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ADS Price:
$2.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$15.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ADS today is $0.41 USD.

The lowest ADS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.406, and the current live price for one ADS coin is $0.40649.

The all-time high ADS coin price was $5.73.

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The code for Adshares crypto currency is #ADS.

Adshares is 5.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Adshares is $15,751,678.

Adshares is ranked #640 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small volume of trading today on #ADS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Adshares is $2,605.


The circulating supply of ADS is 38,750,626 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


ADS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the ADS Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


ADS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ADS, and you can view them on our ADS disambiguation page.



ADSHARES — The Grand Relaunch. The Metaverse advertising standard gets a new look.

ADSHARES — The Grand Relaunch. The Metaverse advertising standard gets a new look. - Adshares Rebranding. The new look of web advertising protocol. — Adshares (ADS) redefines its communication. - What was meant to be a slight retouch of the existing identity — ended up being a complete redesign and relaunch of the brand. It started with changing the brand’s positioning. Since its ICO in 2017, Adshares became a top player in the crypto space. The company reached the top 300 and became a leader in Metaverse programmatic advertising with the largest automated network in Decentraland. It has a significant following among crypto investors, traders and experts. However, for the company’s desired clients, “crypto”, “web3” and “metaverse” are still new and confusing concepts. To reach a much wider audience of ad tech and media professionals — and to be able to advertise at all — the company decided to go from being “a crypto project” to a “blockchain infrastructure for advertising”. This change is reflected in the new website design — brave, even revolutionary, and totally different from the majority of “crypto” websites. It aims to show the infinite scalability of the Adshares protocol — which extends from Metaverse worlds, through websites, games, and mobile apps, to digital out-of-home and point-of-sale screens. “We are the standard for all digital advertisi...

Adshares partners up with MetaGameHub to facilitate the advertising experience in the metaverse!

MetaGameHub to facilitate the advertising experience in Decentraland Improving advertising services with MGH The new partnership with MetaGameHub will bring remarkable progress in the development of advertising targeting in Decentraland. Adshares will use a database and algorithms from MGH to estimate the value of parcels. Through MetaGameHUB’s API, Adshares will show parcels' “score” based on a variety of data such as land price. Advertisers, based on the data, will be able to target their ad campaigns directly on the needed parcels and enhance the efficiency of the campaign. Eventually, the so-named “Heatmap” will emerge where the users could see the value of every parcel integrated with Adshares protocol in real-time. Having such map companies could narrow the targeting group by the value of the land. For instance, using the map the advertisers can see the most valuable lands, meaning that these lands have solid traffic and it’s worth targeting. The realization of the partnership is in work-in-progress, stay up to date to not miss the launch. More about MetaGameHub Twitter: Web: Discord: Adshares partners up with MetaGameHub to facilitate the advertising experience in the metaverse! was originally published in Adshares on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Adshares and Alaska fuel the Gold Rush! New metaverse integration.

Alaska Gold Rush partners up with Adshares By the end of August, we are completing the 7th metaverse, which will be integrated with the Adshares protocol (the protocol already works in two metaverse — Decentraland and CryptoVoxels). The partnership with the upcoming VR/NFT gaming metaverse Alaska Gold Rush will bring to its users new monetization opportunities of their NFT land. The gamers come out as the publishers and receive the revenue for ads display. On the level of being an advertiser, Alaska Gold Rush will also bring awareness and strengthen the positions of its project across other gaming communities and metaverse projects. This is the role model of how Adshares protocol can be integrated to the gaming metaverse at the developing stage, so the users will have the full advertising and monetization options right at the big launch. About Alaska Gold Rush Alaska Gold Rush is an ecosystem that empowers players to earn in-game tokens and NFTs while enjoying the game. Players can enhance equipment, fight other players, collect gold, and work to survive the harsh lands of Alaska. Gamers can improve elements of their gaming experience or sell/trade on the open market the items they earn in-game and within the metaverse. 🟣Join the Discord community to learn more: Adshares and Alaska fuel the Gold Rush! New metaverse integration. was originally published in Adshares on Medium, where people are continuing ...

Adshares acquires virtual land in The Sandbox to explore a path forward for creators to monetize…

Adshares acquires virtual land in The Sandbox to explore a path forward for creators to monetize NFTs - Adshares (ADS) is putting another stake in the Metaverse territory through a step into The Sandbox (SAND), which was long-awaited by the Adshares community. This move will enable Adshares to be present in The Sandbox space. Already, at this early stage of development, The Sandbox is attracting the attention of the world’s largest corporations by building its brand in the metaverse and crypto space. Adshares intends to build its interactive headquarters in TSB world, thus providing a gamified experience for its community and more. In the land, it will be possible to check how the Adshares Protocol works and enriches the utilities of metaverses, enabling the monetization of lands and spaces in a fully web3 programmatic manner. By this undertaking, Adshares aims to take an active part in the development of the entire The Sandbox ecosystem. Currently, the company is in advanced talks with creators who will help build experience in the land. The Adshares team has purchased land and plans to build its headquarters in The Sandbox. At the same time, they are looking forward to the start of the new TSB Alpha season. Adshares will make every effort to take part in the development of this metaverse as a market-leading one. Adshares acquires virtual land in The Sandbox to explore a path forward for creators to monetize… was origi...

