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AION Price:
$2.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #AION today is $0.00227 USD.

The lowest AION price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00227, and the exact current price of one AION crypto coin is $0.00226992.

The all-time high AION coin price was $10.09.

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The code for Aion crypto currency is also #AION.

Aion is 5.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Aion is $1,191,276.

Aion is ranking downwards to #782 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small today for #AION.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Aion is $2,789.


The circulating supply of AION is 524,808,898 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


AION is a token on the Energi blockchain.


AION is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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On Block Rewards for Miners — Aion

On Block Rewards for Miners — Aion Aion Nov 20 . 5 min read With version v1.6 of the Java Kernel, we’re rolling out some big changes for miners on the network that addresses some of the concerns we’ve been seeing on the network over the last few months. Let’s do a dive into what happened, and how the fixes in the upcoming release addresses this. Note: This document only addresses changes intended for miners on the network, there are other changes included in this hardfork as well. Jump directly to the bottom of the document for actions miners and mining pools need to take. On fluctuating difficulty A keen observer of the network would have seen fluctuating difficulty within the Aion historical difficulty calculations starting May of this year. We’ve tracked down the source of these oscillations down to a single address contributing a large amount of hash power via a mining pool on the network in a periodic nature. Doing some simple smoothing on difficulty leads us to this diagram, which indicates roughly a cycle of a few hours on and off: Smoothed (WMA) difficulty plot between blocks 6.3m-6.4m, as we indicated this shows an oscillating pattern to difficulty. At first glance, we suspect this is some form of coin-hopping behaviour on the part of the miner, fluctuations like this are not uncommon on networks with smaller hashrates. We have further reason to believe it is being done for economic gain due to the ...

Hardfork — Aion

Hardfork — Aion Aion Nov 13 . 2 min read On December 16th we will be rolling out a mandatory hardfork to the Aion Network. This hardfork includes updates and improvements to resolve issues that the network has been facing as well as improve performance. Two significant changes to the Kernel protocol are an update to the block signer (V1.2), which will add a permanent improvement to a hotfix rolled out earlier this year, and an adjustment to Proof of Work block rewards based on blocktime. This will solve the swing mining issue that we’ve seen with miners by providing a block reward that is tied to the amount of time it takes to mine a block. The longer it takes to mine a block the greater the reward, while the quicker a block is added the lower the reward. Additionally this hardfork will provide enhancements to the network in reducing system resource usage and improving performance. The following bug fixes will also be rolled out:FastVM delegate call failed in callback #1144 #1154estimateTxNrg and callConstant incorrect #1145client API block submit fail #1148Hashrate calculation incorrect #1156 Tied to this update is an update to the Aion Mining Pool software Aion Pool 3 (v0.1.2) this provides an update that will recognize the new block rewards system. The hardfork block height is 7441441 and estimated time will be at 10am EST Dec 16 Dates: - Kernel build release Date - Amity Network Hardfork Date - Mainnet Net...

Moves Crypto Alpha Launches — Aion

Moves Crypto Alpha Launches — Aion Aion Oct 26 . 2 min read We are excited to announce the launch of the Moves Crypto alpha test today. Moves Crypto represents a vision for a new smart contract system and web interface that we hope will one day be a component in a quasi-decentralized financial system for gig workers. The alpha test of Moves Crypto is a key component of our approach to decentralizing important aspects of the emerging gig worker economy. Our long-term vision for Moves Crypto is to act as a double-sided marketplace for borrowers and lenders. The intent of the alpha test is to determine the interest in our long-term vision, gather feedback, and identify any improvements that can be made. To that end, the alpha test is intended to uncover:The functionality of our smart contractsIf the technical interfaces (Aiwa, Metamask, Ledger) function as intendedPayment method mechanics and preferences to compel participation and feedbackWhether participants will “lock up” cryptocurrency for a certain period of timeAny bugs or improvements that can be made During the alpha test, Moves will contact participants to receive their feedback on their experience with the alpha system, potential improvements, what they would do differently in a future commercial system operating along similar lines, their likelihood of using a similar system (that does not have the no risk of loss like this alpha test), and other sp...

