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AMB Price:
$2.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #AMB today is $0.017 USD.

The lowest AMB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.017, and the exact current price of one AMB crypto coin is $0.01695.

The all-time high AMB coin price was $0.91.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of AMB with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Ambrosus crypto currency is #AMB.

Ambrosus is 5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ambrosus is $2,451,258.

Ambrosus is ranking upwards to #750 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #AMB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ambrosus is $2,824,047.


The circulating supply of AMB is 144,590,975 coins, which is 40% of the maximum coin supply.


AMB is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #AMB, and you can view them on our AMB disambiguation page.



AirDAO and DWF Labs secure $2M strategic investment deal

AirDAO has secured a $2 million fundraising deal with a leading market-making and web3 investment firm. We are excited to announce that AirDAO and DWF Labs have secured a twofold partnership. DWF Labs is a leading global market-maker and web3 investment company, providing a wide range of bespoke support to web3 projects — from OTC solutions to market making to token listings. They are part of the parent firm Digital Wave Finance (DWF), a high-frequency trading firm that consistently ranks among the top 5 trading entities by volume in the cryptocurrency markets. Our new partner will provide market-making services and invest $2M into the AirDAO ecosystem, with a loan of 250M AMB tokens to be supplied by AirDAO to facilitate DWF Labs’ market-making activities. The $2M investment will be finalized and transacted today. The necessary AMB tokens will also be generated with a vesting schedule — DWF Labs’ tokens will be vested over 36 months. We have communicated openly to the AirDAO community about the ambitious fundraising goals of CEO Lang Mei since he was appointed CEO, and we aimed to achieve our first fundraising deal finalized by the end of September — we are excited to announce that the first deal has now been secured ahead of schedule. The AirDAO team has also been very transparent in the past about the current tokenomics model, with tokens being generated to facilitate fundraising. The raised capital w...

AirDAO Meme Contest

Hey Ambros! As you might remember, at the end of July we announced our first-ever official AMB Meme Contest. And the reaction was massive — we received hundreds of submissions from dozens and dozens of memeologists, many of which displayed some pretty impressive creativity. We narrowed down the selection to a final group of ten and let the community vote on their favorites; these top four (due to a tie) shared a pot of 25,000 AMB. Overall, it was a super enjoyable event, and one that brought some new faces into the ecosystem as well. So, in celebration of last week’s successful AirDAO launch, we decided it was time to do a second, even bigger edition of the meme contest to celebrate. The mission? Meme-ify the AirDAO logo as uniquely and entertainingly as possible. The prize? The five entries voted as the best by the community will share a boosted rewards pool of 100,000 AMB! — How to submit your entry - Create a unique meme using the AirDAO logo, Use hashtags #AirDAO and #MemeContest, Tag us on Twitter @AirDAO_io, Submit your meme via tweet., — Rules - > Submission window: From September 19th (today) until September 22nd at 2pm CET. > Winners will be decided during Friday’s Town Hall. > Prizes are as follows: 40k AMB for first place, 20k AMB for second and third, and 10k AMB for fourth and fifth as selected by community vote. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Telegram chat...

The Launch of AirDAO

It’s an exciting era for AMB and the Ambrosus Network. It started in March 2022 when we examined The Ambrosus Ecosystem. When it first launched in 2017, Ambrosus entered the crypto industry with a focus on supply chain and IoT. After careful consideration of the powerful features of AMB-NET, we decided to explore the possibilities to include more use cases. We started to work towards a new mission, one that I occasionally referred to as “Ambrosus 3.0”. For this next step, we aimed to drive usage of the AMB token and network forward by building products for the people. As of today, we are bigger and better. Our steady growth since then has brought new community members, new teammates, and new management. Together we are building — an integrated Web3 product experience. Many protocols and projects have been very developer-oriented. As a result, there is an overwhelming amount of Decentralized Finance products which are too technical and difficult to use for the average user. It is also challenging for the user to understand where to navigate in order to securely and efficiently manage funds. From switching between blockchains, websites, and browser tabs, to swapping assets and accessing liquidity pools — crypto can be an overwhelming experience for even the technical few. We have filmed a short video featuring the mission and vision, which helps explain the path we entered with AirDAO. ...

