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APY Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$216.9 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #APY today is $0.00217 USD.

The lowest APY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00217, and the exact current price of one APY crypto coin is $0.00216950.

The all-time high APY coin price was $6.85.

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The code for APY.Finance crypto currency is #APY.

APY.Finance is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for APY.Finance is $216,949.

APY.Finance is ranking downwards to #1773 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #APY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for APY.Finance is $8.00.


The circulating supply of APY is 100,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


APY is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


APY has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #APY, and you can view them on our APY disambiguation page.



Cortex DAO Token (CXD) Airdrop!

A major milestone of the 2022 roadmap is DAOification through the launch of the new Cortex DAO which will govern the upcoming Convex Index. The Cortex DAO will be governed through the CXD token which will be airdropped to APY token holders, liquidity providers, and boost-lockers. Joining the Cortex DAO will present prominent benefits to DAO members, including:Vote on DAO proposals to adjust emission rates, change the supply cap, deploy DAO treasury, and more.Boost CXD rewards from the Convex Index.Earn profit-share from platform revenue.CXD Tokenomics1 APY will allow a user to claim ~2.7 CXD.The max supply of CXD is 271,828,182. Math nerds may recognize this number, as e x 10⁸, a reference to Euler’s number, the mathematical constant behind compounding interest.New CXD/ETH Pool2 Users will be able to buy and sell CDX from a new Curve V2 pool, created using CXD/ETH pairs. This pool offers lower slippage for CDX buyers and sellers. — New Rewards for Liquidity Providers. — Those providing liquidity into the new CXD/ETH Curve V2 pool will receive CXD rewards. Rewards are issued with a liquidity gauge, keeping the doors open to earn additional CRV and CVX rewards in the future.CXD Token Airdrop DetailsThe CXD airdrop will run for a limited time, announced at a later date.Those eligible to claim the CXD airdrop will be directed to a Convex DAO airdrop page which will walk through the entire process of claim...

APY.Finance to Launch First Convex Index

APY.Finance is launching the next layer in the Curve ecosystem: the Convex Index. This index, the first of its kind, is a risk-optimized basket of screened Convex positions that users can gain exposure to with the purchase of a single token. The index will be managed by a new DAO (consisting of APY token holders, boost-lockers, and liquidity providers) and will open the door to additional benefits such as profit-share for boost-lockers.Major Growth Potential and Improved Performance on the Curve Ecosystem Our research demonstrates the growing need for a product such as The Convex Index, and the major growth upside potential within the market. The Convex Index is built upon the growing Curve ecosystem, which currently encompasses 15% of DeFi’s TVL. Many of APY.Finance’s largest depositors have continued to leverage the platform to gain secure, stable, and diversified Convex exposure. Curve positions improve risk-adjusted portfolio performance. Adding Curve positions improves the risk-adjusted performance of a variety of portfolios, ranging from a traditional stock and bond portfolio to crypto-concentrated mixes. The Convex Index is optimized to enhance the characteristics that make this possible, such as low overall volatility and reduced correlation to equity markets, government bonds, and crypto mainstays such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This makes the Index an ideal component for institutional portfolios requiring new fo...

APY ASTROS, The First Exclusive APY.Finance NFT Drop is Here!

Greetings! We are excited to announce that the first set of exclusive APY NFTs, ‘APY ASTROs’ are here! APY ASTROs are exclusive and randomized NFTs primarily created as a token of our appreciation, dedicated to various early and core supporters of APY.Finance. This includes a selection of platform participants, liquidity providers, boost-lockers, team, and community members. APY ASTROs are a limited set of just 500 NFTs. Only whitelisted users are eligible to participate and mint an APY ASTRO NFT. The full set of APY ASTROs are available to view on OpenSea.How do I Verify My Eligibility? In order to verify eligibility and determine if you are able to mint an APY ASTRO, head over to the APY ASTRO landing page and click ‘Mint’. Eligible users will have until 3/30/22 to mint their earned APY ASTRO. APY ASTROs that haven’t been minted by this expiry date will be burned forever, further increasing the rarity and exclusivity of this set. Note: due to the exclusivity of this set, we aren’t able to distribute NFTs to all early supporters, and some addresses have been chosen at random from a pool of eligible candidates. We appreciate your continued support, and hope those eligible enjoy their new NFTs (new PFPs, woo!).Frequently Asked Questions — Who can mint an NFT from the APY ASTRO collection?. — A random selection of users who have participated in Uniswap / Balancer LP.A selection of the first 150 user...

