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ABYSS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ABYSS today is $0.011 USD.

The lowest ABYSS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.011, and the current live price for one ABYSS coin is $0.01134.

The all-time high ABYSS coin price was $0.19.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ABYSS with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for ABYSS crypto currency is also #ABYSS.

ABYSS is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for ABYSS is $2,711,814.

ABYSS is ranking downwards to #1204 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #ABYSS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ABYSS is $99.00.


The circulating supply of ABYSS is 239,055,222 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


ABYSS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the ABYSS Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


ABYSS is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

View #ABYSS trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ABYSS purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ABYSS, and you can view them on our ABYSS disambiguation page.



Celebrate Winter Holidays on The Abyss!

Dear friends! We are grateful for spending 2022 with you. In 2022 we published 118 new games and were altogether developing The Abyss platform. We hope your Christmas mood is on and the holidays go well along with your beloved ones. This year we have prepared something to make your holidays even better — Winter Sale 2023 with some great discounts for you! The promotion takes place from December 24, 2022 09:00 UTC to January 8, 2023 09:00 UTC. Some of the projects you can purchase at a discount: RRRR — a casual game about the super-soldier Rabbit at 40% off. Moi Mei 2 — an adventure game with a mystical atmosphere at 90% off. Take no Prisoners — a classic 2D platformer shooter at a 50% discount. Cavegirl Adventures — a platformer inspired by the Flintstones cartoon series at 50% off. Psyolence — an arcade hardcore top-down slasher with neon graphics at 75% off. Little adventure 2 — an adventure 2D platform game set in a fantasy world full of dangers and adventures at a 50% discount. You can see the full list of projects participating in the sale in our discounts section. Happy New Year’s Eve! The Abyss Team About The Abyss The Abyss is the first platform where gamers can play games, socialize and get rewarded. We offer MMO/MMORPG games and share a part of our revenue with gamers. Come to The Abyss and earn from an advanced referral system, gaming achievements and other activities! ...

New Games Digest: November 2022

Seasons change one by one, but there’s one thing that is always there — The Abyss monthly digest and cool new games to play on our platform! Ready? We are starting this digest with some beautiful action games. dot TANKI is a MOBA PvP game in which two teams fight tanks and other vehicles for victory. In the menu you can choose which vehicle you will control. All vehicles have different indicators of speed, attack speed and life TANKI Fire Story is a top-down pixel game about a firefighter. The player must fight off a flying fire extinguisher and direct the blow in a way to put out burning people and other sources of fire. Time is limited here, so dynamic gameplay is what awaits you. Check out RRRR! Name is intriguing, isn’t it? This is a game about the super-soldier Rabbit, who wakes up in a world full of dangers and deadly traps after a cryogenic freeze. Action and adventures is what it is about.RRRR! If you are looking for great graphics, try Moi Mei 2 — an independent story filled with events from an alternate universe. Immerse yourself in the dark world of Moi Mei with the main character Mei. Talking of action, find yourself in a beautiful underwater setting with Harpoon — a top down shooter, a game where the player will have to dive into the endless depths of the sea as a diver and face thousands of predatory marine life, shooting back at them, pumping their weapons and equipment, gainin...

New Games Digest: October 2022

What is great about October? Sweater weather, cozy apparel, beauty of crunchy leaves and… new games on The Abyss platform! Let us present the most interesting games of the month. Let’s start with the tower defense genre, which is presented by two projects this month. Terror Time is a classic tower defense game in an unusual and bright setting. Hordes of enemies will try to break through the defenses. Give them a hard fight with Terror Time! Experience classic gameplay with 10 types of towers and 10 kinds of enemies.Terror Time Protect the obelisk in War Obelisks! A large variety of defensive buildings is presented, some deal a lot of damage, some slow down or attack over long distances. Moving on with a beautiful visual novel — Not Involved. If you want to save someone, you will have to make sacrifices. How far are you willing to go: being beaten, ostracized, having your limbs chopped off?.. You will find that this world doesn’t always reward selflessness and a kind heart…Not Involved If you are fond of medieval setting, try Courage — slasher with RPG elements with a dark and gloomy atmosphere. The main goal is to get to the evil sorcerer and kill him to end the nightmare forever… In the game of Portal War you have to fight with enemies who use portals to capture the world. Units come out to meet each other on the battlefield and fight for their lands. Use the help of magic to win!Portal War What a...