10+4 ways to make your metaverse land work for you

Bearish market for investors — but there may be a bright future for creators.. — Digitial space monetization with the Adshares protocol — The help you need may be found in an unexpected place. — If you type “How to make money in Decentraland” in Google — the phrase yields 4,300,000 results in split second. Unsurprisingly — the vast majority of them repeat exactly the same. That’s because the Internet doesn’t want to help you. But we do — so we’ve combined everything everyone said on the topic into a 9-point list below. But we’ve added something we haven’t found in any of the other links. It’s “Making passive income from advertising spaces”, using a blockchain-based ad exchange protocol like Adshares. — Making money in Decentraland — in VUCA times. — With $MANA showing a steady decline over the past couple of weeks and a generally bearish market — many of you may be wondering “Was it worth the investment?” This FUD is further fuelled by the general sentiment on cryptocurrency and metaverse markets. NFT markets are showing the first signs of brutal awakening — especially for the likes of Sina Estavi, who paid $2,9m for the NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet ever, just to be offered a mere $6,800 in a recent auction. Put these two together, and investors who bought land have a pretty good reason to feel a bit trapped and may be as...

Adshares and Cyber Live partnership enhances the music industry in the metaverse

Adtech solutions in the music metaverse In a new partnership with an emerging project Cyber Live, we are going to enhance user experience in the metaverse for interactive music concerts. The Adshares protocol will play a key role in the advertising and marketing of the new music platform, bringing promotional solutions for artists, as well as earning opportunities for landowners and event producers in the Cyber Live Metaverse. — How our protocol finds its utility in music metaverse. — Our new metaverse partner is building its own interactive platform for music events, the ecosystem of which will consist of three interconnected components: Cybercast, Marketplace, and Metaverse — all three will incorporate the Adshares protocol. Advertisers will be able to access a huge audience of music lovers during live virtual concerts. Producers of these virtual music events and streams, as well as virtual landowners, will be able to monetize their space as publishers. Ultimately, this partnership will attract and create a special kind of advertiser and publisher in Cyber Live focused on the music industry. The first component that will be released as early as Q3 2022 will be the streaming platform Cyber Live Broadcast, known as CyberCast. Here, users will be able to watch and engage in concerts through a multi-view streaming experience — interacting with artists from different perspectives. Ads will be displayed fro...

Roadmap update: completions to the right, achievements to the left

Adshares Q1 review With the third month of 2022 right around the corner — it might be a good time to have a look at how we’re getting along compared to our plan. — Video, 3D ad formats. — As announced — our protocol is now capable of carrying and displaying static and moving images as well as HTML, MP4 or 3D (.vox files for Cryptovoxels for the time being). While the CV integration already working — the DCL needs a bit more tests to be completed. With the addition of precise metaverse targeting (the ad server user may choose a specific parcel to display their ad) — this opens an era of customized branded 3D experiences. — More metaverses integrations and partnerships. — Decentraland (MANA), Cryptovoxels integrations — completed stage two integration of the ad protocol with lands. PolkaCity (POLC) — as already announced — we’ve completed talks with the management to implement Adshares as the “rail works” for advertising exchange and monetization of citizen’s lands. — One-click server login. — As you may have read recently — our ad servers already provide the possibility to open an ad server account with one login. One can open an account using the native ADS wallet as well as the MetaMask wallet on BSC. ADS wallet is available for the most popular browsers - Chrome and Mozilla. — New partnerships, expanding our professional...

Another step towards maximizing ad effectiveness in web3: advertising exposure and views count

Accurate Advertisement in Metaverse There are two things working against advertising effectiveness: not seeing the ad or seeing it too many times. New additions to Adshares protocol are aiming to help advertisers and publishers navigate these straits. — Limitation per parcel. — Once you own a space in the metaverse and want to monetize it with advertising — it’s easy to fall into the trap of linear relation thinking of “the more ads I put up — the more money I’ll make”. This may be true — but only for a number between 1 and 3 per wall. Above that number, we may be getting adverse effects, as viewers’ attention is getting divided across more stimuli (thus, logically, not processing them enough). It’s physically impossible for consumers/users to process the visual chaos. Limiting the number of placements on the outside helps us avoid the ad clutter which works against ad effectiveness. Thus, we would recommend not putting too many outside-facing billboards in order to avoid overloading passersby with too much advertising. However — when the interior is considered — gallery owners might want to place more promotional posters inside their galleries. Therefore — as far as “20 per parcel” seem a lot on the outside — it seems much less when you think “4 ads outside plus 4 per level”.This is of course subject to further optimization. — Views calculati...

Adshares Cryptovoxels integration 2.0 — “same same but different”

Adshares Cryptovoxels integration 2.0 — “same same but different” - Adshares x Cryptovoxels integration update — Adshares ($ADS) just improved the Cryptovoxels Builder. — To the point of “nothing in the Metaverse is ever finished”, Adshares Product Team has just completed what can be called “Cryptovoxels integration 2.0”. In the first version — the system was ready for those ready to use it. Placing ads and monetization of space was practically possible — yet just a bit more demanding. Now, we are introducing a package that makes placing and integrating ads with Adshares more straightforward and intuitive. Let’s have a closer look at what this integration means. — Metaverse monetization. — There’s a lot of talk about trading — NFT’s, coins, land. Passive monetization is much desired, and many landowners think of monetizing their space from day one. This is a solution well worth considering — especially for those who invested in high-traffic Parcels. It doesn’t take much — all it takes is placing an object capable of pulling creative from ad adserver.And this just became as easy as Copy & Paste. — “How is that any different from what I’m doing?”. — If you’ve ever created or built anything in Cryptovoxels — you know exactly how straightforward it is to insert an image or a video into your Scene. It’s just as easy to...

