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Alchemy Pay  


ACH Price:
$4.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$59.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ACH today is $0.012 USD.

The lowest ACH price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.012, and the exact current price of one ACH crypto coin is $0.01178.

The all-time high ACH coin price was $0.19.

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The code for Alchemy Pay is #ACH.

Alchemy Pay is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Alchemy Pay is $59,865,271.

Alchemy Pay is ranked #273, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #ACH.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Alchemy Pay is $4,358,037.


The circulating supply of ACH is 5,082,155,935 coins, which is 51% of the total coin supply.


ACH is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ACH Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ACH is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Alchemy Pay Update | July & August 2022

July and August may have seen sideways movement in the crypto market but we have been integrating our on & off ramp plugin with great success. BeFI, SWFT, YIBI, XWorld Games, and iNFTspace have been among the early adopters where the ramps are now live and can be tried. We also provided fiat-to-crypto payment support for We Are SG’s successful NFT collection to celebrate Singapore National Day. We continue to support Binance Pay for Instpower crypto payments, adding new locations in Japan. Our merchant crypto acceptance system has recently onboarded the AllValue e-commerce platform, giving access to an additional 32,000 new merchants. LOOKS token is also now supported by Alchemy Pay for real-world spending with over 2 million merchants in 70+ countries. ACH was listed on Binance US, Bittrex, and the App and ACH staking is still available on Binance, the world’s largest exchange. — BeFi Wallet Integrates Alchemy Pay Ramps - Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto on/off ramps will be integrated into BeFi Wallet DAO’s wallet to allow users to deposit funds directly with fiat payments and also enable the exchange of crypto to fiat with remittance to users’ bank accounts. BeFi Wallet DAO provides a secure multi-chain wallet for participation in any web3 Dapps, such as DeFi protocols and NFTs. — X World Games Fiat Payment Rails and XWG Support - XWorld Games utilises Alchemy Pay’s fiat paymen...

iNFTspace Integrates Alchemy Pay Ramp for Easy Fiat Purchases

Users of the fast-growing NFT marketplace, iNFTSpace, can now enjoy more direct purchases of digital artworks via Alchemy Pay’s fiat-to-crypto gateway plugin. This on/off ramp is now being integrated across all areas of blockchain. For up and coming projects, such as iNFTspace, this is the first time they have been able to offer their users access with fiat currency in such a direct manner. The ramp enables iNFTspace users to pay with their Visa and Mastercards but they can also choose to use local mobile wallets and domestic transfers to purchase NFTs. This is thanks to Alchemy Pay’s network which boasts an impressive 300+ fiat payment channels. Mobile wallets have become a highly popular way for people in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and Latin America to transact. Alchemy Pay’s ramp gives access to these hidden markets. Alchemy Pay’s network growth is incentivised by its token, ACH, which is used by partners to pay transaction fees. Using a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) structure, iNFTspace has built an innovative platform that incorporates NFTs and SocialFi where users can join communities, users, and experts all over the world. The platform’s token, INS, is used for rewards and fee reductions. Through these, and other DAO incentives, iNFTspace has driven the participation of NFT creators and enthusiasts to accelerate the ecosystem construction of iNFTspace.“More direct payments with tradi...

Fintech’s Cutting Edge

Last week, Mercuryo’s Aviessa Khoo and our CEO John Tan discussed the challenges of integrating crypto and traditional finance. Alchemy Pay is now using Mercuryo’s API for its ramp solution — a plugin that enables users to make fiat-crypto exchanges and remittances. Alchemy Pay and Mercuryo are solving the pain points of DeFi and Web3 accessibility — a challenge at the cutting edge of modern finance. Listen to the Mercuryo & Alchemy Pay TwitterSpace recorded on 18 August 2022. — Acquirer Required - For processing credit and debit card transactions, the important factors are the fees and the transaction success rate. By working more acquirers we enhance both of these elements. To do this we need to optimise the routing of payments. For example, if Alchemy Pay is processing a Hong Kong issued card, we want to route the transaction to a local acquirer in Hong Kong. Routing to a local acquirer enables cheaper and more reliable transactions. It becomes a domestic transaction (not a cross-border transaction). The risk level of the transaction is considered lower by traditional financial institutions which makes for a more cost effective transaction with a higher approval rate. “Mercuryo is already integrated and connected with many acquirers around the world. Connecting with them connects us to multiple merchants on one single API. This enables smart-routing for lower fees and successful transactions w...

