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WaultSwap (#WEX) News and Headlines

November 25, 11:30 pm

10,000 Bitcoin Withdrawn From Wallet of Defunct Crypto Exchange Wex, For...
A large amount of cryptocurrency kept in a wallet associated with crypto exchange Wex, successor of the infamous trading platform run by alleged money launderer Alexander Vinnik, has moved for the first time since 2017. The 10,000 bitcoins in question, worth over $165 million, have been transferred to new addresses in several transactions. Bitcoin ... read More

November 24, 11:32 am

10,000 BTC tied to Mt Gox Hack Moved After 7 Years
A crypto wallet attributed to the failed BTC-e linked to the 2014 Mt. Gox hack moved 10,000 Bitcoin, now worth over $165 million, to a group of personal wallets, exchanges, and other services on November 23rd. A report by Chainalysis suggested that the funds' movement marks the largest withdrawal by the Russia-focused cryptocurrency exchange - BTC-... read More

November 24, 10:23 am

Dump Incoming? Rogue BTC-e Sends $165 Million In Bitcoin To Personal Wal...
After a year of near dormancy, Bitcoin funds of the rogue exchange BTC-e are on the move again. Chainalysis, an American blockchain analysis firm headquartered in New York City, is reporting that 10,000 BTC, worth about $165 million, have been transferred. The destination of the transactions are personal wallets, exchange deposit addresses and othe... read More

September 05, 2:00 pm

Another 5,000 Bitcoin Sourced From Mt Gox Wake up After Close to 9 Years...
Last week News reported on two old bitcoin addresses created in 2013 sending 10,001 bitcoin to a myriad of wallets. Heuristics and clustering techniques indicate that the bitcoins were associated with Mt Gox, roughly around the same time the exchange was hacked in June 2011. Five days later, 5,000 bitcoins were transferred from a wallet... read More

August 30, 2:00 pm

Whale Spends 10,000 BTC Worth $203M, Bitcoins Stem From the Infamous 201...
In two days' time, bitcoin's price dropped to fresh August lows as it dipped below the $20K per unit region for the first time since mid-July. During that time, two addresses created on December 19, 2013 sent 10,000 bitcoin worth $203 million to unknown wallets after sitting idle for close to nine years. Onchain data shows the 10,000 coins moved th... read More

June 01, 5:30 am

Former CEO of Crypto Exchange Wex Dmitry Vasiliev Reportedly Detained in...
Dmitry Vasiliev, co-owner and former chief executive of the now defunct Russian crypto exchange Wex, has been arrested upon entering Croatia, local media reported. The crypto entrepreneur is wanted by Kazakhstan where he is accused of stealing money from an investor.Wex Executive Vasiliev Apprehended at the Airport in Zagreb Belarus-born Dmitry Vas... read More

March 23, 11:30 am

Wex Exchange Co-Owner Reportedly Detained in Russia
Authorities in Russia have arrested a crypto entrepreneur associated with an unidentified cryptocurrency exchange who is suspected of embezzling funds and property. According to a media report, the detained person is one of the owners of Wex, successor of the infamous BTC-e exchange.Owner of Wex Exchange Apprehended in Russia Russian law enforcemen... read More

January 01, 1:30 pm

Ex-Head of Crypto Exchange Wex Released in Poland
Former chief executive of the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, Dmitry Vasiliev, has been released from arrest in Warsaw earlier this month. The ex-head of the now-defunct coin trading platform has since returned to Russia while court proceedings against him in Poland are still ongoing. Polish Court Rejects Extradition of Wex Executive to Kazak... read More

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