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Ambire AdEx  


ADX Price:
$3.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$23.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ADX today is $0.16 USD.

The lowest ADX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.164, and the current live price for one ADX coin is $0.16405.

The all-time high ADX coin price was $3.71.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ADX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Ambire AdEx crypto currency is #ADX.

Ambire AdEx is 6.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ambire AdEx is $23,387,072.

Ambire AdEx is ranked #456 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #ADX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ambire AdEx is $3,103,769.


The circulating supply of ADX is 142,557,533 coins, which is 95% of the total coin supply.


ADX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the ADX Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


ADX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #ADX trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ADX purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ADX, and you can view them on our ADX disambiguation page.



A Golden Opportunity For Ethereum? 600% Buy Signal Returns

    Ethereum has formed a “golden cross” pattern on the 1-week timeframe, marking the second such signal this year. While the long-term implications could be very positive if history repeats itself, there are reasons to temper expectations. Ethereum Golden Cross And A Possible Target For New ATHs 1W ETHUSD has formed a golden cross for the second time in 2023. A golden cross is a buy signal in moving average-based trading systems. It suggests that the trend is moving in an upward direction and because trends tend to persist, this is notable. The golden signal occurs when a shorter-term moving average (the 50-week MA) crosses through a longer-term moving average (the 200-week MA) from below. A death cross forms when the opposite happens. The last confirmed golden cross for Ethereum in December 2020 preceded a massive 600% rally over the next year to the asset’s all-time high near $4,900. A repeat move of similar magnitude this time would put Ethereum above $12,000—over six times today’s price of around $2,000. However, it is important to note that not all golden crosses lead to the anticipated upside. In 2023 alone, 1W ETHUSD has death crossed and golden crossed twice now, demonstrating how moving average-based systems are prone to whipsaw without an established trend to follow. An Uptrend Or More Whipsaw? How The ADX Confirms Trends The whipsawing death cross and golden cross price action on the Ethereum 1-week chart failed to generate follow-th... read More

UAE's Bitcoin Mining Firm Phoenix Group Secures $370 Million in Oversubs...

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making its entry into the bitcoin mining sector. In a recent declaration by Phoenix Group PLC, a bitcoin mining enterprise, it was revealed that the company successfully garnered $370 million through an initial public offering (IPO) that was highly sought after, achieving a 33-fold oversubscription.UAE Forges New Path in Bitcoin Mining With Phoenix Group's $370M IPO Bitcoin mining and blockchain infrastructure firm Phoenix Group has announced it’s raised 1.3 billion UAE dirhams ($370 million) in an IPO that started on November 16 and closed two days later. The company will be listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) with the ticker PHX. 'The overwhelming interest during the offer period is a powerful endorsement of our pioneering role in cryptocurrency mining and blockchain,” Bijan Alizadehfard, the co-founder and group CEO of Phoenix said. The company’s prospectus says that it has established significant operations including a mining farm in Oman in collaboration with Green Data City and Microbt. Phoenix is also involved in multiple other ventures, such as hosting agreements with PTC Cloud Tech – FZCO, power supply contracts with Marlboro Electric Cooperative, and a 20% stake in Bitzero Inc. The prospectus details that the company's focus initially is on growth and expansion, with plans to adopt an active dividend policy after 2-3 years. This strategy is designed to return to shareholders substantially all o... read More

