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Ocean Protocol   #OCEAN

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Ocean Protocol (#OCEAN) News and Headlines

January 22, 3:30 pm

Top 5 AI Crypto Tokens Experience Downturn, Sector Loses $960 Million in...
The value of crypto assets linked to artificial intelligence (AI) surged to $7 billion at the beginning of the year. However, recent weeks have seen a reduction of $960 million in the overall worth of the AI crypto sector. Each of the leading five AI-focused digital assets has experienced a decline in their value, ranging from 6% to 16% when measur... read More

January 18, 9:31 am

Robinhood Goes Shiba Crazy, Buys 230 Billion SHIB In 24 Hours – He...
On the widely-used trading platform Robinhood, Shiba Inu, frequently hailed as the 'Dogecoin slayer,' has sparked a surge of enthusiasm within the cryptocurrency realm. In a remarkable turn of events, Robinhood amassed a staggering 231 billion tokens within a mere 24 hours, boldly proclaiming its presence in the crypto arena. This surge in populari... read More

January 02, 6:30 pm

AI Crypto Assets Skyrocket 540% in Under a Year, Hitting $7 Billion Mark...
The sector of crypto economy dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) has been expanding steadily, and in the past 34 days, since Nov. 29, 2023, the market capitalization of AI-focused crypto assets has surged by $1.75 billion. A majority of the leading ten AI tokens experienced substantial growth, with more than half recording gains in the double... read More

December 23, 9:30 am

Jack Dorsey-Backed Ocean Bitcoin Mining Pool Introduces Block Template O...
Ocean, a Bitcoin mining pool backed by Jack Dorsey, has introduced block template options to allow individual miners to decide which transactions will be included in the next block. The feature, dubbed 'path to decentralization,' will allow pool users to mine transactions with Ordinal inscriptions, paying a premium of 2% over the other miners in th... read More

December 17, 11:30 pm

Bitcoin Core Dev Discusses 'Firing' All Miners With PoW Algo Change: Fei...
Over the last ten years, Luke Dashjr has emerged as a key player in the realm of Bitcoin development and the network's open-source software. His opposition to specific trends within the Bitcoin ecosystem has gained more attention lately. He has labeled Ordinal inscriptions and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin platform as detrimental to the... read More

December 16, 7:00 pm

Echoes of 2013: Bitcoin Mining Concentration Reaches Decade-High Levels
In the past 72 hours, Antpool has dominated 26.48% of Bitcoin's overall hashrate, closely followed by Foundry USA at 24.95%. Together, these two mining pools wield 51.43% of the prevailing 502 exahash per second (EH/s) total hashrate. This level of concentration in bitcoin mining pools has been unprecedented since 2013, reminiscent of the era when ... read More

December 15, 5:30 pm

Bitcoin Celebrates One Year of Ordinal Inscriptions With 48 Million Mark...
On Dec. 15, 2023, a significant milestone was achieved in the Bitcoin blockchain world, just a day shy of the anniversary of the first Ordinal inscription. The total count of Ordinal inscriptions has impressively hit the 48 million mark. Despite initial skepticism about their longevity, these inscriptions have not only persisted but now make up hal... read More

December 14, 5:16 pm

Ordinals and BRC-20 Are Not Displacing Normal BTC Transactions: Glassnod...
Ordinals critics are wrong in claiming that inscriptions – especially BRC-20 tokens – are a denial of service attack on regular Bitcoin (BTC) transfers, on-chain analysis suggests. According to lead Glassnode analyst James Check, the vast majority of Bitcoin block space today is still comprised of normal, monetary transactions – w... read More

December 13, 6:30 am

Bitcoin Developer Luke Dashjr Registers Ordinal Inscriptions Workaround ...
Luke Dashjr, Bitcoin developer and CTO of Mummalin, has registered a method that allows Ordinal inscriptions to be saved on the Bitcoin blockchain as a code vulnerability. The vulnerability, CVE-2023-50428, states that 'datacarrier size limits can be bypassed by obfuscating data as code,' as Ordinal inscriptions do to embed images and other kinds o... read More

December 10, 2:30 pm

Ripples in the Bitcoin Sea: Ocean Pool's Transaction Blacklist Sparks In...
In recent days, discussions have intensified around the emerging bitcoin mining pool Ocean and its decision to exclude certain transactions, specifically those linked to Ordinal inscriptions and coinjoin activities. Luke Dashjr, a key figure in Ocean's operations and a prominent Bitcoin Core developer, clarified to the public that the roots of this... read More

