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AKRO Price:
$8.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$29.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #AKRO today is $0.00598 USD.

The lowest AKRO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00598, and the current live price for one AKRO coin is $0.00598479.

The all-time high AKRO coin price was $0.09.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of AKRO with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Akropolis crypto currency is #AKRO.

Akropolis is 4.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Akropolis is $29,923,963.

Akropolis is ranking downwards to #508 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #AKRO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Akropolis is $8,464,189.


The circulating supply of AKRO is 5,000,000,000 coins, which is 125% of the maximum coin supply.


AKRO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the AKRO Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


AKRO is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 16 crypto exchanges.

View #AKRO trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #AKRO purchase.



Understanding the Risks of DeFi

DeFi for Beginners | Part 2 of a 2-part series Despite rapid growth in the DeFi space and its open-source ecosystem with the potential to democratise banking and finance, there are significant risks for participants to be aware of. Several projects have been vulnerable to hacks and theft of funds, which has led to safety questions about using DeFi products. Hacks in the DeFi space accounted for nearly 76% of all major hacks worldwide in 2021 so far, according to a report by security firm AtlasVPN. Analysts think that hackers will target DeFi more aggressively to exploit security lapses in new projects and inexperienced users. This article discusses five risks that DeFi users would commonly face and how to navigate this evolving technology safely. — 1. Smart Contract Risks. — Smart contracts are coded agreements that are tamper-resistant and self-executing on a blockchain network. One of its benefits is reducing (or entirely mitigating) counterparty risk. But since the terms of a transaction in the smart contracts are written to minimise the risk of compensating for fraudulent claims by the financial institution, the transaction is irrevocable if you transfer funds to the wrong address or across the wrong network by mistake. Another technology risk for smart contracts is oracles. Oracles are necessary to execute many smart contracts that rely on external data, providing information such as price feeds. But when t...

Why Should You Care About DeFi?

DeFi for Beginners | Part 1 of a 2-part series Decentralised finance began in 2015 when Ethereum (ETH) launched its blockchain as a base layer for developers to build decentralised applications — ranging from games, such as CryptoKitties, to financial applications. Cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially over the last decade, reaching a market capitalisation of over $2.2tn by the end of 2021. According to data from Defillama, TVL rose from just over $18bn at the beginning of 2021 to $240bn by year-end — a 1,200% increase. The introduction of DeFi has been a game-changer in the history of TradFi (Traditional Finance). But what is DeFi, and why should you care about DeFi? — DeFi Basics. — DeFi uses cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to provide financial services, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks. With DeFi, no institutions or organisations handle or control their money, meaning ownership always stays with users, creating a more unrestricted financial experience. Smart contracts could be programmed for much more complex tasks than just money transfer, where crypto-asset owners can trade, lend, borrow and manage their money in a way that provides complete independence. In other words, you are your own bank. It is open-source, which means that protocols and apps are theoretically open for users to inspect and innovate. In the same way that Lego blocks allow us to use our imaginati...

Akropolis Now Supports NFT Domains Built By Unstoppable Domains

DeFi users can now access the Akropolis dApp via their Unstoppable Domains accounts and earn passive yields! We are happy to announce the successful integration for support of NFT domain names powered by Unstoppable Domains, the leading platform for self-sovereign identity on Web3! This collaboration brings Akropolis one step closer to the goal of making DeFi accessible to everyone at all stages of their crypto investment journey. As one of the unique solutions in the blockchain industry, Unstoppable Domains provide top-level domain names to users with no renewal fees. This means that a user will only need to purchase a domain, which belongs to the user forever. When a user claims a domain, it is minted as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain, granting full ownership and control. These .crypto domain names can point to content hosted on the Web, IPFS, or cryptocurrency addresses, making it easy to send and receive over 250 different cryptocurrencies across 40+ cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, including Coinbase Wallet, Litewallet, OKEx and MyEtherWallet. Users can now access the Akropolis dApp and earn passive yields with their Unstoppable Domains To do so, follow these simple steps: Get your domain from Unstoppable Domains. (Purchase a domain, and it belongs to you forever. There is no renewal fee.), Connect your wallet to the Akropolis dApp by entering your domain name, Deposit your crypto assets ...

Vortex is Now Live on Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum!

