one AR coin is $9.18191.

The all-time high AR coin price was $88.44.

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The code for Arweave is #AR.

Arweave is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Arweave is $402,403,015.

Arweave is ranked #89 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large today for #AR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Arweave is $25,477,058.


The circulating supply of AR is 43,825,615 coins, which is 66% of the total coin supply.


AR is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 29 crypto exchanges.

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Arweave Releases a Seal Of Permanence

Symbols are a powerful way to condense and translate ideas at scale — at Arweave we represent the idea of truly permanent censorship-resistant storage technology, and today, we are excited to marry the two. Before we introduce you to the seal of permanence, let’s first quickly recall an anecdote from the early days of PC adoption.Inside Intel The early 1990’s was a period of mass computer adoption by consumers worldwide. It was the first time that PCs were being purchased by a general ‘household’ consumer rather than computer-native programmers and developers, a relatively small community which had so far formed the bulk of PC demand. In such a transformative atmosphere, computer manufacturers using Intel processors almost universally adopt the ‘Intel Inside’ logo for display on their PC products. Why? There were two primary reasons:As the PC-market entered widespread adoption, it helped lay consumers make purchasing decisions based on quality assurances of a reliable product rather than having to learn the technical geekspeak that plagued computer sales of the time.The logo showed their existing customers that they cared deeply about the integrity and quality of their product and its components. Discerning customers in-turn rewarded these PC brands with their business and loyalty.A Gold Standard for Decentralized Storage The Arweave permanent storage protocol has become well-known in the NFT and digital art communities for being a decentralized and immutable permanent store for media, NFT and permaweb apps. Further, Arweave was lauded by Sotheby’s as ‘the most robust decentralized storage solution’ and has been adopted by seminal projects in this space such as BT’s Genesis.json and Jay Z’s Heir to the Throne NFT. When users click on a link that points to data stored on Arweave, whether it is media, an archived webpage, or a permaweb application, it just works. Any information or service stored on Arweave gives strong guarantees to the user that the content or application they are accessing will never change. That means if they come back to access it a year, or five, or even a hundred years from now, the data or service will exist and crucially, exist in its current form. Despite the prominence and growing adoption of web3 today, new entrants and lay consumers of digital art and decentralized applications have no easy way to ensure the constancy and integrity of the services and media they consume. Moreover, as web3 enters this new phase of mass consumer adoption, it is critical that we effectively communicate the benefits of decentralized networks without overwhelming users.Seal of Permanence This is why today we are releasing a new visual language that will allow developers and organisations using Arweave to easily portray to their users that their data or service is stored securely and permanently on Arweave. This is a powerful way to communicate the ideals of decentralized storage to consumers who may not necessarily be familiar with the immutability and integrity guarantees of blockchain technology. Here are the logos, in both dark and light versions (for use with contrasting backgrounds). If you’re a builder using Arweave for storage of any of your files or applications, we encourage you to use this seal within your application or website to communicate its permanence. The assets are available for download here — this also includes a placement guide for how to include these logos in your products and applications. Join existing applications like decentralized blogging platform and Solana Riptide winner Wordcel Club, web3 native DAO-community platform Metaforo and music NFT marketplace Releap in using this seal. Happy building!!!

Arweave permanent storage is now available on Avalanche

Interoperability with other smart-contract chains allows developers building on these platforms to leverage the unique permanent storage guarantees of Arweave. One such platform is Avalanche — a blazingly fast, low cost and eco-friendly smart contract chain. Avalanche is one of the fastest smart contracts platforms in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Avalanche is also the premier platform for individuals and enterprises to easily create powerful, reliable, and secure private or public networks with complete control over their implementation. These “Subnets” can be the foundation for the creation of new ecosystems of value in asset tokenization and regulated institutional use cases. We are pleased to announce that Arweave storage is now natively available on Avalanche. Arweave continues to be the staple solution for permanent storage in web3 applications. Any decentralized applications requiring truly long-term (or permanent) storage should use Arweave to store arbitrary amounts of data in its current, immutable form and be guaranteed its persistence and availability for well beyond 200 years. Users can now pay for permanent storage using Avalanche wallets and AVAX tokens. This opens a new design space for building truly decentralized applications on Avalanche, where everything from the UI to the smart contracts to the database is decentralized. Examples could include a full-stack decentralized social network, or an Avalanche version of Decentraland, only this time fully decentralized and immutable. This interoperability is enabled by the Bundlr Network — which operates as an aggregator on top of Arweave by collecting many pieces of data and submitting them to the Arweave network in a single base-layer transaction. This allows the bundlr to offer custom payment options for its own users by paying to the Arweave network in AR, but settling with its users in a currency of their choice. Thanks to bundlr, the one-time payment required for uploading is now possible to make using AVAX. If you have any permanent storage needs for your Avalanche application, you can now use this integration. Try building an app on avalanche today —, and store on Arweave using bundlr —

Arweave storage is now natively available in Polygon

Interoperability is an increasingly crucial topic within the blockchain space, as it expands the possible functionalities that blockchain networks can offer to their ecosystems once they are connected. Permanent and scalable storage on Arweave is one such functionality that other blockchains do not possess, but could unlock massive potential for applications on their networks. This is where Bundlr comes in. Bundlr Network is an aggregation system that collects and submits many pieces of data to the Arweave network in one single base-layer transaction. This unlocks unparalleled scalability of throughput for data transactions in the Arweave network, and but it also enables an exciting new capability: delegated payments. When users send transactions to the Bundlr Network, their payments to the Arweave network for storage are handled by their Bundlr node. The user and the Bundlr node are then free to organise their own mutually satisfactory payment mechanism. Enabling massively scalable bundled transactions (even with just AR payments) unleashed extraordinary growth in the Arweave ecosystem. To put this growth in perspective, the Arweave network is on track to process 15x as many data uploads in November as it did in August! The next phase of growth is now here: making Arweave’s storage capabilities universally accessible across all platforms, with any tokens. The first network we are excited to partner with on this journey is Polygon. Polygon is a super fast, ultra-low fee adjunct to Ethereum. This new integration of Arweave (via Bundlr Network) with Polygon allows users of the network to easily upload data to the Arweave network using tokens native to Polygon. Polygon is the leading interoperability platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to a range of scalable technologies, along with lower gas fees which attracts massive numbers of smaller transactions. This integration is live and ready for developers to use today via the resources here. The next step for this partnership is to roll this integration into all the wallets in the Polygon ecosystem, bringing these new capabilities directly to end-users. To accelerate these integrations Arweave, Polygon and Bundlr are thrilled to announce the launch of a $9,000 USD developer grant to bring these features into the wallets. Check out the specs here and get hacking! Grant 👉 Bundlr Network 👉 Polygon 👉

Arweave April 2021 Ecosystem Update: First Arweave conference, more NFTs, podcasts, & much more!