Adshares & cookie3 announces: First of its kind Targeted Advertising in the Metaverse

Adshares protocol and blockchain analytic platform cookie3 has announced the Strategic Partnership aiming to create convenient marketing tools with accurate targeting and audience segmentation across the Metaverse.. — The integration of cookie3 analytics platform solutions with our protocol focuses on providing accurate tools for the marketing purposes of companies that want to reach their potential customers in the metaverse. The first joint implementation will enable ads targeting in Decentraland. This will allow advertisers to target their campaigns even more precisely. In the near future, a configuration panel will be introduced that will allow the user to select the specific land on which the ad should be displayed. In nearby future will also add interest categories for audiences. These solutions will make campaigns much more effective. — Metaverse behavioral analytics by cookie3. — However, one question remains open — diversification of targeting audience. How exactly to convey the well-known analyzing targeting methods similar to Google algorithms from web2 to web3 realm? Representing the virtual world as interconnected items based on blockchain, the Cookie3 team skillfully utilized for their data engine one of the central elements in the metaverse — that is, NFTs. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to process the aggregated information from NFTs, tokens and smart contract...


Telegram Implements Toncoin Payment Integration For Ads, TON Price Sees ...

    Telegram, the renowned messaging platform, recently unveiled a new feature that allows users to promote their channels through advertising. With the launch of this feature, users can now purchase ad space using Toncoins (TON), the native cryptocurrency powered by the TON blockchain. Telegram Implements TON Blockchain For Ad Payments Acknowledging the potential for channel owners to generate advertising revenue, Telegram's announcement highlighted that channels collectively accumulate over 1 trillion views each month.  Realizing this opportunity, Telegram has implemented a revenue-sharing model, enabling channel owners with a minimum of 1000 subscribers to receive 50% of the ad revenue generated from ads displayed on their channels. The decision to integrate the TON blockchain into this feature was driven by various reasons, as noted in the social media platform's announcement on Sunday: We chose the TON Blockchain because it has low fees, high transaction speeds – and holds a record for the number of transactions it can process per second. Anyone can now promote their bot or channel – with budgets as low as a handful of Toncoins. When creating a Telegram ad, you choose the exact channels where you'd like it to appear, so you have full control over their context. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov had previously emphasized the importance of fast and secure ad payments and withdrawals, expressing that the TON blockchain would be the exclusive platform for these transact... read More

A Look at The Best Bitcoin ETF Ads so Far

    With Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETF approvals seemingly just days away, applicants are racing to seize investor attention – and cash – ahead of their competitors upon launch. From VanEck to HashDex to Bitwise, here are the commercials being pushed by billion-dollar asset managers to encourage hungry customers to buy Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Ad Campaign One of the first, most notable commercials came from Bitwise last month when it hired Jonathan Goldsmith to spice up its campaign. Goldsmith starred in a renowned advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer starting in 2006 and is most famously known as “the most interesting man in the world.” “You know what’s interesting these days? Bitcoin,” he told viewers of Bitwise’s commercial. “Look for Bitwise, my friends.” In a later commercial, Goldsmith tells viewers that “Satoshi sends his regards,” referring to Bitcoin’s anonymous creator who disappeared from internet discussions over a decade ago. Bitwise has since pumped out a long list of “most interesting man memes” related to Bitcoin, miners, and private keys. #bitcoinisinteresting — Bitwise (@BitwiseInvest) December 19, 2023 HashDex has run several commercials appealing to crypto’s appeal as next-generation technology. Their ads feature decades-old interview footage of people discussing their criticisms of computer and payment tech, which ... read More

MS Wallet Drainer Has Siphoned Over $58 Million Using Google and X Phish...

    A recent report from Scam Sniffer, an anti-scam solution, revealed that MS Wallet Drainer, a cryptocurrency malware tool, has managed to siphon over $58 million in crypto since March. The drainer uses Google search and X ads phishing links as a distribution vector and has affected over 63,000 victims as of December 21. MS Drainer Allows Criminals to Siphon Over $58 Million A recent report from Scam Sniffer, an anti-scam platform used by several Web3 wallets, has revealed that a certain malware type has managed to siphon over $58 million from cryptocurrency holders. The tool, called MS Wallet Drainer, attacks the cryptocurrency wallets (Ethereum, BNB, and other EVM chains and rollups) of victims using Google and X ads to infect their devices and drain them of any available funds and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The malware is distributed using the search results of Google searches for popular cryptocurrency sites and decentralized finance exchanges, such as Zapper, Lido, Stargate, Defillama, Orbiter Finance, and Radiant. The same malware was also detected in a series of Ordinals-related X ads, and a recent sampling of X ads on some feeds resulted in more than 60% of the ads leading to sites using the MS Drainer. The report highlights that these ads use several techniques to obfuscate their purposes and pass advertising audits. For example, they only target certain regions and use redirection to bypass revisions. One of the victims lost over $24 mi... read More

Meta Apologizes to Qatari Billionaire Over Scam Crypto Ads on Facebook: ...

    According to a Financial Times report, Meta, the American social media conglomerate, has publicly apologized to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, committing to enhanced protective measures on its platform following a prolonged legal battle. The apology comes after Al Mana's image was wrongfully used in cryptocurrency scam advertisements on Facebook. Wissam Al Mana Wins Legal Battle Against Meta Wissam Al Mana, a prominent businessman in the Middle East and ex-husband of celebrity Janet Jackson, found himself at the center of deceptive crypto scheme promotions in 2019. These ads aimed to entice users in the Middle East to invest in dubious cryptocurrency ventures. After enduring three years of legal proceedings in Dublin courts, Al Mana sought redress for the reputational damage, distress, and embarrassment caused by these unauthorized advertisements. Meta acknowledged the publication of 'false, misleading, and defamatory advertisements' on its platform by malicious third parties using Al Mana's image without consent. The company expressed deep regret over the incident in a statement stating: 'Meta accepts and regrets that the publication of these fake advertisements by malicious third parties has caused Mr. Al Mana reputational harm, distress, and embarrassment. Meta apologizes sincerely and unreservedly to Mr. Al Mana for this.' Meta Pledges Tighter Ad Controls Following Incident The use of high-profile individuals in fraudulent crypto ads has been an ongoing issue on socia... read More

Spanish Securities Regulator Hints at Probing X for Hosting Crypto Ads F...

