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ALPHR Price:
$11.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$114.6 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ALPHR today is $0.013 USD.

The lowest ALPHR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.013, and the exact current price of one ALPHR crypto coin is $0.01285.

The all-time high ALPHR coin price was $366.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ALPHR with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Alphr crypto currency is also #ALPHR.

Alphr is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Alphr is $114,560.

Alphr is ranking downwards to #1104 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #ALPHR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Alphr is $11,237.


The circulating supply of ALPHR is 8,916,666 coins, which is 89% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Alphr coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


ALPHR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ALPHR has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

View #ALPHR trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ALPHR purchase.



Our Discoveries at Alphr and How We are Moving Forward

Where We Are - Alphr made strides in becoming the first platform where you can see everyone’s trade history on Uniswap, analyze their performance, and copy their trades in a permissionless fashion. We are proud of those accomplishments and the team that helped create them. Unfortunately this version of Alphr (V1) ultimately didn’t find product market fit and gain traction. For the past 6 months we have been developing V2 which is currently live. V2 enables you to automatically copy the best traders in crypto. We scraped the Ethereum blockchain and analyzed every trade ever undertaken on Uniswap to find the best traders. Our analyses have provided some key insights on the current state of DeFi and Dex trading. Ultimately after spending a significant amount of resources researching ways to find the best traders we have discovered that placing your funds in the hands of once well performing traders is not indicative of future success. Most of the top performing traders only perform well for a period of time, indicating more luck than skill. In short, there are no ‘good’ traders. Most, if not all, do not have high enough sharpe ratios for anyone to “safely” allocate capital to copying their trades. We are likely years away from having a large enough sample size and significant enough volumes on DEXs, to make permissionless copy trading in DeFi a reality. This article outlines a quick lesson in trading about chance ...

The Months Ahead

Namaste, Firstly let me say a big thank you to all our loyal holders, we have seen your support in our Telegram channel and the excitement around what we have built, and your desire to enter the pools. Problems Mirror trading is mainly targeted towards retail. Gas fees are too expensive on Ethereum and are preventing retail from participating (our target users), We have spoken to some funds and some DAOs about them participating in our pools, they find it to be too risky to copy an individual trader, no matter how high their Sharpe ratio is., We are so close to product market fit, we just need a few final tweaks. Solution We are moving our current pool over to Polygon, this will enable us to better serve our core user base, After speaking with funds/DAOs we have decided to introduce a new type of pool that trades based on the signals of the top 100–1000 wallets, rather than one individual wallet. This is a similar strategy that some quant funds use. The returns will likely be lower but the Sharpe ratio and consistency will likely be much higher. In all likelihood we will make a pool per token, i.e one that buys and sells BTC when the best wallets do, one for ETH etc., The Truth The truth is that no other crypto mirror trading platform wants to tell you is, single wallet copying doesn’t work very well. There are little to none actual quality traders that have a high Sharpe ratio. We scraped the chain and analysed ev...

Alphr Plans its Move to Polygon for Automated Mirror Pools

Alphr’s Automated Mirror Pools just recently launched with our premier high yielding wallet Captain Crypto. The automated mirror pool for Captain Crypto allows anyone to automatically copy his top performing trades just by entering ETH into the pool. At the moment we understand that gas fees are significantly increased when entering the pool. This is due to ETH being distributed among over 10 different tokens when deposited. For reference, if you were to go and buy 10 different tokens on Uniswap you would have similar fees. These high fees limit smaller investors from entering the pool which is not aligned with Alphr’s mission of making DeFi easy for everyone. Therefore, we will be diligently working on launching our automated mirror pools on Polygon in order to lower overall gas fees and make it easy for anyone with a DeFi wallet to enter into Alphr’s AMT pools. We are still working out solutions for lowering gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet and will keep our community informed as to possible solutions. As a platform we are proud to have launched permissionless automated mirror trading before any other platform and look forward to enabling this feature on Polygon, BSC, and more. Thanks, Ragnar — Buy $ALPHR token on Uniswap:. — — Buy $ALPHR token on — — Start Copy Trading with Captain Crypto Today!:. — — Read about o...