Bitcoin Bulls Are Back! Latest Signal Confirms Bullish Trend is Brewing

    Those burned by the last big Bitcoin bull run are rightfully skeptical that another one is here so soon. However, a trend strength indicator is now confirming the existence of a new bullish trend emerging. Are bulls finally back in control over crypto? Sidelined investors and traders will want to pay attention. How Technicals Could Confirm A New Bullish Trend In Bitcoin Bitcoin price is pulling back after a few failed attempts to make it though $38,000 resistance. This sudden weakness after a major breakout is both reassuring for bears and confusing for bulls. Those on the sidelines still aren't certain what to do. But that's what technical indicators were designed for – to eliminate noise and emotions, allowing the tools to make the decisions for you. According to a trend strength measuring tool called the Average Directional Index, the bullish Bitcoin trend just became official as the indicator reaches above a reading of 20. The last time that BTCUSD reached above 20 while bulls were in control was back in August 2020, prior to a 450%+ rally. For comparison sake, another 450% rally would put the price per coin around $200,000. However, each individual trend behaves differently and tops out at different ADX reading. This means anything is possible, but for now, the rise above 20 on the ADX is notable. How To Tell Bulls Are In Control Of Crypto With The ADX The Average Directional Index, as mentioned, is a trend strength measuring tool. It was created by J. Welles Wi... read More

Boom! Cronos Unleashes 57% Weekend Explosion, Beating All In The Top 100...

    Cronos has experienced a robust and sustained bullish trajectory over the recent weeks. Over the course of the past seven days, it has consistently surged, reaching a solid pinnacle, a level not witnessed in months. At the time of writing, Cronos (CRO) showcased its impressive strength, outperforming some of the most prominent names in the top 100 cryptocurrency ranking over the weekend. With a remarkable 7% surge in the last 24 hours and a commanding 57% rally within the seven-day timeframe, as reported by Coingecko, Cronos is not just making waves but also setting itself apart as a standout performer in the current market dynamics. Cronos' Outstanding Performance In The Crypto Market Notably, the CRO token has surpassed the descending trendline, which links the highest points observed since February. This positive momentum underscores the current strength and upward momentum of Cronos, indicating a significant shift in its market dynamics. The market's perception of the asset as overvalued at its current levels is suggested by the notably high Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 97.45, firmly placing it within the overbought zone. This could lead to a potential retracement or consolidation in the near future. However, in the short term, the cryptocurrency exhibits a robust bullish trend, as indicated by the 50-day Exponential Moving Average positioned at $0.0630, with the current trading price of approximately $0.1033 surpassing previous resistance levels. Targeting the key... read More

This Chart Makes It Clear: Bitcoin Is Bullish

    When Bitcoin price action is sideways and directionless for the better part of a year, bulls and bears argue over which direction will be ultimately chosen. However, considering macro conditions like rising interest rates, a sinking stock market, and mounting ting debt, bears aren’t ready to throw in the towel. But they might want to after seeing this chart. Bitcoin Price Chooses A Direction: Up And Away Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are normally notoriously volatile. But volatility has dwindled to next to nothing since the FTX collapse struck. Few have been willing to take the risk on BTC and altcoins while macro conditions are this on the edge of collapse. It resulted in a big move off the bottom, but also more than six months of consolidation and confusion. But after several months of sideways price action, Bitcoin appears to have chosen a direction and broke out to form a new trend. Bears, however, remain stubbornly short per market sentiment. Bearish traders might want to reconsider their positioning after taking a look at the Directional Movement Index. Bullish Directional Movement Is Anything But Average The Directional Movement Index is typically found bundled with the Average Directional Index, and consists of a negative and a positive directional indicator. The tool’s premise is simple: when DI+ (green) is above DI- (red) the asset is bullish and DI- is above DI+ when bearish. This technical analysis indicator is currently showing the DI+ soaring... read More

