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WAX (#WAXP) News and Headlines

November 20, 9:30 am

Ethereum Network Accounted for Over 90% of Layer 1 Revenues in Q3 &mdash...
According to a Messari report, the Ethereum network's revenues constituted more than 90% of the $491.5 million generated by layer 1 chains in Q3. The data also shows that in the period in question, the Aptos network's revenues were 160% higher than in the preceding quarter.Ethereum Still Dominates While the third quarter (Q3) revenue of the Ethereu... read More

October 17, 4:00 pm

Ripple Job Posting Sparks IPO Rumors, Will XRP Price Finally Cross $100?
The Ripple Initial Public Offering (IPO) rumors continue to wax stronger as many expect that the event will push the XRP price upward. Back then, it was mostly just rumors and speculation, but the XRP community has gotten their hands on a Ripple job listing that suggests there might be some truth to the IPO rumors. Ripple Is Looking For A Sharehold... read More

July 05, 2:00 pm

Bitcoin Emerges as NFT Contender With $463 Million in Sales in 4 Months
In just four months, starting from February 7, 2023, non-fungible token (NFT) sales on the Bitcoin blockchain have soared to $463.68 million. This growth has propelled the network to secure the second-highest number of monthly NFT sales consistently since then. However, despite this impressive ascent within the past four months, Bitcoin's overall N... read More

April 28, 3:19 am

William Shatner Predicts Where Crypto Will Be When We Reach the Star Tre...
William Shatner – the famous actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek – appeared at Consensus 2023 on Thursday to announce an NFT project, succeeding his hit collection from 3 years prior. The 92-year-old spoke on why he’s excited about Web 3 in entertainment, and where he sees crypto by the time humanity reaches the Star Trek e... read More

January 26, 7:30 pm

Blur NFT Marketplace Surges in Volume and Market Share, Rivaling Industr...
Blur, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has seen a significant increase in volume since its launch in October. According to statistics from Dune Analytics, Blur has captured about 30% of the market share in terms of sales volume. The NFT marketplace leader, Opensea, commands 48% of the market share.Blur NFT Marketplace Captures 30% of Marke... read More

January 22, 6:30 pm

NFT Market Sales Climb 16% Higher; 43.48% Increase in Buyers in Third We...
Closing out the third week of January 2023, non-fungible token (NFT) assets saw a 16.39% increase in overall sales. 320,580 buyers participated in the NFT market action this past week, an increase of 43.48% compared to the week prior. $256.69 million in NFT sales were recorded over the last seven days, with $206.06 million being Ethereum-based NFTs... read More

December 01, 8:30 pm

Dappradar Report Shows Blockchain Gaming Thrived Amid FTX Collapse, Sect...
According to a report published by the global dapp store platform, Dappradar, blockchain gaming hardly felt the impact of the recent FTX collapse and the crypto market carnage that ensued. Dappradar's Blockchain Games Report indicates that the number of daily unique active wallets (dUAW) participating in blockchain gaming dropped slightly to 800,87... read More

November 05, 3:57 am

BNB Coin Surges By Over 20% During Market Pullback
While the crypto market faced a pullback, BNB coin has added substantial gain in the last 7 days. The native token of the world’s largest crypto exchange registered over 20% profit, joining the top gainers for the week besides Dogecoin. The token has also enjoyed a 24-hour trading volume uptick. Specifically, over $1.1 million worth of BNB to... read More

November 04, 5:00 pm

Why Ethereum Would Have Been A Better Investment For MicroStrategy
The debate of which is the better investment between Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to wax strong between communities. This time around, it is being put to the test using MicroStrategy’s crypto investments over the years. Microstrategy is currently seeing a loss on the 130,000 BTC that it had purchased over the years, making it the public com... read More

October 19, 11:00 pm

Bitcoin Correlation With Macro Remains Strong, Despite Stability
The Bitcoin correlation with the macro markets reached new highs in 2022. This saw the price of the digital asset, and the entire crypto market by extension, follow the movement of the stock and equities market very closely. There were forecasts that the cryptocurrency would begin to decouple from the macro market as time went on but data shows tha... read More

October 13, 7:30 pm

Toy Manufacturer Mattel and Cryptoys Announce Masters of the Universe NF...
This week, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) franchise, the toy manufacturing company Mattel announced the launch of the official MOTU digital toy collection. The new collection, dropping on November 9, will feature classic MOTU characters like He-Man, Battle Cat, Tri-Klops, and Evil-Lyn.He-Man and the Mas... read More

