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ALGO Price:
$75.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.5 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ALGO today is $0.36 USD.

The lowest ALGO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.356, and the exact current price of one ALGO crypto coin is $0.35648.

The all-time high ALGO coin price was $3.23.

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The code for Algorand is #ALGO.

Algorand is 3.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Algorand is $2,470,807,801.

Algorand is ranked #28 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large today for #ALGO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Algorand is $75,122,579.


The circulating supply of ALGO is 6,931,156,670 coins, which is 69% of the maximum coin supply.


ALGO is the native coin for the Algorand blockchain.

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ALGO is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 47 crypto exchanges.

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Algorand Appoints Michele Quintaglie as Chief Marketing Officer

Former Visa and Fidelity executive joins leading Layer-1 blockchain network BOSTON, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Algorand, the pure proof-of-stake, carbon-negative Layer-1 blockchain network, today announced the appointment of Michele Quintaglie as its Chief Marketing Officer, effective Sept. 19. Joining the Algorand leadership team, she will report to interim CEO Sean Ford and will lead global marketing and communications with a focus on building Algorand’s brand and reach through strategic growth initiatives. In her new role, Quintaglie will enhance Algorand’s position in the marketplace through brand positioning and narrative development, identifying and activating key sponsorships and partnerships, influencer marketing, and supporting future technology launches and market growth initiatives.“It’s exciting to bring an experienced leader like Michele into the role of CMO,” said Sean Ford, Interim CEO at Algorand. “With an extensive track record of proven success in global communications and marketing across the corporate, agency and UN development world, Michele will continue to strengthen Algorand’s profile as a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure.” Quintaglie brings an extensive background in the corporate communications, brand and marketing profession having led teams for several Fortune 100 companies. She served as SVP and Head of Communications for Fidelity Asset Management, an early adopter of digital assets. She then took on the role of SVP and Global Head of Communications for Visa Inc. While at Visa, Quintaglie oversaw all communications including corporate, innovation and regional teams, including representing Visa on the Communications Commission for the International Olympic Committee. Most recently Quintaglie served as Head of External Communications for United Technologies through its transformation into three publicly-traded companies, followed by a historic merger with Raytheon Company, eventually serving as Head of Media and Public Policy for the new Raytheon Technologies. Earlier in her career, Quintaglie led the U.S. Corporate Social Responsibility practice for Hill & Knowlton, one of the world’s leading global communications companies, and spent more than a decade based in Africa working as an Information Officer and Crisis Spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Programme and UNICEF. She is a Rotary International Scholar and Washington Scholar, and is a graduate of Villanova University and the University of Nairobi, where she completed her graduate studies.“I’ve had a passion for blockchain and Web3 for some time now, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to join the Algorand team,” said Quintaglie. “Algorand represents the key values I look for in any great brand — amazing technology, global reach, proven leadership, and most importantly, a purpose-driven ethos to create technologies that offer meaningful societal and environmental impact.” Algorand Appoints Michele Quintaglie as Chief Marketing Officer was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Algorand Protocol Upgrade Introduces State Proofs for Trustless Cross Chain Communication

Algorand Protocol Upgrade Introduces State Proofs for Trustless Cross Chain Communication and 5x Faster Performance - The proof-of-stake, carbon-negative blockchain network rolls out quantum-secure interoperability, speeds of 6,000 transactions per second, and new best-in-class developer features. BOSTON, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Algorand, the pure proof-of-stake, carbon-negative Layer 1 blockchain network, today announced a major upgrade to its protocol. Now live on Mainnet, the upgrade features State Proofs that enable trustless cross-chain communication, an increase in performance from 1,200 to 6,000 transactions per second (TPS), and new tools to streamline development and introduce on-chain randomness capabilities for dApps. These features solidify Algorand as the leading Layer-1 blockchain for real-world Web3 applications, ranging from sports to music to CBDCs and DeFi. State Proofs are an interoperability standard that securely connects blockchains to the outer world without trust in an intermediary. Blockchain ecosystems are like cities, with each one providing value that draws people to visit. As the blockchain industry matures, people will have more reasons to visit different ecosystems, driving more value into cross-chain applications. But to access your source blockchain in new ecosystems, you need a reliable way to verify its “state” — a snapshot of account balances and transactions — in each new environment. This infrastructure has been missing from the market until now, forcing people to trust centralized bridges or validator networks to handle their assets, which creates a centralized attack surface with a large target. Algorand State Proofs solve this with a simple, quantum secure, and trustless interface that any proof-of-stake chain can use without compromising on cost, reliability, or security.“With today’s release, Algorand proves once again that decentralization does not need to come at the cost of performance or security,” said Silvio Micali, founder of Algorand. “Interoperability between blockchains is the future, and Algorand State Proofs are a critical security feature for communication between networks. We are extremely proud of this innovation and believe it will push the entire blockchain landscape forward.” In terms of performance, today’s protocol upgrade increases Algorand’s TPS from 1,200 to 6,000, allowing organizations building on Algorand to continue to scale to meet growing demand for Web3 applications. Compare this to Visa, which typically facilitates between 1,500–2,000 transactions per second; or Bitcoin, which can process about 5, and Ethereum, which rarely exceeds more than 10 TPS.“This upgrade marks another major milestone on Algorand’s roadmap achieved,” said Paul Riegle, Chief Product Officer at Algorand. “From State Proofs, which are a game-changing blockchain interoperability security feature, to increased TPS, we are unlocking the tools required for Web3 applications to fulfill their vast potential.” Algorand has experienced zero downtime since launch, helping it become the blockchain of choice for thousands of organizations launching DeFi protocols, NFTs, payment solutions, regulated digital assets, and more. The network supports applications that can scale to billions of participants, all on a high-speed, carbon-negative, secure and stable network. To learn more about organizations building on Algorand, please visit the Ecosystem Directory. Algorand Protocol Upgrade Introduces State Proofs for Trustless Cross Chain Communication was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Napster Continues to Be on the Front Line of Music Innovation

Napster, now part of the Algorand ecosystem after being purchased by Algorand and Hivemind, has always been at the forefront of technology. Founded in 1999 by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, it was the first-ever peer-to-peer (P2P) music file sharing service. Napster allowed users to share then-mostly-unknown MP3 files virtually, for free. Users could send each other songs from digitized cassette tapes, CDs, vinyl records, and more. This included unreleased and rare songs, lesser known albums–even the number one song in the world. The service saw so much initial success that some schools would have to ban it because of the network congestion it caused. At its peak, it had more than 26 million active users. Napster was the predecessor to streaming media, making music more available than previously possible. Napster’s P2P service was truly novel, and it changed the way artists and fans interacted within the music industry forever. However, the technology of the time was not equipped to carry out the full vision of Napster. In 2002, Roxio, a digital media company, purchased Napster’s assets. They rebranded Napster to Napster 2.0, which offered services on a subscription basis. Napster continued to evolve, always maintaining its roots as an innovator on the forefront of the music industry. The Napster brand became popular in Europe, and continued to gain global recognition. In 2020, MelodyVR, a virtual reality concerts company, acquired Napster. On May 10, 2022, Algorand partnered with Hivemind to acquire Napster. This acquisition aligned Algorand’s vision for the future of Web3 with Napster’s vision of an artist-first, more fan friendly music industry. Napster started out as the original music industry disruptor of web1, using P2P technology to allow music fans to share music in a way not previously possible. Napster then progressed into a fully licensed paid streaming service through its various owners. Algorand’s acquisition of Napster will allow the brand to return to its roots, and focus on facilitating a decentralized music ecosystem that benefits all participants, especially artists. Backed by the only carbon-negative blockchain, the globally recognized Napster brand will be in a unique position to build a sustainable music service in Web3. Napster was on the forefront of music technology two decades ago, and will continue to push music forward on the Algorand blockchain. Read the Napster litepaper and join the community on Discord to learn more. — Explore the Algorand Ecosystem:. — Napster Continues to Be on the Front Line of Music Innovation was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Why News Project HEADLINE Pivoted to Dev Tools and DeFi