YIBI Digital Asset Exchange and Alchemy Pay Partner

The YIBI crypto exchange has launched the Alchemy Pay online payment solution on its platform. Alchemy Pay’s payment ramp supports fiat deposits with Visa and MasterCard, as well as numerous popular fiat mobile wallets in emerging markets. The ramp integration makes it easier for the public to access crypto, NFTs, and Web3 services via YIBI’s exchange. Since its establishment in 2019, YIBI has launched over 90+ trading pairs. It provides services for 300,000 customers in 15 regions around the world. YIBI is notable as the first digital asset trading platform to obtain the MSB license in the United States. Its vision is to create the most easily operable social trading platform, where global users can freely communicate, trade, and create their own digital identity and Web3 community. Alchemy Pay (ACH) has become a specialist in providing solutions that give crypto and Web3 services with access to fiat payments for mainstream accessibility. With 300+ fiat payment channels, its ramps are able to go beyond cards and access local mobile wallets. In Southeast Asia, where many people struggle to get banking services, these wallets have become ubiquitous. In the Philippines, for example, GCash has over 40million users. The teams from Alchemy Pay and YIBI share similarly impressive backgrounds in traditional finance and commerce. YIBI’s team comes from experience at Microsoft, Amazon, and Tencent, while Alchemy Pay’s founders ...

AllValue Merchants Accept Crypto Via Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay has given over 32,000 stores, mainly in Southeast Asia and North America, the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers. This is thanks to Alchemy Pay’s new integration with the e-commerce platform builder, AllValue. AllValue is the international branch of Chinese merchant giant, Youzan, a SaaS platform that delivers e-commerce website builder solutions for individuals and businesses. At a time when the commerce industry is exploring crypto, the new partnership ensures AllValue’s merchant clients will be able to offer customers cutting edge digital payments. Alchemy Pay’s crypto acceptance payment system is already accessible by 2 million+ online and in-store merchants in over 70 countries worldwide. AllValue’s array of services means that brands can unlock the potential of e-commerce and get their products and services to market quickly. While AllValue’s international platform is growing rapidly, Youzan’s merchants have recorded a total gross merchant volume of over 15 billion USD. Youzan is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has, so far, served more than 6 million merchants. The international AllValue platform was launched to help e-commerce businesses quickly build direct-to-consumer (D2C) online stores. Alchemy Pay will provides a third party payment system that enables online and in-store merchants to accept crypto in a ‘hands-off’ manner i.e. Alchemy Pay accepts ...

What Are Crypto On & Off Ramps?

A User-Friendly Gateway to Crypto. — Blog SummaryA crypto ramp is a payment plugin solution (or, widget) integrated into blockchain sites and decentralized applications (web3 dApps)It enables you to buy crypto very simply with your traditional fiat currency funds and vice versa.Credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets are acceptedPurchased crypto is sent to your own crypto wallet where you have control When we first become interested in crypto, one of the first things to figure out is how to purchase it. It is a surprisingly non-trivial task for a newcomer. The cumbersome process can also remain mildly irritating, even to experienced users. Crypto on and off ramps, like the ones Alchemy Pay provide, offer a solution that simplifies the process for both users and developers in the blockchain space. Here we explain what these ramps are, and why they are key to the growth of crypto and web3.The Problem If you’re reading this, it’s fairly likely you’re more proficient with crypto than 99% of humankind. You may have already figured out how to set up your first account with a crypto exchange. Perhaps you’ve also figured out how to deposit your local fiat currency and exchange it for crypto on there. Maybe you’ve even understood what crypto wallets are and have reassigned your crypto to one. After that you might also have connected your wallet to a blockchain application and bought NFTs, genera...

Web3 Is A Movement

Karmen Tang, Alchemy Pay CMO. — Alchemy Pay CMO Karmen Tang at Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 Last week, it was my pleasure to join a discussion panel at Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, organised by Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS). I joined the panel alongside Megan Li (Regtank), Rohan Juneja (Fireblocks), Travis Teo (Tokenize Xchange), and Yuen Wong (LABS Group) to discuss how businesses and brands can transition from web2 to web3. It is fascinating to understand the direction in which the internet, finance, and modern culture are going, and the importance that blockchain has on that evolution.A New Cultural Direction Web3 is a movement. This term implies a Web1 and Web2 that came before it. It’s branding for a new era of the internet, with decentralisation, transparency, self-custody and ownership as some of the core beliefs that come with this term. Over the past year, brands have taken a more measured approach, exploring NFT drops, integrations, and community growth developed separately from their core offerings. What many brands have transitioned into is a model we call web 2.5. They have combined the best of web3 (digital IP and technical composability), with the proven web2 models of development, growth, and advertising. Web2.5 is the adoption of web3 assets like NFTs within web2 infrastructure that allows for strong discovery, user experience, and brand retention. That’s where Alchemy Pay sits ...