Following the passing of DAO proposal AIP-013, we are excited to announce that Vortex is now live on Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain! 🎉 Akropolis users can now access and interact with Vortex through our dApp. Vortex is an on-chain basis trading strategy that aims to generate long-term, sustainable and rewarding returns while remaining market-neutral. It efficiently manages strategy positions to collect and compound the Funding Rate from Perpetual Contracts. Learn more about how it works here. Users can now deposit their USDC or BUSD into the vaults in their respective networks and start earning sustainable yields without worrying about market volatility! Be sure to connect to the correct network. — Guarded Launch - There are limitations initially to ensure the security of funds and that everything works as expected. As mentioned in our DAO proposal, these restrictions include user access, deposit limits and strategy parameters. We hope to scale beyond these limits quickly, but we believe a guarded launch is the best approach for security reasons and ensures consistency in the desired performance. The limitation visible to all users is the deposit limit and vault limit. We expect this to scale quickly as our strategists become more comfortable. In the meantime, there is a strict limit for total deposits into Vortex: Full Vortex capacity for Guarded Launch (1st iteration): 250,000 USD, Individual user limits (per...

Akropolis Collaborates with Clover Finance To Accelerate Multi-chain Expansion in the Future of…

Akropolis Collaborates with Clover Finance To Accelerate Multi-chain Expansion in the Future of DeFi - Akropolis is delighted to announce the successful integration of the Clover Wallet in our dApp. Akropolis users can now hold, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies and NFTs in a highly secure way on mobile, browser extension, and web. Clover’s extension wallet supports most multi-chain dApps on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Polkadot, Kusama, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, and more. Unlike other competitors, it allows users to stay connected to different dApps across multiple chains simultaneously (E.g. connected to both Solana and Fantom). It has a great UI/UX, where users can also see NFT metadata directly from the wallet. As part of the collaboration, the team is happy to onboard Clover as a contributor to Akropolis. Both projects will explore cross-chain yield farming opportunities for Akropolis users moving forward. To kick-start the collaboration, users will be eligible for a share of the 30 million CLV airdrop, accounting for 3% of the total supply. For the CLV reward airdrop eligibility, users must: Use Clover Wallet for partnering dApp transactions, at least 2 times in a calendar month., The wallet should have at least $200 equivalent assets, could be ETH, BNB, DOT, KSM, CLV, SOL or other tokens specified., Airdrops will be distributed in batches by the end of the calendar month, eligible users will receive...

Akropolis Kickoff 2022

Dear Akropolis community, Akropolis was founded four years ago, and we have come a long way. We’ve been through a ‘crypto winter’, a project split, and an exploit — but we’re still here and building a decentralised future with our partners and community. Looking back to 2021, we focused on creating fundamental values, delivering good UI/UX experiences to our users and curating sustainable yield-generation products that don’t predominantly rely on inflationary emissions as the primary source of yield. This means that users can still earn passive gain regardless of the market conditions. This year, we kickstart 2022 towards a decentralisation journey. In this article, we would like to highlight the critical updates of Akropolis since the Summer Updates last September. Summary: Akropolis is moving to DAO — Protocol complete decentralisation, Decentralized Launch of Vortex, Inflation — Safeguarding the future, Looking ahead, — Moving to DAO: Setting on a Road to Progressive Decentralisation - As Akropolis scales, governance of the decentralised protocol takes on added importance. Why now? One of the main reasons is engaging with high-value contributors that otherwise would be impossible to hire. The market conditions have skewed the economics towards dev-founders and dev-first teams. Team Decentralisation:, Akropolis team will remain as one of the core contributors to the project., Other prop...

Christmas @ Akropolis 2021 | Christmas Edition NFTs Giveaway

It’s the season of giving! This Christmas, we are giving away 5 Rare Akropolis Christmas Edition NFTs on Project Galaxy, together with USD1,500 worth of AKRO tokens! Stand a chance to win by sharing about Akropolis with your friends and family. — Campaign period. — Starts: 22 December 2021 — 9 PM (GMT +8) Ends: 31 December — 9 PM (GMT +8) — How to participate. — Follow us on Twitter, Like and retweet the twitter post with #XmasAtAkropolis, Connect your wallet and deposit your assets into any of the Yearn vaults or the AKRO vault on Akropolis dApp. Learn how to get started on Akropolis platform here., Provide your Twitter handle and your wallet address in the form here., That’s it! Simple much? — Prizes. — The 5 lucky winners will receive a rare Christmas Edition NFT together with USD300 worth of AKRO tokens. Winners will be picked and announced shortly after the closing date. The Akropolis team will contact the winner via DM. Winners will then claim their NFT here. The AKRO tokens will be transferred to the wallet that was connected to Akropolis dApp. Good luck! — Terms and conditions:. — Any changes to the participation information after the event has ended will not be eligible., Rewards will be distributed within 7 days after the end of the event., No NSFW content., All final decisions belong to Akropolis., Akropolis reserves the right to close the...