HEADLINE is an expansive project on Algorand that’s grown massively from its roots as a news platform into its own robust ecosystem of developer tools and decentralized finance applications. Former journalist Aaron Martinez, founder of HEADLINE, originally started the company to generate news content with an unbiased perspective, but after his introduction to Algorand, the project grew in scope. The HEADLINE team approached the Algorand Foundation with its ideas and in 2021 was awarded a grant to build a suite of React tools for Algorand developers, which opened up a whole world of growth — for both HEADLINE and the Algorand community at large. Its suite of offerings will also soon include Silo, the first decentralized Options Vaults and DeFi derivatives platform on Algorand. Keep reading to learn more about HEADLINE’s journey. — Early Days: Building Web3 Developer Tooling - In 2021, after receiving an incredible amount of support from the Algorand community for the news project, Martinez realized the potential of the Algorand blockchain and decided to shift gears and focus on building a suite of front-end tools for developers building decentralized applications.“We were basically jumping into the deep end of the pool when it comes to software development. We had to learn how to swim as we were building…there’s no guidebook to learn how to build developer tooling in Web3. We had to write it. We basically wrote the book on how to do it on Algorand.”- Aaron Martinez, Founder & CEO, HEADLINE Inc. From June to August 2021, HEADLINE was able to create the beginning of a suite of Web3 developer tooling for Algorand. You can see the journey the team took on the PIPELINE-UI website. Since then, the toolkit has grown to hundreds of components, including one of the most robust SDKs on Algorand for developers. — HEADLINE and PIPELINE-UI - PIPELINE-UI is a front-end toolkit that allows developers to build Web3 applications quickly and easily. To illustrate this point, two interns used PIPELINE-UI to build and deploy a Web3 application in under five minutes, with no previous coding experience. The devkit addresses the barrier-to-entry hurdle in the blockchain ecosystem, allowing more developers to deploy great-looking apps on Algorand more quickly, much like ConsenSys has done for the Ethereum ecosystem. About 25,000 developers, coming from other ecosystems such as Ethereum or Solana, are currently building using PIPELINE-UI. But with an estimated 100,000 active developers in the blockchain space, and 20 million developers worldwide — there’s obviously a lot of room for“The cool part about building developer tooling is that once you do it, you can iterate on top of it quickly and efficiently.”— Aaron Martinez, Founder & CEO, HEADLINE Inc. There’s currently an SDK of PIPELINE-UI on testnet, which HEADLINE believes will help drive further Algorand adoption, thanks to its ease of use. As part of the launch, the team is looking at creating a number of educational tools to help spread the usage of the SDK and grow adoption from the development community.“There’s not nearly enough open-source tool aids for developers, even now. We are one of the biggest contributors of open-source repos on Algorand [but] there’s still a massive need and demand for more of it.”- Aaron Martinez, Founder & CEO, HEADLINE Inc. Growing an open-source catalog makes the entire development process easier, leading to increased developer adoption, and increased growth of the Algorand ecosystem. — HEADLINE & DeFi - Beyond its developer toolkits, HEADLINE is gearing up to launch Silo, the first decentralized Options Vaults and DeFi derivatives platform on Algorand. Silo opens the door to a major untapped segment of DeFi on Algorand, providing experienced traders and institutions with advanced financial instruments. Decentralized Options Vaults have had a banner year, industry wide, as many experts believe a shift is underway in the favor of sustainable DeFi models like Silo. Silo is currently undergoing a smart contract audit by Entersoft Security, a leading blockchain auditing firm with significant cross chain experience. The platform is projected to launch on Algorand mainnet in September of this year. This will be the first audited DeFi derivatives protocol on Algorand mainnet and an exciting edition to Algorand’s DeFi landscape in Q3.Silo Protocol is projected to launch on September 15th Stay up to date on the latest from HEADLINE via Twitter, Reddit, and — Explore the Algorand Ecosystem:. — Why News Project HEADLINE Pivoted to Dev Tools and DeFi was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Cleats, Drones, and Sails: Why Sports Leagues of All Types are Choosing Algorand

Did you know that sports fans are about twice as likely as non-sports fans to say they are familiar with cryptocurrencies? Some of the most reputable sports organizations in the world have chosen to work with Algorand for its sustainability, reliability, and innovation. Most recently, FIFA, the world’s governing soccer body, chose Algorand as its official blockchain platform. Here are all of the sports organizations that have partnered with Algorand (so far): — 1. FIFA - Under a recent agreement, Algorand will become the official blockchain platform of FIFA, provide its official blockchain-supported wallet solution, and assist FIFA in further developing its digital assets strategy. The partnership will, in essence, “showcase the potential that the Algorand blockchain has to transform the way we all experience the world’s game,” says Algorand Founder Silvio Micali. Algorand will be the sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Regional Supporter in North America and Europe, as well as for FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023. — 2. NJ/NY Gotham FC - Algorand was selected as the first-ever “Official Blockchain and NFT Partner” of the NJ/NY Gotham FC, as part of a partnership announced in March. Gotham FC and Algorand have already begun unveiling NFT integrations in the stadium and for the community and are continuing to develop NFT giveaways, blockchain scavenger hunts, and blockchain-enabled purchasing of tickets and merchandise. Gotham FC season ticket members will be rewarded with access to even more exclusive giveaways ranging from rarer NFTs to post-game field access — 3. Drone Racing League - Joining up with Algorand, the “largest partnership in DRL’s history,” the high-speed racing circuit will allow for blockchain-enabled ticketing, collectables, fan transactions, and NFTs. The first batch of limited edition NFTs became available as part of Algorand’s 2021 Decipher event. Algorand will have the title rights of the DRL World Championship circuit for the next five years as part of the partnership. A play-to-earn DRL game created in partnership with web3 game developer Playground Labs has been announced and will allow players to race drones for the chance to win cryptocurrency and NFTs on Algorand. Join DRL on discord to keep up with the latest updates. — 4. Envision Racing Formula E - The Algorand Foundation has teamed up with the first carbon neutral Formula E street racing team. This collaboration sees the Algorand Foundation become a partner of the team’s “Race Against Climate Change” program, created to help amplify the fight against climate change and accelerate the movement to zero emission vehicles. Part of that initiative is a limited batch of 1,000 NFTs that depict a helmet representing one of the eight locations hosting an ABB FIA Formula E race. One lucky NFT holder will receive a physical racing helmet with art inspired by their City Edition helmet. Envision Racing will work with the Algorand Foundation to strengthen its community initiatives, including supporting the Foundation’s developer and innovator community — 5. Canada SailGP Team - In the first-ever sponsorship of a professional sailing team by a blockchain platform, the Algorand Foundation partnered with Canada SailGP to showcase the possibilities of blockchain. The three-year partnership will see the two organizations collaborating on a range of initiatives focused on performance, security, and sustainability. SailGP bills itself as the “first climate-positive sport and entertainment property” and rewards teams for reducing their climate footprint, such as utilizing clean energy solutions or ceasing the use of single-use plastics. No wonder then that SailGP brought Algorand on board! What kind of blockchain-based initiatives would you like to see in the world of sports? Let us know in the comments section below. — Explore the Algorand Ecosystem: - Cleats, Drones, and Sails: Why Sports Leagues of All Types are Choosing Algorand was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

From Artists to Fans, How Algorand Empowers Music With Blockchain

Since the start of the 21st century, the way people consume music has changed significantly. People would listen to CDs or digital downloads, but over time subscription streaming services began to dominate the industry. Unfortunately for artists, streaming platforms often pay out less than 10 percent of the royalties back to the artist. For example, they need 314 streams on Spotify to make a single dollar. Today’s music industry has become filled with complicated contracts that often result in artists not maintaining ownership of their own music. Blockchain technology allows fans to buy and sometimes even co-own an artist’s work, while also supporting the artist by buying it from them directly, instead of through a service that takes a significant portion of the profit. Here are some of the most innovative projects in the music space on Algorand: — 1. Dequency - Dequency is a decentralized licensing marketplace built on Algorand. Artists can post their music or art on Dequency for creators to use on their visual projects, and set their own licensing fees. From there, it’s as simple as creators minting a sync license, which allows them to legally use the artists’ music. The artist receives payment immediately. Dequency allows artists to take control of how much other creators have to pay to use their music, and also provides a simple, efficient way for creators to get access to licensed music.  — @Dequency_io — 2. Opulous - Opulous is a peer-to-peer platform on Algorand that is designed to allow artists to gain access to capital/loans without having to go through traditional financial institutions. Artists often struggle with getting loans from traditional institutions because most banks don’t see music as an asset of particular value. However, musical assets are one of the fastest growing asset classes on Wall Street. With music NFTs, called MFTs by Opulous, users can invest in an artist song, EP, or album. These MFTs generate royalties over time, and also appreciate in value if the artist becomes more successful. Users can help artists grow, and profit from it at the same time, and not to mention listen to the music too.Opulous announces roadmap update for 2022/23 — 3. Limewire - Limewire, previously a peer-to-peer music sharing platform, announced in March it would launch an NFT marketplace on Algorand. It signed a deal with a major label, Universal Music Group, which allows imprint labels featuring popular artists including Travis Barker, Soulja Boy, and Ceréna, to have the option to release NFTs on the platform. The platform’s main focus is NFT assets, which can include music, art, and collectibles. Universal Music Group to Release NFTs on LimeWire's Algorand Marketplace - Decrypt — 4. Napster - A once prominent name in the music industry, Napster is preparing for its Web3 transformation. Algorand acquired Napster on May 10, 2022. The former peer-to-peer music sharing app is now building a decentralized music ecosystem. Artists and fans alike will get incentives for participating in the space, making a self-sustaining music ecosystem. Napster’s goal is to facilitate increased interaction between artists and fans, while also bridging web3 into the music space, boosting the number of daily users on the Algorand blockchain. Download the Napster Litepaper V1 — Explore the Algorand Ecosystem:. — From Artists to Fans, How Algorand Empowers Music With Blockchain was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Why Algorand’s State Proofs Are Needed in a Multi-Chain World

