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$44.0 K

BLOCKv (#VEE) News and Headlines

July 05, 8:19 am

Earth-Based Metaverse Coming to Reality, Powered by NFTs (Next Earth CEO...
The metaverse is no longer a buzzword and a concept - it's becoming reality, albeit a virtual one. In a world that's going digital with tremendous speed, where social interactions are being transferred through the Internet, blockchain-based technologies shine bright. The idea of owning digital land is no longer a make-belief but one that many peopl... read More

July 02, 1:27 am

Blue Chip NFTs 101: The World Of Women Collection, Including And Conquer...
The World Of Women NFT collection has great marketing, strong leadership, and first-mover advantage. Plus, a flourishing community. Also, behind the punks and the apes, these ladies seem to have the biggest celebrity support. From World of Women’s partner Reese Witherspoon to Eva Longoria, to Bryce Dallas Howard; from Snoop Dogg to Gary Vee, ... read More

June 02, 12:04 pm

Tether Co-Founder Believes TerraUSD's Collapse Could Be the End of...
TerraUSD's crash transpired an unprecedented level of scrutiny on DeFi's financial mechanisms and inevitably brought the feasibility of algorithmic stablecoins into question. Co-founder of BLOCKv and the popular stablecoin Tether said that UST's debacle is 'probably be the end' of so-called algorithmic stablecoins. Trust in Algo-stablecoin Teeters ... read More

May 14, 12:13 am

Snoop & Gary Vee Got “Ownership” Of A Basketball Team With I...
These BIG3 NFTs might become one of this year’s most entertaining stories. The 3-on-3 basketball league created by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz offers utility beyond belief for its “BIG3 Ownership” NFT collection. The Fire tier NFTs holders will get to effectively affect the game and the league via video calls with the team and coa... read More

May 10, 11:47 am

Blue Chip NFTs 101 – What Is The Proof Collective And Who's ...
The mysterious organization known as The Proof Collective defines itself as “a private members only collective of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists.” To join the Proof Collective someone would have to, you guessed it, own their NFT. So, in theory, anybody can be a part of it. In practice, though, the floor price for one of thei... read More

May 03, 7:55 am

Bored Ape's Land Sale Broke Ethereum. Extreme Success Or Roaring F...
On Saturday, April 30th, Bored Ape’s creators Yuga Labs broke Ethereum. Their new metaverse-inspired project, Otherside sold plots of virtual land to a roaring crowd of people yelling “Shut up and take my money!” In this case, the currency in question was the recently created ApeCoin. However, since Ethereum host ApeCoin and the l... read More

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