LI.FI Guest Post: Understanding Cross-Chain Bridging

Over time, we have seen an explosion in blockchain networks, all with their own unique designs and features. While Ethereum still dominates with over $44B locked in decentralized applications (dApps) across its ecosystem, other blockchains such as Solana, Tron, and Polygon are now attracting tremendous liquidity and users.Credits: LI.FI, Data Source: DeFi Llama As these different blockchain ecosystems are gaining traction, infrastructure is needed to connect them. To fulfil this demand, we need bridges. Our friends at LI.FI are experts in providing smart routing for the safest and cheapest routes for transactions and multi-asset swaps across multiple blockchains. We are delighted to have them write a guest post so that you can get a deeper understanding of one of crypto’s most important topics. Here, we will talk about:What are bridges, and why do we need them?Different types of bridges and bridge designsRisks of using bridgesThe case for aggregating bridges with LI.FIOnboarding the masses into crypto with multi-chain onrampsWhat are Bridges and Why Do We Need Them? Bridges in crypto work similar to the real bridges in the physical world. Instead of connecting two physical locations, bridges in crypto connect two different blockchain ecosystems and enable communication between them. In an ideal world, blockchains could simply talk to each other. However, this is not possible because blockchains operate in an isolat...

SWFT Integrates Alchemy Pay’s Crypto Payment Ramp Plugin

SWFT Blockchain is integrating Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto on/off ramp to allow the purchase of crypto directly with fiat payments. It also enables the exchange of crypto to fiat with remittance to users’ bank accounts. The ramps will give the SWFT App and ecosystem a new level of mainstream-friendly accessibility for both newcomers and experienced users. SWFT Blockchain’s Wallet App is available on App Store/Google Play and has a cross-chain swap function, as well as additional functions like social media, aggregated transactions, group investment, and mining pools. Combining blockchain and AI technology, it supports all major public chains, including BTC, ETH, Polygon, Arbitrum, Polkadot , BSC, Heco, Solana, Terra, Fantom, Tron, OkexChain, XRP, and over 400 cryptocurrencies. Recently, the NFT swap section was launched. Users now have access to some NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, Treasureland, Bakeryswap. Users now can use any token on any chain supported by SWFT to swap for NFTs with one click, that facilitates the smooth multi-chain flow of crypto assets for DeFi and NFT users and creators. SWFT’s partnership with Alchemy Pay will allow the app to onboard new users with fiat payments easily all around the world. The SWFTC token is now available to trade on Coinbase and the token is used as membership for all SWFT Blockchain products. Alchemy Pay’s ramp payment solution is integrated on p...

Recent Use Cases of Alchemy Pay Payment Solutions

Easy Crypto Purchases are the Key to Web3 Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider and we are here to help you connect up the fiat and crypto economies. We focus on accessibility — making it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and making it easy for you to use Web3 dApps and platforms. That could mean buying an NFT, using a DeFi protocol, or perhaps entering a decentralised metaverse. Perhaps you want to pay with ETH, BTC, or Alchemy Pay’s ACH token. Or maybe you’d rather use your Visa debit card or your Mastercard credit card. Or you could use that popular local mobile wallet that you use with all your friends. We’ve got you covered! Alchemy Pay’s crypto payment ramps are customisable plugins that enable the easy purchasing and selling of crypto. In less than a minute you can own crypto and access the world of Web3. If you want to trade back no problem — we can send money back to your Mastercard, Visa Card, or bank account in 50+ local legal currencies almost anywhere in the world. Truly global accessibility.BeFi Wallet DAO BeFi integrated our API and worked with us to customise our plugin for their app (on Apple or Android). Now you can create your own Web3 wallet and deposit funds via local legal tender or crypto. BeFi can now accept users from all over the world thanks to our 300+ fiat payment channels. Note: Our ramps are undergoing...