MATIC Price Downtrend Halted As Google Cloud Joins Polygon Network

    Google Cloud, the renowned cloud computing service provided by Google, has made a significant move by becoming a validator on the Polygon (MATIC) network.  This collaboration aims to bolster the security of the Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network, with Google Cloud employing its infrastructure, which powers popular platforms like YouTube and Gmail, to contribute to the network's integrity. Google Cloud Strengthens Polygon Network Security Polygon Labs, the team behind the Polygon protocol, recently announced that Google Cloud has joined their validator set. This move brings Google Cloud into the fold of over 100 validators responsible for verifying transactions on the Layer 2 Ethereum (ETH) network offered by Polygon.  In a statement shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Polygon highlighted the significance of Google Cloud's involvement, emphasizing utilizing the same infrastructure that underpins YouTube and Gmail to safeguard the fast and cost-effective Ethereum-based Polygon protocol. According to the announcement, by joining forces with over 100 other validators, Google Cloud adds to the collective efforts to secure the Polygon PoS Network.  Including reputable and security-focused validators like Google Cloud provides an additional layer of confidence for Heimdall, Bor, and the Polygon PoS ecosystem users. The collaboration between Google Cloud and Polygon Labs extends beyond a validator partnership. It is described as an ongoing strategic collaborati... read More

The Subtle Signs A Bullish Bitcoin Trend Is Brewing

    Bitcoin price remains stagnant for going on months now, with no clear trend developing and volatility in a downward spiral. However, some subtle signs are popping up that could suggest that a bullish Bitcoin trend is beginning to take shape. Make Friends With Strong Trends “The trend is your friend” is one of the most famous trading quotes, highlighting how capturing as much of the prevailing trend as possible can lead to the most profitable results. For this reason, in technical analysis, trend-following tools are among the most successful. But what is an investor or trader to do when there is a clear absence of any discernible trend? The answer is “to wait for the trend to appear” but that’s easier said than done. This is why specific tools have been created to tell when assets like Bitcoin or even stocks are trending or not. One such tool is starting to rise after several weeks of sideways price action, and it suggest that the underlying trend is strengthening. Bullish Bitcoin Is Building Muscle The Average Directional Index (ADX) is a trend strength measuring tool, created by the father of technical indicators, J. Welles, Wilder, Jr. Other tools Wilder built include the Parabolic SAR, Average True Range, and the Relative Strength Index. A reading above 20 on the ADX means a trend is developing. The more it turns up, the stronger the trend. After weeks of sideways, the trend is starting to strengthen again. The tool also includes two Directi... read More

FOMC Delivers Expected 0.25% Rate Hike, Bitcoin Holds Steady Above $29,0...

    The Federal Reserve’s (Fed) decision to raise the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) by 25 basis points to 5.50%, the highest level since February 2021, had little impact on the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin (BTC), with the event described as 'very vanilla' by the Journalist Ted Talks Macro.  The FOMC indicated that achieving its 2% inflation target still has a long way to go and that it will take a data-dependent approach to future rate hikes. While some investors had been hoping for a more hawkish tone from the Fed, the central bank's cautious approach was seen as a sign that it is still concerned about the potential impact of its monetary policy on the broader economy.  According to Ted, the full effect of tightening is yet to be felt, and getting back to the inflation target may require below-trend growth and labor market softening. Despite the Fed's decision to raise rates, they may raise them again in September, depending on the data. The Fed's decision to keep Quantitative Tightening (QT) unchanged was also a sign that the central bank is taking a measured approach to monetary policy. The markets reacted positively to the Fed's decision, with Bitcoin and US equities both higher. Many investors interpreted the event as a signal that the Fed is getting closer to hitting the pause button on rate hikes, which could be positive for risk assets in the near term. Bitcoin Bulls Charge Forward As Sell Wall Disappears After the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) ann... read More

SAND Experiences Increased Selling, But Traders Should Short At This Lev...

    SAND, the SandBox, has been free-falling since the month of August. The coin has registered a severe decline in demand, which has caused the crypto to lose further value. The asset has pierced through various support levels over the past few months. It lost 2.2% of its value in the last 24 hours. Over the past week, the coin has depreciated in double digits, which has caused the coin to reach a multi-month low on the chart. The technical outlook displayed that the coin has received very little demand, and the buyers have exited the market. The consistent fall in demand can be attributed to major market movers faltering on their respective charts. Support from the broader market remains crucial for The Sandbox (SAND) to recover. The technical outlook still points to the coin losing further value, which indicates that sellers can liquidate the asset and purchase it when it dips to sell it again when the value rises. The trading volume in Sandbox declined, indicating that the bears were in charge of the market. SAND Price Analysis: One-Day Chart The coin was exchanging hands at $0.43 at the time of writing. SAND has been unable to maintain a price above $0.50 since the coin lost the $0.70 price. If The SandBox price stood above the $0.50 level, then there was a chance that the coin could propel the price further. Presently, the immediate resistance for the asset stands at $0.53. The price of crypto will rally if it breaks above $0.53. Conversely, if the altcoin dips, the first... read More