This month has seen incredible activity in the Arweave ecosystem, from even more NFT projects using the protocol, to the very first Arweave conference, to vital new tools like arkb being added to the protocol. Read on to learn more!ArConf#1 This month saw the very first Arweave conference, ArConf#1! This inaugural, invite-only event welcomed key figures from across the whole Arweave ecosystem. From developers & builders to end users & evangelists, many gathered for this capstone event rounding off our recent Open Web Foundry incubator programme. We kicked off the day with Founder Talks from leading ecosystem creators, hearing pitches from Foundry participants in the Demo Day session on everything from new NFT platforms to social media apps, and then rounded off the conference with a Jobs Fair! We’ll be covering the projects presented in this ecosystem update, but you can check out the whole event on YouTube now! Follow us on Twitter to learn more about future events and nab your own invite.Profit Sharing Community Updates th8ta The th8ta team is behind such innovative, ecosystem-leading tools such as Verto.Exchange and ArConnect. Here are updates from the team’s impressive work this month — for more updates, check out the team’s blog. ArConnect: Simple, secure Arweave wallet management toolLead Developer Marton Lederer delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here.The integration with ArDrive for page and PDF archiving using ArConnect is now live!UX improvement features added, including the ability to export & import your config settings simply & easilyAPI updates, including encryption support Verto.Exchange: Leading profit sharing token exchangeVerto Co-Founder Tate Berenbaum delivered a Founder Talk during ArConf#1 — watch the video here.Major codebase refactoring to the Verto protocol this month, significantly boosting security & stability.Development work is paving the way for massive speed improvements (over 100x!) and for an even better interface for other tokens that are not Arweave profit sharing tokens… Follow the team on Twitter for future exciting updates!Join the Verto team on Discord here. Sarcophagus: A decentralised dead man’s switchA fully-functional testnet is now available — you can help test out Sarcophagus on the testnet here.Mainnet development continues at pace, testing is now underway.Launch of the Aragon DAO.Stablecoin liquidity mining hit $4.5m TVL, up from an average of $1.5m over the past few months.The team participated in the Open World Collective Demo Day — watch the presentation here.Follow Sarcophagus on Twitter here, on Discord here, and on Telegram here. ArDrive: Offering permanent, immutable file storageEarn a share of ArDrive’s profit sharing token (#ↁ) by participating in the DUST usage mining programme. Find out how to participate today here.Learn more about the ArDrive PST, ↁ, here.ArDrive Founder Phil Mataras delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here.Follow Ardrive on Twitter here, join the team on Discord here. ArGo: Deploy to the permaweb in just one clickArGo Founder Prashant Maurya delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here.The team recently closed their seed fundraising round for $1.3mil. Congratulations to the team!ArGo was recently featured in Bitcoinist — read the article here.The team is working on further decentralisation of their deployed nodes, plus the ArGo version 2.0 design has been completed.Launch of a regular ask-me-anything (AMA) series, held on Tuesdays — follow Argo on Twitter to stay up-to-date.Check out this recent video about ArGo.Join ArGo on Discord here. Evermore: A powerful permaweb-based file storage toolRelease of an Arweave<>ETH NFT bridge here.The first ever NFT minted with Evermore, hosted on OpenSea, was quickly sold after its introduction.Release of a free NFT 3D print design for an Evermore drinks coaster, available to all.Follow Evermore on Twitter here, and join the Discord here. ArweaveNews: A community-run news service for the Arweave ecosystemThe ArweaveNews team is kindly offering to help showcase the work of Arweave ecosystem founders for free — if this applies to you, reach out to the ArweaveNews team now.Work has begun on an exciting new protocol… Stay tuned to ArweaveNews on Twitter to hear more soon. The Koi Protocol: A new framework for decentralized permaweb servicesThe Koi NFT portal is now live! Users can upload NFTs to and earn KOI tokens whenever they are viewed.Owners of NFTs from Kevin Abosch’s 1111 collection have a special surprise waiting for them on Follow Koi on Twitter to hear more.Founder Al Morris will be speaking at the OpenWeb Summit on May 14th, discussing all things NFTs — you can register for the free event here.The team will also be joining Coinlist Seed Day on May the 4th — register here.The team is now experimenting with uploads by proxy — stay tuned to the Koi blog, on Twitter, and on Discord to learn more soon. Pianity: Connecting artists, fans, and buyers by building permanent music NFTsThe first limited edition Pianity NFT was minted on Arweave this month — Rêverie.Released five new NFT drops for May Day!Pianity now accepts both crypto and credit card payments.Follow Pianity on Twitter here. A permaweb-based social network protocolFeatured in HackerNoon’s article, ‘A Distributed Serverless Blockchain-Based Cache System’.Released DIPD, a brand new, fully-decentralised, Arweave-based approach to how DAOs can vote on improvement proposals.Launched Friendzone, a new way to monetise users’ posts, plus added follow/unfollow and block/unblock features.Work on V2.1 has begun, including the migration to SmartWeave contracts so the DTL token is used to interact with the protocol directly.Follow on Twitter here. everFinance: A layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with virtually gasless transactions using ArweaveRelease of goar v1.0.0 — a very useful backend file upload/download client utilising the permaweb for storage.An article by everFinance Founder outprog on the ‘Evolution of the Blockchain Application Model Along with Changing Consensus’.Follow everFinance on Twitter here. Ecclesia: A social media platform focused on free speechEcclesia Founder Brennan Lamey delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here. Brennan also delivered a presentation for the Demo Day session, showcasing the Ecclesia platform itself — watch that video here.Following completion of the protocol design, the team is now expanding, and working on its first fundraising round.Follow Ecclesia on Twitter here.New on the Permaweb Making permanent data management simpleVia is an object document mapper facilitating permanent document storage with Arweave, allowing devs to interact with Arweave as you would with a traditional NoSQL database.Via presented in the ArConf#1 Demo Day session. Check out the video here.Join the Via beta list here.Follow Via on Twitter here, and join the Via Discord here. Ruddlys: A web 3.0 fine art auctioneer platform solving digital art scarcityRuddlys aims to harness the power of Arweave and NFT technology to create a virtual gallery space that you can visit to enjoy unique artworks found nowhere else.Ruddlys presented in the ArConf#1 Demo Day session. Check out the video here.Follow Ruddlys on Twitter here. 0pen School: Revolutionising education through gamified incentive-based learning mechanisms0pen School is an educational platform utilising token-based incentives and a ‘proof of knowing’ mechanism to empower students, teachers, and educators in industry, producing better outcomes for all.0pen School presented in the ArConf#1 Demo Day session. Check out the video here.Follow 0pen School on Twitter here, and join them on Discord here. Darkblock: Guaranteeing exclusive access to digital art with encryption & ArweaveDarkblock guarantees exclusive access to digital art using a decentralized encryption protocol built on top of Arweave.Darkblock presented in the ArConf#1 Demo Day session. Check out the video here.Follow Darkblock on Twitter here.Non-Fungible Tokens & Arweave As many of you will be aware, Arweave is rapidly becoming a leading solution for NFT minting, plus NFT asset and metadata storage. To learn more, check out this previous Guardian article and read about atomic NFTs. This month saw more NFT activity in the Arweave ecosystem:Mintbase began adding Arweave logos to NFTs minted on their platform. Learn why in this CoinDesk article by Brady Dale.Stunning generative NFT artwork project Solvency was recently launched, as a collaboration between Steve Klebanoff and Ezra Miller. All Solvency metadata and assets are stored on Arweave. Learn more from Steve here, and read Ezra’s essay here.The new PlottedPunks project generates a PlottedPunks NFT for each original CryptoPunk sold. Embedded NFC chips within the physical pieces are cryptographically linked back to your NFT and stored on the permaweb! Read more here.dCanvas, a collaborative pixel art board utilising NFTs also now utilises Arweave.The Arweave Network & Protocol Updates Arkb: A robust, cost-effective, & easy-to-use deployment tool for ArweaveRelease of arkb v1.1.0, on top of a new profit sharing community called Textury. New features include:Truly unlimited deployment — no limits on file size or number.Deploy to Arweave & IPFS simultaneously, including entire folders.Significant improvements to indexing mechanisms.You can choose to only deploy content from a folder that has never been deployed before, further reducing devs’ costs. Amplify: A faster, more powerful gateway implementation for ArweaveView the status of the Amplify node cluster here.Launch of Amplify v0.8.2, including:Radical performance improvements for tag-based queries, with multi-tier indices for both 64-character and 128-character queries.More detailed logging for index creation.Addition of Koi logging tools and endpoints.Updates to the migration script.In the wild: — Events. — Dystopia Labs’ Open Web Community Summit | May 16th-June 6th 2021Arweave Founder Sam Williams will be appearing to discuss NFTs, the permaweb, and more with digital artist Kevin Abosch, SuperRare’s Head of Community Louis Giraux, crypto artist Mr. Misang, and others.Get your free ticket here. — Articles. — Who Are the Fastest Growing Developer Communities in Crypto? | Decrypt — There’s Certified Fair Trade Coffee, So How About Certified and Persistent NFTs? | CoinDesk — — Podcasts. — Sam Williams’ appearance Non Fungible Podcast (NFP) with DKleine — Pay Once and Store Data Forever on Arweave with Sam Williams | The Delphi Podcast with Tom Shaunessey and Can Gurel — The Secrets of Token Design: Proof of Access and Profit Sharing Mechanisms with Sam Williams | Outlier Ventures podcast — — - Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest Arweave ecosystem news as it happens. If you’re a developer join us on Discord here, and if you’re a miner join us on the new mining Discord here! You can also join the buzzing unofficial, community-managed Arweavers Telegram group for discussion about anything Arweave-related here. See you on the permaweb! -arweave-te