October 04, 5:00 pm

Ethereum Marks Three Consecutive Red Weekly Closes, Will Uptober Change ...
Ethereum has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have received major support from the crypto community regardless of how the price performs in the market. Since the Ethereum Merge was completed, though, the digital asset has not performed as well as expected. ETH’s price has continuously bled out, which has led to its price relegating to th... read More

September 19, 11:00 pm

Cardano (ADA) Price Fails To Break $0.5 Despite Vasil Hype
The Cardano Vasil hard fork has been in the works for a while now. Hype for this hard fork had been overshadowed by that of the Ethereum Merge, but now that the Merge is done and out of the way, the focus has now fallen back on the Cardano network once more. Given this, there has been much optimism about where the price of ADA is going from here, b... read More

August 17, 1:00 pm

EOSIO Rebrands to Community-Led Protocol Antelope
Community-driven protocol Antelope has forked and rebranded the EOSIO 2.0 codebase through a coalition of four EOSIO protocol-based blockchains led by the EOS Network Foundation. The coalition, established in January, consists of EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX Network. Each chain will share Antelope's underlying blockchain codebase while working together ... read More

June 17, 8:30 pm

Report: Bitmex, Deribit Liquidate 3AC's Positions — Negativi...
Two days ago, News reported on the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) after reports claimed that the company was allegedly struggling with financial hardship and possible insolvency. Now the crypto firm Finblox is feeling the effects of 3AC's troubles, and a few digital currency companies have liquidated the hedge fund's lever... read More

June 09, 7:07 pm

Crypto wallet BitKeep to integrate decentralized derivatives exchange Sy...
SynFutures, a crypto-based decentralized derivatives exchange, has announced a new partnership with BitKeep, a crypto wallet supporting over 50 blockchains. Going forward, the two projects will work together on integrating SynFutures within BitKeep, looking to expand their respective ecosystems and communities. BitKeep supports numerous top 30 main... read More

June 06, 4:30 pm

Monthly NFT Sales Have Dropped Over 65% Lower Than the Month Prior, NFT ...
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales are down a great deal, as 30-day statistics show NFT sales recorded last month saw just over $4.6 billion settled but today, sales are down 65.43% to $1.59 billion. Furthermore, Google Trends data indicates that interest in NFTs has dropped to the lowest point since the first week of October 2021.From $4.6 Billion to ... read More

June 03, 5:00 pm

Bearish Year Leaves Dogecoin Trading Below $0.10, Who Remains In Profit?
Dogecoin has found itself unable to rally the way it did in the first half of 2021, thus resulting in it losing most of the value generated during that time. Nevertheless, it remains mostly profitable for the majority of its investors. The meme coin which has since lost its footing above 10 cents still remains the largest meme coin and a top 10 cry... read More

May 27, 11:00 pm

Bearish Indicator: Is Bitcoin Headed For Its Ninth Red Weekly Close?
This week, Bitcoin had made history when it recorded its eighth consecutive red weekly close. This first-of-its-kind streak had cemented the digital asset on one of the worst bearish trends that have ever been recorded. Now, even as the week runs towards another close, the cryptocurrency has not been able to make any considerable recovery, indicati... read More

May 20, 4:30 pm

Cumulative NFT Sales Among 18 Blockchain Networks Surpass $36 Billion
Statistics recorded this week show that the aggregate number of non-fungible token (NFT) sales, settled across more than a dozen different blockchains, has officially surpassed $36 billion. While there are 18 competing blockchains offering NFTs, Ethereum-based NFT sales dominate by more than 75%. While Ronin commands the second-largest amount of NF... read More

May 10, 7:44 pm

AMC CEO Reveals the Total of Crypto Payments Made in Q1
Adam Aron – CEO of AMC Theatres – revealed that cryptocurrencies and other digital payment methods accounted for more than a third of the online payments for the company during Q1, 2022. The largest movie theatre chain in the world accepts several digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu.... read More

April 17, 9:30 pm

NFT Sales Volume Saw a Small Uptick This Week — Moonbirds, Mutant ...
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales saw a small uptick over the last week as $658.4 million in NFT sales were recorded, up 3.35% in seven days. Out of 15 blockchains, Polygon-based NFT sales saw the largest increase in volume, jumping 106.68% this week. Moreover, over the last seven days, an NFT collection called Moonbirds saw the largest sales volume g... read More