AMB/BUSD Trading Pair Listing On Binance

We are thrilled to announce that Binance will open trading for AMB/BUSD on September 9, 2022, at 8:00 AM UTC. A few hours after Binance’s announcement, Ambrosus Ecosystem CEO Lang Mei tweeted the following:  — @langmei_eth We will continue to follow AirDAO’s vision and mission, so we can soon become a top 100 cryptocurrency. Thanks for your support, and happy trading! 🔸 Read the announcement 🔶 Start trading on Binance 🔹 Join the discussion on Telegram — Risk Reminder. — The world of digital assets is one of high risks and extreme price fluctuations. Before deciding to trade in this volatile market, be sure to educate yourself on all the risks involved. AMB/BUSD Trading Pair Listing On Binance was originally published in Ambrosus Ecosystem on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Introducing: AirDAO

When CEO Lang Mei assumed his role in leading the Ambrosus Ecosystem at the beginning of March, he did so with a vision for what it could become. Lang saw value in the team, the technology, and the community that demonstrated immense potential for growth. At the same time however, he recognized that the limited scope of what Ambrosus was pursuing was preventing that potential from being realized. So, he developed a plan. This strategy, referred to as Ambrosus 3.0, laid the foundation for a series of goals, changes, and achievements that refocused and reinvigorated the project. With Lang as CEO, Ambrosus has expanded its team considerably, onboarding skilled individuals for new roles in marketing, finance, content creation, branding, web design, and community management. Ambrosus has also strengthened its relationship with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, working with them closely for several AMB-focused promotions and even closing a $200,000 OTC deal with them in June. And, perhaps most importantly, Ambrosus has redoubled its commitment to its supporters. It is providing increased transparency via weekly Town Hall meetings and building a series of regional community groups, Ambrosus Turkiye being the first and with additional areas currently in the pipeline. However, while all of these developments have been critical to the evolution of Ambrosus as a project, even they have become parts of a greater vi...

Firepot Finance Update

After several months of hard work, the Firepot Finance team is nearing the launch date for their very first DeFi product, the FirepotSwap decentralized exchange which will be the first native dApp running on Ambrosus! We’ve been lucky to have their COO Sebastian Varela in several of our Town Hall meetings to provide info, but we wanted to give a comprehensive write-up so the Ambrosus Community can know what has been happening and what to expect leading up to FirepotSwap’s public launch and the official launch of AirDAO. A couple weeks ago, the Firepot team worked with the Ambrosus community team to handpick a few AMBassadors for beta-testing FirepotSwap on a test-net environment. These AMBassadors, a couple of whom had considerable development experience themselves, were able to give a valuable first session of feedback to the Firepot team regarding the overall performance and useability of their DEX. Subsequently, the Firepot team employed a similar strategy to what Ambrosus did for our initial bridge testing back in Q2. They leverage their social media and reached out to the public directly, allowing anyone who wished to do so to engage in a second round of testing to ensure that any possible functionality issues across a broader population and experience-level of users could be identified and fixed. After internal testing as well as these private and public betas, the Firepot team is excited to announce that FirepotS...

Submit Your Best Meme and Win AMB

Ambrosus Ecosystem launches its first meme contest for everyone to join! Creators, crypto degens, memeologists, and everyone else with great meme ideas themed for Ambrosus are welcomed to share their work. From Wednesday, 27 July until Wednesday, 3 August 23:59 CET, all meme creators will get the opportunity to share a prize pool of 20,000 $AMB. — How to submit your entry. — Follow @AMB_Ecosystem on Twitter.Submit your meme on Twitter with #Ambrosus and #memecontest,and tag @AMB_ecosystem. — Rules. — > Submission window: 2022–07–27 until 2022–08–02 > Winners will be announced during the Town Hall on 2022–08–05 > Prizes are 1x 10K and 2x 5K $AMB > Prizes will be distributed on 2022–08–05 If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Telegram chat @ambrosus. We look forward to seeing all of you participate and join as we kick off a new chapter for our project! — About Ambrosus Ecosystem. — Ambrosus is an EVM-compatible L1 protocol secured by 151 nodes for over three years. $AMB is the fuel of the network, and is listed on Binance, KuCoin, ProBit and WhiteBIT. Twitter | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Reddit Submit Your Best Meme and Win AMB was originally published in Ambrosus Ecosystem on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Igor Stadnyk — The Landscape Of L1. What Is L1 vs L2?

Igor Stadnyk — The Landscape Of L1. What Is L1 vs L2? On this 5th and final day of the Ambrosus Bootcamp, Ambrosus Ecosystem CTO Igor Stadnyk goes in-depth on what blockchain layers are, specifically layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. So if you’ve wanted to discover the differences between them, why they exist, or which one is the best, then you definitely do not want to miss this webinar.Watch “The Landscape Of L1. What Is L1 vs. L2” We want to thank everyone who attended our first Ambrosus Bootcamp and made it a huge success! We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from our amazing presenters. And to the winners, congratulations on your winnings! If you want to watch past webinars from the bootcamp, please click on any of the links below.Day 1 — The current state of the crypto market & opportunities in a bear market by Ambrosus CEO Lang MeiDay 2 — The evolution of DAOs, mobs, mazes, and machines by Icewater Co-Founder LizardBrainDay 3 — Taking DeFi mainstream: Why I told my mom to use Coinbase by Firepot Finance CEO Tom DanielDay 4 — An Introduction To Stablecoins by Icewater Co-Founder RedbeardDay 5 — Igor Stadnyk — The Landscape Of L1. What Is L1 vs L2? Thanks again, and see you at the next Ambrosus Bootcamp! — About the speaker. — Igor Stadnyk has been in software development for more than 15 ...