Arweave Q1 2021 Ecosystem Update: NFTs, The Guardian, a new web wallet, new gateway, & much more!

This quarter has been astronomically busy for the whole Arweave ecosystem! In March alone, the network handled over 1 million transactions, and the storage endowment grew to over $550,000. The latest incubator programme, the Open Web Foundry, came to a close last week with over 500 participants. Plus, we have a raft of fantastic updates to share from the vibrant network of founders, including: Arweave’s unique offering for NFTs being showcased in the Guardian, the creation of atomic NFTs, ArConnect — a new MetaMask-style AR web wallet from the Verto team, and much, much more. There’s been so much activity so far in 2021, we’re trialling a stripped-down version of this ecosystem update! Give us your feedback here.Profit Sharing Community Updates The Verto.Exchange team: Leading profit sharing token exchangeLaunch of ArConnect, a simple and secure wallet management tool, including an ‘allowances’ feature providing a sleek, efficient web wallet experience.Introduction of an Ethereum<>AR bridge on Verto.ExchangeLaunch of Verto Space, an application to browse and trade NFTs with built-in attention rewards powered by the Koi protocol. Check out a tutorial here.Completion of Verto’s pre-seed fundraising round. Congratulations to the team!Introduction of $, a social network protocol focused on encouraging and growing meaningful social interactions on the permaweb. Learn how and why this was created from Verto Founder Tate Berenbaum.$ also provides a mechanism for community votes to indicate which version of a permaweb dapp a domain should point to. Check out cFrame here to learn more. community.XYZ: The profit sharing communities hubOver 70 profit sharing communities, and over 1000 atomic NFTs now call cXYZ home!Radical improvements in loading speed and UX, including significantly reduced fees and increased usability and transparency. ArDrive: Offering permanent, immutable file storageLaunch of ArDrive web version 1.0.1, including mobile supportRelease and approval of the first ArDrive Community Improvement ProposalTeam size growing to 10 full-time and part-time core ArDriversCollaboration and integration with Mask NetworkCited in the World Economic Forum Best Blockchain Use Cases 2020Formed a partnership with to host ArDrive gateway and node servers ArVerify: The ‘blue tick for the permaweb’Launch of the ArVerify tool, providing a ‘blue tick for the permaweb’An explosion of activity post-launch of ArVerify, leading to over 5,500 verifications so farOver $15k in profits distributed automatically to holders of ArVerify’s profit sharing token so far this yearImplementation of ArVerify with the ArConnect wallet from the Verto team ArGo: Deploy to the permaweb in just one clickOver 250 dapps and communities have been deployed using ArGo, by more than 200 usersArGo is awarded funds from Gitcoin Grants to support their workPartnership with Polygon (previously Matic), integrating ArGo’s permanent hosting solutionsCustom domain support is now available for your ArGo-deployed apps & sitesMany new features, including nextJS deployment integration, and streamlined redeployment processes fQR Weave: The permaweb’s immutable anti-counterfeiting solutionNew ‘Bring a Generator’ bounty programmeNew release of the fQR Weave SDKMany 1000s of fQR codes generated and integrated so far Evermore: A powerful permaweb-based file storage toolRelease of the Evermore app for MacOS, and a mobile-friendly web app, resulting in hundreds of new usersAfter becoming the first Arweave-based app to support minting & managing NFTs of all types (including music, images, & video), over 500 NFTs have been uploaded via Evermore to date.Learn more about the Evermore PSC and token here ArweaveNews: A community-run news service for the Arweave ecosystemArweaveNews has been transformed into a profit sharing communityLaunch of the ArweaveNews RSS feedHeld an on-chain AMA interview with Tate Berenbaum, the Founder of Verto.Exchange, and another with fQR Weave.The next on-chain AMA will be with the Pianity team — and you can contribute your questions now hereConducted traditional AMA interviews with the teams behind ArDrive, Ecclesia, and decent.landFollow along with the latest ArweaveNews on these platforms The Koi Protocol: A new framework for decentralized permaweb servicesPowering the trading of NFTs and attention rewards on top of the Arweave network with, in collaboration with the Verto team.Koi Founder Al Morris appeared on a panel at Outlier Ventures’ Diffusion Digital conference with Arweave Founder Sam Williams, Rumi Morales of Outlier Ventures, and Jarrod Dicker of the Washington Post to discuss attention rewards and the future web.Koi also recently closed their pre-seed fundraising round — congratulations to the team! Pianity: Connecting artists, fans, and buyers by building permanent music NFTsBecame the first project to bring atomic NFTs to the music space (atomic NFTs have permanent, on-chain assets, and no external metadata, and are contained within one address). Learn why atomic NFTs are so important here.Successfully completed the first NFT auctions of music tracks on Pianity. Decent.Land: A permaweb-based social network protocolCurrently in alpha development, with version 1.1.2 released recentlyEach post using is now an NFT! Learn more here.Release of the decentland-js libraryFeatured by HotNewCrypto, creating an explosion of new usersThe team is creating a new caching system with the potential to be extended into an oracle.Originally inspired by the PublicSquare protocol proposal, now also boasts integration with $ and also with ArVerify everFinance: A layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with virtually gasless transactions using ArweaveThe recent beta launch of everPay, which is ETH-compatible.Read this piece for an analysis and comparison of zkSync, xDai, and how they measure up to everPay.New on the Permaweb Ecclesia: A social media platform focused on free speechWhile the app is currently in development, the Ecclesia team gave an on-chain AMA with the ArweaveNews team, laying out their future plans and current progress.Release of a video preview of the future Ecclesia UIFollow EcclesiaSpeech on Twitter for upcoming releases Arcade City: Decentralizing the gig economyArcade City, in operation for >5 years, recently migrated to the Arweave network, and is now a profit sharing communityIntegration with Verto.Exchange — view their profit sharing token here Litentry: Web3.0 cross-chain identity aggregation protocolIntegration with Arweave as Litentry’s data storage layer to ensure immutable, reliable data storage for all Litentry usersAn AMA with the ArweaveNews team giving insights into what’s next for the project.Non-Fungible Tokens & Arweave The world is beginning to wake up to the incredible potential of Arweave + NFTs! Read more about why this is such