Introducing Captain Crypto: Alphr V2’s Premier Wallet!

Deposit your ETH to automatically copy trade Alphr’s premier high yielding wallet today! — Who is Captain Crypto? - Captain Crypto is Alphr’s premier high yielding AMT wallet profile. His investments are diversified across some of the top cryptocurrencies including $ETH, $USDT, and $LINK. Over the past year he has increased his wallet value by over 900%. Captain Crypto accomplished this through taking calculated risks with intelligent trade positions, consolidating those earnings into stables, holding, and thorough investigation of top performing coins like $LINK and $PNK. Here at Alphr we have extensively studied Captain Crypto’s trading performance. Roughly 18% of his holdings are in stable coins ($USDT), 48% in $ETH, and 3.1% in $LINK. (percentage holdings are subject to change due to trading behavior) Captain Crypto is a consistent trader and reliably sells the local tops and buys the local bottoms for maximum growth during any market condition. His sharpe ratio, which is a financial measure of return vs. risk shows a promising 1.80 ratio. This is a favorable value meaning that he is a reliable place to allocate funds. For perspective, one of the top mutual funds in traditional finance, PRWCX, has a sharpe ratio of 1.44 and has a one year annualized return of just over 5%. Captain Crypto trumps these figures immensely with not only a better performing sharpe ratio of 1.80, but also expected returns of ove...

ALPHR V2: Proposed Changes to the Protocol

As automated mirror trading goes live there are a few more changes that need to be made to the protocol in order to accommodate the updates to ALPHR V2. Following on from the passing of this vote manual mirror trading will no longer be available in V2. Alphr’s double asset farming rewards redistribute 75% of fees in ETH from manual mirror trading to stakers. Without manual mirror trading the ETH for double asset farming would need to be sourced from Automated Mirror trading. Automated Mirror trading will generate significant revenue for the protocol via Token Sets streaming fees which are set to 10%. This means that 10% of total AUM in all AMT pools accrues to the multisig on a per block basis. This 10% accrues in the form of LP tokens for each Token Set AMT pool. The pertinent question is, is it better for token holders if: These LP tokens are periodically withdrawn from the pool and all constituent tokens are converted back to ETH then distributed to stakers (As was the case with manual mirror trading.), Or These LP tokens are left to accrue to the DAO multisig, as this builds the value of the treasury and ultimately this value all accrues to token holders., I propose that option 2 is better aligned long term with token holder interests. It gives the DAO a diversified basket of assets in the treasury that could be leveraged for product development and growth. If we as a DAO are long on crypto then it seems philosop...

The Future of Copy Trading

Alphr V2: Automated Mirror Pools What is copy trading? Copy trading is a method of trading in which one person imitates the trades of an advanced or respected trader with the intention of getting an easy edge above his or her own current trading abilities. What are the benefits of copy trading? The benefits of copy trading include: Hands free investing: No need to consistently trade or keep up with up to date information throughout the day, Trade with the alpha of the best: The top traders that you copy are often aware of market trends and sell/buy at the most opportune times, Saving on gas fees: Copy trading funds are pooled together and routed into a single transaction, lowering overall gas fees, What are the potential downsides of copy trading? The potential downsides of copy trading include: Lack of investment control: Your trades are in the hands of the wallet that you are actively mirroring, you buy what they buy and sell what they sell, Different investment styles: Some traders may seem to contradict what you consider to be the proper investment strategies, The top places to copy trade at the moment: — What is Etoro? - Etoro is a social trading and multi asset brokerage company that first launched copy trading with stocks. They currently have more than 20 million users from over 140 countries using capabilities on their platform including traditional stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, and copy tra...

How We Find the Best Performing Wallets in Crypto!