Launching Moves Crypto — Aion

Launching Moves Crypto — Aion Aion Sep 17 . 3 min read In Building Ownership in the Gig Economy, we introduced the concept of the Moves Collective, a new digital ‘co-op’ providing ownership to Moves stakeholders through Aion. In this post we introduce Moves Crypto — a product for capital providers within the Moves Collective. Moves Crypto connects the rapidly expanding capital markets within crypto to the growing financial needs of independent workers. With Moves Crypto, an individual holding stable crypto assets like USDT can earn a sustainable, fixed yield by lending their assets into a common pool that is lent out to independent workers through Moves’ products. This enables Moves to support more independent workers, across more geographies with access to more affordable credit than traditional sources of capital. Given the dynamics of the crypto market, its volatility, and its risk profiles, we’ve built Moves Crypto with certain characteristics to achieve its objectives. On price volatility, we’re addressing this by restricting the Loan Pool ( i.e capital to be lent) to stablecoin contributions (USDT to start). On underwriting risk, we’re addressing this by building an on-chain Collateral Pool of community-contributed Aion that acts as a guarantee to the Loan Pool. In addition, individual USDT contributors are not exposed to specific loans; instead contributions are pooled and lent out by Moves a...

Building Ownership in the Gig Economy — Aion

Building Ownership in the Gig Economy — Aion Aion Sep 17 . 4 min read We’ve been on a mission this past year to bring to market a product that solves a real pain point for independent workers in the gig economy — the access to a financial safety net, while also exploring the design space of what Jesse Walden from Variant Fund calls “ the Ownership Economy.” We’re excited to share some of that thinking with you, to introduce you to the concept of the Moves Collective, and to tell you about a new product — Moves Crypto — that we’re launching in Alpha phase next month — designed for the Aion community and broader crypto ecosystem. Building ownership into the gig economy Crypto ecosystems and the mechanisms by which they engage their stakeholders are highly disruptive. As a new type of entity and organization, they use a common asset shared by all stakeholders to create value that aligns their economics interests. While these designs are by no means perfect, crypto ecosystems have been able to pull previously competitive stakeholder groups like shareholders and customers closer towards a more universal group of simply ‘owners.’ Within the Aion crypto ecosystem we experience the outcomes of ‘owner’ behaviors every day. Aion holders provide critical inputs into network security, reach out unprompted to potential partners and exchanges, coordinate community events, spot bugs in code ...

Aion Presenting at Consensus 2020 — Aion

Aion Presenting at Consensus 2020 — Aion Aion Apr 28 . 2 min read We’re excited to announce today that we’ll be returning to Consensus NYC for the third year in a row. The main focus of our one-hour virtual session will be highlighting If you haven’t been following us closely, we launched the first version of Moves to help address the COVID-19 crisis in Ontario which provides $2500 loans to rideshare drivers and food couriers. We’ve already had amazing initial feedback from our first group of loan recipients in Ontario and we’re planning to expand geographically across North America Moves, our newest Open App that provides millions of gig workers with greater freedom, flexibility, and control over their earnings. this year. Moves is currently available for rideshare and food couriers who use platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and Doordash. As part of our vertical strategy we’ll expand into other platform markets such as Amazon Flex, TaskRabbit, and Handy to fulfill our mission to support the ongoing progress and social mobility of independent workers. As Matt mentioned in his latest Reddit AMA, the future of Moves will include the creation of an alternative financial reputation system for freelance and independent workers. This system could act as an alternative to a credit score and could also be used for group insurance programs, savings plans, and retirement plans. This financial reputation will live on The...