a powerful combination in this Twitter thread and blog post from the core team. Arweave’s unique offering to the NFT economy is also outlined in this recent Guardian article. If you have an NFT project you want to bring to Arweave, consider applying for the Arweave Grants programme, or reaching out to us via email. — Atomic NFTs. — New this quarter to the Arweave ecosystem are atomic NFTs. That is, NFTs that have permanent, on-chain assets, no external metadata, and are contained within one Arweave address! Whether you’re using the gateway to view the assets of an NFT, or telling a SmartWeave contract where to locate an NFT, with atomic NFTs on Arweave, the location for both tasks is the same. Read more about atomic NFTs here — the technology is a huge boon to NFT creators and collectors alike, ensuring that your assets will be accessible forever, and that they will not ever be dissociated from their metadata. Hashmasks: A living NFT collection created in collaboration with >70 artistsThis fantastic NFT digital art collection has officially migrated to using Arweave for permanent storage of its stunning images! This ensures that any Hashmasks owned will never be at risk of their associated art being lost.All 16,384 Hashmasks are now stored on Arweave, forever — you can read about why and how here in this blog by the Hashmasks team. 1111 by Kevin Abosch: Arweave permanent storage in actionDigital artist Kevin Abosch recently released 1111, a collection of 1,111 digital artworks, via OpenSea.Every artwork is also an NFT, and each NFT’s assets and metadata is stored on Arweave, ensuring they are permanently preserved, forever.Additionally, every single artwork in this collection is also a profit sharing community! For example, here is the community page for piece 1111 #0537, and here is the image itself.Each piece sold earns OpenKoi profit sharing tokens. Other NFT projects recently migrating to or minted on Arweave include:KodaDot, the community-owned NFT marketplace, has integrated support for recently launched, providing a way for users to check whether their NFT’s assets & metadata are stored immutably on Arweave or not. Their recent audit highlighted the real risks of failing to store this data on Arweave.Kreechures: All NFT art will be permanently stored on Arweave.Crypteriors: The team recently minted their NFT provenance record on Arweave.SpaceBudz: All NFT art & metadata will be stored on Arweave.CryptoSeals: This 10,000-piece NFT collection by @memorycollect0r will be stored in its entirety on Arweave.Arweave Network & Protocol Updates — Arweave,, & Succinct Proofs Of Random Access (SPoRA). — The SPoRA consensus mechanism upgrade for Arweave was released in February, plus another follow-up release.SPoRA brings a raft of protocol improvements, including dramatically increased data replications across the network, and improvd mining efficiency.Read the full SPoRA release blog post here, or check out this Twitter thread. — TestWeave. — A new local testnet for Arweave has been released, with the core node development providing this dockerWhen setup, the testnet provides a full gateway and Arweave node on your local machine, also allowing you to query the testnet with GraphQLTestWeave provides an SDK that you can install using NPM — SmartWeave. — Release of a new, powerful modification patch to SmartWeave by John Letey, enabling embedding of smart contracts into any SmartWeave asset.It’s now possible to turn web pages, images, videos, audio, or any other data on the new web into a profit sharing token or NFT, which can then be traded on Verto.Exchange.The SmartWeave CLI UX has been entirely redesignedSmartWeave now supports web extension-based wallets. Check out the repo here.Fabian Riewe, of the ArVerify team, recently created a testing library for Smartweave.Arweave Developer Advocate & communityXYZ Founder Cedrik Boudreau released two excellent how-to guides for building SmartWeave contracts, you can read them here and here. — Amplify: A faster, more powerful gateway implementation for Arweave. — The Amplify gateway is now officially live!The latest Amplify release is v0.8.0, including GraphQL support, and streaming from the weaveCheck out the Amplify roadmap here for features coming soon — ArweaveJS. — New version of ArweaveJS now offers support for ArConnect, the new Metamask-style wallet from the Verto.Exchange teamAs of March, over 500 apps and packages now depend on ArweaveJS! — ArDB: Stop writing GraphQL requests by hand!. — Arweave Developer Advocate & communityXYZ Founder Cedrik Boudreau has released ArDB, making it faster & easier to perform GraphQL queries. Check it out here. — uwu: A new safe language for writing SmartWeave contracts. — The team behind Verto.Exchange created uwu in a community livestreamuwu allows for creation of a fully-functional NFT contract in ~40 lines of safer, JS-familiar code in only ~15 minutes!Learn more in this presentation from @undefined_void, and in this article from ArweaveNews.In the Wild — Podcasts. — Arweave Founder Sam Williams has appeared on multiple podcasts this quarter, you can listen at the links here:The CoinGecko podcast with Bobby Ong, where we dive deep into Arweave, our use cases, ArDrive, and more.The FTX podcast, where Sam discusses Arweave, scalability, the SPoRA consensus mechanism, profit sharing communities and more.The Outlier Ventures podcast, where Sam presents the case for a permaweb.The Coinscrum Meet The Founders podcast, where Sam discusses UX, mining, and what’s next for Arweave.Plus, Arweave was mentioned in the BBC Business Daily podcast on the topic of NFTs and the permanence of digital art. — Articles. — NFTs are helping artists solve a vital problem: who owns digital artwork? | The Guardian — Yes, Your NFTs Can Go Missing — Here’s What You Can Do About It | Decrypt - NFT Immutability Debate Grows as Tokenized Tweets Get Deleted and NFT Images Are Replaced | — It’s an NFT Boom. Do You Know Where Your Digital Art Lives? | How Arweave supports NFTs | CoinDesk — Arweave vs Filecoin | How do the two protocols differ, and why? | From the ArDrive team — Arweave Introduces New Consensus “SPoRA” — Exploring Solana and the SOL Token — Ivan on Tech | The Arweave <> Solana SOLAR bridge — Web3 ELI5: What is Web3? | Arweave’s role for storage in Web3- Advanced Blockchain AG Has Invested In Permanent Data Storage Provider, Arweave — Version One Ventures invests in Arweave - Ternoa Blockchain — Immortalizing Memories and Data | Ternoa utilises Arweave for immutable storage — — - What an amazing start to the year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest news as it happens, and if you’re a developer, join us on Discord, where we have over 5,500 developers waiting to chat and collaborate with you. Also, if you’ve not yet joined the unofficial @Arweavers Telegram group for Arweave-related chat, join the conversation here. See you on the permaweb! -arweave-te