Halloween Sale

BOOOO! The Halloween Sale sweet treats are already here. Check out the most terrifying deals for the games on The Abyss platform and have a great and spooky week! The promotion takes place from 31.10.2022 9:00 UTC to 07.11.2022 9:00 UTC. Some of the projects you can purchase at a discount: Little Adventure 2 — a fantasy world full of danger at 25% off. Deadly Threat — explore mysterious locations in the dungeon at 80% off. Take no Prisoners — a classic 2D platformer shooter at 20% discount. Zombie Mansion — a shooter with puzzle and exploration elements at 80% off. Psyolence — a hardcore slasher with neon graphics at 90% discount. Monkey Adventure — a beautiful 2D platform game at 90% off. You can see the full list of projects participating in the sale in our discounts section. Best, The Abyss Team About The Abyss The Abyss is the first platform where gamers can play games, socialize and get rewarded. We offer MMO/MMORPG games and share a part of our revenue with gamers. Come to The Abyss and earn from an advanced referral system, gaming achievements and other activities! For more information on the platform visit official website. Telegram • Discord • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Reddit • Vimeo Halloween Sale was originally published in The Abyss Platform on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

New Games Digest: September 2022

We are almost in the middle of Autumn. Take a cup of hot tea and get prepared for our new games on The Abyss gaming platform. Are you ready for a takeoff? So, let’s begin! September welcomes us with several fantastic action games. Psyolence is an arcade hardcore top-down slasher with neon graphics. You will meet 15 levels of drive and speed, filled with tons of neon, after which you can fight and defeat the boss. In Crossroads of Life you’ll have to face waves of enemies while protecting your life. Become a powerful warrior who masterfully owns firearms!Crossroads of Life If you’re a fan of dark vibes, try out Melania, where the main character wakes up after a long sleep and discovers an empty planet where there are no living beings left. Explore the locations and find out the reasons for the disappearance of civilization. There are different puzzles there also. Longing for adventures? This one’s for you. Warrior Maiden is a colorful and enjoyable side-scrolling platform game. The heroine can wield a sword, cling to walls in certain places, press buttons, move barrels, throw them on the heads of enemies, which leads to their instant neutralization.Warrior Maiden Bug Butcher is a roguelite action game with random locations, dynamic gameplay and tons of bugs. Embark on a crazy shotgun adventure and shoot millions of bugs! Shoot even more in Hell Green Blue — a 2D action-adventure puzzle game, where you have t...

New Games Digest: August 2022

Summer fades away, but still this is high season for playing on The Abyss gaming platform! We have some interesting new ones for you to enjoy this Autumn. Are you ready? Let’s begin our journey. The first game to be presented is mrFOX — a classic 2D side-scrolling platformer. Have you ever imagined yourself as a cute fox? Time to try it out! You will visit 3 colorful locations with different types of enemies on them. The game also contains small puzzle elements you need to solve. This platformer is family friendly and full of beautiful graphic elements.mrFOX Sometimes you feel like you want to save the world, do you? Try Nuclear Fighter! The planet is so polluted that people are forced to live in chemical protection suits. You are a fighter for ecology whose worldview is different from everyone else. Residents are ready to kill you just for one thought that factories need to be closed to stop polluting the planet. Will you survive? Grimland is a classic 2D side-scrolling platform slasher with puzzle elements. The kingdom was attacked by monsters, the Evil necromancer imprisoned the queen in a dungeon. Free the queen and return peace and security to the lands of Grimland.Grimland Try a charming, dark, but also funny The Lobster Game — a roguelike pixel-art styled action shooter, which will please fans of the genre at first sight! You will take on the role of the protagonist and avenge the death of protagonist...

