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Opacity (#OPCT) News and Headlines

December 10, 8:00 pm

Why Are NFTs Bad? The Problem And Legal Issues
Why Are NFTs Bad? This pressing question underscores today's heated discussions around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Despite the buzz, many investors are left grappling with unsellable NFTs, questioning their value and security. This article cuts through the noise to examine the critical issues and legal challenges surrounding NFTs. We navigate the c... read More

October 21, 4:45 am

Tether's (USDT) Transparency Makeover: Real-Time Reserve Reports on the ...
Following an unexpected change in leadership, Tether seems to be charting an ambitious course for USDT. Despite facing substantial criticism regarding the perceived opacity of its reserve composition backing the stablecoin, with Paolo Ardoino taking over the role of CEO, Tether is actively working towards enhancing transparency. Tether Plans for Tr... read More

August 14, 9:20 am

Cardano (ADA) Approaches The $0.3 Resistance: What Lies Ahead?
The journey of Cardano (ADA) toward reclaiming the $0.3 price level seems to be growing more challenging in the days ahead, as the cryptocurrency grapples with persistent bearish pressure. After successfully managing to hold the line at $0.3 during the latter part of July, the digital asset encountered a setback in early August when this crucial s... read More

July 24, 8:10 am

ATPBot Launches Unique AI-Powered Crypto Investment App
[PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, July 24th, 2023] ATPBot has launched its AI-powered investment platform offering an innovative approach to cryptocurrency trading. By combining cutting-edge technology with expert strategy modeling, ATPBot is set to transform the way traders operate, providing a distinct advantage over manual trading methods. ... read More

March 08, 5:24 pm

Mat Collishaw Claims Heterosis NFT Art Project is Unmatched by Any Other...
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March 08, 5:14 pm

Compelling Arguments in Favor of Grayscale's Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval b...
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January 22, 4:00 pm

Examining the Holdings of 5 Centralized Crypto Exchanges: A Look at Bina...
After FTX collapsed, the incident prompted many major crypto exchanges to publish proof-of-reserves and lists of known addresses so users can verify the solvency of the trading platforms. While the veracity of these proof-of-reserve lists and asset dashboards is debatable, they do provide some insight into the large sums of cryptocurrency held in c... read More

August 19, 6:30 am

South African Banking Regulator: 'De-risking' Crypto Firms Potentially C...
According to the latest guidance note issued by the South African banking sector regulator, Prudential Authority, risk assessment does not mean financial institutions should avoid or eliminate risks via the wholesale termination of client relationships with entities such as crypto asset service providers. Instead, the regulator wants financial inst... read More

February 18, 3:37 am

Uncontrolled Investments in Crypto Could Affect the Global Financial Sta...
According to The Financial Stability Board, the growing appetite of large institutions and VC firms for cryptocurrency exposure could prove counterproductive not only for said financial giants but for the entire world. The watchdog called for exercising greater control over operations that involve significant money investments to avoid a potential ... read More

January 19, 6:00 am

Invictus NFT Lab Blazes Trail for a New Fine Art Paradigm
In our view, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) present a perfect tool to revolutionize the traditional Fine Art industry, to the benefit of both artists and collectors. With this in mind, the Invictus NFT Lab's inaugural Out of Africa collection aims to blaze the trail by facilitating, via the Ethereum blockchain, the sale of a p... read More

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