    The Spanish securities regulator has recently hinted at investigating and sanctioning X (formerly known as Twitter) for allowing unlicensed providers to post crypto ads. According to Spanish law, social networks and other service providers must verify that ad campaigns come from authorized financial service providers. Spanish Securities Regulator Hints at Taking Actions Against X The Spanish securities regulator, the National Stock Market Commission (CNMV), hinted at taking action against X, formerly known as Twitter, for allowing unauthorized financial services providers to run crypto ads on its platform. Rodrigo Valbuena, president of the CNMV, stated that the institution had recently detected several ads on X's platform that did not comply with the current crypto advertisement regulation. At the Deloitte-ABC financial meeting, Valbuena described these ads, explaining that: The advertising pieces illicitly use the image of some Spanish actors and impersonate the design and identity of a national media outlet to try to obtain data and money from investors. Furthermore, Valbuena stressed that it was one of the clearest fraud attempts out there, saying that it was 'difficult' to admit these ads could be spread as 'regular, moral or legal' by any channel. Spain's Crypto Regulation and Social Networks The Spanish regulation for stock markets includes an article that forces communications service providers and social platforms, such as ISPs and social networks, to ta... read More

UK FCA Gives Crypto Firms More Time to Implement Some Tough Ads Rules: R...

    The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said it will extend the deadline for crypto firms to implement the strict marketing rules created to protect consumers. According to an official release, the core rules will still come into effect from October 8, 2023, while measures that require greater technical development, like the 24-hour cooling-off period, can be implemented from January 8, 2024. FCA Extends Deadline for New Crypto Rules The FCA has labeled cryptocurrencies as high-risk investments and warned people to be prepared to lose all their money if they purchase such assets. The regulator has instructed that crypto marketing materials must be clear and labeled with risk warnings to protect UK investors. An authorized firm must approve all public promotions, and they must not be misleading and inappropriately incentivizing people to invest. The rules apply to all global firms and are aimed at strengthening consumer protection from crypto asset risks. Crypto companies that fail to implement the rules after the October 8 deadline and continue to promote digital assets to UK users will be punished with an unlimited fine or up to two years imprisonment. Lucy Castledine, Director of Consumer Investments, said: 'From this October, crypto firms must market to UK consumers clearly, fairly, and honestly. And they must provide risk warnings people understand. As a proportionate regulator, we're giving firms that apply a little more time to get the other reforms requiri... read More

DeFi Experts Warn Over Latest Google Ads Crypto Scam

    Google appears to be taking money from fraudsters and facilitating crypto scams. These are the findings from DeFiLlama researcher “0xngmi,” who reported that scammers are buying ads for proper crypto websites on Google, but... When users click on them, “they get sent to an ad network to track the click, but that network redirects to a scam site instead!” There's a new crypto scam on google Scammers will buy an ad for a proper crypto website on google, with the proper URL Then when users click on it they get sent to an ad network ( to track the click, but that network redirects to a scam site instead! — 0xngmi (@0xngmi) August 23, 2023 DeFiLlama Domain Redirect They said it was happening with the domain name, which was being redirected to a scam domain. “By using ad networks that are either malicious or compromised, they can switch the URLs,” they added. “We've already reported the ad and the ad network to Google multiple times over multiple days, but Google has failed to take any action,” said the researcher. However, when CryptoPotato tried to replicate the issue, the genuine website came up, so Google may have removed the offending ad. ‘ChainLinkGod’ said the search giant should be held accountable: “Blows my mind how Google is not held liable for this given they profit every time an phishing link ad is clicked, they have zero incentive ... read More

Crypto Ads in Belgium to Feature 'Punchy Warning' of Risks, New Rules Im...

    The financial regulatory body of Belgium has been tasked by the government to regulate advertisements for cryptocurrencies. New rules, set to enter into force in May, oblige advertisers to clearly warn investors of the risks associated with the digital assets. Belgium Poised to Protect Consumers From Misleading Crypto Advertisements Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has been granted powers to strictly regulate crypto-themed advertising. The new rules, which will be applied in less than two months, are meant to ensure that the risks linked to virtual currencies are “sufficiently prominent” in such advertisements, the regulator said in an announcement on Monday. A respective regulation issued by the FSMA, which will supervise compliance, has been published in the Belgian Official Gazette on March 17 and will enter into force on May 17, 2023. It prescribes that crypto-related ads must be accurate and not misleading while pointing out the risks. It also requires that the FSMA is notified in advance about mass media campaigns, those disseminating advertisements to at least 25,000 consumers. The prior notification would allow the regulatory body to intervene before the start of such campaigns if it deems it necessary to do so. “Advertisements may not emphasize the potential advantages without also providing an accurate indication of the risks, limitations or conditions. Nor may advertisements contain any statements about the future va... read More

New South African Code Says Crypto Asset Ads Must Include Capital Loss W...