Boost-Lock $APY to Supercharge Your Yield! NEW TOKEN UTILITY ⚡

We are very excited to announce that boost-locking is officially live! $APY token holders can now head over to the boost-lock page via the APY.Finance dashboard to lock their held $APY tokens and begin earning boosted yield rewards. Boost-locking is a token utility designed to reward users who have explicitly demonstrated a long-term commitment to the vision of APY.Finance by locking their $APY tokens in exchange for boosted rewards. Further, we are excited to announce that the first 100 users who boost-lock at least 500 $APY tokens for 4-years will be eligible to mint an exclusive, randomized, APY.Finance NFT. Eligible boost-lockers will be able to mint their NFTs as part of an upcoming APY ASTRO NFT drop. ⚡ Begin boost-locking now! ⚡How to Boost-LockHead over to the APY.Finance boost-lock dashboard. 2. Under the ‘Lock’ section, select your lock amount and duration. 3. Receive your ‘boost’.How To Earn Boosted Yield Rewards From Boost-Locking In order to begin earning additional $APY rewards as a result of boost-locking, users must first boost-lock $APY and begin earning boost. Once $APY is boost-locked, and a boost is earned, a user will need to deposit, or have already deposited, stablecoins on the core APY.Finance yield farming platform accessed via the ‘yield’ tab on the dashboard. Boosted yield is then rewarded in the form of additional $APY tokens over time, in addition to stablecoin yield earnings....

Boost-Locking Token Utility Release Date

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of boost-locking, a token utility mechanic that will allow users to lock $APY tokens for set durations in exchange for boosted yield. Boost-locking offers opportunities for $APY token holders to earn additional liquidity mining rewards through yield farming, allocating more rewards to those most aligned with the long-term vision of APY.Finance. Boost-locking is the first new $APY token utility addition, improving its utility above and beyond governance voting features. Following boost-locking, a governance proposal for simplifying $APY token emissions and removing the vesting of $APY rewards will be made live. This will ensure a long-term horizon of available $APY rewards for boost-lockers. Boost-locking will be live on the APY.Finance dashboard for $APY token holders to begin boost-locking on Thursday, 2/10/22, 8:00 pm UTC / 3:00pm EST. But wait, there’s more! The first 100 users to boost-lock a minimum of 500 APY tokens for a 4-year lockup period will be granted a unique and exclusive NFT as part of a limited APY.Finance NFT drop that is currently under development. Act fast! We’re excited for the community to have an opportunity to utilize their held $APY tokens in a new and exciting way, earning additional rewards while doing so. Stay connected for more details on APY.Finance’s newest token utility, boost-locking, and how to participate, tomorrow, 2/10/22. Boost-Loc...

Revamping Weekly Updates — APY.Finance

Revamping Weekly Updates — APY.Finance Over the past year, we’ve shared detailed weekly updates showcasing thorough insight into the technical inner-workings and details of project developments. While we’ve found this level of communication to be mission-critical preceding the much anticipated Alpha launch, we will be pivoting away from such an in-depth update process. Transparency through frequent communication and keeping the community up-to-date are as important as ever, and we do not plan on stopping. We will continue to frequently update the community on progress, in a more lightweight form, which will continue to be shared across our social and community platforms such as Discord and Telegram. Users can still expect thorough announcements regarding key developments and product releases across all distribution channels, including Medium and our email Newsletter. Ultimately, this decision allows us to ensure we can continuously update the community with news and developments while allocating bandwidth to more impactful marketing initiatives.What’s Next For APY.Finance? In the light of keeping the community informed, it can be easy to lose sight of all of the current developments in motion. Here’s an overview of what’s to come in the near future: 1. Increased Token UtilityBoost-locking for earning additional APY yield.Single-sided staking in the form of a safety-stability treasury. 2. New farms to increa...

