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PRCY Coin (#PRCY) News and Headlines

February 08, 3:00 pm

Privacy Coin Interest Stays Tepid as Leading Coins Report Modest Gains i...
Over the past 90 days, the top privacy coins by market capitalization have seen an increase of just over $2 billion, rising from $4.65 billion on Nov. 9, 2022 to $6.69 billion today. However, while crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum saw gains of 30% or more in 30 days, privacy tokens like monero and zcash saw more modest increases, with gro... read More

March 21, 9:14 pm

Komodo upgrades AtomicDEX with improved features and 37 new crypto listi...
Komodo, a blockchain solution ecosystem, announced today an upgrade on the desktop application for its decentralized exchange with the release of AtomicDEX Desktop v0.5.5. The v.0.5.5 update introduces 37 new crypto asset listings along with some other enhancements. AtomicDEX charges zero fees for market makers and 0.13% for market takers, while ga... read More

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