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AMB Price:
$3.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$16.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #AMB today is $0.017 USD.

The lowest AMB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.017, and the current live price for one AMB coin is $0.01685.

The all-time high AMB coin price was $0.91.

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The code for AirDAO crypto currency is #AMB.

AirDAO is 5.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for AirDAO is $16,676,567.

AirDAO is ranked #501, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #AMB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for AirDAO is $3,739,795.


The circulating supply of AMB is 989,499,453 coins, which is 274% of the maximum coin supply.


AMB is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #AMB, and you can view them on our AMB disambiguation page.



AirDAO: January Highlights 2023

The new year got off to a strong start for AirDAO, with the team reviewing the achievements made since Ambrosus relaunched as AirDAO last year and building off this success to craft the roadmap for 2023. Our developers crafted the foundation of the AirDAO ecosystem with their work in 2022. The upcoming tokenomics update presents an opportunity to continue the momentum of last year into 2023 and cement the vision for AirDAO as a leading web3 ecosystem. Our tokenomics update is in the finalization stages — with reviews undertaken by tokenomics specialists this month and changes implemented where recommended. January also saw progress in regard to our decentralization roadmap, with the AirDAO team preparing for the election of community members to the DAO multisignature wallet. The development team also started work on making validators permissionless, so individuals do not have to rely on team support to onboard nodes. These efforts are a step closer to the vision of AirDAO being a self-sustained and community-owned ecosystem. This month saw the start of hiring mobile developers to create the AirDAO mobile application, allowing users to access AirDAO on the go. The team also started recruiting new team members in other positions, including co-CEO for Firepot Finance. CEO Lang Mei and the team prepared for ETHdenver—with Lang invited to give a presentation at the conference—and he also organized plans to go to San Fran...

AirDAO: Town Hall Recap 1/27/23

This week marked Lang’s return to our weekly Town Hall after being unable to attend last Friday due to illness. He is currently in Boulder, Colorado, in the US, and will soon participate in ETHDenver and its many tech and networking-oriented side events. As we roll into February, our announcements that have experienced slight delays are all being lined up, with one exciting update coming in the next couple of weeks. We discussed all this and more in this week’s call, so let’s dive into the details without further ado. On the marketing front, on Wednesday, we had the second-to-last AirDAO Quiz of this season in our Telegram. Next week will be the final quiz for a while — so be sure to tune into our official global chat and participate for your chance to win AMB rewards. We added additional informative guides to AirDAO Academy and are currently negotiating with crypto media platforms to publish two AirDAO-dedicated articles in early February. Lena continues negotiating with podcasters and will share specific details on the educational program she has been creating in the next week or so, and she will also be reviewing and revising both media and Academy articles to optimize for traffic and accuracy. Firepot Finance marketing manager Andrea and the rest of their team have been hard at work setting up the strategy for their HOTT token launch and all the details surrounding it and working on completing their ‘one-tou...

AirDAO: Town Hall Recap 1/20/23

It was another busy week for the AirDAO team, with last Monday serving as the official launch date for the AirDAO Ambassador program. The program represents an opportunity for dedicated community members to work actively with core team members to promote awareness about AirDAO’s vision and what we will achieve. Community manager Seth was instrumental in spearheading the recruitment of five initial ambassadors and designing the program’s structure; we encourage anyone who supports AirDAO and wants to play a more active role to apply. That said, several additional items were communicated on this week’s call, so without further ado, let’s dive into the details. On the marketing side of things, the past week marked another highly participated edition of the AirDAO Quiz. Marketing manager Lena oversaw the publication of two brand-new guides on AirDAO Academy and has talked with AirDAO’s partner and investor, DWF Labs, about marketing collaboration in the upcoming month. She has also reviewed different crypto and finance podcasts to feature CEO Lang Mei as a guest. Finally, Lena has also been working on an in-depth educational program on which we will share more details in the coming weeks. We also shared several community-oriented updates this week. LATAM community manager Andrea transitioned full-time to her position as marketing manager for Firepot Finance and has already successfully attracted more FirepotSwap users ...