Adding New Farms & Increasing Yield — APY.Finance

Adding New Farms & Increasing Yield — APY.Finance One of APY.Finance’s goals for 2022 is to increase yield returns and diversification by adding new farms. In order to stay on the cutting edge of new, and innovative farms, APY.Finance has onboarded a DeFi Researcher who specializes in researching and vetting farms that may be added to APY.Finance. In this article, we aim to share insight into the types of farms that are being evaluated, the current process for vetting if farms may be a fit for integration, and how the APY.Finance can participate in this process, aiding the DeFi Researcher in finding and evaluating new farms to integrate. Users can suggest new farms to evaluate for integration by using this form.Why Add New Farms? APY.Finance is a yield farming aggregator that batches user deposits and distributes aggregated deposits into different farms simultaneously. This results in near-instant portfolio diversification, greatly reducing financial risk in the case that any single farm is exploited. The current strategy portfolio has 11 integrated farms, and more on the way. Along with an increase in diversification, adding new farms will create opportunities to add higher-yield, potentially riskier, farms over time. This grants the benefits of being exposed to higher yield, while still hedging against potential shortfall risk. Although this strategy may not be the quickest way to instantly achieve degen-level ...

APY Tokenomics — Token Emissions, Distribution & Utility

APY Tokenomics — Token Emissions, Distribution & UtilityWhat is the APY Token? Since its inception, the APY token has been conceptualized as a governance token, offering great power to token holders within the community. APY.Finance is more committed than ever to the long-term success of this mission, while further increasing the usefulness, and incentive to hold, the APY token through incentivization of various token utility and lockup mechanics that greatly reward users for doing so. The ultimate goal is to divert tokens, token incentives, and power through governance, away from short-term holders, and more heavily toward those aligned with this long-term vision. Today, we will provide an update on how this is being achieved, including the current and future states of APY.Finance tokenomics, including APY token distribution, emissions, governance, and utility.APY Token Distribution Total Tokens: 100mmPublic Liquidity Mining Rewards: 31.2%Community Initiatives: 12.3%Team & Advisors (vested): 20.0%Seed Round (vested): 20.0%Strategic Investors (vested): 16.5%APY Token Emissions While the APY token distribution amount hasn’t changed since the original release of the token, we’d like to provide an update on the current state of APY token emissions schedule. As the seed round & strategic investor portion of tokens have all been distributed; we are now emitting less tokens monthly than ever before. &mda...

Boost-Locking & Staking for Increased Yield

As part of recent discussions surrounding token utility innovations aimed at offering APY token holders opportunities to earn rewards for participating in various platform operational mechanics, we’ve teased ‘boost-locking’. With a governance proposal for boost-locking now underway, we are aiming to clarify in this article, a bit more in-depth, some of the inner workings of boost-locking and how APY token holders and platform users can benefit from boost-locking their tokens.What is Boost-Locking? Boost-locking will allow APY token holders to stake their APY tokens for a selected duration, and earn boosted APY yield. This will allow users who are more committed to the long-term vision of APY.Finance to be rewarded with additional APY yield returns as a result. Boost-locking may also open the doors for additional opportunities for incentivization in the future, rewarding users who boost-lock in different ways. In the future, this may mean additional voting strength, fewer platform fees once platform fees are implemented, and more.Earning Additional APY Yield via Boost-Locking In exchange for staked APY, users will receive ‘blAPY’, a placeholder token representative of their staked APY. Users will be assigned blAPY based on:Amount locked upDuration of lockup. Example: 100 APY deposited for 1 year → 100 * (1 year / 4 years) = 25 blAPY 200 APY deposited for 6 months -> 200 (0.5 year / 4 years) = 25 blAPY To...

Annual Yield Breakdown, Stablecoin vs. APY Rewards & Autocompounding

Token utility developments shared in previous updates and governance proposals are now underway. In this article we aim to clarify the various measures used to break down yield, including the ‘Annual Yield’ metric displayed on the platform, the breakdown of stablecoin vs APY token yield returns, and insight into how yield is compounded.‘Annual Yield’ Platform Metric The ‘Annual Yield’ platform metric represents an aggregate yield calculation. This includes stablecoin yield mixed with APY token rewards accrued from our liquidity mining program, all accessible through a single deposit. The ‘Annual Yield’ is calculated as a weighted average of all strategies determined by how much capital is proportionally allocated into each strategy and their yield returns. This metric is calculated without taking into account earned autocompounded yield, technically underestimating accrued yield, representative of an APR value, rather than APY.Stablecoin Yield The stablecoin yield portion of the ‘Annual Yield’ is composed of a combination of three sources of yield. 1. Base yield. Transaction fees, interest rates, etc. 2. Reward token yields. Larger yield returns earned in the form of protocol reward tokens. I.E. CRV tokens for Curve, and CVX tokens from recent Convex integrations. 3. Incentives. Additional rewards provided by protocols to further boost yield and incentivize adoption.APY Token Yield APY token yield is a...