Redbeard — An Introduction To Stablecoins

Redbeard — An Introduction To Stablecoins Day 4 of the Ambrosus Bootcamp was all about stablecoins. Icewater Co-Founder Redbeard discussed all the most important things you need to know about stablecoins. He explains why dollar-pegged stablecoins are more or less just a transitory solution to finding balance in a stablecoin. Redbeard also discusses how stabilization works and how to stabilize a token. He also talks about death spirals in stablecoins, why LUNA’s UST stablecoin failed, how to prevent death spirals, and many more. So sit back and please enjoy this illuminating and valuable webinar from Redbeard.Watch “An Introduction To Stablecoins” Want to watch our past webinars from the Ambrosus Bootcamp? Click the links below to watch them now.Day 1 — The current state of the crypto market & opportunities in a bear market by Ambrosus CEO Lang MeiDay 2 — The evolution of DAOs, mobs, mazes, and machines by Icewater Co-Founder LizardBrainDay 3 — Taking DeFi mainstream: Why I told my mom to use Coinbase by Firepot Finance CEO Tom Daniel — About the speaker. — Redbeard is the Co-Founder of Icewater along with LizardBrain, who spoke on day 2 of the Ambrosus Bootcamp. Icewater’s mission is to create a decentralized stablecoin that maintains its stability based on market expectations. Follow Redbeard on Twitter | Join ...

Tom Daniel — Taking DeFi Mainstream: Why I Told My Mom To Use Coinbase

Tom Daniel — Taking DeFi Mainstream: Why I Told My Mom To Use Coinbase On the third day of the Ambrosus Bootcamp, Firepot Finance CEO Tom Daniel had a very relatable topic for his webinar, which was user-friendliness in Decentralized Finance. As most of you probably know, DeFi, in general, is confusing. It’s high-risk and very complex, especially for new people joining crypto. And he talks about great points about what needs to be achieved so that more people will adopt DeFi in their daily lives. So watch the entire webinar to find out how we can unlock the power of blockchain and DeFi. And in case you missed Day 1 or Day 2 of the Ambrosus Bootcamp, click on the links below to watch them now:Day 1 — The current state of the crypto market & opportunities in a bear market by Ambrosus CEO Lang MeiDay 2 — The evolution of DAOs, mobs, mazes, and machines by Icewater Co-Founder LizardBrainWatch “Taking DeFi Mainstream: Why I Told My Mom To Use Coinbase” — About the speaker. — Tom Daniel is the CEO of Firepot Finance, a decentralized exchange & decentralized finance platform that will be the first Dex & DeFi on the Ambrosus blockchain. He is an early adopter of blockchain technologies purchasing his first Bitcoin in 2013, mining Dogecoin in 2014, and creating a fiat-to-crypto wallet on Ripple in 2015. Follow Tom Danie...


Ambrosus Core Launches a $10 Million Developer Grant to Scale Its Open-S...

    PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland - Ambrosus Core, the technical foundation of Ambrosus Ecosystem, has announced the launch of a substantial developer funding program - $10 million for developers deploying decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and other decentralized solutions on the Ambrosus blockchain. Ambrosus is a fully operational Layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain protocol providing scalability, zero-knowledge proof data security, and unique built-in data storage capacity. In order to support network growth and expand its user base, Ambrosus Core is launching a developers funding initiative. DeFi on Ambrosus has recently seen an all-time high in total value locked (TVL) of over 310 million AMB as a result of its newly launched staking platform. As of today, the foundation is accepting applications for its grant program open to new contributors looking to build dApps, NFTs, and DAOs on AMB-NET. Any developer or entrepreneur can now apply for funding to create scalable solutions that enjoy seamless low-cost transactions on the secure network. The seven-figure grant will be distributed among: Startups-developers and entrepreneurs looking to launch a dApp on AMB-NET. Open-source developers-individuals and teams developing open-source products on top of AMB-NET. Educators-those who create unique and informative content for new Ambrosus Ecosystem participants. Igor Stadnyk, Chief Technical Officer at Ambrosus Core, highlights: 'The next chapter for Ambrosus Core is all abo... read More

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