April 08, 11:35 pm

Four EOSIO Protocol-Based Blockchains Commit $8M to Rebrand Technology S...
EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX Network have come together to gain control over the development of the EOSIO protocol core code that underpins each of these blockchains. Collectively, the coalition has announced dedicating a whopping $8 million annual budget for core development and developer outreach this year. Rebranding EOSIO According to the press rele... read More

April 06, 11:00 pm

Heroes of Arcan Announces Community-Driven Heroic Fantasy Play-to-Earn G...
PRESS RELEASE. Heroes of Arcan aims to create a play-to-earn game that offers players engaging, challenging peer-to-peer strategic gameplay backed by ethical, carbon-neutral blockchain technology. The play-to-earn revolution has catalyzed global change in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, with over 750,000 individual blockchain wallets now par... read More

April 04, 3:00 pm

NFT Sales Increased by 34% This Week, Azuki Takes Top Sales, NFT Interes...
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have increased this week after a small 2.15% drop the week prior. During the last seven days, NFT sales are up 34.62% from $579 million to $779 million. The NFT collection with the most sales this past week was Azuki, as the collection's NFT sales jumped 94.68% higher than the week before. NFT Sales Rebound After Last... read More

March 04, 9:13 am

Sphynx Cats: An NFT Project Inspired by Egypt's Ancient History
Ancient Egypt is undoubtedly a historical hotspot for anyone who’s ever been interested in our collective past. The Egyptians were the first to successfully develop their language into a codified form of writing. They also mixed vegetable gum, soot, and bee wax to create black ink - something that we take for granted in our contemporary reali... read More

February 18, 10:30 pm

NASCAR Launches Daytona 500 Digital Collectibles via the Wax Blockchain ...
On Friday, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) announced the firm launched digital collectibles for this year's Daytona 500. NASCAR's series of limited-edition Daytona 500 NFT drops is part of a partnership with the Wax blockchain team.NASCAR Reveals 2022 Daytona 500 NFT Collection NASCAR plans to issue Daytona 500 non-fungi... read More

February 16, 8:30 pm

NFT Sales Nosedive This Week as Volume Drops Close to 30%
According to current metrics, non-fungible token (NFT) sales have dropped 29.35% since last week. While Ethereum and Solana are the two blockchains with the most NFT sales volume, both blockchain networks have seen NFT sales nosedive anywhere between 27% to 32% over the last seven days. Weekly Non-Fungible Token Sales Plummet Despite Recent $23 Mil... read More

February 11, 8:00 am

Topps Plans to Auction Rare 1952 Mickey Mantle NFT Card Minted on Ethere...
The American firm that produces Bazooka chewing gum, candy, and collectibles, Topps has announced the company is planning to auction one of the rarest baseball cards on earth in NFT form - Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card. The Topps 1 of 1 'Timeless Collectible' will be issued as a non-fungible token (NFT) and sold on the NFT marketplace Opensea on Ma... read More

January 16, 4:30 pm

$2.5 Billion in NFT Sales This Week, Volume Climbs 161%, Meebits NFT Sal...
During the last seven days, there's been $2.53 billion non-fungible token (NFT) sales, up 161% over the past week. Ethereum's blockchain recorded the most NFT sales with $2.45 billion of the aggregate while the Solana network saw around $31.9 million in NFT sales this week. Across 258,536 NFT buyers this week, the NFT collection Meebits captured $1... read More

January 08, 6:30 pm

$2.7 Billion in NFT Sales Recorded Last Month — Ethereum, Ronin, Solan...
This week Google Trends shows that the acronym NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, has reached a score of 100, the highest score a search query can get from the data analytics aggregator. Meanwhile, statistics indicate that during the last 30 days across ten different blockchains, there's been $2.73 billion in NFT sales. NFT Monthly Volume Se... read More

December 09, 7:07 pm

OKEx Blockdream Ventures bets on NFT platform WAX with WAXP token purcha...
The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), a blockchain platform and NFT network, announced that OKEx Blockdream Ventures, an investment subsidiary under crypto trading platform, is backing the WAX Blockchain Ecosystem, purchasing a substantial position (quantity undisclosed) in WAXP tokens. WAX processes 15 million transactions daily including t... read More

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