Bitcoin Bear Market Monthly Momentum Reaches Worst On Record

    For many Bitcoin investors who lived it, this crypto winter feels more painful than the 2018 bear market, despite making a shallower fall from peak to through. From a monthly momentum perspective, the bearish trend is now the strongest on record. Let's take a look at what this means and where the market is at by comparison. Log MACD Points To Worst Crypto Winter In History As a speculative asset class, cryptocurrencies are volatile – wildly driven by speculation and polar opposite ends of greed and fear. There is no denying the current market is some of the most fearful since Bitcoin's inception. It was born in wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the top cryptocurrency is now facing its first potential recession. Previous monetary policy allowed the asset class to flourish and grow, while the current policy has caused prices to contract significantly in short order. The result, is quite possibly the worst bear market in Bitcoin's history, according to the LMACD. LMACD is the logarithmic version of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator. The original tool was created by Gerald Appel in the late 1970s, while this version is best used to compare historical momentum. When viewing the monthly LMACD for BTCUSD, the dashed zero line shows that in 2018, Bitcoin never even made it into bear territory. During this bear market, the MACD line in blue is also at the lowest point ever historically. The signal line in orange has never moved below the zero line, and c... read More

Chainlink Rally In Social Activity Hits ATH Of 44,173 – Will LINK ...

    There has been an expected uptick in the Chainlink protocol's optimism recently. This is due to the fact that the BUILD program is a part of Chainlink's next protocol upgrade, Chainlink Economics 2.0. The initial 10 BUILD program projects were announced on Chainlink's official Twitter account. This clearly increased the amount of online discussion on the project. Chainlink's native token LINK's social activity has increased from 35,540 yesterday to 44,173, and it's likely to continue rising in the days ahead. Give a welcome to the first 10 #Chainlink BUILD projects:@SpaceandTimeDB@truflation@bitsCrunch@KryptonProtocol@InterestDeFi@Galaxisxyz@mycelium_xyz@Dolomite_io@caskprotocol@chainml_ Building the future of Web3? Take your dApp to the next level: — Chainlink (@chainlink) November 18, 2022 Connecting the Dots Unfortunately, the price of LINK has not reflected the company's strong social performance. CoinGecko statistics shows that LINK is still giving off critical sell signals. The token's current price of $5.70 doesn't help, either. According to data compiled by CryptoQuant, however, the amount of tokens held in exchange have substantially dwindled during the past several days. Oversold RSI and Stoch RSI readings, together with other positive indicators, point to a likely trend reversal in the next several days. As the situation improves, the commodities channel index is also rising, indicating a likely i... read More

Bitcoin Dominance To Regain Control Over Crypto? | BTC.D Analysis Octobe...