STEPN's GMT Token Supported by Alchemy Pay for Real-World Spending

    PRESS RELEASE. The leading fiat-crypto payment solutions provider, Alchemy Pay (ACH) and the web3 app, STEPN (GMT), have announced a new collaboration. STEPN's GMT token is now supported for use on Alchemy Pay's hybrid fiat-crypto payment system that enables it to be spent at over 2 million merchant partners, online and offline, in more than 70 countries worldwide. STEPN is a web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. Built around an essential daily activity of movement and exercise, STEPN is the first project to effectively bring to life a functioning 'move & earn' concept. Users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of running shoes. By walking, jogging, or running outdoors, users earn token and NFT rewards. Alchemy Pay CEO, John Tan said, 'We are focused on supporting the global adoption of innovative projects like STEPN that promote positive new possibilities for people around the world. By integrating their GMT token we are enabling holders and STEPN users to benefit from real-world spending.' STEPN's Chief Revenue Officer, Shiti Rastogi Manghani, said of the partnership: 'We are delighted that Alchemy Pay is now giving our users the ability to spend their GMT tokens in multiple real-world situations. Now that our web3 app has this new dimension we expect to see major growth of our community and ecosystem.' By becoming usable on Alchemy Pay's fast-growing payment network, GMT can now be spent by users around the globe in a number of scenarios. This ... read More

ACH Is the Token Driving Global Crypto Payments

    ACH is the cryptocurrency token driving the adoption of Alchemy Pay's crypto payments around the world. Alchemy Pay enables real-world crypto payments and mainstream-friendly access to crypto services. It has had an incredible rise over the past year, partnering with the likes of Binance Pay, Shopify,, Polygon, Avalanche, and VeChain. ACH is the token that incentivises clients and investors attracted to the advantages Alchemy Pay's crypto payment solutions offer them and their businesses. It is listed on Bithumb, Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Bybit, MEXC, Pancake Swap, Uniswap, and many more. ACH is used to pay transaction (gas) fees when Alchemy Pay's clients leverage the power of its global payment network. While transacting the Alchemy Pay network, clients pledge ACH and are then rewarded with discounted fees and ACH rewards depending on transaction volume. The growth of the ACH token has helped create a thriving online community of investors and rewards our clients and partners for encouraging the expansion of the partner network. Transaction fees collected in ACH are used to fund the growth and development of Alchemy Pay's network and services. ACH rewards and fee structure provides an organic and sustainable budget to attract and onboard new businesses for continuous expansion. ACH value is correlated to network growth which will occur exponentially as the crypto payments market grows. Cointelegraph's report on payment tokens suggests that, as the market grows,... read More

VeChain Partners Alchemy Pay for Fiat Payment Rails and Crypto on-Ramps

    PRESS RELEASE. Palo Alto, USA, March 2022 – Vechain (VET), the leading layer-1 smart contract platform has announced it is adding Alchemy Pay's (ACH) mainstream-friendly fiat payment channels and crypto on-ramps to its network. Alchemy Pay is a specialist in providing practical payment solutions that connect up fiat and crypto economies. Its crypto acceptance payment system for online and offline businesses with 2 million+ merchants in over 70 countries worldwide now supports VeChain's VET token for payments. VeChain's CEO, Sunny Lu, said of the integration, 'With Alchemy Pay's fiat payment channel and crypto on-ramps we are bringing more mainstream accessibility to our network. This has benefits, not only for users, but also for all developers building on the VeChainThor blockchain. The integration of VET into Alchemy Pay's crypto payment system is important in further expanding the real-world use cases for VET as a form of payment. By enabling mainstream payment standards like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal using Alchemy Pay, the mainstream adoption of VET will increase by making direct access possible, bypassing the complications of crypto exchanges that can be a barrier for many new users.' Alchemy Pay has become increasingly important in the blockchain space as a bridging service for the industry. Recent payment integrations with the likes of Elrond, Polygon, Algorand, NEAR, and Avalanche highlight this. Its 300+ fiat payment channels allow crypto services and networ... read More

GrePay and Alchemy Pay Partner to Expand Crypto Payments

    PRESS RELEASE. Singapore, March 2022 – The fiat-crypto payment solutions provider, Alchemy Pay (ACH), and GrePay, global acquirer and payments provider, announce their partnership. Grepay has over 100 local payment channels that process over 200k transactions per day. Alchemy Pay will now leverage these channels to connect crypto service providers to their global key markets such as United Arab Emirates, India, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Pakistan. As part of the partnership, Alchemy Pay will provide GrePay with cryptocurrency payment acceptance capabilities. This includes Binance Pay and on-chain transactions for popular mainstream cryptocurrencies. As a result, Grepay's merchants will all now have the option to accept cryptocurrency payments. Alchemy Pay's hybrid crypto-fiat payment system allows merchant partners to accept popular cryptocurrencies for instant offline and online payments at a low cost and the system is currently supported in more than 70 countries and reaches more than 2 million merchants. One of GrePay's payment channels that Alchemy Pay will first integrate is Payby, a leading United Arab Emirates mobile payment provider. Alchemy Pay will enable crypto service providers such as crypto exchanges to accept Payby and have access to users in the UAE – a key market where demand for cryptocurrency services have risen rapidly amid the nation's move towards creating a cryptocurrency hub. With region-appropriate licensing and strong technica... read More