Watch the panel discussion from the 2022 Permissionless Conference When talking about bridges, a key question to be answered is how blockchain A knows about the state of a blockchain B — what’s going on in the neighboring city? There are different models to do it that lie on the spectrum of trust and decentralization. On one end of this spectrum, and the most centralized, is a model in which an off chain server listens to each blockchain and simply tells blockchain A what’s happening in blockchain B and vice versa. In the middle, we have a model in which a decentralized network of validators connects and transfers the information between the networks. Finally, on the other end of the spectrum would be a solution that has no intermediary, either a server or a network. But how would this be achieved? To solve the problem and allow for the creation of trustless bridges, Algorand has created a technology called state proofs. The blockchain itself can report its current state by creating a small piece of cryptographically provable state that can be transferred to and verified on another blockchain. Of course, nothing is without tradeoffs. So while there may be a time and a place for even the most centralized bridge, employing technology like state proofs will extend the promise of trustless transactions across blockchains, ensuring that no one will have to attest to the blockchain state but the blockchain itself. At the 2022 Permissionless conference, Algorand Director of Product Management, Rotem Hemo, spoke on a panel called “Accelerating Cross-Chain DeFi with Post-Quantum Security,” and discussed how state proofs could help systems when they’re hacked. Watch it here: Why Algorand’s State Proofs Are Needed in a Multi-Chain World was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Algorand NFT Project Roaring to Bring People Together

An offshoot of the 1circle Chinese community on Algorand, TigerChi launched in February with a collection of 888 NFTs on Algorand. The launch was a roaring success, with all the tigers sold. The TigerChi team upheld a record of selling 50 TigerChi within 2 minutes on its weekly shuffle, and its most recent shuffle of 35 tigers sold out in merely 50 seconds. Read on to learn more about the project from 1circle founder and TigerChi project lead Tian and the artist Yangyang in the Q&A below. Q: Tell us about your background and your career. Tian: I am the founder of the 1circle Chinese community on Algorand and the project leader for the TigerChi NFT project. We introduced our first Chinese artist Yangyang from the community to start his NFT journey on Algorand. I’ve been doing product marketing for 15 years and always enjoy building up interpersonal relationships and now a community. Yangyang: I’m from mainland China. My specialty is animation design and production, and I am experienced in creating vibrant and trendy vector illustrations. I’ve worked at internet advertising companies and animation companies for many years, and now I am a freelance artist. Q: When did you first learn about NFTs? What was the process for creating your first NFT? Yangyang: I’ve been following NFTs since 2021. As a creator, I feel that this new art form can bring people closer together quickly. It also creates a good space to integrate my ideas and concepts into the creation of digital arts, sometimes in the form of generative art. This new art form will be more and more accepted and loved by the public. With the NFT process, I’m trying to understand what really matters. I did not jump in too early, because I wanted to truly realize the artistic, creative ideas, rather than simply catering to the market or commercial profits. My real first NFT experience was not an easy one, as none of us had any knowledge on NFTs. It was very challenging to overcome all obstacles and complete the creation, minting, distribution, and full go-to-market plan in a short period of time. Although I participated in NFT projects earlier, I didn’t know the process (I had only been commissioned to do art). Getting involved from square one this time, I found that behind the seemingly easy things, there was often a lot of hard work. Tian: The design draft has been revised several times. The small team was very dedicated, and every step was well organized. It didn’t matter if it was 2 a.m. Beijing time or 2 a.m. in Europe, there were teammates who were awake getting things done. Q: What inspires TigerChi’s art? Tian: For the past two years, the world has been shrouded in the haze of COVID-19, and we all hope that we can get rid of COVID and regain our freedom as soon as possible. Coincidentally, the tiger is a sacred animal in Chinese culture that wards off disease and brings good luck. Therefore, the Chinese community brought the tiger, a symbol of luck and prosperity, into the Algorand ecosystem, hoping that the virus would go away soon. At the same time, we wish to raise everyone’s awareness of the environment and animal protection. Algorand is one of the greenest blockchains in the world and has always been committed to protecting the environment and its ecosystem. This philosophy is very much in line with ours, and is why we chose Algorand for this project. We plan to implement this philosophy in our Tiger NFT project and contribute to the protection of wild animals. We will do this by donating a portion of NFT sales revenue to Tigers4ever, a charity that is dedicated to giving wild tigers a wild future. We recently announced our formal partnership with them. It is not just a matter of donating money. For us, it is a way to onboard charities to blockchain and open up new ways of fundraising. Q: What makes NFTs special/unique/different for artists? Tian: NFTs are a new art form and a powerful communication medium that brings people closer together. In this new art form, everyone can learn about different cultures around the world. This inspired us to incorporate Chinese elements into NFTs, and make them travel through this borderless world. Q: How were you able to market your work? Tian: We know that a new project coming to the market won’t be successful without a good launch campaign. We planned our launch and campaign around Chinese New Year by gifting the “five tigers” of Algorand, including founder Silvio Micali and CEO Steve Kokinos, a customized Tiger NFT. We got huge support from Algorand and the Algorand Foundation. We felt truly blessed to be part of the Algorand community as we received tremendous support from them. We also began to collaborate with projects from the ecosystem by visualizing their key messages with our tigers, and more and more projects acknowledged what we are doing and came to us for collaboration. So far, we partnered with AlgoMINT, Folks Finance, and helped Blockbeam and AlgoDAO with their NFT art. We also supported the Algorand Foundation student event by offering branded student tigers as well as supporting community events with special designs. We always try to deliver high quality art!TigerChi pieces to support the token launch of Algomint (left), and the launch of Folks Finance’s Algo Liquid Governance (right)TigerChi’s illustration for the Algorand Foundation Student eventSome athletic tigers Q: What do you find interesting about Algorand? Tian: Algorand has the potential to become one of the largest and widest used blockchain protocols in the world. I could go on and on about what’s good about Algorand, but here are some specifics:Algorand’s blockchain is built around scalability, security, and reliability.Those who create NFTs on Algorand benefit from all features of Layer-1, such as flexibility and low costs.Users can issue fractionalized NFTs.Last but not least, Algorand is carbon negative. Algorand is mathematically proven to be immune from forks, practically never splitting into multiple networks. This permanently protects the uniqueness of NFTs and is why we chose Algorand for the long-term sustainability of TigerChi.This is the first poster Tian made when starting her journey with Algorand. Q: What are you looking forward to in the future when it comes to NFTs? Tian: NFTs have become a disruptive force and play a big role in helping community members build strong connections with each other. Many companies have been incorporating NFTs into their event marketing efforts to much success. These initiatives not only enhance user loyalty but also gives users a chance to participate in building the project. This is just the beginning. I expect NFTs to have more and more utility, until eventually acting as the medium to connect the virtual economy with the real-world economy. Q: What’s next for TigerChi? Tian: We just sold out all our v1 TigerChi and obtained a record of selling 50 tigers within two minutes. Our last shuffle of 35 tigers sold out in merely 50 seconds. That transaction finality time is unthinkable on many other chains. We are in the process of developing TigerChi v2, Wushu Tigers featuring Chinese martial arts. We always try to bring in some cultural elements into our collection. Chinese martial art is a fascinating topic, and we wish to show more lore and legends to our community. We recently joined the Algorand Foundation in a joint effort for a metaverse event — Earth Day in a Green Metaverse. This event was a great success and praised by many! The venue is the TigerChi Kingdom and was designed by our community members. We will continue exploring opportunities in the Metaverse. Stay tuned! TigerChi is very energetic and positive. The project is full of our best wishes to the Algorand community, to the world, and to ourselves. We wish to ride the journey with all of you, and we stay close together to contribute to the Algorand ecosystem, we are gonna make it (WAGMI)! :) Website: Discord: Twitter: Telegram: — Explore the Algorand Ecosystem:. — The Algorand NFT Project Roaring to Bring People Together was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Meet the Artists Who Turned the Gotham FC Soccer Stars Into NFT Heroes