    Crypto asset service providers in South Africa seeking to attract investors via advertisements must 'expressly and clearly state that investing in crypto assets may result in the loss of capital.' Influencers working on behalf of crypto asset service providers must 'not offer advice on trading or investing in crypto assets and may not promise benefits or returns.'New Code the Result of Collaborative Effort Between ARB and Crypto Entities According to the latest code of practice released by South Africa’s Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB), crypto-related advertisements must clearly warn the public that investing in digital assets 'may result in the loss of capital.' Furthermore, ARB's latest code states that the overall wording of such adverts should not contradict this warning. The new crypto asset advertising guidelines, which are reportedly the result of the collaborative effort between ARB and South African crypto exchanges, are seemingly intended to preclude scammers from targeting their victims via regulated media platforms. Commenting on the inclusion of crypto assets in the latest advertising code, Gail Schimmel, the CEO at ARB, reportedly said: This is a wonderful example of an industry that sees the harm that could be done in its name and steps up to self-regulate the issues without being forced to do so by [the] government. This has been an exciting project and we know that it will result in better protection for vulnerable consumers. Meanwhile, in addition t... read More

Amendments to Russia's Digital Asset Law Aim to Allow Mining, Ban Crypto...

    Russian lawmakers have proposed changes to the current law “On Digital Financial Assets” in order to regulate crypto mining while banning the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. The legislation also prohibits the non-targeted advertising of crypto-related products and services.New Attempt to Legalize Cryptocurrency Mining in Russia After months of deliberations, efforts continue in Moscow to establish a more comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The latest initiative in that direction comes from a group of high-profile deputies from the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, including the head of the Financial Market Committee, Anatoly Aksakov. The lawmakers have filed a bill amending the law “On Digital Financial Assets,” in force since January of 2021. The draft is meant to regulate the extraction of cryptocurrencies as well as the taxation of the generated income. It permits the sale of the minted coins “without using Russian information infrastructure” or through authorized entities operating “within experimental legal regimes.” The document introduces a detailed definition of crypto mining which makes reference to the use of computing equipment and distributed ledger technology. It also describes mining pools and obliges miners to share information with the state in accordance with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation. Under the proposed provisions, crypto mining activities will b... read More

MC XYZ Presents One of the Most Useful Crypto Tools Free to Use with No ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Athens, Greece, 31st October 2022] MC XYZ has recently presented its plan to become the number one comparison solution in the crypto sector. The company believes that providing an easy way to compare different cryptos will help investors make sound investment decisions. MC XYZ also plans to offer a new way to convert cryptocurrencies. The team is sure that the functionality will make it easier for people to use and trade digital currencies. The Importance of Comparing Crypto Tokens Investors need to be able to compare different cryptocurrencies to find the best investment opportunities. However, there are currently few comparison solutions available. This is why MC XYZ believes it can fill this gap in the market. This feature is fairly straightforward: users must select the coins they wish to compare in the list available on MC XYZ. At this point, the website will show the difference between the market capitalizations of the selected tokens. This was the first feature included in the portal. The team is aware that comparing is one of the most important aspects to consider when investing in digital assets. Comparing the market capitalizations of various coins is essential to clearly understand their value. A New Way to Convert Cryptocurrencies The team has unveiled its converter functionality among the free-to-use tools that MC XYZ features. This allows users to quickly and easily convert any cryptocurrency into another. The converter is available for all majo... read More

Google Links Bear Market-Induced Decline in Crypto Ads to its Missed Ear...

    Google's parent company, Alphabet, experienced a decline in revenue in part due to reduced spending in cryptocurrency advertising as a result of the ongoing bear market. A slowdown in crypto ads is yet another contraction in the digital asset space brought on by the year-long bear market. Crypto Winter Contributed to Google's Missed Earnings The third-quarter 2022 financial results published on Tuesday (October 25, 2022) showed that while Google's advertising revenue was $54.4 billion, compared to $53.1 billion in 2021, YouTube ads fell to $7.07 billion from $7.20 billion the previous year. Revenue ad growth slumped to 6%, compared to 41% recorded in 2021, the lowest ever since 2013, as noted by CNBC. According to Philip Schindler, Google's chief business officer, a reduction in crypto ad spending was partly responsible for the company's Q3 2022 performance. 'In the third quarter, we did see a pullback in spend by some advertisers in certain areas in search. For example in financial services, we saw a pullback in the insurance, loan, mortgage, and crypto subcategories.' Meanwhile, Google's statement that a crypto advert lull contributed to a shortfall in revenue is perhaps a testament to the increase in prominence of the industry. This is considering the fact that Google once banned cryptocurrency-related adverts in 2018. In June 2021, the search engine giant lifted the ban, which took effect in August of the same year. The latest development comes shortly after Google part... read More

Crypto Ads in Thailand Must Feature Clear Investment Warnings, New Regul...

    Thailand has introduced tighter rules that will oblige crypto companies to duly inform potential customers of the investment risks on their advertisements. The new regulations also prohibit businesses in the industry from making misleading or exaggerated claims. Securities Watchdog Adopts Stricter Advertising Rules for Crypto Platforms in Thailand Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved new requirements for crypto ads, Bloomberg and Reuters reported quoting the regulator. According to a statement released on Thursday, the changes come after the SEC found that some advertisements lacked any warnings about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies or featured only positive information. Crypto firms in Thailand will now be obliged to clearly indicate the relevant risks for investors in their ads and the warnings must be easy to notice. They should present balanced views of the expected returns and mention both positive and negative factors. The advertisements must not feature misleading, exaggerated or false claims. Thai crypto businesses, which have been advertising heavily through digital media and billboards, must now limit the promotion to official channels such as their own websites. They will also have to provide regulators with information about the advertising terms. The securities watchdog explained in the announcement: Operators must give details of ads and spending, including the use of influencers and bloggers to the SEC, including terms and... read More