AirDAO: Ambassador Program Launch

AirDAO is excited to announce the launch of its ambassador program, supporting the global community as they take an active role in spreading the word about AirDAO and its thriving ecosystem. AirDAO’s ambassador program is open to all, and there are endless ways for the community to participate; whether by engaging online and local communities in discussion about AirDAO or creating captivating content — there are opportunities for everyone. Ambassadors will act as spokesmen for the AirDAO ecosystem and are expected to be proficiently knowledgeable in AirDAO, DeFi, and crypto as a whole. The Ambassador program will promote entrepreneurship, collaboration, and thought leadership and give creative license to the community to contribute to AirDAO in whatever way they think is best, all the while being rewarded for their efforts. For example, ambassadors can set up a local AIRDAO meetup group, a community chat on Telegram, run a Twitter account focused on an AirDAO product, or set up a blockchain hub at their university. Ambassadors are expected to meet weekly to coordinate for the weeks ahead and evaluate each other’s efforts and will publish reports of their efforts on the AirDAO governance forum. Do you think you can provide a valuable contribution to AirDAO? Join us in creating the web3 ecosystem of the future; apply to our ambassador program today. Follow AirDAO: AirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organiz...

AirDAO: Town Hall Recap 1/13/22

This past week was all about preparation for AirDAO’s new Ambassador program, which community manager Seth and longtime community member Michael Grimwood are heading. Four other community members will be involved in the launch, all of whom have provided their unique value and experience in supporting AirDAO over the past year. This week’s call was loaded with information, and we discussed many other subjects, so let’s get into the details of our second Town Hall of 2023. On the marketing front, Lena continued the popular AirDAO Quiz series, with winners again announced at the Town Hall’s end. She also set up a new analytics tool that enables us to track all mentions of AirDAO across the web; analyzing this data and where these mentions originate will help inform AirDAO’s PR and marketing efforts moving forward. Lena will be tracking this data in tandem with the existing metrics for our website, which continues to generate new users and pageviews every week. Furthermore, she is coordinating with the community team to prepare the announcements for the Ambassador program. She is also working on a large community event on which we’ll share more information in the coming weeks. We held a meeting this past week with a core group of ambassadors to explain and garner feedback on our updated tokenomic model and AMB reward structure. This model has been sent out for review by several tokenomic experts to collect additional...

Town Hall Recap: 1/6/23

This week’s Town Hall meeting was the very first of the new year, and we could not be more excited for all the opportunities for growth and success that 2023 will bring. January will be an important month for AirDAO, as we will make several significant announcements over the coming weeks related to our tokenomics and other major project areas. While we cannot yet disclose any specific information on these topics, there were still other items on our agenda that were valuable to discuss. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of what we discussed with the community on this week’s call. Though it’s still the first week back from the holidays for the AirDAO team, we have begun working full-speed ahead on our 2023 roadmap regarding product and marketing strategy. Many exciting things are happening behind the scenes — and as Elon Musk tweeted recently, the one thing we know about this upcoming year is that it definitely won’t be boring. Lang noted that it might very well be a challenging time for global markets given the current downtrend and sentiment, but also that this enables us to reinforce our vision and expand the scope of our project. He shared that AirDAO’s finances remain healthy and that we will provide information about an investor-related announcement very soon. Lang also updated the community about his upcoming travel schedule; he and CTO Igor Stadnyk will be traveling to the United Sta...

2022 Roundup: Letter From CEO Lang Mei

We embarked on a journey of unprecedented change in 2022 with our transition to AirDAO, starting in May this year when I assumed my new role as the CEO of what was then Ambrosus Ecosystem, and our community and team faced the challenge of reinventing and expanding Ambrosus. Working from first principles, we constructed a new approach, with contemporary brand values guiding us to build the products people want in the rapidly developing cryptocurrency industry. AirDAO reflects the current crypto landscape and enhances it with unique values, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on improving user experience. With these ideals in mind, we headhunted and hired knowledgeable and skilled people who found alignment with our vision for AirDAO, and our team grew from 23 to 35. Together, we have made significant progress in our new brand, products, financial position, and community growth. In 2022 our formidable development team made substantial headway in constructing the foundational products of AirDAO, with Dashboard, Bridge, FirepotSwap, Network Explorer, and Staking as core infrastructure. The advancements the development team made this year set the course for the exciting future of AirDAO starting in 2023. This year we strengthened our relationship with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and continue to work closely with them for several AirDAO promotions; including Red Packet, $1 Game, Staking, and a referral ...

Town Hall Recap 16/12/2022

Though we had a smaller crowd than usual due to the start of the holiday season, there was much to discuss during this week’s Town Hall meeting. This was the second-to-last of these events for the calendar year of 2022 and the final one for CEO Lang, who, after tirelessly working the past few months to push AirDAO forward, will be taking some well-earned time off. AirDAO has achieved a lot in a short time since our launch in September, and 2023 is poised to be a very exciting year for all of us. With that being said, let’s get into the details of this week’s call. On the marketing front, the AirDAO Academy Quiz continues to be a success, with its fifth edition attracting nearly 150 participants. Lena has also worked to create a seven-day AirDAO Advent calendar promotion that began December 15th. Completing the daily tasks gives participants a chance to win some very exciting rewards, so we encourage community members to look out for each day’s specific instruction on AirDAO’s Twitter. We also recently had an article about the problems with DAOs and their solutions posted on Binance’s news feed, which is a huge accomplishment. This article even mentions AirDAO directly, which is a massive opportunity to create more awareness about what AirDAO is doing. Next week, we will be hosting another entry to the AirDAO Academy quiz series, continuing the Advent Calendar competitions, and adding a new video and a couple of ...