Ever wonder what Algorand founder Silvio Micali would look like as a master martial arts trainer? Or what the Gotham FC soccer stars would look like as comic book heroes? You don’t need to imagine, thanks to Andrew Galazka and the team at Algo House. The three artists, according to their Twitter page, are “dedicated to illustrating, and bringing to life, the TRUE heroes of the Algorand blockchain realm.” Not only have their illustrations caught on with the Algorand community, but also with many of Algorand’s leaders — Silvio’s Twitter profile picture is the aforementioned Algo House’s NFT illustration of him! We spoke with Galazka to find out more about Algo House.Algo House’s first NFT — Master Micali Q: Tell us about your background and your career. Andrew: I had drawing lessons as a young child to deal with some issues, so using art to clear my mind became a comfort. I grew up gaming, watching anime, and staying up on the latest tech (I have a development background), so the cross between the three is a dream. We work as a team of three artists; the other two are professional artists for large companies. Each of us has a passion for Algorand, and we each bring a special element that allows us to deliver a range of different art. We specialize in concepts, anime style art, 3D art, and graphic design. Q: When did you first learn about NFTs? What was the process for creating your first NFT? Andrew: I was drawn to NFTs in 2017. At that time, I bought crypto, but only saw CryptoKitties and some Pokemon-like projects. Honestly, I did not understand the hype at all. Now I know that’s because I wasn’t understanding the community or utility aspects. The process for creating my first NFT was really simple. I had been involved in the Algorand community for quite some time, living and breathing all the news and helping out with a few projects. One day, I found myself rewatching the OG Dragon Ball series for the 100th time, and had a realization: I wanted the same thing from [Algorand founder] Silvio Micali that Goku wanted from Master Roshi! Expert training and a method to expand my horizons and become a hero myself. It clicked and I got to work transforming Goku’s teacher into Master Silvio. The art is meant to be a parody of heroes saying, “These are the real heroes who can solve the world’s problems today!” After the initial Algorand heroes, we focused on our own story about the apes, heroes, villains, mechs, and gods of the blockchain realm. People loved the art. I believe they shared our view of the Algorand ecosystem.Silvio Micali and Andrew Galazka at Decipher 2021 Q: What makes NFTs special/unique/different for artists? Andrew: NFT creation seems to be a microcosm of artistic periods and trends all smashed together in hyperspeed. Art used to develop slowly due to a limited number of key geniuses that make breakthroughs over time. In the past, artists may have just stayed in their lane and not explored other mediums due to a lack of encouragement to try new things. Now, trends are driving artists to create pixel art, mutant variants, 3D characters, etc. — to try to break out of their own original styles and flex dynamic abilities. Exploration is how you grow, and I feel like NFTs are like the beanstalk from Jack in the Beanstalk — endless growth! NFTs have allowed independent artists all over the world to take their skills and passions and combine them to create something novel, while at the same time being involved in new cutting edge technology. It gives the ability to create communities, organize like-minded people, connect with fans, create games and new experiences, and give to causes that align with your community. For example, we have an Algo Saiyan Team on Kiva with the mission of lending to underbanked entrepreneurs in the third world, so they can become the heroes of their families and communities. We have lent $1,750 with no interest to provide capital to businesses in need. Check out our team here: Q: How were you able to market your work? Andrew: As my interest in Algorand grew, I started trying to get involved in projects. I made friends in the Opulous and Yieldly Telegrams, and eventually was brought onto the community team at Opulous due to some epic memes I made for a competition. From there, I gained a ton of friends in the space who were like-minded. When we shared our first piece, a lot of friends bought in, showed it off to their friends, and we grew through organic word of mouth.Algorand 2021 End Of Year NFT by Algo House Q: What do you find interesting about Algorand? Andrew: Honestly, everything. I was blown away by the tech. I am an obsessive person, so I started learning everything I could. Algorand literally had everything and yet seemed relatively undiscovered! An awesome leader who has been a long time innovator in cryptography; superior tech; a team that is personable, professional, and experienced; and a team of advisors and experts who weren’t short on Ivy League school names. They had both the “who you know” and “what you know.” The combination of these made me feel like Algorand would have the ability to move forward in the face of any challenges. Q: How did Algo House approach the Algorand Gotham FC Player NFTs? Was it different from your other work? Andrew: Working with the Algorand Gotham FC Players was an awesome opportunity! We are so happy Algorand is getting involved in supporting top sports institutions and players. Meeting Margaret “Midge” Purce allowed us to draw inspiration from her attitude and personality to create a unique hero NFT. It was definitely different from our other NFTs, as we usually draw from ecosystem builder inspiration, but this is a new type of hero who will carry Algorand forward in a different way!Gotham FC Player NFTs by Algo House Q: What are you looking forward to in the future the most when it comes to NFTs? Andrew: I want to see an Algorand Metaverse and NFTs that act as characters, settings, and components, as well as NFTs that fit into regular games creating fun player economies. We have created mini-metaverse games for our own project and others and had fun scavenger hunt drops in these rooms. Any NFT staking (locking up an asset to earn rewards) and utilization (uses outside of art) gets me excited. The possibilities are endless, and when there is real utilization, the masses will move in and accept NFTs as more than just a tulip mania craze. Q: What’s next for Algo House? Andrew: Algo House is launching a new website where our art, charitable initiatives, collections, accolades, and 3D game will be more accessible to members of the Algorand community. This will be in lead up to our second generation NFT series, which has been in progress for quite some time. We are planning to engage with the community differently with these NFTs, allowing upgrades and various other ways to make the experience more interactive and personalized. You can check out Algo House’s recent work over at Rand Gallery and Ab2gallery — and don’t forget to try their mini-metaverse game.Algo House’s first animated NFT — Opul Mech Meet the Artists Who Turned the Gotham FC Soccer Stars Into NFT Heroes was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Decipher the Future: Contributor Guidelines

Welcome to Decipher the Future, a publication designed to highlight what’s trending in the Algorand ecosystem. The blog features content from leaders, founders, and influencers throughout the Algorand ecosystem–perhaps someone like yourself! Everyone in the Algorand community is invited to submit your product story, thought leadership article, tutorial, video, or other post for inclusion. — Types of Content. — Welcome contributions include:Articles and interviews highlighting the amazing projects being built and launched on Algorand, and the builders behind themThought leadership pieces on everything Algorand-related (from new use cases to community proposals), as well as broader perspective on the future of blockchainDeveloper tips and tutorialsPlus, the core Algorand team will use this space to share product updates and future roadmaps — Original Content. — Posts should be 100% original content. That means content that’s not been published previously, whether online or in print. — Word Count. — As long as the article covers its topic completely, it can be as short as 500 words, or as long as 3,000 words. — Formatting. — Short, punchy paragraphs are preferred over long, rambling diatribes. Some best practices:Paragraphs should typically be 1–3 sentences long.Sentences should be short too: shoot for 15 words or less. Longer sentences? Break ’em up.Bullet points and lists are always an excellent choice.Use plenty of headings and subheadings to break up the piece and direct the flow.Any included hyperlinks should add value.Please make suggestions for images or videos to include with the post. — Editorial Policy. — This is a community-driven blog, but the editors reserve the right to do light editing of any published pieces for clarity and grammar. — Submissions. — Please submit as a Google Doc. Submissions should be sent to — Publish Time. — Because of the volume of requests received, not all submitted pieces will be published. Generally, you can expect to receive a response within one week.Decipher the Future is a community-driven publication for and by the Algorand ecosystem. Send in your project highlights, news, opinions & more for inclusion now! Decipher the Future: Contributor Guidelines was originally published in Algorand on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Algorand Price Slowly Moved Up, Will The Bulls Stick Around?

    Algorand price has been trying to sail through the choppy waters, the coin has moved against the broader market price movement. Over the last 24 hours, Algorand has gained 2%, which means that ALGO is stuck in consolidation. In the past week, ALGO moved up by 3%. This also signalled that the altcoin hasn't made significant upward movement on the chart. The technical indicator of the altcoin showed that the bulls were still in control. The buyers were still more than sellers, but the technical outlook also pointed out that the bulls would soon fizzle out in the market. The demand for ALGO had slowed down, indicating that sellers would soon take control, bringing the price of the altcoin down to its next support level. The support zone for the altcoin stood between $0.33 and $0.27 respectively. The demand for the altcoin has been dropping, which means that the coin will move near the $0.31 price mark. Algorand Price: One Day Chart Algorand was priced at $0.34 on the one-day chart | Source: ALGOUSD on TradingView ALGO was trading for $0.34 at the time of writing. The coin was trading in a descending channel from which it broke out, but it was unable to add further fuel to its price owing to lower demand. The immediate resistance for the coin stands at $0.40 and a push above that could help the bulls to stick around for longer. On the other hand, the local support for the coin stood at $0.31. A fall from the $0.31 level will bring ALGO down to $0.27. The amount of Algorand traded... read More

Algorand: ALGO Price All Go With Nearly 30% Rally In Last 7 Days

    In only the past week, ALGO has grown by a whopping 30%. Some may not be surprised by this development, as Algorand collaborated with FIFA to create FIFA+ Collect, a platform where fans can buy digital collectibles in the form of NFTs. There has been a dramatic impact on the environment as a result of this alliance. A tweet from @intotheblack shows that the number of unique addresses that have completed their first transaction for ALGO has increased from 5,000 to 20,000. There has been an increase in the cost of ALGO because to the increased number of transactions using unique addresses. As of this writing, the price of one coin is somewhere between the 23.60 and 38.20 Fibonacci retracement levels, or about $0.3949 and $0.3724. There is no denying the ripple impact that this collaboration has on all of Algorand. But will the agreement lead to additional price increases, or is this simply a temporary boost? Image: NFTgators ALGO Gets Boost From FIFA+ Collect The price of ALGO increased by 31.18% in a matter of hours on the press day of the FIFA+ Collect release. To sum up, the coin is up 27.54% from September 22nd when trading began till today, September 26th. As of this writing, ALGO is trading at $0.3662, down 5.8 percent in the last 24 hours, data from Coingecko show, Monday Information provided by Santiment suggests that the cooperation has an impact beyond only the pricing. Algorand's NFT sector has witnessed a dramatic increase in activity. From September... read More