Swapping Assets and NFTs on Arweave with Verto Exchange

Video tutorials to get you started with Verto Exchange, a protocol for swaps and NFT trading on the Arweave network. Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on Arweave. Verto allows anyone to buy or sell profit sharing tokens (PSTs) that have been minted on the network. PSTs are tokens on Arweave that distribute to their holders ongoing dividends accrued from dapp usage. Learn how to swap assets on Verto exchange: Verto has also launched Space, an application to browse and trade NFTs. Verto Space has built in attention rewards, powered by incentivization protocol Open Koi. Verto Space allows Arweave users to buy and sell profit sharing tokens for specific NFTs, providing not just fractional ownership over the assets, but revenue generation based on the attention rewards generated from that NFT on the Arweave network. Check out the tutorial for using Verto Space and download ArConnect to get started:

NFTs and Attention Rewards: Verto and Koi Spotlight

Product teams Verto and Koi are building the foundational apps for the Arweave ecosystem, including NFT redemptions, ETH — AR swaps, and exchanges. The Arweave ecosystem is a burgeoning community of developers and entrepreneurs focused on building out the core applications and capabilities of the network. Two applications in particular have been at the forefront of providing critical functionality and user experience to the Arweave network: Verto and Koi.Verto Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on Arweave. Verto allows anyone to buy or sell profit sharing tokens (PSTs) that have been minted on the network. PSTs are tokens on Arweave that distribute to their holders ongoing dividends accrued from dapp usage. When a user interacts with an Arweave application, they will spend a nominal amount of AR token for their actions. A portion of this nominal fee (known as the tip) is distributed to the individuals who own PSTs for that application in proportion to their ownership. PSTs are minted at the time of a dapp’s launch, and can be freely traded on an open market to other Arweave users who wish to be part of a dapp’s revenue stream. Verto provides this open market. The Arweave ecosystem already has a number of PSTs that have been minted and are in use. Verto’s decentralized exchange allows anyone to trade PSTs for AR and vice versa, enabling an active and deeply liquid PST marketplace. If you’re getting started with Arweave, Verto has launched an Ethereum bridge that lets anyone swap ETH and AR to start you on your journey into the permaweb. Visit Verto. Learn how to swap ETH for AR and trade PSTs on Verto with our Verto Exchange Tutorial. (Just getting started with Verto and/or Arweave? See below for more information about the ArConnect Wallet to start trading on Verto). Verto is also the team behind ArConnect, a secure wallet for the Arweave network. ArConnect lets users store their assets in a central, non-custodial, in-browser wallet so they can begin interacting with Verto and other applications. ArConnect lets users:Monitor their AR and PST balances across multiple wallets.Discover community-specific information about the PSTs they hold, such as governance and profit-sharing information.Transfer AR and PSTs to other addresses, including Verto.Stay on top of inbound and outbound transactions to/from your wallets. Download ArConnect and start your journey into the permaweb. 🕸Open Koi Open Koi is a protocol designed to incentivize participants to perform actions in favor of the network as a whole, in return for $KOI tokens. The Koi protocol adopts a mechanism of slow consensus which improves network efficiency, lowers costs, and ensures sustainability. One of Open Koi’s applications allows nodes to scrape the web and store it in the Arweave blockchain permanently. Koi is also building out a suite of tools to supercharge Arweave’s NFT solutions, starting with NFT redemption and attention rewards. The majority of NFTs today live on Ethereum. As we have seen, however, the issue of permanent and trustless NFT storage is a nuanced and often overlooked one. Arweave’s architecture ensures permanent storage. Koi takes the opportunity of Arweave NFTs to the next level by enabling attention rewards in $KOI, powered by their network of Koi Task Nodes. When your NFT is minted on Ethereum, you can “redeem” your NFT onto the Arweave blockchain using the Koi.Rocks web dapp. Through Koi.Rocks, the Open Koi protocol will store your NFT on Arweave and mint a unique Profit Sharing Token (PST) for your NFT. Once your NFT is redeemed Koi.Rocks and stored on Arweave, it is publicly viewable by anyone else using Koi, Verto, and other applications. Whenever your NFT is viewed by someone — regardless of whether or not they buy it — you will earn attention rewards in the form of $KOI. $KOI is distributed to network users once a day per Open Koi’s slow consensus architecture. If you own 100% of your NFT PSTs, then you will earn 100% of the attention rewards that your NFT deserves. If, after you redeemed your NFT and minted your PSTs, you chose to sell 50% of them to buyers on Verto, then you would receive 50% of the attention rewards for your NFTs. is the first working application of PoRT, or Proofs of Real Traffic. Proofs of Real Traffic ensure that the gateway tracking and subsequent attention tracking enabled by the Koi protocol are not taken advantage of by bad actors. Koi is supercharging Arweave’s NFT ecosystem by providing additional incentives for users to store their NFTs on Arweave. Not only is it ensured to last forever; it additionally can accrue attention rewards based on its popularity to other users on the network. Get started with Open Koi — click here to begin importing your NFTs for permanent storage and a new revenue stream on Koi.Rocks. -arweave-te