AirDAO Advent Calendar Competitions

Celebrate Christmas with AirDAO and participate in the first-ever AirDAO Advent Calendar! AirDAO has had tremendous growth since we launched in September. The hard work of our tireless development has resulted in the launch of the AirDAO ecosystem—with AirDAO Bridge, FirepotSwap — the native DEX of AirDAO’s ecosystem, and much more. Another highlight over the year is our thriving international presence, with official communities launching in Africa, China, LATAM, and Turkey. Now, to thank the community for their support since we launched and to celebrate AirDAO’s first Christmas, we have created a week of advent calendar competitions. Running on our Twitter from the 15th til the 21st of December, we have prizes such as exclusive AirDAO swag, the brand new Ledger Stax hardware wallet, and more! Be sure to check in every day from 4 PM UTC for a new task — results will be posted at 3 PM UTC the following day. There will be grand finale prizes for participants that enter on all seven days, so don’t miss out — you’ve got to be in it to win it! We will announce the winners of the grand prizes in the Community Town Hall on Friday, 23rd of December. — Take part in AirDAO Advent today!. — Follow AirDAO: AirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization governing the Ambrosus blockchain and its collection of dApps. As the first DAO to encompass an entire L1 blockchain ecosystem, AirDAO ...

ZERO Fees on AirDAO Bridge

AirDAO is excited to announce that Bridge fees have been reduced to zero.. — The AirDAO Bridge is exclusively available through the AirDAO Dashboard — the intuitive interface for the powerful dApps that underpin the AirDAO Ecosystem. The Bridge offers users an easy-to-use and fast way to take the first step into the world of multichain crypto and experience AirDAO, with bridge transactions only taking around one hour to finalize. Fee-free bridging offers new users an extra incentive to try AirDAO’s flourishing DeFi ecosystem whilst rewarding the AirDAO community for their support since AirDAO launched in September (ETH and BSC network fees still apply). AirDAO’s Bridge is a foundational cornerstone of the AirDAO ecosystem, serving as the on/off ramp for users to transfer assets from other blockchains. Now, users can enjoy feeless transfers from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) to AirDAO’s AMB-NET blockchain — our fast and powerful layer-one blockchain. AMB-NET is highly secure, with a rapid transaction speed and high transaction throughput, and has had 100 percent uptime since launch. — Bridge your crypto to AirDAO today: — Follow AirDAO: AirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization governing the Ambrosus blockchain and its collection of dApps. As the first DAO to encompass an entire L1 blockchain ecosystem, AirDAO is building an integrated sui...


KuCoin Lists AirDAO's AMB Token With a USDT Pair

    [PRESS RELEASE - Lausanne, Switzerland, 9th November 2022] KuCoin has announced it will list AirDAO's $AMB token with a USDT pair on November 9th. The announcement gives KuCoin's 25 million global users the opportunity to participate in AirDAO's up-and-coming DeFi ecosystem, boosting its rapidly growing international community and marking another exciting exchange listing for AirDAO. KuCoin is running a Net Holding competition as part of the events surrounding the listing, with $30,000 in $AMB tokens up for grabs for participants. Also, KuCoin will launch a Twitter airdrop and a participation reward campaign to promote the listing. Previously known as Ambrosus, AirDAO is the first DAO to govern a layer-one blockchain. The flagship AirDAO Dashboard simplifies the complexity of DeFi trading into a single intuitive interface of cutting-edge Decentralized Applications (dApps) running on the Ambrosus Network (AMB-NET) — a fast, ultra-secure, layer-one blockchain with low-cost transactions. AirDAO's multichain capabilities have expanded with the recent release of the Ethereum Bridge, complementing the BNB Smart Chain Bridge and enabling users to transfer crypto assets from Ethereum to AMB-NET. The Ethereum Bridge marks a giant leap towards AirDAO being an all-in-one, multichain DeFi dashboard and is a landmark update for the nascent ecosystem. About KuCoin Since its founding in 2017, KuCoin has rapidly expanded from its original seven co-founders to a global team of over 1,00... read More

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