Algorand Registers Significant Gains Amid Crypto Winter

    The crypto market is presently going through another round of downward movement except for a few coins like Algorand. Prices of cryptocurrencies are drastically dropping as macroeconomic factors set the pace. With the bearish trend, the primary crypto asset has crashed from its crucial support levels. Following the meeting of the FOMC on Wednesday, September 21, the US Federal Reserve settled its approach to controlling the rising inflation. Its decision led to the hike of the interest rates by 75 basis points. With the increase in the rates, the prices of crypto assets in the crypto market are depleting. As a result, the bears gradually take over as the price crash expands. However, the native token of Algorand has distinguished itself from the prevailing trend as it beats the price crash. Algorand Defiles the Bearish Sentiment While other assets are under selling pressure due to the bearish sentiment, ALGO displayed more positive strength. The price of ALGO is trading at $0.3816 at the time of writing. This shows about a significant gain. Surprisingly, ALGO had increased by more than 20% over the past seven days. This remarkable feat from Algorand came through the blockchain's performance which recorded up to 6,000 TPS. The value exceeds that of MasterCard, which boasts 5,000 TPS. Other tokens in the market are far behind Algorand's outstanding performance. BTC also tanked but managed to sustain. Ethereum dropped by over but is now trending sideways. Its post-merge perform... read More

Algorand (ALGO) Undermines Crypto Bloodbath, Adds Over 27% In A Week

    This week has been eventful in the crypto market. Many cryptocurrencies have recorded massive losses since Monday, September 19. The Merge on September 15 kickstarted another downtrend for crypto prices. But BTC and ETH haven’t fared well. For instance, on September 20 and 21, Bitcoin lost its grip on $19K, falling to $18K.  On September 22, BTC climbed again to $19K, an intraday high, and did not hold on to that level till press time. Currently, the BTC price is again bounced to $18,914, representing a 1.91% loss in 24 hours.  Algorand's ALGO Not Affected By Macros While many cryptocurrencies bleed, ALGO is recording positive price movements. Currently, the ALGO price is $0.3761 on TradingView, and CoinMarketCap shows a 2.48% growth in 24 hours while 27.98% in the last week. So far, ALGO price movements are all green, as seen in the chart above. The coin started an upward climb since the close of the market on September 17. It jumped from $0.2973 to $0.3109 the same day.  On September 18, ALGO lost some of its gains to close the market at $0.2925. But a few hours later, the coin jumped again and closed the market at $0.3172 on September 19. Since then, to press time, ALGO has continued its upward movement.  It climbed to $0.698 on September 22 and is today trading at $0.3767. So far, the ALGO price movement shows a continuous price gain for three consecutive days.  Analysts have also pointed out that ALGO’s moving average convergence dive... read More

Algorand Price Moves Against The Tide, ALGO Rises 22% In One Week

    While large cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, trade in the red, the Algorand price continues to see profits. Over the last day, this cryptocurrency has been one of the best-performing assets in the sector. At the time of writing, Algorand price trades at $0.36 with a 14% profit and a 21$ profit in the last 24 hours and 7 days, respectively. The cryptocurrency’s performance over this period has only been surpassed by XRP with a 28% profit and Chiliz (CHZ) with a 29% profit. ALGO's price on a rally in the 4-hour chart. Source: ALGOUSDT Tradingview Algorand Price Reacts To Ecosystem Developments Data from DeFi Llama indicates that the Algorand price short timeframe rally is supported by a spike in network activity and ecosystem growth. Over the past week, Algorand’s total value locked (TVL) has followed the price with a 13% spike or $250 million onboarding the network. Algorand’s TVL growth has surpassed Binance Smart Chain, Stellar network, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and others. This trend seems to be rooted in a hike in development activity in Algorand. Additional data from research firm Santiment indicates that Algorand has been the 4th blockchain in terms of activity on a weekly timeframe. Surpassed by Ethereum, Polkadot, and Solana, Algorand has seen over 70 projects build on its ecosystem. Source: Santiment via Polkadot Insider This coincides with a series of partnerships, and projects announced for the ecosystem. The most important seems to be ... read More

Biggest Movers: XRP Hits 4-Month High, ALGO up 17% on Thursday

    XRP moved to a fresh four-month high on Thursday, which comes as volatility in the crypto markets eased, following the latest U.S. Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The token rose past a key hurdle in today's session, hitting its highest point since May. Algorand was another notable mover, with prices climbing by as much as 17%.XRP XRP raced to a four-month high on Thursday, after hovering close to this milestone during yesterday's session. XRP/USD rose to a high of $0.4461 on Thursday, as prices moved past a resistance point of $0.4200. This surge in price sees XRP hit its highest point since May 12, when the token was trading above the $0.5200 point. Today's climb sees prices rise by over 10%, and comes as the 14-day relative strength index rose to a multi-month high of its own. As of writing, the index is currently tracking at 69.29, which is its strongest point in over nine months. History shows that when price strength climbs to these levels, bears often reenter, as they view prices as being overbought. As a result, we could see a possible reversal in the coming days. Algorand (ALGO) Algorand (ALGO) was also in the green in today's session, as prices rose by as much as 17% on Thursday. Today's rally saw ALGO/USD hit an intraday peak of $0.3842, which comes less than a day after trading at a low of $0.3102. This high is the strongest point that algorand has traded at since mid-August, which is the last time prices also collided with a resistance point of $0.3800. ... read More

Algorand Foundation Confirms $35M Exposure to Crypto Lender Hodlnaut

    The non-profit organization behind the development of the Algorand blockchain infrastructure - Algorand Foundation - has confirmed a $35 million USDC exposure to Hodlnaut. Additionally, it said it is pursuing all legal remedies to maximize asset recovery from the embattled crypto lender. Despite the hole in the balance sheet, the organization does not expect to trigger any operational or liquidity concerns. The Algorand Foundation, in an official announcement, said these funds were surplus to the daily requirements, representing less than 3% of its assets. 'As part of the Foundation's mission, from time to time, we invest a portion of our surplus treasury capital to generate yield for the purpose of Algorand ecosystem development, and these funds were invested for that purpose.' A majority of Algorand's investment consisted of locked, short-term deposits, which became inaccessible after Hodlnaut announced the suspension of withdrawals and deposits on August 8th. Hodlnaut's cause of unraveling was due to the deployment of more than $300 million in TerraUSD (UST) on Anchor Protocol, a service that vouched for a maximum of 20% yield on UST staking. The collapse of the Terra ecosystem tokens proved to be catastrophic for the platform. In a bid to stay afloat due to its liquidity crisis, Hodlnaut laid off approximately 80% of the workforce. The company also slashed interest rates to a 0% annual percentage rate as part of its efforts to cut costs. Hodlnaut was placed under Inter... read More

Algorand Fast Upgrade Could Be A Game-Changer – Here's How

    Algorand (ALGO) has always been lauded for its imagination and innovation. Algorand’s mainnet update can process as much as 6,000 TPS ALGO beats BTC and ETH when it comes to speedy transactions ALGO price is now up by 6.88% following the announcement of mainnet update And it’s now stepping up the game. Recently, Algorand has wowed the community once again with a major upgrade done to its system. With this new update, Algorand is described to be quantum-secure and can now process as many as 6,000 transactions per second. This is nothing new though for ALGO as it has always been considered one of the crypto networks with the fastest processing of transactions. In fact, Algorand’s mainnet can process a maximum of 1,000 transactions per second prior to this upgrade. ALGO Beats BTC, ETH In Transaction Speed Nothing else comes close but CELO, XRP, and SOL that can somehow catch up to the speed of ALGO. It’s in fact one blockchain network that can beat both Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to transaction speeds. Albeit, this recent upgrade on ALGO’s mainnet could mean that other crypto networks may literally eat dust. Besides having that fast and furious vibe, ALGO encompasses to have also filled the gaps when it comes to issues surrounding third-party interference. The upgrade on the mainnet comprises of a state-of-proof integration as well wherein users can seamlessly create cross-chain communications without involving any middleman which also ... read More

Algorand (ALGO) Posts Double-Digit Price Drops In Last 30 Days

    Algorand native token, ALGO, has dropped 17% since the start of this month and has now joined the group of cryptocurrencies whose prices have tumbled by double digits this month. Algorand sheds 91.30% from ATH of $3.28 ALGO price now trading at $0.2985 MFI at 17 reaches oversold zone Away by 91.30% from its record high of $3.28, ALGO is the 30th-ranked cryptocurrency with the greatest market capitalization.  ALGO Price Loses 0.81% Of Value According to CoinMarketCap, ALGO price has dipped by 0.81% or trading at $0.2953 as of this writing. Contrary to popular belief, the Algorand chain experienced some ecosystem growth in the previous month despite a month-long reduction in the value of its coin. On Monday, Algorand's price increased by more than 5% and closed the day's candle at +$0.0156. The levels visible on the ALGO/USD 1D chart are crucial for short-term bullish traders. Since they successfully held the $0.28 barrier, bullish ALGO traders' overhead goals are $0.3409, $0.3803, $0.4199, $0.4709, and $0.5799. The traders that have been in charge of this market over the past week are bearish Alogrand traders, who are at odds with the bulls. In order to breach the bottom of its current range at $0.2556, bearish ALGO traders want to drive the price of the algorithm below $0.27. .com ALGO's average price over the previous 30 days was $0.33, showing a -10.79% value drop. Algorand's price [+5.52%] completed its daily candle on Monday at $0.298 and is back in the green. On... read More