Bitstamp Offers Permanent APY on XRP Lending: Details

    Crypto trading platform Bitstamp has introduced an XRP lending service offering a “permanent” 2% yield, shortly after relisting the asset for trading last month. This puts XRP on an already sizable list of coins viable for 2% APY on Bitstamp, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether USD (USDT). Permanent Yield On XRP? As explained by Bitstamp in a blog post on Thursday, the company partners with Tesseract for its lending service, which “only lends to reputable institutions and undertakes rigorous risk and credit assessments for all borrowers.” Tesseract breaks down counterparties into four tiers, with Tier 1 including “large top-tier market makers from traditional finance,” and Tier 4 including “smaller institutional borrowers.” Per Bitstamp's June 2023 lending report, most of its lending portfolio is deployed to Tier 2 firms – regarded as “large top-tier crypto-native market makers.” “The loan portfolio is demonstrating strong performance, with all borrowers making timely repayments of both interest and principal as scheduled,” wrote Bitstamp in the report. At the time, XRP was the lowest-yielding asset available at 1.5% APY. Since then, Ripple has secured a legal victory over the SEC in assuring that XRP is not a security, causing demand for the asset to soar. Still, the new new 2% yield remains well below its USDT and USDC yield rate of 4.4%. Respondents to Bitstamp on... read More

Yield farming is live on's Verse DEX with ~80% APY is excited to announce that Verse Farms are live on the Verse DEX. Anyone can now deposit select Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens into Verse Farms to earn additional rewards on top of the trading fees already earned for providing liquidity. The first Verse Farm is for the VERSE/ETH pool with a starting APY of ~80%. More Farms will be added soon. 'Yield farming for VERSE tokens helps grow liquidity on the Verse DEX, which improves the trading experience on this important piece of decentralized infrastructure,' said CEO Dennis Jarvis. 'This is a critical early step towards providing VERSE with broad utility in the ecosystem.' VERSE, which launched in December 2022, is's rewards and utility token. VERSE is fueling the growth and expansion of's ecosystem, which includes over 37 million self-custody wallets created in its multi-chain DeFi-ready mobile app, the Wallet. The ecosystem also includes the award-winning News portal with over 2.5 million monthly readers. The VERSE token's utility will include unlocking rewards along tiers, method of payment in the ecosystem and beyond, access to exclusive platform services, and more. Ultimately VERSE will help expand access to decentralized finance, enabling more people to benefit from the economic freedom and democratized finance it unlocks. Visit to deposit LP tokens and start earning ~80% APY. VERSE tokens are utili... read More

A Crypto Rewards Platform That Promised 40% APY Halts Withdrawals, Citin...

    A crypto rewards platform called has notified users that it decided to reallocate capital in order to “manage exposure to future market fluctuations and volatility.” In doing so, users are unable to withdraw funds from the platform, and the Freeway team explained that amid the reallocation process, the team could not comment further.Crypto Rewards Platform Pauses Withdrawals, Project Accused of Being a Ponzi Scheme The crypto community is dealing with another rewards platform that has decided to halt withdrawals amid a decision to reallocate funds. On October 23, the crypto rewards company, formally called Aubit, published a notice to customers that claims foreign exchange (FX) and crypto markets were experiencing “unprecedented volatility.” In order to protect itself from wild fluctuations, it decided to reallocate the company’s funds in order to ensure “the long term sustainability and profitability of the Freeway Ecosystem.” The Freeway crypto rewards platform promised users up to 40% annual percentage yield (APY) on “Supercharger” accounts. Interestingly, just before the rewards platform published its notice to customers on October 23, the day before, the crypto whistleblower known as “Fatman” warned clients to withdraw from the rewards platform immediately. “If anyone has funds in crypto yield platform Freeway, I would suggest withdrawing right away,” Fatman tw... read More