Permanent NFT Storage on the Arweave Network

The difference between NFT storage and ownership, and Arweave’s blockweave solution to truly permanent storage. NFTs today rely on metadata and referenced content that is not always guaranteed to live on mediums that will persist forever. Arweave’s blockweave architecture ensures absolute permanent storage, enabling NFTs minted elsewhere or natively to achieve true, trustless immutability. In Web2, there are two primary issues facing the management of content: ownership and storage. Combined, these two problems have created an internet experience dictated by ad models, insufficient individual monetization, and fragile user experiences. Ownership. The internet today does a poor job of establishing ownership or provenance of content online. Content is too easily replicated across multiple sites and servers without a scalable or consistent way for its original creator(s) to manage it. Often, content is most easily shared through centralized entities like Facebook. By virtue of keeping this content on their servers, Facebook effectively owns it. Anything created on, uploaded to, sent through, or monetized on a centralized platform is, at the end of the day, out of the hands of the creator. It can voluntarily or involuntarily shut off services, shut out creators, or shut down entirely. This tenuous content architecture has rendered it difficult for online creators to attach value to their work without relying on intermediary platforms to dictate scarcity and legitimacy. Storage. Broadly speaking, today’s web browsing is lossy. Content today is retrieved by pointing to domain names that live in physical servers or centralized clouds. This type of content retrieval is scalable, but extremely susceptible to disappearing. If the method of storage (i.e. those servers or clouds) is controlled by a single entity like a Facebook or Amazon, it can be removed by that entity — effectively deleting any content that formerly relied on that storage to exist on the internet. Users would be faced with “404 page not found” error messages. If the content (the image, text, webpage, video) has been removed from the location being pointed to by the URL, the content is irretrievable. Overall, this has resulted in a fragile digital ecosystem in which content can suddenly disappear when a server or location goes offline.The Rise of NFTs: a solution for digital ownership The innovation of NFTs with Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard solved one of the primary issues with content on the internet: ownership. By minting an NFT on a decentralized ledger, people are able to verify ownership and provenance of individual pieces of content — artwork, essays, videos, music, etc. Verified, secure, and transparent assets also naturally enable value to be associated with NFTs, something previously impossible on the ownership-null architecture of Web2. As we have seen within the last six months in particular, the benefits of NFTs for artists, musicians, and writers is tremendous. Content creators have historically been both the vanguards and the victims of the internet; those who create the unique experiences we seek out online are also unable to effectively own or monetize their very contributions. As the world of NFTs grows, however, we need to ensure that Web3 does not inherit any of the fragility of Web2. We’ve solved for ownership, but what about the other issue with content management in today’s internet — storage?The Elephant in the Room: NFT and metadata storage Of the two issues with content on Web2, current NFT standards such as ERC-721 have solved ownership, but not storage. When an NFT is minted on Ethereum, for example, the NFT itself is represented by an address on the network that is indivisible, immutable, and unique. However, the content and metadata of the NFT does not, by default, live on a permanent storage network. The content and metadata includes everything that, arguably, makes an NFT desirable, like the details of the artwork or the lyrics of the song. The nagging question still remains: my NFT address lives on the blockchain, but where do the details themselves (the art, the words, the size, the style) live? To retrieve that “referenced content” and render the NFT as the intendented asset, the hash contains a tokenURI that points to all the important information. Essentially, although the NFT itself lives on the blockchain, what actually gives it value (i.e. for art, the colors and shapes) don’t necessarily live on-chain. That information can live on a centralized server, and is subject to disappearing just as content on the internet has disappeared in the past, leaving a 404 error message in its place. In this way, NFTs are subject to the same fundamental issue that content has now on Web2. If we can’t figure out what an NFT on Ethereum looks like because the server containing the content information has gone offline, the asset itself becomes valueless. This risk is not theoretical. Tron Dogs and NiftyMoji are two examples, where the projects seem to have disappeared. Check My NFT is a site that lets people verify the strength of their NFT in terms of permanent storage. Though the people who bought those NFTs still own the assets, they are rendered worthless without access to the associated metadata.Permanent NFT Storage on Arweave This storage fragility of NFTs has not been lost on the crypto ecosystem. Existing Web3 storage providers have sought to address this problem, but still encounter regular examples of NFTs stored on these networks disappearing. The ecosystem needs a solution that provides verifiably permanent storage. Enter Arweave. Arweave lets anyone store an NFT that was minted on another network or mint one natively on Arweave itself. To ensure absolute permanent storage, the Arweave employs the blockweave as a content storage and permanence mechanism. The blockweave is a set of blocks that each contain data and link back to multiple previous blocks within the network. This interwoven data structure allows the network to uphold a Proof of Access (technically, a Succinct Proof of Random Access [SPoRA]) consensus mechanism that requires miners to prove access to old data in order to add new blocks. This storage architecture ensures permanent storage for anything on the network at a remarkably low cost. The estimated cost to mint an NFT that is guaranteed to exist forever is $0.005/MB. An NFT on Arweave will never be at risk of disappearing. No amount of time or lapse of content interaction will ever jeopardize a user’s ability to recall the content whenever they wish. And we’re already seeing this happen.1111 by Kevin Abosch: Arweave permanent storage in action Kevin Abosch is a conceptual artist and a pioneer in the emerging blockchain art ecosystem. On March 23, 2021, Kevin Abosch released on OpenSea his 1111 series. Each NFT minted on Ethereum as part of Kevin’s 1111 release will be bridged onto the Arweave ecosystem, where the metadata will exist as its distinct yet linked NFT. Those who purchase Kevin’s NFT will be able to confidently retain their artwork without worrying about the fate of OpenSea or if their content will ever go offline. Their Ethereum NFT is immutably linked to a permanently-stored metadata record on Arweave. Start with Arweave.