    In this episode of NewsBTC's daily technical analysis videos, we are analyzing Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) and how the top cryptocurrency might perform in the near term against altcoins. Take a look at the video below: VIDEO: Bitcoin Dominance Versus Altcoins (BTC.D): October 20, 2022 In addition to the video highlights listed below the video, we also analyze BTC.D using the Ichimoku, Average Directional Index, LMACD, and other technical tools. Bitcoin Outperforms Altcoins During Sideways Phase On daily timeframes, BTC.D is taking a short pause, but is mostly still bullish according to price action and technical indicators. Dominance is above the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen on the Ichimoku, while flipped bullish on the LMACD. On the Ichimoku, dominance is above the Tenkan-sen, but not the Kijun-sen, making it the next logical target. Moving to monthly timeframes, Bitcoin dominance is also bullish against alts on the LMACD, and the ADX shows that altcoin season could be cooling off for some time. BTCUSD Analysis October 17, 2022 Can Alts Hold Onto 50% Of Crypto Dominance? Additional trend line TA shows that BTC dominance possibly retested the neckline of a years old inverse head and shoulders pattern, which includes the early 2018 alt season peak that came shortly after Bitcoin topped in December 2017 at $20,000. Shockingly, Bitcoin is trading below that level some five years later. If Bitcoin dominance does reverse hard against altcoins, the line in the sand to ... read More

Filecoin (FIL) In Bearish Clutch, But May Easily Escape And Recover

    It isn’t easy to break free from a bear’s clutch, but Filecoin (FIL) has its ways. FIL price performing well despite the bearish grip Price retreats by 8.06% RSI, CMF showing selling edge and bearish behavior By putting a stop to the heightened selling activity, FIL was able to bounce back from the $5-mark. With that, the coin was able to make a successful comeback while still somewhat pinned down by the bears. With FIL going through the motion of its 20/50/200 EMA, it shows a somewhat consistently slow trend or movement that could happen in the next few sessions. Now, if FIL won’t manage to hang on to the $5 baseline, the altcoin may likely be pulled further down. According to CoinMarketCap, FIL price is trading at $5.70 or showing an 8.06% decline as of this writing. FIL Bulls Keen To Guard The Baseline Ever since FIL has capsized to its all-time low registered on June 18, the bulls are keen to guard the $5 baseline. A quick breach that went above $7.35 was definitely a come-on, especially with the bullish momentum but it was good while it lasted. Chart: On the flip side, the plunge that shoots under the 20 and 50 EMA has stirred a bullish invalidation seeing that the altcoin seems to facing some difficulty in breaching the five-week resistance zone. A bearish crossover of the above EMAs shows off the selling propensity of Filecoin. A dull region may be close to FIL’s POC or Point of Control as seen in the $5.6 zone. At this point... read More

XRP: Outlining THE breakout strategy to remain profitable

    XRP’s recent growth hit a plateau near the $0.39-mark after the recent spike in selling vigor flipped the demand zone into a supply region (green, rectangle). Consequently, the altcoin’s gradual increase in selling pressure led to a bearish flip on the EMA ribbons. This decline phase entailed an ascending channel breakdown in the daily timeframe. Meanwhile, buyers could not find convincing rebounding grounds to stop the breakout’s bleeding. A close above the $0.3319-level would aid buyers in recouping their forces in the short term. At press time, XRP was trading at $0.335. XRP Daily Chart Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT After traversing for seven weeks in an ascending channel (white), the sellers took charge of the trend to provoke a strong pullback on the chart. The $0.39-level proved to be a strong resistance level for 11 weeks. While the supply zone constricted the buying power, the altcoin marked a reversal below its EMA ribbons. The press time bearish pennant setup seemed to propel a breakout, one that retested the $0.33-baseline. The bears might look to exploit weaknesses in this region, especially with the rising gap between the south-looking 20 and 50 EMA. A potential rebound from the $0.33-support could position XRP to retest the $0.35-zone. However, an eventual close below this support level would only aggravate the bearish pressure in the coming sessions. To top this off, the recent sell volumes were much higher than the buy orders. The bull... read More

AdEx Price Gains 20% As Market Plunges, Are Bulls Behind The Pump?