Ripple Executive Joins Algorand Foundation

    Devan Moorthy, former senior manager of business development (APAC) at Ripple, has moved to join the Algorand Foundation. The announcement by the Algorand Foundation CEO reads: 'Wow am I excited to announce that Devan Moorthy has just joined the AlgoFoundation as Head of Ecosystem Access. He will wake up every morning worried about whether the ALGO and ASAs are listed on exchanges and in wallets, etc. He comes from Ripple. I'm sorry, Ripple.' Wow am I excited to announce that @devanmoorthy has just joined the @AlgoFoundation as Head of Ecosystem Access. He will wake up every morning worried about whether the $ALGO and ASAs are listed on exchanges and in wallets etc. He comes from @Ripple. I'm sorry, @Ripple. #LFG — staci.algo (@StaciW_DC) August 16, 2022 As reported by U.Today, a former Cardano technical contributor, John Alan Woods, has also moved to join the Algorand foundation as its CTO. Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson praised the Algorand community, saying, 'Algorand is an excellent project with exceptional people,' while responding to the news of Alan Woods' move. In late July, former Algorand CEO Steven Kokinos announced his resignation to pursue 'other interests,' but he would remain as a senior adviser until mid-2023. Algorand thus promoted Chief Operating Officer W. Sean Ford to the interim CEO afterward. Ford, who joined Algorand in 2018, had overseen go-to-market execution and operations. Ripple recognized as one of ... read More

CoinShares Unveils Staked Algorand ETP on Deutsche Boerse

    The prominent European investment firm, CoinShares, announced the launch of physically-backed staked Algorand ETP. Staked Algorand ETP (RAND) According to the official press release, the new crypto investment product will launch on Germany's primary market, Xetra, operated by Deutsche Boerse. CoinShares Physical Staked Algorand, under the ticker RAND, will utilize the firm's proprietary technology platform, Galata, that enables investors to earn an additional yield of 2% of the staking reward associated with participating in the Algorand blockchain's security. Despite the volatility across digital asset markets in recent weeks, CoinShares' Head of Product - Townsend Lansing - revealed the demand for its product continues to grow, especially the range for bankruptcy-remote, physically-backed staked ETPs. He went on to add, 'An Algorand ETP with additional staking rewards was a key part of our long-term product strategy, and we are excited to be launching against the backdrop of positive regulatory news following the finalization of the Markets in Cryptoassets Regulation in Europe, which we see as a fantastic first step towards a comprehensive and transparent regulatory regime governing digital assets.' The new product launch comes days after CoinShares' acquisition of the AIFM-regulated crypto asset manager - Napoleon Asset Management. It is expected to help the investment firm AIFM-compliant products and services and expand its footprint across the European Union market. Coin... read More

Algorand oracle network Goracle teams with blockchain development firm H...

    Goracle (recently re-branded from Algoracle), a decentralized oracle network that is built on Algorand, has announced a new partnership with HEADLINE, a Texas-based blockchain development company. HEADLINE is the creator of developer tooling on the Algorand blockchain and the recipient of multiple Algorand Foundation development awards for dev tooling. “An on-chain data feed provided by Goracle could quickly spark a massive wave of innovation on Algorand. We believe that Algorand’s tech will continue to shine as new applications and tools like Goracle continue to improve the growing landscape of the layer-1 chain.” - Chief Marketing Officer of HEADLINE, Brian Scherlen The HEADLINE team is the driving force behind DAO Tools, Vaults Protocol, AlgoPay, AlgoCloud, AlgoSwap, AlgoGlyph, AlgoChat, AlgoVote, AlgoBurner, PIPELINE SDK, FORUM, PIPELINE-UI, and nearly two dozen other DeFI apps and smart contract solutions for developers, DAOs, and other clients. HEADLINE has become one of the most prolific contributors of code to the Algorand ecosystem with projects such as Pipeline-UI, a React.js-based component library for rapid deployment of Algorand dApps, which makes it easy and accessible to build on the Algorand blockchain. “Goracle is excited to partner with Headline, an organization on the forefront of bringing blockchain adoption to everyday consumers as well as commercial institutions. We look forward to providing a wide variety of feeds and the computa... read More

Biggest Movers: AVAX, ALGO Among Crypto Losers as U.S. Inflation Hits 40...

    AVAX and ALGO both fell by nearly 10% on Friday, following the release of the latest inflation figures in the United States. Data showed that inflation is currently at 8.6%, which is close to a 40-year high. Both AVAX and ALGO moved close to one-week lows on the news. Avalanche (AVAX) AVAX moved close to a one-week low on Friday, as prices fell following the release of U.S. inflation data. Following a high of $25.29 on Thursday, AVAX/USD slipped to a low of $22.78 earlier in today's session. This drop took prices close to their support level of $22.50, and comes as AVAX has dropped for four consecutive days. Today's low sees prices trade at their weakest point since last Saturday, with many now waiting to see if we could see even more drops this weekend. Looking at the chart, the 14-day RSI does look as though it has also found a floor at the 35 level, and should this hold, then we may not see any additional slips in price. This will be positive news for bulls who will likely wait for any signs of reversals prior to re-entering the market. Algorand (ALGO) Like AVAX, ALGO also dropped in value during today's session, as it too hit its lowest point this week. As of writing, ALGO/USD hit an intraday low $0.3696, which is nearly 10% below its peak of $0.4156 from yesterday's session. Today's low is slightly above the recent support level at $0.3665, and it's the first time prices have moved this close to that floor since June 4. The last time this floor was broken was on May 1... read More

Keon selects Algorand as L1 solution for regulated DeFi asset management...

    The directors of the Keon Foundation, which will serve as the virtual asset service provider (VASP) for the Keon Finance Ecosystem (Keon), announced today it will go with Algorand as its layer-1 blockchain. Keon's initial focus will be on the development of KeonX, a permissioned, decentralized exchange created to be one of the lowest cost DEXs available, as well as the introduction of KeonFi. In this marketplace, investors can explore and subscribe to investment strategies and maintain custody of their assets. A derivatives DEX (KeonXD), IDO LaunchPad, Farm Auctions, and the Keon NFT marketplace are among the 'Phase 2' products that will form a broader Keon Finance Ecosystem, all leveraging Algorand. Moreover, the Keon Foundation plans to apply for a digital assets business license in Bermuda once the protocol is built, which will allow users to access regulated products and services. Kunall Parmar, CTO of the Keon Foundation “We evaluated a number of other chains, but none of them compared to Algorand. Given the complexity of the Keon Ecosystem and our ambitious plans for growth, we found them to offer the best technology. Algorand’s ASA token standard and its programming infrastructure are more robust and offer increased features, flexibility, and security over other level-1 blockchains, which is a significant advantage in the regulated space. Additionally, Algorand has had 0% downtime. That level of dependability is essential if we want institutions to particip... read More

Apifiny rollsout new crypto algo trading library with Okcoin as partner

    Apifiny, a cross-exchange digital asset trading network, today announced the launch of Apifiny Algo, an advanced crypto trading library in C++ for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and latency-sensitive traders. The trading library is being rolled out with cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin as Apifiny’s flagship partner. Okcoin clients receive free subscriptions to Apifiny Algo's high-performance quant trading modules.  Apifiny Algo offers modules for direct market data access and order management, plus a strategy framework for algo trading implementation, which reduces significant coding effort. It also addresses several pain points faced by quant traders, including coding effort, the performance of existing libraries (Python vs C++), research capabilities, and trading strategies implementation. While implemented in C++, it allows traders to code trading strategies in both Python and JSON, offering flexibility and convenience without compromising performance. The rollout will be gradual, with more advanced features launching in the coming months. “Since trading strategies are not universal, HFT traders need smart solutions that go well beyond the average trading bot. We identified that most crypto trading libraries only handle market data access and order placing, and are thrilled to provide a solution to this issue. Apifiny Algo gives quant traders the framework and components needed to turn their research into PnL. Our product allows users to implement unique trad... read More

Decentralized oracle network for Algorand blockchain Algoracle closes $1...