December 08, 1:00 pm

Samourai Wallet Calls out Ocean Pool for Censoring Whirlpool Privacy Tra...
Samourai, a privacy-focused bitcoin wallet, revealed the changes in the recent Bitcoin Knots software used by Ocean, a Bitcoin mining pool, censor Whirlpool transactions, a kind of coinjoin operation. The wallet explained that Ocean is pursuing a 'very slippery slope' by filtering these types of transactions. Samourai Wallet Reveals Ocean Is C... read More

December 07, 2:30 pm

Bitcoin Developer Luke Dashjr States Inscriptions Are Exploits, Hints at...
Luke Dashjr, bitcoin developer and Mummolin's CTO, has reiterated his negative opinion about Ordinal inscriptions, stating these leverage and exploit a vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core full node software implementation. Dashjr also hinted at correcting this 'exploit' in an upcoming version of the Bitcoin node software. Luke Dashjr Divides BTC... read More

December 06, 11:26 am

Bug Fix Expected to Halt BTC Ordinals and BRC-20 Tokens, Says Bitcoin De...
A Bitcoin Core developer, Luke Dashjr, asserted that a bug fix on the largest blockchain network could potentially prevent new BTC ordinals and BRC-20 tokens from causing congestion by addressing an alleged vulnerability. The statement comes as Bitcoin approaches the $45,000 mark and a surge in unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain, reigniting... read More

December 04, 11:00 pm

LUNC Stuns With 300% Gains, Can It Reach Its Previous ATH Market Cap?
The Terra Classic (LUNC) price has been on a tear recently and over the last month, it has managed to outperform almost every cryptocurrency in the market. Its price has risen over 300% in a 30-day period, and this has brought its market cap back over $1.5 billion once more. As the coin continues to outperform, the possibilities of it returning to ... read More

December 04, 9:30 pm

Bitcoin Hits Second-Highest Transaction Day Amid Price Surge, Record Inf...
Bitcoin marked its second most active day for transactions on December 3, 2023, as the cryptocurrency's value soared past the $40K mark. This surge in activity comes closely after the record-setting day of November 19, 2023, when bitcoin miners validated 710,579 transactions. On Sunday, bitcoin miners authenticated a total of 707,876 transactions d... read More

December 03, 5:22 am

Jack Dorsey Leads $6.2M OCEAN Funding Round to Decentralize Bitcoin Mini...
On Nov. 28, Mummolin announced that it had raised $6.2 million in seed funding led by Jack Dorsey for its new initiative called OCEAN, which aims to decentralize Bitcoin mining. OCEAN is launching as a transparent, non-custodial Bitcoin mining pool where miners get paid directly from the coinbase transaction instead of pools controlling funds. This... read More

December 01, 11:00 pm

Jack Dorsey Backed Bitcoin Mining Pool Ocean Acknowledges Filtering Ordi...
Ocean, a Bitcoin mining pool that recently raised $6.2 million in a seed funding round led by former Twitter (now known as X) CEO Jack Dorsey, is currently filtering ordinal inscription transactions. Giacomo Zucco, a bitcoiner, confirmed that Ocean was using Knots as a node, a software developed by Luke Dashjr known to filter Ordinal inscriptions. ... read More

November 18, 2:30 pm

AI-Driven Crypto Market Rebounds Back to $3 Billion Amid Surge in Leadin...
In the early months of 2023, the AI-driven crypto market soared, reaching a peak of over $4 billion. Yet, by the end of July, this sector experienced a notable decline, dropping to $2.6 billion. Despite this downturn, the last three months have witnessed a recovery in the AI-focused crypto landscape, with its value increasing to $3.32 billion, bols... read More

November 15, 10:00 pm

Is (FET) On The Cusp Of Another Mega Bull Run To 2021 Highs?
A crypto trader took to X on November 15, predicting that FET, the native currency of, an AI-centric platform, could be aligning itself for a 'green path,' resuming the uptrend of the past few weeks.  The analyst, @rektcapital, believes the recent price action on the weekly chart points to strength. Moreover, the possibility... read More

November 03, 3:21 pm

Meme-Based AI Personal Assistant Has Arrived – (AIM)
[PRESS RELEASE - London, Uk, November 3rd, 2023] In the ever-evolving world of technology, every so often, a project surfaces that not only captivates the imagination but also pledges to transform how we engage with the digital domain. Introducing, a trailblazing initiative poised to reshape our perception of AI personal assistants. This ... read More