    The price of AdEx (ADX) explodes with a double-digit gain against Tether (USDT) as bulls push the price to a higher region. Despite the market downtrend in recent days with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) all (Data from Binance) AdEx (ADX) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  Weekly ADX Price Chart | Source: ADXUSDT On From the chart, the price of ADX, after seeing a major run to a high of $1.2, took a downward spiral to a region of $0.16 with what seems to be low on the weekly chart.  ADX has formed good support in that region as the price bounced quickly to $0.18 above its support area. The price of ADX has not shown much strength as the price has been unable to move past its low by a considerable margin. The price of ADX faces resistance at a region of $0.2; if the price fails to break this region, we could see the price of ADX retesting its weekly low, acting as support for ADX price. ADX closed the previous monthly candle with a bearish momentum, with the new week's candle more bullish with signs of relief.  For the price of ADX to trend higher, it needs to break above $0.2 and hold the price from falling below its support area.  Weekly resistance for the price of ADX - $0.2. Weekly support for the price of ADX - $0.15. AdEx Price Analysis On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily ADX Price Chart | Source: ADXUSDT On The price of ADX has found itself ranging in a channel as the price aims to break out of the channel to trend highe... read More

WATCH: Will Powell's Friday Speech Send Bitcoin Soaring? Daily TA August...

    In this episode of NewsBTC's all-new daily technical analysis videos, we are looking at the the impact an upcoming speech from US Fed Chair Jerome Powell could have on Bitcoin price action. Take a look at the video below. VIDEO: Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTCUSD): August 25, 2022 The US Fed Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will speak at the global central banking conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, focusing on the future economic outlook. Depending on if that outlook is hawkish or dovish, Bitcoin could sink further or begin to soar.  Daily BTCUSD Looks Dangerous As Bears Remain Dominant On daily timeframes the picture overall isn’t looking very positive for BTCUSD and could imply that the market should expect negative news tomorrow. From top to bottom, starting with the Ichiomoku, we can see that Bitcoin lost the cloud as support and is now trading below both the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen. These two lines have also recently crossed bearish. The daily LMACD is also showing momentum in favor of bears. The bearish momentum is weakening, however, but could pick right back up tomorrow as markets price in whatever Powell has to say about the future of the US economy. Finally, the Average Directional Index shows that bears are in control, and the trend is back at around a reading of 20. Below 20 would suggest a trend weakening, while retesting the level and then rising higher could restart the bearish trend. The daily timeframe has recently turned bearish | Source: B... read More

Reasons why XRP investors can shoot for the moon

    In particular, XRP noticed a gradual elevation that set a solid foundation for retesting the $0.37-$0.38 resistance range. Also, the 61.8% Fibonacci resistance in the $0.39 region stood sturdy to constrict the recent buying rallies. But the altcoin was yet to find a volatile break away from the binds of the 20/50 EMA. A reliable rebound from the current pattern’s lower boundary can aid the buyers in retesting the immediate resistance range. A close above or below the current pattern would likely influence XRP’s near-term movements. At press time, XRP traded at $0.3754. XRP 4-hour Chart Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT Over the past month, the altcoin found rebounding grounds from the 16-month support near the $0.3-mark. This recovery entailed an over 35% growth toward the $0.4 region on 30 July. The reversal from this region has found dependable grounds in the $0.367 level. As a result, XRP saw a two-week trendline resistance (white, dashed) alongside its incremental troughs. The 200 EMA (green) has reflected its rebounding inclinations while the broader outlook favored the buyers. But the traders/investors should watch out for a potential bearish crossover on the 20 EMA (red) and the 50 EMA (cyan) to confirm a near-term bearish bias. In this case, XRP could eye to breach the bounds of its current up-channel. Here, the potential targets would lie near the 200 EMA in the $0.367 zone. Nonetheless, the Point of Control (POC, red) could pave a path for the buyers ... read More