    Algoracle, a decentralized oracle network that links the Algorand blockchain to the physical world, announced today it recently closed a seed funding round for $1.5 million (USD) to help accelerate the development and launch of Algorand’s native decentralized oracle network. Algoracle’s seed round was led by Borderless Capital, with major contributions from the Algorand Foundation, Valhalla Capital, and Big Brain Holdings, and rounded out by strategic investors Xpand Capital, Parea Capital, OrcaDAO, GMI Capital, and EXA Finance. Thanks to the support provided by all of these organizations, the seed round was a resounding success and generated the aforementioned amount of $1.5 million, much to the delight of the community. “We are excited to back Algoracle and their vision of bringing data on-chain in a decentralized fashion. This will help developers to build more powerful and sophisticated applications and smart contracts, enabling innovative and disruptive new use cases on top of the Algorand blockchain” said David Garcia, CEO and Managing Partner of Borderless. To obtain data, smart contracts building on Algorand can call the Algoracle feed contract for values. Algoracle also plans to debut sports, cryptocurrencies, stock, and weather feeds over the coming months. The Algorand Foundation expressed the following about Algoracle, “Algoracle is Algorand’s premier oracle, built natively on Algoran... read More

Biggest Movers: LUNA Falls to 6-Week Low, as ALGO Surges 15% on Saturday

    Despite Terra buying $1.5 billion worth of BTC this week, LUNA slipped to a six-week low to start the weekend. Overall, crypto markets remained in the red, however ALGO was one of the rare exceptions to record significant gains. Algorand (ALGO) ALGO was easily one of the biggest gainers during Saturday's session, as prices rose by as much as 15% on the day. Following yesterday's low of $0.63, ALGO/USD rallied to an intraday peak of $0.745 to start the weekend. The surge saw prices move from long-term support of $0.65, to now hovering marginally below resistance of $0.75. This current ceiling hasn't been properly broken since March 21, when prices made their way to a high of $0.95. Although bulls will be hopeful of a break above this current resistance, there remain some notable obstacles in the way. Once of which being the current resistance level in the 14-day RSI of 52. However, should this be cleared, we will likely see an influx of ALGO bulls. Terra (LUNA) Despite continuing to buy billions of dollars worth of BTC for its reserves, LUNA fell for a third straight day on Saturday. This latest drop saw prices fall to an intraday bottom of $72.34, which is the lowest point prices have hit since February 28. Following a false breakout of resistance at $86 on Thursday, bears have continued to pile on the pressure on LUNA/USD, with today's fall moving below support at $78. As of writing, the $72 level seems to be acting as an interim floor, with the bullish engulfing candle ... read More

Amidst A New Development Algorand Could Be Eyeing $1

    Algorand is currently bullish on its chart at the time of writing. Fifa's governing body announced Algorand to be the official blockchain partner of the World Cup competition. It is set to happen in November. Ever since that announcement, the coin displayed positive price action. After the coin fell through its long-standing support line of $0.66, the traders could have used that opportunity as an entry point. The news of Fifa's World Cup news snatched that opportunity away from traders. In a matter of a day, the coin soared by almost 14%. Algorand has broken past its immediate price ceilings and could aim for other resistances with persistent bullish price action. Buying strength has registered substantial growth owing to the new development. Algorand Price Analysis: Four-Hour Chart Algorand was priced at $0.704 on the four-hour chart. Image Source: ALGO/USD on TradingView Algorand was priced at $0.704 at the time of writing. On the four-hour chart, the coin depicts a descending resistance trendline. Ever since April, the bears had taken over the market. The buyers remained wary of the asset with bouts of increased buying pressure in the middle. Immediate support for the coin was at $0.664. The aforementioned line was a resistance mark but the coin flipped that into a support region for itself. Immediate resistance for ALGO stood at $0.77 and then at $0.80, breaching which the coin could eye for $1. Traders have responded to the recent development well because there has bee... read More

Biggest Movers: ALGO Boosted by FIFA Partnership News, as AVAX and Near ...

    ALGO was up by nearly 20% during today's trading session, following the news of a partnership with football's governing body, FIFA. NEAR and AVAX were also higher on Tuesday, with AVAX extending a recent bullish run. Algorand (ALGO) ALGO was one of Tuesday's big gainers, as it was announced that FIFA would be partnering up with Algorand for the upcoming 2022 world cup. The partnership will also see Algorand serve as an official sponsor for next year's Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. As a result of the news, ALGO/USD rallied to a peak of $0.7357 earlier in today's session, and this comes less than 24-hours after trading at a low of $0.5824. Overall, ALGO has now risen for a third straight session, however earlier gains have eased, as prices approached a key resistance point. As of writing this, ALGO is now trading at $0.6652, as bulls have vacated earlier positions in order to solidify their gains. Traders now look to see if a breakout of the $0.7500 level will take place in upcoming sessions, and this could occur should we see a second wave of bulls. Avalanche (AVAX) Similar to ALGO, AVAX was also up for a third consecutive session, as prices attempted to move away from multi-month lows. Last week saw AVAX/USD fall to its lowest level since January 21, however bulls have since reappeared and attempted to spur a price reversal. As a result of this, AVAX hit an intraday peak of $62.28 earlier today, and this comes after prices were at a bottom of $57.16 to s... read More

Algorand Explodes 25% After Becoming the Official Blockchain Platform of...

    One of the largest sports organizations has signed its second crypto-related partnership – this time, with Algorand. As a result, the latter’s native token soared by double-digits and marked a multi-week high. Algorand at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 According to the official announcement, Algorand will become the “blockchain platform of FIFA” and provide a “blockchain-supported wallet solution” at the upcoming sports event, which will take place later this year in Qatar. The company will be a Regional Supporter of the World Cup in North America and Europe and also the Official Sponsor of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next year. BREAKING: @FIFAcom has announced #Algorand will become the official blockchain of FIFA, empowering the global football community with cutting-edge, sustainable technology. Read more @FIFAWorldCup #FIFAWorldCup — Algorand (@Algorand) May 2, 2022 The statement further revealed that Algorand will help FIFA in “developing its digital assets strategy.” At the same time, the sports organization will provide “sponsorship assets including advertising, media exposure, and promotional opportunities.” Speaking on the development, FIFA President Gianni Infantino commented: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Algorand. The collaboration is a clear indication of FIFA’s commitment to continually s... read More

After Solana's Co-Founder Said BTC Should Change Its Consensus Alg...

    While Ethereum users participating in the Otherside metaverse land sale caused network fees to rise and created issues for the blockchain explorer Etherscan, it overshadowed Solana's blockchain network outage. It seems a flood of inbound transactions on Saturday caused Solana's mainnet to lose consensus for roughly seven hours.Solana's Mainnet Loses Consensus for 7 Hours The Solana proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network suffered another outage after a significant amount of transactions flooded the network. Solana's PoS network has had difficulties in the past, as block production stalled for hours in mid-September 2021. Solana's network outage was confirmed on Twitter. 'Block production on Solana Mainnet Beta has halted. Validator operators should prepare for a restart in mb-validators on Discord,' the Twitter account called Solana Status said. 'Validator operators across the ecosystem are working to finalize restart instructions for Mainnet Beta.' The outage on Saturday follows the statements made by one of the project's co-founders, Anatoly Yakovenko, who said Bitcoin's consensus algorithm should change to PoS. 'If [Bitcoin] eventually doesn't switch to proof-of-stake nobody is going to use it,' the Solana co-founder explained in an interview. During the outage, Yakovenko's recent Bitcoin PoS commentary was mocked and one individual wrote: 'Eventually if Solana doesn't have consistent uptime, nobody is going to use it.' After seven hours, Solana Status updated the publ... read More

Everything You Need to Know About Play-to-Earn on Algorand in 2022

    The gaming industry is diverse and ever-increasing, and recent developments prove that this also applies to blockchain-powered gaming. As the latest estimates suggest, the number of crypto wallets related to gaming witnessed an astounding increase from 29,563 at the start of 2021 to a whopping 754,000 in the third quarter of 2021. With this impressive growth rate, it is no surprise that savvy crypto investors have started to focus on the next big thing in the crypto market: play to earn gaming. Axie Infinity, for example, touched an astonishing market cap of $7.8 billion, which some experts believe led to a frenzy for P2E games. Other P2E games, such as The Sandbox, saw an upsurge in activity, reaching millions of users globally. So far, most of these popular P2E titles are based on the gold standard of smart contracts, Ethereum. However, similarly to the DeFi space, users and investors alike have started to voice their concerns about Ethereum’s limitations, namely scalability and high transaction fees. To tackle these issues, P2E game developers turned their attention to Ethereum alternatives that can truly support the growth of this nascent industry. Boasting a multi-billion dollar market capitalization, Algorand ($ALGO) is undoubtedly among the most prominent Ethereum challengers in 2022. Since its launch in 2019, the ecosystem has seen plenty of migrations from both existing and new projects - including various P2E developers. Thus, without further ado, let’s ... read More

Algorand Looks to Prove Why Algoracle Is Needed in the Contemporary Bloc...

    PRESS RELEASE. As the complexity of current dApps (decentralized applications) on Algorand grows, so must the infrastructure, notably oracles, to enable significantly higher and better feature sets. In the Algorand ecosystem, Algoracle's opinions on off-chain computing are therefore worth discussing in key detail. What is it exactly? Since smart contracts are unable to access external data on their own, all Web 3.0 technology is built on the foundation of the most crucial of blockchain middleware, oracles. The current generation of decentralized oracle networks therefore seeks to connect real-world, off-chain data to blockchains. As the complexity of contemporary dApps grows however, oracles must also mature and expand to accommodate significantly higher and deeper feature sets as aforementioned. The next major frontier in oracle development is indeed off-chain computing, which essentially allows oracles to handle significantly more advanced programming logic as well as data aggregation requests on behalf of smart contracts in a permissionless way before publishing the data on-chain. As such, streamlining and enhancing the functionality of oracle off-chain computation not only greatly improves smart contract execution, cost efficiency, and scalability, but it additionally provides decentralized applications with an excellent quality of life features that we often take for granted in Web 2.0, which includes things like push notifications and transaction automation, without req... read More

Algoracle, The Next Phase Oracle Solution Ready To Power The Algorand Ec...