Adshares Establishes Premium Partnership With Sandbox

    PRESS RELEASE. Adshares (ADS) is putting another stake in Metaverse's advertising territory through a partnership with Sandbox (SAND). The long-awaited partnership by the Adshares community has finally come to a head. The official partnership will bring the two projects closer, in order to jointly devise a clear and transparent path for the development of Adshares in the Sandbox space. Already, at this early stage of development, Sandbox is attracting the attention of the world's largest corporations by building its brand in the metaverse and crypto space. The partnership can help automate the process of establishing relationships with companies inside the world presented by Sandbox. As mentioned earlier, this is the first step of a collaboration that, over time and agreements, will bring many benefits to companies, players and both ecosystems. Adshares intends to build its interactive headquarters in the Sandbox world, thus providing a gamified experience for its community and more. In the land, it will be possible to check how the Adshares Protocol works in both Sandbox and other metaverses, and how Adshares enriches the utilities of many metaverses, enabling the monetization of lands and spaces in a fully web3 programmatic manner. As part of the partnership, Adshares intends to take an active part in the development of the entire Sandbox ecosystem. It is another step on the way to becoming a standard web3 advertising protocol. Currently, the company is in advanced talks wi... read More

Meta Brings Metaverse-Like 3D Ads to Facebook and Instagram

    Meta is bringing interactive 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram feeds, inspired by the metaverse pivot the company has begun to execute since its name change. This is possible due to a new integration in Meta's AR (Augmented Reality) publishing library with a development from a company called Vntana. Vntana Integrates 3D Ads in Meta's Apps Publishers will now be able to include 3D models in their ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, that belong to Meta. This innovation will allow any publisher to include these metaverse-inspired ads in the feeds the platforms, with users being able to interact with the objects. The innovation was presented by a company called Vntana, which acts as a service provider so other companies can include their 3D assets in social feeds. According to a press release issued by the company, Vntana has exclusive access to Meta's AR API to integrate their services to be able to achieve this goal. 'Just like regular ads, 3D ads appear in users' Facebook and Instagram feeds displaying interactive 3D models that users can tap and interact with – moving the product around to view all angles,' the release details. Metaverse Monetization This innovation might be part of the first monetization strategies that include metaverse-like elements in Meta-owned platforms. On this, Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of Vntana, stated: 3D and AR technology in online ads is the next frontier for brands looking to con... read More

UK Regulator Issues Crypto Ads Notice to 50 Firms — Says 'Th...

    The U.K.'s advertising authority has sent an enforcement notice to more than 50 companies that advertise cryptocurrencies. 'We will monitor for compliance and implement sanctions if we do not see improvements,' said the regulator. British Advertising Regulator's 'Red Alert' Priority Issue The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the country's regulator of advertising, announced Tuesday: We have issued an enforcement notice to over 50 companies which advertise cryptocurrencies, instructing them to review their ads and to ensure they understand and are complying with the rules so that consumers are treated fairly. 'The enforcement notice provides guidance to the crypto industry on how to stick to the rules and warns that we will monitor for compliance and implement sanctions if we do not see improvements,' the ASA added. 'The notice applies to ads for cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and ads or promotions which otherwise involve the transfer, sale or supply of cryptocurrencies, targeted at UK consumers or that are targeted globally on behalf of UK-based advertisers,' the watchdog detailed. The ASA explained that advertisers must clearly state that cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the U.K. and the value of crypto investments could go down. In addition, they must not state or imply that crypto investment decisions are 'trivial, simple, easy or suitable for anyone.' Ads must also not imply a sense of urgency to buy or create a fear of missing out (FOMO), or imply that ... read More

Facebook Owner Meta Sued for Publishing Scam Crypto Ads by Australian Re...

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed a lawsuit against Meta, formerly Facebook, for 'publishing scam advertisements featuring prominent Australian public figures.' The regulator said, 'The essence of our case is that Meta is responsible for these ads that it publishes on its platform.' Meta Sued for Publishing Cryptocurrency Scam Ads The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced Friday that it has taken legal action against Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook) and Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. Australia's competition regulator alleges that the companies 'engaged in false, misleading or deceptive conduct by publishing scam advertisements featuring prominent Australian public figures' on Facebook. The ACCC alleges Meta's conduct 'was in breach of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act (ASIC Act).' In addition, the regulator noted: It is also alleged that Meta aided and abetted or was knowingly concerned in false or misleading conduct and representations by the advertisers. The ACCC explained that the ads 'promoted investment in cryptocurrency or money-making schemes.' They featured well-known people, such as 'businessman Dick Smith, TV presenter David Koch and former NSW Premier Mike Baird,' the ACCC noted, adding that Facebook users were led to believe these scams were genuinely associated with these celebrities. ACCC Chair Rod Sims said: The essence of our case is that Meta is... read More

Adshares and cookie3 Announces: First of Its Kind Targeted Advertising i...

    PRESS RELEASE. Adshares protocol and blockchain analytic platform cookie3 has announced the Strategic Partnership aiming to create convenient marketing tools with accurate targeting and audience segmentation across the metaverse. The integration of cookie3's analytics platform solutions with the Adshares protocol focuses on providing accurate tools for the marketing purposes of companies that want to reach their potential customers in the metaverse. The first joint implementation will enable ad targeting in Decentraland, allowing advertisers to target their campaigns even more precisely. Soon, a configuration panel will be introduced that will enable the user to select the specific land on which the ad should be displayed. Adshares will also add interest categories for audiences. These solutions will make campaigns much more effective. Metaverse behavioural analytics by cookie3 However, one question remains open – diversification of targeting audience. How exactly to convey the well-known analyzing targeting methods similar to Google algorithms from web2 to web3 realm? Representing the virtual world as interconnected items based on blockchain, the Cookie3 team skillfully utilized one of the central elements in the metaverse for their data engine – that is, NFTs. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to process the aggregated information from NFTs, tokens and smart contracts, interpreting the data, will empower cookie3 to understand individual user... read More

It's Time to Build: Adshares Reveals Exciting New Road Map After S...