Alchemy Pay Adds Euros Pay-in Offerings via Paytend

    PRESS RELEASE. Singapore, February 2022 – Leading fiat and crypto payment solutions provider, Alchemy Pay (ACH), announces its partnership with the Europe-based digital bank, Paytend. Alchemy Pay's client crypto services, such as exchanges and investment platforms, will now offer users to pay directly in euros via credit and debit cards without requiring costly back-end conversion to US dollars. Presently, most crypto service providers only accept US dollars and users paying in euros incur hidden foreign exchange fees when the euros-to-dollars conversions take place. Alchemy Pay's enhanced service reduces forex friction for both businesses and consumers in Europe – a strategic offering that helps the company expand its global reach in the crypto payments industry. John Tan, CEO of Alchemy Pay, explained the significance of the collaboration, 'Europe is a key region for crypto at this point, and leveraging Paytend's licensed payment channels gives us an advantage in the market. We are now offering our commercial partners in Europe and their users the most competitive prices and our network has more coverage than ever.' With more than $1 trillion in transactions, Europe has become the largest cryptocurrency economy in the world. A Chainalysis report from October last year observed that Europe had grown to become the number one in the world in terms of crypto activity. The continent's $1 trillion worth of cryptocurrencies last year represented around a quarter of a... read More

Direct Fiat On-Ramps Come to Algorand (ALGO) via Alchemy Pay (ACH)

    PRESS RELEASE. Singapore, 10 January, 2022: Algorand (ALGO), the layer-1 blockchain for decentralized and traditional finance, has added direct fiat payment channels into their network, thanks to a new integration with Alchemy Pay (ACH). Alchemy Pay, is a payment solutions provider that connects fiat and crypto economies, and its global merchant network now supports Algorand's $ALGO token for payments in 65 countries. Algorand also announced it has joined the Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance which was inaugurated in October by Alchemy Pay, NEO, NEAR, and Polygon. The integration with Alchemy Pay will enable Algorand to onboard users via fiat payment standards like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and countless other local payment channels around the world. The ability to bring new users to the Algorand ecosystem via these mainstream payment methods will increase adoption by making access direct and bypassing the complications of crypto exchanges that can be a barrier to entry for many. The cooperation between Alchemy Pay and Algorand is a natural match as both are focused on bringing traditional finance together with decentralized, blockchain finance. As a pure-proof-of-stake platform, Algorand is among the most efficient networks in terms of energy usage, which has appealed to environmentally conscious investors. Algorand was founded by MIT professor, Silvio Micali. Professor Micali is the recipient of the prestigious Turing Award for computer science and much of his work has dir... read More

Alchemy Pay adds support for Algorand (ALGO) on its fiat-crypto gateway ...

    Algorand (ALGO), a layer-1 blockchain for decentralized applications and finance, announced today it has added new fiat payment channels into its network, thanks to a new integration with Alchemy Pay (ACH). Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider that connects fiat and crypto economies, and its global merchant network now supports Algorand's $ALGO token for payments in 65 countries. The Algorand team also announced it has joined the Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance which was inaugurated in October by Alchemy Pay, NEO, NEAR, and Polygon. ALGO + Alchemy Pay This integration with Alchemy Pay will enable Algorand to onboard users via fiat payment standards like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and other local payment methods. Being able to bring new users to the Algorand ecosystem via these mainstream payment methods will increase adoption by making access direct and bypassing the complications of crypto exchanges that can be a barrier to entry for many. After being added to Alchemy Pay's crypto-fiat payment network, the ALGO token can be used for business-to-business or customer-to-business payments. Alchemy Pay's payment network is focused on broadening crypto acceptance by offering low fees and fast settlement via their software solution that requires no special hardware. When ALGO is used to pay online or in-store on the Alchemy Pay network and will be automatically converted to fiat currency for the convenience of merchant partners. The post Alchemy Pay adds support for Algo... read More

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