New Games Digest: July 2022

The second month of the summer has come to its end, so we are ready to share with you all new games on The Abyss gaming platform! In this digest you will find a lot of interesting games in various genres. Let’s start with an interesting tower-defense game — StoneDEF. You have to fight off waves of enemies using magic staves. You are joined by magical creatures that will help in the fight against enemies. Under your control there will be a plant that attacks enemies with fire. You can upgrade staves to increase their damage or attack speed. Also beware of enemies that will attack you. Also, enemy mushrooms will try to steal your coins to prevent you from getting upgrades.StoneDEF Many people know that a large amount of sweets is bad for teeth… But not for this skeleton from the game Long Journey! Embark on a long adventure with this skinny sweet tooth and collect all the donuts! This hardcore platformer will test your strength — dangerous enemies, treacherous traps and abysses await you at every turn. Dino-D is really unusual platformer. The peculiarity of the game is that you need to control two characters at once, you can also play together. Each character has its own abilities — a blue dinosaur, for example, can make a double jump and can swim, a yellow dinosaur can crawl in narrow spaces and cling ts behind the walls.Dino-D Monkey Adventure is a 2D platform game, where you as the monkey are explorin...

New Games Digest: June 2022

Summer is in full swing, that means it’s time to tell you about the games we added to The Abyss in June. In this digest you will find a lot of interesting games in various genres. Let’s start with an interesting point-and-click adventure — PATIENT. You are a patient of a psychiatric clinic. You don’t remember anything about your past. A certain orderly helped you escape, because he knew that you were here by mistake. In this game you have to solve various puzzles, break locks, communicate with hermits, hide from guards, remove the curse and do many more interesting things.PATIENT Bloody Tower is a paper-styled game, where you play as a soul, who is going to clean the dark dungeon from terrible monsters. Play in the endless randomly generated rooms, filled with monsters, such as Golems and Eye-Monsters. You can control the knight, jump, run, climb walls in the game Knight Story. The task is to kill all the enemies on the level in order to open the entrance to the next level. It’s a black and white 2D platformer about a knight’s journey.Knight Story Next added game is a top-down arena shooter — Under Siege. You take on the role of a fearless tanker. The goal is to survive in the arena and defeat all enemies. Don’t let enemy tanks destroy your vehicle. Crush enemies and earn money to upgrade your tank! Get started on rebuilding your spaceship after crashing on an uninhabited planet in Space Crafting. Co...

New Games Digest: May 2022

The first month of summer is here, that means it’s time to tell you about the games we added to The Abyss in May. In this digest you will find a lot of interesting games in various genres. Let’s start with Bow & Crystal Tower Defense — the tower defence game. Protect the magic crystal from hordes of skeletons. You can control the archer using the WASD keys and the mouse. Aim at the skeletons by holding down the left mouse button and shoot. Your task is to prevent skeletons from reaching the crystal. Holding out for as long as possible. You can also shoot barrels that will explode destroying skeletons.Bow & Crystal Tower Defence ANCIENT EVIL is a real-time tactical puzzle game where you need to pass severe tests and win the final battle with the enemy. As you move through the cells, pick up weapons, armor, and healing potions to fight your enemies. Beware of traps that may be waiting for you on the way. Some of them can be used to clear your way from enemies. Next game is Boston Alnamics. The goal of the game is to reach the finish by getting through different obstacles. To do this, teach your robot particular movements — place the icons in the appropriate place and watch the robot’s progress.Boston Alnamics Hidden Tavern Top-Down 3D is a 3D-level game in which objects and characters are frozen in the picture, where you have to find 20 different objects. The system automatically determines what you ...

New Games Digest: April 2022

The second month of spring has come to its end. And today we want to tell you about the games that we added to The Abyss in April. In this digest you will find a lot of games in various genres! Let’s start with Midnight Legends. Hop in and take part in racing on the streets of Midnight City, a place lit by bright neon lights. Earn money and reputation, upgrade your car, win to challenge all «legendary racers» of the city and make your way to become the «Legend #1»Midnight Legends Next two games are steeped in twentieth-century mafia romance. Playing Whiskey. Mafia. Leo’s Family you can take the role of a real gangster. You will do a lot of crook business from car theft to robbery of spirits warehouse. Game Of Mafia is an adventure game set in New York City in the mid-1920s. You play Frank, an ordinary postman whose quiet life changes dramatically when he meets his old friend. You have to manage your own bar, fight competitors and raid their warehouses. In short, your goal is to prove that you are not only a serious businessman owning the best bar in the city but also a serious gangster, who is better not to mess with!Game Of Mafia If you like puzzles, the following two games will be good for you. In Metal Strike you throw knives into barrels to knock them to the ground. Drag the cursor to the left and point the knife in the desired direction. So that he flew over obstacles and enemies and knocked the barrel to the...

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