    As one of the most trusted and best evaluated crypto advertising projects – Adshares is doing their best to keep their word. The 2021 road map has been completed as promised. Now it’s time to charter a new map – especially that a part of this year’s plans are already completed. Moving pictures In the first quarter of 2022, Adshares have already seen changes in terms of both the protocol and brand communication. The Adshares protocol now enables buying and placing video advertisements across the Web and metaverses. Advertisers can upload and distribute .mp4 files as an addition to present graphic and HTML. The world jumped on the blockchain bandwagon – yet web3 advertising went back to static banners and direct salesmanship. There are even ad networks already in operation across the Virtual Worlds – collecting site owners with advertisers. Yet the majority of ad deals are done personally, directly, and negotiated one by one. Same goes for advertising formats – the users got used to rich media ad formats on portals. Come web3 – and we are back to .GIF and .JPG. So far, the HTML banner based on Adshares protocol gave the opportunity to embed an .mp4 file stored elsewhere. Now – the advertisers may upload mp4 files directly to the ad server. Democratic access Another novelty is the possibility to register and log in via Metamask – which greatly increases access to their system for the largest base of crypto wallet owners... read More

Indian Regulatory Body Issues Guidelines for Crypto and NFT Ads

    The ASCI said that the guidelines will be enforced from April 1, 2022, and advertisers must ensure that their previous ads don’t appear in the public domain without the new disclaimer. Ads Must Have a Disclaimer The local watchdog asked in the guidelines that crypto ads display a disclaimer that these “unregulated” products can be “highly risky” as there can be no regulatory recourse in case of any loss.  “Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.” The ASCI guideline asked crypto businesses to carry this disclaimer prominently in the ads they put out on the media.  The ASCI is a self-regulatory body of the Indian advertising industry. The organization has made it clear that its guidelines shouldn’t be mistaken as “legal recognition or endorsement of the industry or the sector.” Details From the ASCI Guidelines The ASCI noted that advertising of such assets “has been very aggressive over the past few months,” even as the Indian government is trying to come up with a legal framework for this sector. Many of these ads don’t “adequately” reveal the risks associated with these products. There is no mechanism to ensure they don’t “mislead or exploit” the consumers.  “ASCI has extensively consulted with different stakeholders including government and the ... read More

US Senate Banking Chief Criticizes Super Bowl Crypto Ads, Claims '...

    The United States senator from Ohio and Senate Banking Committee chief Sherrod Brown is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. This week during Tuesday's stablecoin hearing, Brown criticized all the cryptocurrency companies who advertised during the Super Bowl this past weekend and stressed that he's 'never seen the Federal Reserve buy a multimillion-dollar commercial for U.S. dollars.'Sherrod Brown Says Super Bowl Crypto Ads Left a Few Things Out For quite some time now the U.S. Senate Banking Committee chief Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has argued that crypto assets 'put Americans' hard-earned money at risk.' In November 2021, Brown sent a letter to stablecoin issuers and crypto trading platforms like Tether, Coinbase, and Gemini and explained that he worries about protecting U.S. investors. 'I have significant concerns with the non-standardized terms applicable to redemption of particular stablecoins,' Brown stressed at the time. During the hearing on Tuesday, dubbed: 'Examining the President's Working Group on Financial Markets Report on Stablecoins,' Brown once again highlighted his concerns about crypto assets. At the hearing, Brown's first remarks were directed at the U.S. central bank and he noted that the Federal Reserve Board of Governors needs 'to bring down prices and put workers first.' After that, Brown said that if his colleagues were truly concerned about inflation, they 'will not slow down this process' of bringing prices down. Then Brown went on to discuss the cryptocurrenc... read More

The Simple Way to Monetize Your Land – Adshares Integration With D...

    PRESS RELEASE. Adshares ($ADS) - the decentralised advertising protocol, has just shared an asset pack for DCL Builder, which enables seamless integration, automated settlement and automatic monetization of ads across Decentraland ($MANA) Metaverse advertising is inevitable Advertising is present in every sphere of life and already appears in metaverses in a very simplified form. Sooner or later it will appear there on a large scale. Moreover, as the virtual world is in a very early stage of development, the events and experiences created for the Metaverse need advertising in order to attract guests — and dto grow. Land owners who invested in Decentraland may be looking for ways to increase their ROI by monetising their parcels with paid advertising. Up-and-coming ad networks who may need to automate their ad placements with a more automated exchange and ad-buying process. Adshares offers intuitive, smart-object based advertising integration A smart object, just published on the company's Github page, allows any DCL parcel owner to easily and intuitively integrate their ad placements with the Adshares protocol. The system will automatically detect a new placement - and serve ads immediately. The whole process takes around 10 minutes and you can see it in the company’s new blog post The profits ('ad shares') are transferred to their native ADS wallet automatically, every hour. This makes $ADS the... read More

Aussie Billionaire Files Criminal Case Against Facebook (Meta) for Runni...