    The Algorand ecosystem has seen unprecedented levels of adoption. The network has been rising in popularity as investors seek a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to the expensive and slower blockchains. Algoracle, a project created to provide Algorand with a native oracle service was created to bootstrap the ecosystem’s expansion. This can only move forward by connecting its decentralized applications (dApps) to the real world. Algoracle facilitates this process by providing the network with a decentralized bridge to connect smart contracts with real-world data. This service is critical for the expansion of any blockchain-based ecosystem. Data from Token Terminal indicates that Ethereum, one of the largest networks in terms of dApps numbers, saw an explosion in its monthly revenue. This growth was recorded from April 2020 when it stood below $1 billion to its current $14 billion. The main driver for this growth has been the adoption of its decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Conversely, these dApps require an oracle service to operate, offer a product or use case, process transactions, and onboard more users. Simply put without an oracle, there is no growth. At its yearly high, Algorand saw as many as 1.8 million active addresses. These users will support the network’s next era of adoption, but they need the tools and services that will enable it. Algoracle is the bridge that will make it happen. Algoracle Can Enable A ... read More

Prime XBT Announces 24 New Crypto Trading Instruments: MANA, LUNA, ALGO ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] PrimeXBT has a proven track record of continuously expanding its product offering across innovative features, advanced tools, and popular trading instruments. Over the years, we’ve added to our extensive set of traditional assets and grown our crypto offering. This time, we are once again focusing on highly in-demand digital assets and are excited to announce the listing of 24 different cryptocurrency trading pairs. Introducing New In-Demand Crypto Pairs The new trading instrument listing focuses on more than twenty of the most highly demanded crypto assets from a variety of rapidly growing sectors across the industry, such as dapps, GameFi, or Metaverse. The complete list can be found below, along with a brief description of the crypto project represented: • BNB/USD – Binance Coin – Binance Coin is the native utility token to the Binance ecosystem. • LUNA/USD – Terra – Terra is a decentralized blockchain protocol for algorithmic stablecoins. • AVAX/USD – Avalanche – Avalanche is a layer 1 blockchain offering smart contracts at significantly more speed than Ethereum. • MATIC/USD – Polygon – Polygon is a blockchain scalability framework solution. • SHIB/USD – Shiba Inu – Shiba Inu is a direct competitor to Dogecoin and a popular meme coin. • ATOM/USD – Cosmos – Cosmos is pegged as the Internet of Blockchains, uniting crypto networ... read More

Biggest Movers: QNT Climbs 10%, as ALGO and RUNE Rise Higher

    QNT climbed over 10% during today's session, as RUNE and ALGO both rose by as much as 15% on Friday. This comes as cryptocurrency markets were trading nearly 4% higher as of writing this, as markets began preparing for the weekend's action. Thorchain (RUNE) Thorchain (RUNE) was one of the biggest gainers on Friday, and was at one point nearly 15% higher, before gains somewhat eased throughout the day. Following a low of $7.96 on Thursday, RUNE/USD rallied to an intraday high at $9.52 during today's session. Today's peak was close to last Sunday's high of $9.58, which was the highest level RUNE had traded at since December 4. Friday's surge in price came as prices once again broke out of the resistance level at $8.99, however as with previous breakouts at this level, market uncertainty sent prices lower. Looking at this chart, today's gain follows three consecutive sessions of declines, with the reversal pushing the RSI to its highest point this week. This point now resembles a ceiling, and is acting as the main resistance to further gains in the price of RUNE. Algorand (ALGO) Both quant (QNT) and ethereum classic (ETC) were trading higher for most of today's session, however, gains eased throughout the course of the day. As this happened, algorand (ALGO) managed to maintain its bullish momentum, rising to nearly a five-week high in the process. Today's rally was the tenth day in twelve that the price of ALGO has risen, with today's gains taking us just above resistance of ... read More

Biggest Movers: DASH, CVX and ALGO Lead Monday's Gainers, APE Fall...

    CVX was the biggest crypto gainer to start the week, as both DASH and ALGO also climbed higher. Despite ALGO rising to its highest level in over three weeks, gains in DASH and CVX were more noticeable. This came as APE once again traded in the red. Convex Finance (CVX) Convex finance (CVX) was Monday's biggest gainer, as the world's 77th largest cryptocurrency rose by as much as 15% to start the week. Following a low of $17.90 on Sunday, CVX climbed to an intraday high above $21.56 on Monday, as prices hit a ceiling. Today's move was the highest level CVX has traded since March 2, as prices continued to move away from support at $15.50. Monday's surge saw prices near resistance of $22.00, however slipped from this point as bulls likely consolidated earlier gains by closing their positions. Looking at the chart, the 10-day (red) moving average, and the 25-day (blue) have also marginally crossed, which sets the table for further bullish momentum. If this upward trend continues, we could see a break similar to the one on March 2, where prices rose to above $30, during a flash spike. DASH DASH rose to a three month high during today's session, as it rose for a fourth consecutive session on Monday. Today's high, saw DASH/USD rally to a high of $122.83 to start the week, which follows a low below $101 on Sunday. Monday's move is the highest point DASH has reached since January 21, as markets were in free fall, dropping to as low of $79 during that week. As of writing this, DA... read More

Why LimeWire Chose Algorand For Its Comeback

    Popular peer-to-peer file sharing service LimeWire will make a comeback on the blockchain. The network will provide with a scalable platform with low-cost transactions, and an Ethereum-Polygon bridge. As LimeWire previously reported, the platform will support its marketplace with its own native token called LMWR. In addition to the capacity to transact with LimeWire NFTs, user will allegedly have access to “exclusive community”, voting rights, and access to a reward system. The platform will let content creators, initially musicians, to launch digital assets so fans can buy, sell, and trade them without the “technical hurdles” of alternatives. In that way, LimeWire attempts to onboard users by offering them a unique experience, and access to unique items, from their favorite artists. The press release claims: Music fans and collectors will be able to buy and trade a variety of music-related assets, such as limited editions, pre-release music, unreleased demos, graphical artwork, exclusive live versions, as well as digital merchandise and backstage content. The platform will place a special focus on users without technical expertise or those people unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Thus, the “newbies” or “noobs” will be the main target audience for this re-brand. The new LimeWire platform will let users trade by completing an “easy” registration process with “seamless KYC”. As a bonus, i... read More

Algorand Blockchain Has Grown 35% In Q1 2022

    The Algorand (ALGO) blockchain has added over 6 million new accounts to its network since the beginning of 2022. According to AlgoExplorer data, the total number of accounts on Algorand at the turn of the year was 17,373,299, while at press time (by March 10, 2022), this number was 23,548,065. This represents a 35% gain from the start of the year. Algorand Gains 6 Million Users One reason for the enormous increase in interest in ALGO could be the network's major technical improvement, which would allow Algorand-based products to run on other blockchains and in low-power contexts like mobile phones and smartwatches. Algorand total accounts. Source: AlgoExplorer Algorand also anticipates the development of London Bridge, a trustless bridge that will connect the platform to Ethereum (ETH). Commenting on the upgrade, Paul Riegle, the Chief Product Officer at Algorand stated: The power and composability of Algorand’s smart contract platform has transformed in recent months. Developers are building versatile decentralized applications that have and will continue to disrupt a wide variety of industries. With this latest upgrade, Algorand continues its leadership position when it comes to ongoing delivery of highly sophisticated blockchain technology. It's also worth noting that the Algorand Foundation hired a new CEO, none other than former JPMorgan executive Staci Warden, only a few days before the award announcement. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous posit... read More

Algorand Ecosystem Grows, How Vesta Equity Will Enable Homeowners To Tok...

    Algorand (ALGO) trends lower with the rest of the crypto market. On higher timeframes, the cryptocurrency records a 20.5% loss in 30 days and a 35% loss in one year. ALGO trends to the downside on the 4-hour chart. Source: ALGOUSD Tradingview Despite the recent bearish price action, the Algorand ecosystem continues to expand. Recently, the network saw the launch of Vest Equity. Created as an NFT platform, this project runs on Algorand with the objective of providing real estate owners with more power over their assets. The platforms enable users to tokenize a property and “easily” offer a portion on the market. The platform has the additional objective of letting users benefit from the value of their properties, turning them into tokenized digital assets. At the same time, Vesta Equity: (…) simultaneously advancing housing affordability, economics, and frictionless investor accessibility to residential real estate. Vesta Equity offers users access to a native marketplace which removes friction from the process of transacting with real-estate-backed NFTs. The platform has a catalog of properties, price ranges, addresses. In addition, an owner or potential investors looking to purchase a portion of this Algorand backed NFTs can view the percentage of equity available, of equity listed, and equity sold. Other features of the property are visible, as seen below. Vesta Equity marketplace. Source: Vesta Equity Vesta Equity is user-friendly and provides addition... read More

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