Binance US Launches a 6% APY Ethereum Staking Service

    On September 7th, Binance.US announced the launch of an Ethereum Staking service, offering its users an initial annual percentage yield (APY) of 6%. According to the Binance.US blog post, this new feature will allow users to start staking ETH using a minimum of 0.001 ETH (approximately $1.62). An amount much more accessible than the 32 ETH needed to become an Ethereum validator. 'While there is a 32 ETH requirement for staking directly through the Ethereum network, users can stake on Binance.US with a competitively low minimum of just 0.001 ETH.' It is important to note that rewards earned through staking will be distributed once Ethereum finalizes its Merge event, transitioning from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). Binance US Supports Ethereum Merge and its Role in the Ecosystem Brian Shroder, CEO of Binance US, said that the Binance US team was excited to launch this feature. In addition, they are looking to create new comprehensive staking offerings that bring 'greater value for customers.' 'ETH plays a critical role in the broader Web3 ecosystem, and as the Ethereum network continues to transition towards The Merge, we are thrilled to now offer ETH staking with some of the highest APY rewards in the industry,' Currently, Binance is offering better APYs than its competitors. Just for reference, Nexo offers 4% APY, Blockfi 4% APY, Lido Finance offers a 3.5% APY whereas Coinbase goes with 3.25% APY This has provided an opportunity for the exchange to double the n... read More

Anchor Protocol's Earn Rate Adjusts for the First Time, From 19.4 ...

    Following the governance vote that aimed to implement a semi-dynamic earn rate for the Anchor Protocol, the decentralized finance (defi) platform's earn rate adjusted downward for the first time this month. After holding steady with a 19.4% annual percentage yield (APY) since the project started, Anchor Protocol's earn rate is now roughly 18% APY for the month of May. Defi Lending Protocol Anchor's Earn Rate Adjusts Downward The lending platform Anchor Protocol is the third-largest defi protocol today with $16.5 billion total value locked (TVL). Statistics show that during the last 30 days, Anchor's TVL has increased 9.25% since last month. Around 45 days ago, the team behind the lending protocol announced that a proposal had passed and the decentralized money market would have a fluctuating earn rate. Before the proposal, Anchor users who deposited terrausd (UST) would get a steady 19.4% APY earn rate on their UST deposits every month. Since the governance vote passed, the first semi-dynamic adjustment took place at the start of May, and depositors today are getting roughly around 18% APY. Since the change took place, the earn rate can increase or decrease per period to 1.5% depending on the increase and decreases in yield reserves. With the current 18% APY, the change means this month, depositors will be getting less than they used to get prior to the adjustment change. Furthermore, in June the earn rate could very well change again depending on the protocol's yield rese... read More

Why Terra's Anchor Protocol Changed Earn Rate To 18% APY

    Anchor Protocol, one of the most popular platforms in the Terra ecosystem, rolled out a change in its Earn Rate. As a result, users started earning an 18% APY as of yesterday, May 1. The earn rate will be modified each month for the foreseeable future. The team behind this Terra project said the following via their official Twitter account: The Anchor Earn rate adjusts dynamically by up to 1.5% each month based on if the yield reserve appreciated or depreciated. The floor is 15% APY & the ceiling is 20% APY. The changes in Anchor’s earn rate are triggered by the protocol’s yield reserve. A .25% modification in this element will be followed by an adjustment in the Earn Rate. This shift in the Terra protocol was approved, via Proposition 20, on March 24 this year. At the time, Anchor Protocol said: The addition of a semi-dynamic Earn rate will contribute to the long-term sustainability of Anchor & will benefit users of the protocol by enabling yield reserve growth while continuing to provide an attractive yield on UST. As seen below, the total borrowed versus total deposits on Anchor shows significant divergence. This is why the yield reserves on the protocol trend to the downside, especially in times of bearish price action on larger cryptocurrencies. Source: Anchor Protocol Some of the users believe that this trend could trigger a deppeging event for UST which could jeopardize the entire Terra ecosystem. The introduction of a semi-dynamic rate is the first step t... read More

SnapEx Launches Single Staking With Up to 140.95% APY

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The world's first crypto CFD Platform SnapEx introduces its lucrative staking service for its native SNAP token. Holders can benefit from an APY of up to 140.95% and choose two different ways of staking their assets. SnapEx has become a household name among cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. Founded in 2018 as a derivatives trading platform with a handful of trading pairs, it has now become an industry giant. Moreover, the platform enables new trading pairs to regularly onboard and continues to expand platform-native features and products to enhance the appeal of cryptocurrency. SnapEx introduced its SNAP token in 2021. The token launch marked a crucial milestone, enabling SnapEx to become the first crypto CFD trading platform to have a native platform token and complete ecosystem. The journey of the SNAP token continues as SnapEx now lets users stake their holdings. Stakers can lock their assets for 45 days or 90 days, yielding an APY of over 140%. The staking option went live on April 19 and has attracted strong support from token holders. Introducing SNAP staking checks off another key milestone for the SnapEx team. In addition, they introduced LP staking and a native launchpad to enhance the accompanying ecosystem further. Both features will see further development throughout May 2022. Offering a high APY to SNAP stakers brings more value to the SnapEx utility token. Furthermore, the team will continue to support the community and... read More