    Fortescue Metals Group Chairman Andrew Forrest has filed a criminal case against Facebook in Australia for its failure to stop scam ads featuring his image. According to the Australian mining billionaire, this is the first time that Facebook is facing a criminal charge anywhere in the world. “I’m doing this on behalf of innocent Australians who don’t have the resources to take on companies like Facebook,” Forrest said in his lawsuit. Following Forrest's criminal suit, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has reportedly started an investigation. “While Dr. Forrest’s proceedings concern similar advertisements to those that the ACCC is investigating, the ACCC’s investigation is separate and concerns different questions of law. Dr. Forrest’s proceedings have been brought under the Commonwealth Criminal Code,” ACCC Chair Rod Sims told The Australian. Forrest's Lawsuit Forrest alleged that fake crypto investment ads on Facebook used his image to claim that the mining billionaire endorsed certain investment schemes, and it resulted in many conned people. According to Forrest's lawyers, Facebook 'knowingly profits from this cycle of illegal ads,' and it amounts to a violation of anti-money laundering laws. They also noted that Forrest had spent thousands of dollars since 2019 when these ads started appearing to dissociate himself from the false claims. In an open letter in November 2019, Forrest asked Mark Zucke... read More

Binance's CZ Explains Why Banning Crypto Ads Won't Affect De...

    Several regulators around the globe have taken a hostile approach around crypto exchanges and crypto-related companies by forbidding them to advertise the industry to the general public. However, Binance's CEO Changpeng Zhao thinks this will not affect the high demand of the market. Curbing Crypto Ads Crypto-related firms have been accused by international regulators of marketing their services with misleading messages that undermine the risk digital assets investments could possess to users. Spain, U.k., and Singapore have banned the advertisement of crypto to different extents. In Singapore alone, crypto exchanges and other licensed companies can only publish ads on their own websites and mobile apps to avoid reaching the general public. The country's ban includes 'any form of advertisements or promotional materials in public areas such as Singapore public transport, public transport venues, broadcast media or periodical publications, third party websites, social media platforms, public events or roadshows.' “MAS stresses that DPT service providers should conduct themselves with the understanding that trading of DPTs is not suitable for the general public. These Guidelines set out MAS’ expectation that DPT service providers should not promote their DPT services to the general public in Singapore.“ Spain requires a pre-approval for any crypto advertisement directed towards an audience of 100,000 or more people and all ads and must include a warning like suc... read More

UK to Tighten Rules on Crypto Ads to Ensure They're Fair, Clear, N...

    The U.K. government has announced plans to impose new rules on cryptocurrency ads to ensure they are fair, clear, and not misleading to consumers. The rules will be enforced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). UK to Impose New Rules on Crypto Ads The U.K. government announced Tuesday plans to impose new rules on cryptocurrency advertisements to 'protect consumers from misleading claims.' The announcement states: New rules will increase consumer protection while encouraging innovation. The U.K. chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, commented: 'Crypto assets can provide exciting new opportunities, offering people new ways to transact and invest – but it's important that consumers are not being sold products with misleading claims.' The new rules will bring the promotion of crypto assets within the scope of financial promotions legislation to ensure they are 'fair, clear, and not misleading,' the government explained, elaborating: This means the promotion of qualifying crypto assets will be subject to FCA rules in line with the same high standards that other financial promotions such as stocks, shares, and insurance products are held to. While emphasizing that it is eager to support innovation, the U.K. government noted that 'research undertaken by the FCA highlighted the potential for misleading advertising of crypto products to cause consumer harm.' Under the U.K. Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, a business cannot promote a financial product unless t... read More

New Spanish Regulations to Target Crypto Investment Ads

    As part of regulations that are set to become effective in mid-February, crypto-asset investment promoters will be required to inform the Spanish securities watchdog of the contents of any ad that targets over 100,000 people. 10-Day Advance Notice Rule The Spanish government has tasked the country's securities watchdog with authorizing advertisements that promote cryptocurrencies, a report has said. Also, as part of the new measures, crypto-asset investment promoters will be required to notify the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) of any promotional campaign that targets more than 100,000 people some ten days before such a campaign commences. According to a report, these regulations, which are set to become effective in mid-February, will enable the CNMV to monitor all types of crypto-related advertisements. The regulations will also enable the watchdog to include warnings of risks associated with investing in certain crypto assets. Meanwhile, the report stated that influencers with more than 100,000 followers will similarly be required to inform the watchdog of any crypto-related investments they intend to promote. This particular requirement further compels influencers to inform their followers of the risks that are associated with the investments they promote. CNMV Targets Influencers Explaining the government's decision to start reining in influential individuals that promote crypto assets, the report cites the CNMV's public rebuke of Spanish football... read More

Singapore Restricts Crypto Ads — Central Bank Says Crypto Trading ...

    Singapore's central bank has issued guidelines to discourage cryptocurrency trading by the general public. The central bank emphasized that 'the trading of cryptocurrencies is highly risky and not suitable for the general public.' Singapore's Central Bank Discouraging Crypto Trading by the General Public The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the nation's central bank, announced Monday that it has issued guidelines 'to discourage cryptocurrency trading by [the] general public.' The guidelines restrict cryptocurrency trading service providers from promoting their digital payment token (DPT) services to the general public. DPT is commonly known as cryptocurrency, the MAS clarified. The central bank explained that companies should not market or advertise crypto services in public areas in Singapore or use third parties, such as social media influencers, to promote cryptocurrency services to the general public. Companies can only market or advertise crypto services on their own corporate websites, mobile applications, or official social media accounts. Loo Siew Yee, the MAS' assistant managing director for policy, payments, and financial crime, noted that the central bank 'strongly encourages the development of blockchain technology and innovative application of crypto tokens in value-adding use cases.' However, she stressed: But the trading of cryptocurrencies is highly risky and not suitable for the general public. DPT service providers should therefore not portray the tra... read More

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