An in Depth Look at Alphr’s Quantitative Analysis Methods - Please note foot notes [1] will be referenced and listed at the end of this analysis. — Uniswap wallet ranking - The rise of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) opens up whole new perspectives on investment. Trading used to be confined to centralised, opaque agents (banks and brokerages) with intransparent incentives and questionable performance. Proprietary platforms lock users in and prevent deep integration between new toolsets. DeFi follows an entirely different paradigm. It is an open platform — anyone can stake, trade, and even open up pools for new tokens. Data is open and freely available. Services integrate and allow new products to be built on top of each other, creating ever more useful and impactful products for investors. At Alphr, we are a part of the movement to democratize finance. Our product allows users to mirror DEX’ best performing traders in an automatic fashion. By combining our insights with a Quantitative Finance approach, we extract value for our users and enhance their trading portfolios. This article sheds light on the process. We will look at how trades are evaluated, wallets ranked and screened, through to the final selection. — Method description - Evaluating a wallet can be neatly split into three stages: 1. Converting trades into wallet balances (positions) 2. Deriving the daily Profit and Loss (P&L) from wallet p...

Alphr Weekly Report #25

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community, Welcome to our twenty-fifth and final Alphr weekly report keeping you updated across all general topics, Swami thoughts, DAO, marketing, token distribution and development. We are getting very close to the launch of AMT!!! — Marketing - Layer 3 We are excited to share that we are partnering with a new crypto growth marketing platform: Layer 3 to roll out a six week long campaign promoting Alphr with their community of 80K members. These members will complete impression based tasks to earn Alphr and provide us with as much exposure as possible while we launch AMT. — Token distribution - Please read this important information on token distribution post DAO hack: 85% of the private sale is now distributed making most of the token inflation other than LP rewards now out of the way. The Litepaper will be updated this week to reflect all of the votes that have passed recently to reduce inflation. Here is a summary of the updated tokenomics following recent votes: Total supply : 10m ALPHR 15% Seed, Private & IDO — 1,500,000 ALPHR (6 & 12 Month vesting), 10% LP rewards — 1,000,000 ALPHR (12 Month release), 20% Team — 2,000,000 ALPHR (24 Month vesting), 45% Community Development Fund/DAO Treasury — 4,500,000 ALPHR (48 Month Vesting), 10% Protocol Users (wallets being mirrored) — 1,000,000 ALPHR, — DAO - Voting ...

Proposal to reallocate protocol usage rewards to wallets being automatically mirrored

Following on from the successful vote to remove manual mirror trading: There needs to be a vote around protocol usage rewards. Protocol usage rewards were previously allocated to manual mirror traders daily based on trading volume within the epoch. V2 will not have manual mirror trading. I propose that all protocol usage rewards be re-allocated to wallets being mirrored proportionately based on AUM, as was initially outlined in the litepaper. This will garner goodwill with wallets being mirrored as they are benefitting via airdropped Alphr tokens due to their wallet being copied. The emission schedule would remain as outlined in this article: And that was voted in here: But rewards would simply be distributed to wallets being automatically mirrored. — Here is an example:. — Rewards per day are 2500 ALPHR TOKENS. There are 3 Automated Mirror Pools copying 3 different wallets, each has a different AUM. Please vote on the proposal here: Proposal to reallocate protocol usage rewards to wallets being automatically mirrored was originally published in Alphr on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Important information for:

DAO Maker SHO, Paid Ignition, Seed and Private round participants. — As you may be aware: DAO Maker smart claim contracts suffered an exploit on September 3rd Alphr was not affected., As a result of the exploit Dao Maker decided to no longer offer claiming smart contracts as a service., Therefore they sent all remaining unclaimed tokens in their custody back to us., Remaining tokens will be sent to your wallet each month according to the below schedule., If you had not claimed previously claimable tokens, they will be sent to your wallet in today’s distribution., Seed : Today Sept 27th you should have received 49.09% of your total token allocation. Private, Dao Maker SHO + Paid Ignition: Today Sept 27th you should have received 85% of your total token allocation. — Seed — Distribution schedule. — TGE 26th April : 20% = 100,000 ALPHR tokens ✅ 26th June : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens ✅ 26th July : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens ✅ 26th August : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens ✅ 26th September : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens ✅ 26th October : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens 26th November : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens 26th December : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens 26th January : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens 26th February : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens 26th March : 7.2727% = 36,363.50 ALPHR tokens — Private (Paid Ignition + Dao Maker SHO)...

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