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Rapids (#RPD) News and Headlines

September 27, 9:17 am

Game On: 10 GameFi DAOs You Need to Know About in 2022
Players have always been the lifeblood of games, whether we’re talking about the retro arcade titles of the 1980s or immersive modern metaverses like Alien Worlds and Decentraland. And yet, until recently, players lacked organizational strength and clout: gamers were seen as the grunts on the ground who kept the enterprise moving, yet had lit... read More

September 16, 8:03 am

Web3 Platform Ready Player DAO Partners with Gaming Content Creator MYST...
[PRESS RELEASE Delaware, USA, 15th September 2022] A new strategic partnership is on the horizon as Web3 Gaming Organization, Ready Player DAO, continues to expand its global reach and esports & media strategies. In a landmark deal, Brandon Martyn, better known as MYSTIC7 the largest Pokémon GO Creator in the world, has joined Ready Player D... read More

July 05, 12:17 am

Intel Ships Blockscale ASIC Chips To Selected Bitcoin Mining Companies
It’s official, Intel is part of the bitcoin mining business. The gargantuan technology company announced its “ultra-low-voltage energy-efficient” ASIC chip barely six months ago, and it’s already here. Under normal circumstances, infrastructural support from a multinational company like Intel would be tremendous for the bitc... read More

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