Vortex on Akropolis | How It Works

Following the announcement of Vortex, our upcoming basis trading product, this post will shed some light on what basis trading is and how Vortex applies it in DeFi. Tl;DR — Vortex efficiently manages strategy positions to collect and compound the Funding Rate from Perpetual Contracts while remaining market-neutral. Low maintenance, low(er) risk and high(er) reward — with Vortex you’re GMI. You can try it out on testnet now and register your interest for early mainnet access. — What is Basis Trading? - Basis trading — also commonly referred to as ‘cash and carry’ — is a market-neutral arbitrage strategy which takes advantage of the difference between the spot and future price of a commodity (the ‘basis’). The TradFi and DeFi approaches to basis trading are different due to the available infrastructure and liquidity, but both utilize similar market mechanisms to achieve their returns. — Basis Trading in TradFi - In the TradFi world, basis trading works in the way outlined above — taking advantage of the difference between the spot and future price of a commodity — on centralized futures markets. This was a favored strategy of the “arbitrage trader at heart”, Arthur Hayes. — Example. — Imagine ETH is trading $3500 at spot and the December 31 futures contract is trading at $4000. This is known as being in ‘contango’, with a price differential of $...

Vortex on Akropolis | Testnet Launch

One more step towards Vortex launch — public testnet is here! Akropolis | Earn DeFi Yield on Autopilot Vortex on Testnet gives you the opportunity to see how easy and rewarding Vortex is to use prior to the mainnet release. It also means you can provide us with valuable feedback via our Discord or Telegram groups, which will be crucial in optimizing the Vortex experience for you, our users! Note that this is a testnet release and no funds are at risk. Testnet dApps generally have low liquidity so there are likely to be price and event differences from mainnet, and there may also be errors, bugs or other unexpected events. If you encounter any of these, please report them to us via Discord or Telegram! — How to use Vortex on Testnet - Testnet version is launching on both Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain and below are instructions on how to interact with both networks. Go to the Vortex testnet dApp page;, Connect your Web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask);, Add Arbitrum (Rinkeby) and/or Binance Smart Chain (Testnet) network to your Web3 wallet. Metamask users will see a popup for adding new network & in any other case please do follow these instructions:, Adding Arbitrum (Rinkeby testnet): Public Testnet Guide · Offchain Labs Dev Center Binance Smart chain (testnet): Connecting MetaMask to BNB Smart Chain | Binance Academy Request test USDC/BUSD from our Faucet, displayed on the dApp page;, Deposit USDC/BUSD into ...

Vortex on Akropolis | Basis Trading in DeFi

Back in early 2021 when we joined the Yearn ecosystem, we set out to contribute by creating yield-generating products that don’t predominantly rely on inflationary emissions as the main source of yield and that may generate returns regardless of the market conditions. To achieve this, we are working with a close group of experts with experience at major financial institutions and we present to you our first product, Vortex! — Vortex - Vortex is an on-chain basis trading strategy that aims to generate long-term, sustainable and rewarding returns while remaining market-neutral. — Basis Trading in a nutshell. — ‘Basis trading’ is an arbitrage strategy used in financial markets which takes advantage of the difference between the spot and future price of a commodity (the ‘basis’). As an example of how basis trading works — and without going into too much detail — imagine a trader had the opportunity to purchase 1 ETH at $3500 and sell the equivalent of 1 ETH of futures contracts at $4000. The trader would then be able to lock in a profit from the basis, which in this case is $500. For a real-life example, we can look at how the founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, used this strategy back in the early stages of his crypto career. He details his history and approach here, but the key takeaways are: Basis trades are “the bedrock of crypto capital markets” and can make traders “beaucoup mone...

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