Filecoin Cruises Near Resistance, Now Attempts For A Breakout

    Filecoin (FIL) price action shows the formation of a flag and pole pattern that indicates a bullish movement. Filecoin price displays a robust uptrend with a bullish flag and pole pattern. Four-hour time frame for Filecoin showed the formation of a symmetrical triangle pattern Filecoin currently trades at a long-term supply range following a breach of short-term key resistance  Currently, Filecoin price trades at a long-term supply level after successfully breaching a short-term key resistance. Prior to the breach, FIL price has been in convergence for quite some time. With that said, the breach of the supply level has made a tremendous impact which blasted a robust bullish streak. Filecoin Shows Robust Upward Movement Following a robust bullish movement, FIL coin price has started consolidating once again and creating higher high as well as higher low patterns seen on a daily time frame. According to CoinMarketCap, the Filecoin price has been highly bullish trading at $8.55 with a surge of 0.69% as of this writing. As of press time, FIL coin price has breached the critical 50 and 100 EMAs. More so, the coin currently trades midway of the Bollinger band indicator after it failed to outpace the upper bands. More so, trading volumes for the coin have also surged following the breach. At this point, investors are advised to keep an eye for any signs of a breach in the bullish flag and pole pattern, and then act fast. FIL Price To Surge Once It Breaches Flag, Pole Pattern... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Buildup At This Price Level Could Be Favorable

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) price hovers above 20 EMA and 50 EMA with the bulls taking control of the pace. Shiba Inu showing an intense bullish trend SHIB trailing above 20 EMA and 50 EMA SHIB retests at the $0.0126 mark; hints at high volatility SHIB has seen a robust buying activity for the past month with the popular dog meme coin seen to be leveling off in the $0.01239 to $0.0126 range.  SHIB Soars by 2.38% According to CoinMarketCap, Shiba Inu is soaring by 2.38% and trading at $0.00001259. At this point, if buying activity gets stronger to retest $0.0126, a bullish breach may be expected following a slow phase. Buyers are facing hurdles in the supply zone that attempt to prevent the dog meme coin’s recovery. On the other hand, the bulls are not letting their guard down and amplifying pressure that came in patterns of higher lows as seen in the past couple of weeks. The 20 EMA and 50 EMA are poised as support following the bull run. With the SHIB price hovering into the EMAs for quite some time, the coin is looking to breach the squeeze point and shift into high volatile waters in the next coming days.   More so, as seen on its four-hour chart, Shiba Inu revealed an ascending triangle pattern giving away a bullish streak. However, the trading volumes were greatly reduced and are hitting a downtrend. SHIB To Retest $0.0126 Zone A close that hits above $0.0126 will validate the chances of a breach. When this happens, SHIB can recover and move towards the $0.... read More

XRP Continues To Move Laterally, Does It Have A Bearish Target Now?

    XRP has been hovering within a price range over the past few days. Over the last 24 hours, the coin attempted to move slightly on the upside. The market movers also noted slight uptick on their charts after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 75-basis points. Technical outlook for XRP continues to paint bearish picture for the coin. The altcoin could soon attempt to move near its next support zone. Price of XRP has just managed to remain above the $0.30 mark. Immediate fall will push the coin to trade near the $0.24 price level. Sellers are still in panic mode as the asset continues to hover near the extreme selling zone on the chart. Bulls have tired out as choppiness has taken over the market, XRP over the last two days flashed an increase in buying strength but as the coin fell in value again, sellers have taken over. The global cryptocurrency market cap today is at $941 Billion with a fall of 0.5% in the last 24 hours. XRP Price Analysis: One Day Chart XRP was priced at $0.31 on the one day chart | Source: XRPUSD on TradingView The altcoin was at $0.31 at the time of writing. It seems to have found its support at the $0.24 price level. After consolidating between $0.40 and $0.30 levels respectively, its looks as though further downside could be on the charts. Overhead resistance could be pointed at $0.38 as the coin has struggled to move past that aforementioned level lately. In the last week itself, XRP slumped by 22%. At the moment, the altcoin has f... read More

ANALYSIS Analyzing probability of XRP breaking out of current congestion...

