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Alt.Estate token  


ALT Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
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The last known price of #ALT is $0.000204 USD.

Please note that the price of #ALT was last updated over 660 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #ALT statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest ALT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000204, and the exact last price of ALT was $0.00020360.

The all-time high ALT coin price was $0.00421.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ALT with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Alt.Estate token crypto currency is #ALT.

Alt.Estate token is 5.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Alt.Estate token is not available at this time.

Alt.Estate token is ranked #18757 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown during the past 24 hours for #ALT.


The circulating supply of ALT is 724,180,756 coins, which is 68% of the total coin supply.


ALT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ALT exchange data is not currently available.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ALT, and you can view them on our ALT disambiguation page.



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    XRP appears to be leading the altcoin rally fetching over 66% in the past day alone. This comes after Ripple Labs managed to score a victory in the SEC case crippling the financial regulator's plan to regulate the digital asset industry. The market has reacted positively to the District Court for the Southern District of New York's ruling. Interestingly, altcoins that have posted significant gains are mostly the ones deemed as securities by the US financial regulator. Binance Coin (BNB) 7-day gains: 8.98% Cardano (ADA) 7-day gains: 23.54% Solana 7-day gains: 39.52% Polygon 7-day gains: 25.97% COTI 7-day gains: 12.79% The Sandbox (MANA) 7-day gains: 13.06% The altcoin market - especially the PoS-based coins - chalked out double-digital gains as prices skyrocketed since XRP's court ruling. PoW-Based Coins' Underwhelming Performance Even as Bitcoin quietly broke out of its $31k resistance, its peer PoW-powered coins have underperformed. Despite all the buzz surrounding the upcoming halving event, Litecoin's network activity has slowed down, and its price followed a similar trajectory. Over the past week, the 'silver' digital asset noted a mere 3% increase. Bitcoin Cash's (BCH) performance was underwhelming and slid down to $271 after a 3% decline in the past week. Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) was also down by 8.04% over the same period and was currently trading at $39.20, huddled up in the 58th spot by market cap. Another PoW-based crypto eCash (XEC) also remained unfazed by... read More

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Alt Season is Here According to Arthur Hayes

    Arthur Hayes - co-founder of BitMEX - believes the altcoin season (a time frame during which the alternative coins outperform Bitcoin and reduce its dominance in the crypto market) is already here. Assets like Ether (ETH), Arbitrum (ARB), and Dogecoin (DOGE) have marked substantial gains in the past 24 hours, whereas BTC has been relatively stable at a range of $30-31K. Enter the Alt Season In one of his most recent tweets, Hayes presented a price chart of Ether (ETH), outlining its spike above $2,100 achieved in the past several hours. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is ALTSZN!!! — Arthur Hayes (@CryptoHayes) April 14, 2023 The impressive performance of Ethereum's native token could be a result of the successful completion of the Shapella upgrade - one of the most significant developments since the Merge. It enabled validators to withdraw staked ETH, which initially prompted some to assume that the coin's price might head south, given the possible large amounts to be unlocked.  However, security measures did not allow such a massive unlocking, and the token's valuation went in the opposite direction, surpassing $2,100 for the first time in almost a year.  Other digital currencies, including BNB and DOGE, have also been on the rise in the past several hours. The native token of Binance soared beyond $330 and has been up over 4% for the last seven days. The world's largest crypto exchange announced its 23rd quarter... read More

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    After reaching its biggest market capitalization dominance since November 2021 last week, Bitcoin is regaining market share from altcoins. The pioneer momentarily accounted for almost 42% of the global crypto market cap in late January, according to CoinMarketCap data. Bitcoin Dominate Alt coins Since its inception, Bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency. Its domination was unequaled for a long time, as the digital coin's performance influenced the market's outcome, bringing altcoins along for the ride in either win or loss scenarios. The influx of new altcoins into the crypto market, all with the goal of dethroning Bitcoin, threw its supremacy into disarray as a slew of altcoins fought for a piece of the pie, ranging from ethereum to dogecoin. Bitcoin dominance 1-day candle chart. Despite the fact that Bitcoin has been in the red for the majority of the month, its portion of the $1.68 trillion crypto market has increased to around 42%, up from 39% two weeks ago. Bitcoin's market capitalization has increased for the first time since mid-October, when it dropped from a peak of 46 percent. Throughout the second half of January, Bitcoin has managed to maintain its 40 percent market share. Related article | Bitcoin Supply On Exchanges Hits New Multi-Year Low Of 13.27% Unlike traditional market capitalization, which has remained relatively consistent since the all-time highs in November, realized capitalization has remained reasonably stable since the all-time highs in... read More

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