The Arweave Network is Now Running Succinct Random Proofs of Access (SPoRA)

At 20:03 EST on February 24th, the first SPoRA block was mined on the Arweave network. Block 633720 marks an important upgrade to Arweave and a new era of efficient consensus and mining operations among network participants.Breaking down SPoRA Succinct Proofs of Random Access (SPoRA) is a new type of consensus mechanism for the Arweave network. Until block 633720, Arweave was running a classic Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, with the additional requirement for blocks to include a reference to past data on the network (a structure critical to the system’s blockweave architecture) — known together as Proof of Access (PoA). PoA consensus for Arweave has, up until February 24, encountered two opportunities that were improved with a new consensus mechanism: First, align mining profitability with speed of data access. PoA achieved Arweave’s primary goal of permanent storage and data access, but it imposed no significant incentives for miners to retrieve data quickly. Without a competitive edge to data retrieval, miners found an opportunity to benefit from using a remote storage pool rather than maintaining separate, decentralized nodes. SPoRA incentivizes miners to replicate data more efficiently and more swiftly, ending the era of CPU domination. Every joule contributed to the network now needs to be accompanied by yet another share of the dataset. In summary, SPoRA creates a more decentralized and efficient blockweave by disincentivizing resource pooling among CPUs. Second, reduce the energy required to maintain the network. PoW, though secure, reliable, and resilient, is an extremely energy-intensive consensus mechanism. SPoRA’s architecture requires less energy to maintain, resulting not only in lower overhead for miners, but for a cleaner and more efficient system overall. Also, whereas classic PoW networks like Bitcoin spend energy for energy’s sake, the energy spent mining on the Arweave SPoRA network goes towards data storage and retrieval. This architecture is a more elegant alignment between resource spending and utility.The upgrade to SPoRA Block 633719 was the last PoA block on the Arweave network before the upgrade to SPoRA began. In order to mine the first SPoRA block, the Arweave dataset was randomly polled and verified over 12 billion times. Block 633720 was generated in a completely decentralized way, without any manual intervention or guidance from the Arweave development team. After the first 10 SPoRA “slow” blocks, the network returned to normal, steady operation. So, what’s next? In the three year history of Arweave, there has only been one other mining upgrade this large. There likely will never be another of this magnitude. We anticipate a renaissance in mining on the Arweave network as miners recognize the opportunity of running individual operations. To learn more about SPoRA and its specifications, see here. And to join us in the next phase of the Arweave network by being a miner, head to this guide to get started. Thank you to the Arweave community for being with us during this exciting milestone! If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news about the Arweave network, you can join our miners’ & developers’ Discord server here, and follow us on Twitter here. See you on the permaweb! -arweave-te

The Open Web Foundry: Helping Profit Sharing Community Founders Gain Traction and Raise Millions

The Open Web Foundry: Helping Profit Sharing Community Founders Gain Traction and Raise Millions of Dollars The Arweave ecosystem is experiencing a Cambrian explosion of growth. Since launching our first Open Web programme with last July, there are now dozens of profit-sharing communities that have on-boarded thousands of users, while collectively raising millions of dollars. Developers all over the ecosystem are now quitting their day jobs and building on the permaweb full time. This is why we’re incredibly excited to fuel even more growth with our third incubator programme: the Open Web Foundry by Arweave. The Open Web Foundry is a six-week programme guiding founders through the process of launching an amazing new startup on the Arweave’s decentralised web. From initial idea, to product, to acquiring users and pitching to top-tier investors alongside other incredible founders, we are with you every step of the way. We welcome submissions from founders creating a new profit sharing community on Arweave, or further developing an existing one. Arweave enables the development of fully decentralized, permanently hosted web applications. Not only that, but founders can use Arweave to form profit sharing communities (PSCs) around their applications as well, which represents a fundamentally new and fairer business model for their apps. You can find out more about profit sharing communities and their associated tokens here. The Open Web Foundry is the third incubator programme run by Arweave. Already, more than $1,250,000 in seed investments have been made across nearly a dozen participating projects. We’re very excited to inspire and support the latest batch of developers to quit their jobs and pursue something they love with Arweave! As well as potentially fundraising for your project, the Open Web Foundry offers:Weekly sessions with Arweave ecosystem leaders, core developers, and Arweave founder Sam Williams.Masterclasses by industry experts on topics including: the path from idea to market, token economics, community building, fundraising fundamentals, one-to-one pitching workshops, and more.Frequent drop-in office hours with Arweave core team members for dedicated support and guidance at all stages of development.Live coding sessions with core developers and fellow community members, with additional helpers on hand to answer questions and help troubleshoot.Weekly demo events, where current and previous programme participants can learn from each other and get an insight into the current work happening within the ecosystem This programme delivers tailored resources and support to both brand new and existing profit sharing communities on Arweave who wish to push their projects to the next level. The Arweave core team will invest $100,000 in total across the projects submitted during the Open Web Foundry programme. Third-party investors will also consider investing alongside Arweave. In previous programmes, external investors have injected more than $1,000,000 into participating startups. The Arweave investment will be made in exchange for the project’s profit sharing tokens. The winning projects will be selected by the core Arweave team following the Gitcoin submission deadline on April 9, then negotiations for token purchase will be made individually with each project and its founder(s). — Get started!. — All you need to do to get started is to register here on Gitcoin, and join us on our ecosystem Discord server! We will notify you of upcoming events and deadlines as the programme progresses. Thank you to our community for what promises to be another amazing incubator — we can’t wait to see what the ecosystem builds next! See you on the permaweb! arweave-te