    XRP witnessed a repeat show after the $0.86-resistance rejected its rally for the second time in three months. As a result, the buyers found it challenging to keep the price afloat above the Point of Control (POC, red). Keeping a cynical outlook, a sustained close below the immediate support could propel the alt to test the $0.69-mark before conforming to any trend. At press time, XRP was trading at $0.7044, down by 0.85% in the last 23 hours. XRP Daily Chart Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT Since mid-November, the sixth largest crypto in terms of the market cap has shed nearly 47.48% of its value after slipping below some key price points. Consequently, it hit its 11-month support at the $0.6-level on 22 January. Since then, it saw a 68.4% growth until it approached the $0.86 ceiling on 28 March. Over the last three months, the immediate trendline support (white, dashed) has offered strong support for the buyers to swoop in and stall the sell-offs. With the EMA ribbons taking a bearish flip on the Daily timeframe, XRP’s most recent bull rally ceased at 55 EMA, near its trendline resistance (green, dashed). Assuming the buyers re-enter at the current support level, any recovery will likely halt near its EMA ribbons at the $0.75-mark. Should the fear sentiment in the market worsen, a fall toward the lower band of the Bollinger Bands (BB) before a buying push towards the $0.75-level seemed plausible. Rationale Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT The RSI depicted weak obs... read More

XRP: Which way to move? Investors may consider these options

    XRP finally saw a bearish crossover of the 20 EMA with the 50 EMA on its daily chart as the alt finds renewed selling pressure. Since breaking out of its long-term down-channel (white) in February, the Point of Control (POC, red) saw a fierce clash between the buyers and sellers.  While the $0.7 two-month support stood sturdy, the 20 EMA positioned itself to stall a possible recovery in the short term. At press time, XRP traded at $0.7051. XRP Daily Chart Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT In its descent from November highs, XRP fell below some vital supports (now resistances) and hit its 11-month support at the $0.6-level on 22 January. Since then, it saw a 68.4% growth until the end of March. Over the last three months, the immediate trendline support (white, dashed) has offered strong support for the buyers until the sellers flipped it to resistance on 5 April. To top it up, the EMA ribbons undertook a bearish flip as the 20 EMA looked south. Historically, a 20/50EMA bearish crossover has resulted in the price struggling to break the shackles of its immediate resistance. But since the price traded near the lower band of the Bollinger Bands (BB), it could see a slight recovery in the coming days that could find a hurdle at the $0.75-$77 range. A fall from this range could lead to a retest of the $0.7-level. A fall below the $0.7-mark, however, would be detrimental to the long-term bullish recovery hopes. Rationale Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT Over the last two da... read More

How XRP's next 'test' will set it up for the next week

    After its latest bullish rally, XRP broke out of its down-channel (yellow) and entered the $0.75 to $0.82 range. However, it still stayed below its 200 EMA (yellow), maintaining its long-term view as a downtrend. As the month-long supply zone stands firm, XRP will eye a test of its trendline support near the 20 EMA (red) and continue its squeeze phase before a possible breakout. At press time, XRP was trading at $0.806, down by 1.31%in the last 24 hours. XRP daily chart Source: TradingView, XRP/USDT Since reversing from the $1.3-level, XRP fell within a three-month-long down-channel (white) until breaking out from it in early February. As it fell below some critical supports (now resistances), the alt hit its 11-month support at the $0.6-level. Since then, it has registered a 55.08% ROI between 3 and 8 February as it formed a bullish flag and broke out of its down-channel (white). Over the last three months, the immediate trendline support (white, dashed) has offered strong support for the buyers. Thus, enabling the recovery of its 20 EMA above the 50 EMA (cyan). Now, with the bears keen on rejecting higher prices above the $0.82-mark for the last month, XRP could see a near-term drop towards the $0.77-level. Following the same, while the 20 EMA kept rising above the 50 EMA, the bulls would most likely take over and propel another rally towards its 200 EMA. On the flip side, any gradual fall below its 20/50 EMA would open up chances for a patterned breakdown. Rationale... read More

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