The Launch of Moves — Aion

The Launch of Moves — Aion Aion Apr 06 . 3 min read We are excited to announce the launch of Moves. Moves is a product for the modern independent “gig” worker. Overlooked or ineligible for products offered by financial institutions , this rapidly expanding demographic of independent workers needs a product that is tailored to their lifestyles and designed to support them on their paths to career fulfillment. Moves is on a mission to support the ongoing progress and social mobility of independent workers. Today, this growing demographic of independent drivers, couriers, designers, marketers, photographers, and many others is systemically being excluded or underserved by the financial market because they do work differently. We believe that the pursuit of professional freedom deserves to be encouraged and empowered, not overlooked, downplayed or underestimated . This is the current reality for tens of millions of independent workers in North America, where they continuously face needless obstacles towards actualizing their individual pursuits. One of the biggest obstacles facing independent workers is access to affordable credit. Traditional lenders and financial institutions have struggled to effectively address this group because they rely on outdated risk models that still assume people work large parts of their careers as employees in companies. Using traditional risk models, indicators and eligibility criteri...

Managing Uncertainty — Aion

Managing Uncertainty — Aion Aion Mar 23 . 2 min read The global pandemic of COVID-19 has created historical levels of uncertainty, fear and panic. This reaction is expected given the seriousness of the virus and the patchwork of information, news and policies that have been circulating around the world in response. In times of uncertainty individuals look to institutions to coordinate the resources required with the full weight of their authority and provide clear direction to the public. Unfortunately for citizens around the world, these responses have been slow and opaque. In this vacuum, panic flourishes and individuals and organizations rush towards safety — whether that be stockpiling toilet paper, liquidating your ETFs or freezing hiring. The crypto ecosystem has not been immune to this reaction. As the bellwether for the industry, BTC’s decline of over 40% within 24 hours sent shockwaves across the market and plummeted the valuations of large-cap assets like ETH and XRP with > 60% declines in mid/small cap alts. This sharp decline poses a significant challenge for industry operators that rely on these assets for operations. For projects that raised capital via crypto, treasury and risk management have become a requirement, not a nice to have. As a long-term oriented organization operating with fixed costs, we cannot take a view on the performance of the market. No one can tell the future. We’re no...

Feb 2020 Update

As a follow up to the Feb 2020 Monthly Update Video below are some additional details on our two priorities: The year has been off to a tremendous start for The OAN. Over the past two months we’ve continued to progress quickly and we’ve achieved multiple milestones towards our two key focuses for 2020; launching a consumer application that solves a vital platform problem and increasing the global awareness of Aion. 1) Building a Consumer-Facing App At the current state of maturity in the blockchain ecosystem, we need to directly own our relationship with end users in order to achieve product-market fit. If we rely solely on third parties, we cannot develop empathy for our audience and establish rich feedback loops. As such, we are scaling our product teams to develop a consumer-facing application, leveraging The OAN tech stack. This focus enables us to control our adoption strategy and showcase how The OAN can solve real problems within platform economies. After months of product discovery, we’ve identified significant gaps in the accessibility and affordability of basic products and services for gig-workers. In the U.S, over 35% of the workforce participated in the gig-economy in 2019. Despite the massive growth of gig-workers and the platforms they operate on, basic services such as insurance, pensions, and credit remain difficult to access, unaffordable o...

Unity Live. Aion Staking Begins!

The Open Application Network (The OAN) announced today the official launch of Unity — a first-of-its-kind consensus algorithm launched on a live network that integrates Proof of Work with Proof of Stake. The launch of Unity means members of The OAN community can participate in staking Aion for the first time. The Aion Staking Interface allows Aion coin-holders to delegate their coins securely to a number of industry leading validators to improve security on the network while earning rewards. “This is something our community has been excited about for a long time, and we are thrilled to deliver this first-of-its-kind integration,” said Matt Spoke, co-founder and CEO of The OAN. “The launch of Unity also means that as our community becomes increasingly engaged with the network, as they are adding to our security layer as well.” To learn more about staking, delegation, and validators read our documentation here. Unity Live. Aion Staking Begins! was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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