TRON Joins Stablecoin Wars Will Launch USDD With 30% APY, Here Is When

    Founder of TRON Justin Sun announced the launch of an algorithm stablecoin on this network. According to the open letter, the digital asset will be launched in partnership with “major blockchain players” and will be “the most decentralized stablecoin in human history”. Sun said: TRON is starting a self-imposed revolution, pooling all its resources to create USDD, a fully decentralized stablecoin underpinned by mathematics and algorithms, bringing the development of stablecoin to the next level. The stablecoin will be managed by the TRON DAO and “other major blockchain institutions” and will maintain a 1:1 pegged to the U.S. dollar with, as Sun explained, “proper algorithms in a decentralized manner” and “by applying mathematics”. The stablecoin will operate with a similar mechanism to Terra’s UST. Users will be able to redeem 1 USDD for 1 USD worth of TRX when the stablecoin drops below its peg. They can do the opposite if the price of the stablecoin rises about its $1 pegged. The stablecoin will follow a four-stage roadmap. The first stage will be called Space, the following International Space Station (ISS), then Moon, and finally Mars. Sun only provided details on the first two stages which mainly centered around USDD’s management and the strategies that will try to keep the stablecoin’s pegged. What’s TRON Ultimate Goal With Their Stablecoin? The launch of TRON’s stablecoin is part o... read More

Work till you die or Financial freedom? Let your money work for you with...

    Do you know what Warren Buffet teaches his children to be rich for generations? “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” We named it “passive income'. Whereas active income comes from your day job, passive income is the cash you receive while you’re doing something else. Eating dinner? You’re making money. Breathing? You’re still making money.  Asleep? You guessed it; you’re making money. How is that possible? One of the most sustainable and highest-yielding cryptocurrencies to have in your portfolio is Libero Financial ($LIBERO). In fact, if you start out with LIBERO, you can make hundreds in passive income each and every day. In 1 day, Mr. Fox,  a typical LIBERO investor, earned $617.73 in BUSD and $2461.38 in $LIBERO, totaling $3079.11 USD. Source: Mr. John had his funds grow from 20K to 358K in 20 days, just by holding $LIBERO in his wallet. Source: LIBERO - Highest Paying Dual Rewards Auto Staking Protocol, which pays you highest stable coin passive income: 226% BUSD APR  from millions of USD daily trading volume, plus 158,893.59% fixed APY in $LIBERO. Growing very fast in user base, this is the world’s most trusted financial freedom project. Libero is the first and only fixed APY project that passed the Certik Audit - World's number 1 blockchain security firm, and the crypto industry's security Gold Standard. But the key element that makes LIBERO ... read More

FaniTrade Launches The FANI Utility 30% APY Token

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] FaniTrade is excited to announce the launch of FaniToken, the utility token of its exchange and ecosystem. The token has multiple use cases, including serving as a payment method, FaniLotto participation, lowering transaction fees, and much more. FaniTrade continues to expand the appeal of its exchange and ecosystem through the launch of FaniToken. Users can acquire the token on the FaniSwap platform and use it to provide liquidity to pools, farm with LP tokens, or staking FANI. Moreover, the token enables users to create new liquidity pools on the trading platform, adding an extra utility layer. Other utility features of FaniToken include: ? FANI is used as a wage when creating a contract in FaniTrax. ? Participation in FaniLotto requires FANI ? FaniLends - marginal interest payments are charged in FANI ? FaniLikes trade mirroring services will rely on FANI as a payment method. ? Users paying transaction fees in FANI will benefit from a 0.25% discount. A total of 0.03% of that discount will be redistributed to holders. ? Holders can invest FANI in FaniEarn to receive daily FANI rewards at 30% APR on average. ? FANI tokens represent governance rights for the upcoming DOA, letting holders participate in crucial development and revenue strategy platform decisions. There are many good reasons to be excited about the FaniToken launch and unlock the potential FANI brings to the table. Moreover, the token unlocks tremendous utility for the F... read More

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