Peer Inc Partners with Fresh Consulting to Bring the AR Metaverse to Mar...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Seattle, Washington, United States, 20th September 2022] Peer Inc., a metaverse technology company, has entered a new partnership with Seattle-based innovation agency Fresh Consulting. Peer will be working with Fresh to deliver on its vision of a gamified digital layer on top of the world, and support its mission to bring people and content into the metaverse. Fresh will provide an elite team of engineers, developers, designers, and strategists who build innovative end-to-end solutions for some of the world’s largest tech companies. “AR is eating the metaverse,” said Tony Tran, CEO & CTO, Peer Inc. “We were searching for a crack-shot execution team to deliver on our massive AR vision to leapfrog ahead of the competition. We found it at Fresh. Their impressive portfolio and extensive service offerings position us to advance our mission in short order.” Peer will work with Fresh to develop hardware and software experiences over Peer’s decentralized blockchain to drive mass adoption, give users ownership of their data and help them monetize what they create online. “The metaverse is inevitable,” said Tran. “We see a clear path to a magical AR experience in a coherent product that people will want to use every day. Blockchain will give peers what they need to go from digital experience to digital reality. We’re so excited about what’s coming we can hardly sit still.” In a recent podcast with ... read More

Calo Indoor Will Launch as First Burn-to-Earn Project With AR and GameFi

    [PRESS RELESAE - Hochiminh, Vietnam, 30th August, 2022] Calo Metaverse has revealed that its second project will be Calo Indoor, the first application in the world to utilize the Burn-to-Earn (B2E) reward mechanism. The Calo Indoor app also combines AR (Augmented Reality) technology with GameFi elements that are synonymous with web3. Burn-to-Earn is a progression of the Move-to-Earn (M2E) trend which dominated web3 in early 2022. If M2E encourages users to join outdoor physical activities, then B2E does the same for indoor exercise. Calo Indoor encourages users to exercise at home through the Augmented Reality games installed on the smartphone or tablet app. To start practicing, players need to equip a virtual NFT sneaker suitable for each type of exercise. Players can earn valuable rewards for exercising that can be converted into cash such as IFIT tokens, Calo tokens or other items in-game. The Calo Indoor app taps into growing demand for home workouts that don’t require specialist equipment. As more people work from home and spend less time commuting, the home fitness market has expanded rapidly. Calo Indoor is particularly beneficial to residents of urban areas to whom indoor exercise is often preferable and more convenient than outdoor alternatives such as running. Calo Indoor follows Calo Run in being released by the CaloVerse ecosystem. It’s focused on building a system of indoor exercise activities that can be enhanced by AR technology. The two apps that h... read More

Market Update: Bitcoin And Ethereum Struggles To Recover, AR And NMR Soa...

    Despite the market condition, top currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, struggle to regain their values. On the other hand, some altcoins, AR, and NMR are showing a significant gain charm over 14-days. Since the Fed Reserve decided to raise interest rates and the May inflation report, Bitcoin has been floating in a small zone between $19,000 and $20,000. But since last month, the price of Ethereum, which had a great November like bitcoin, has been floating between $1,100 and $1,000. Meanwhile, it made an effort and struggled to recoup its value, but the price of Ethereum couldn't rise beyond $1,100. CoinGecko data shows ETH is currently trading at $1,073.58, and in the past 7 and 14 days, ETH has lost 10.6% and 0.6% of its value, respectively. Significant Growth in AR and NMR Arweave (AR), one of the top 100 crypto assets by performance and market capitalization, is booming, while two of the most popular currencies are faltering. Per the statistics from CoinGecko, AR has reached $11 and increased by 10% in one day, 15% in seven days, and 32% in fourteen. A decentralized storage network, Arweave aims to provide a platform for the long-term archival of data. The Arweave network pays 'miners' to keep the network's data permanently stored using its native coin, named AR. Similarly, Numeraire (NMR) is also leading in week gainers. It displays a noteworthy increase of 122% over a week. NMR is currently trading at $19.37, per the statistics of Coinmarketcap. Additionally, during the pre... read More

OVR Co-Founder Diego Di Tommaso Talks AR, Map2earn, Polygon Migration, C...

    OVR is a World Scale, open-source, AR platform powered by Ethereum. OVR makes it possible for users provided with a mobile device or smart glasses to live interactive augmented reality experiences customised in the real world. OVR can be defined as a new standard in augmented reality experiences by placing itself as the first content browser where the user does not choose the contents but the world submits the possible experiences based on its geographical position. OVR adopts the open source philosophy, meaning that the entire OVR community contributes to its growth, thus making the platform independent of its creators. Diego Di Tommaso is the Co-Founder and COO of OVR. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the technology: Graduated in Theoretical Philosophy, MBA from SDA Bocconi / UCLA with specialization in Finance. Diego has extensive experience in innovation management. He has worked in the fast fashion industry for over 10 years in positions of increasing responsibility up to CEO role. In recent years he has collaborated with PwC as Senior Advisor on Strategy, Internationalization and Open Innovation. Diego is also a startup consultant and one of the founders of Unicorn Trainers, a club focused on new technologies and startup support. On blockchain since 2014 with a specific interest on decentralized consensus mechanics, he was Keynote Speaker and organizer of several Blockchain events. Since 2018 co-founder and COO of OVR, the decentralized p... read More

Technical Analysis: Arweave up Over 44% in the Last Week, Monero Starts ...

    Arweave, which rose by over 44% in the last week, was once again in the green, trading over 10% higher on Monday. This comes as monero slipped in today's session. Biggest gainers Following a bearish January, crypto markets began to rebound within the last week, with arweave being one of the biggest gainers in that period. To start the week, AR/USD is currently trading 10.32% higher, hitting an intraday peak of $39.81 in the process. This comes as the decentralized storage network rose by 44% in the last 7-days, as it continues to move towards the $40 mark. Looking at the chart below, the move began after arweave rallied from its recent support of $29.40, where it traded on Friday, leading to four consecutive sessions of gains. As a result of this run, the 14-day RSI now tracks at 50.25, which means prices are neither oversold or overbought. This sets up perfectly for a breakout beyond $40, however, with resistance at this level fairly strong, there are likely to be bears waiting to push prices back down towards support. Should price strength continue to surge, arweave bulls may target the higher resistance of $52. Biggest losers As of writing, cryptocurrencies were trading 1.37% higher on the day, however, there are a few notable bears to start the week. Monero was one of them, with XMR/USD falling by as much as 4% during Monday's session, leading to an intraday low of $141.22. Looking at the chart below, today's decline has resulted in monero hitting its recent support ... read More

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