October 31, 7:00 pm

Expert Insights: 7 Altcoins Showing Promising Breakout Potential –...
In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, renowned crypto expert Miles Deutscher provided valuable insights into his weekly tokens and narrative watchlist, focusing on critical altcoins and upcoming events with significant trading potential.  Altcoins Poised For Potential Breakout Deutscher's analysis sheds light on several altcoins, including So... read More

October 18, 8:00 pm

Expert Trader Identifies 6 High-Potential Altcoins To Watch
In its latest update on October 18, renowned crypto analyst Rekt Capital has highlighted six altcoins that have caught his attention, showing potential for the remainder of 2023, Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Dogecoin (DOGE), Woo Network (WOO), Verasity (VRA), Stellar (XLM), and Injective (INJ). Mixed Signals For Dogecoin Rekt Capital's analysis suggests... read More

October 16, 12:40 pm

Three Altcoins See Increased Whale Activity as This New ICO Raises $1.5 ...
Amid strengthening market conditions, several prominent Ethereum-based protocols have seen surging whale activity, indicating a potential reversal amid a bearish trajectory. Meanwhile, the new token Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has surged past $1.5 million as it enters its second presale round, as traders back it to be another altcoin to have a bulli... read More

August 31, 12:21 pm (FET) Price in Top Crypto Gainers Today, Are AI Coins OCEAN, PA...
The price is among the top crypto gainers today and outperforming the market, one of the few altcoins not to fully retrace their post-Grayscale news pump. FET Price Predictions FET was one of the best performers of early 2023, pumping 200% in January and a further 60% in February, as AI crypto projects took the limelight - before meme coin... read More

August 29, 11:22 pm

a16z-Backed Crypto Exchange CoinSwitch Dismisses 7% of its Workforce (Re...
CoinSwitch - an Indian cryptocurrency exchange backed by the financial giant Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) - has reportedly trimmed its team by 44 people, representing 7% of the total workforce. Another local digital asset organization that recently announced similar amendments is CoinDCX, which laid off 12% of its employees. What is the Reason? Accor... read More

August 21, 8:32 pm

ETHWarsaw Returns for its Second Edition Alongside Warsaw Blockchain Wee...
[Press Release - Warsaw, Poland, August 21st, 2023] ETHWarsaw, a web3 conference and hackathon, organized by a passionate group of local Ethereum enthusiasts, returns for its second edition. The event is set to take place from August 31st to September 3rd, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland, bringing together a global community of builders, founders, and educa... read More

August 13, 2:19 pm

eTukTuk is Helping The World Charge Forward into an Electric Future, Lea...
There are all sorts of projects out there in the crypto market, but there’s one notable niche that’s been growing rapidly in the past 12 months. This niche consists of projects that are working on eco-friendly use cases and ecosystems that are making the world a better place. One of the most notable of these projects is eTukTUk, a trans... read More

July 26, 11:00 am

Wallex.US Wallet Sponsors US Open of Surfing – One of the Largest ...
The newly launched a non-custodial crypto and defi wallet app Wallex.US is making a big splash by becoming the first ever cryptocurrency company sponsoring a major surfing event. The 2023 Wallex US Open of Surfing will be held in Huntington Beach, California, from July 29 through August 6, 2023. Wallex.US Is Making Big Waves Wallex.US has recently ... read More

July 24, 8:30 pm

AI Crypto Economy Suffers $1.42B Loss Since February Peak; Top Tokens Re...
In February 2023, the AI-driven cryptocurrency sector reached a staggering $4 billion in value. Yet, it has since experienced a downturn of $1.42 billion. Over the last week, eight of the top 10 AI-based crypto tokens saw declines against the U.S. dollar.Downturn Hits AI Crypto Market Once a thriving market, AI-focused cryptocurrency assets have un... read More

July 21, 1:24 pm

Pepe Coin Price Falls 14% In 7 Days – Traders Are Buying Evil Pepe...
Pepe’s price has shown significant weakness of late, falling 14% in seven days and 2.47% in the last 24 hours. The recent sell-off means the 13 July rally has been canceled out, leading to a head and shoulders pattern on the Pepe price chart. To make matters worse, the price has dropped below the head and shoulders neckline and crossed below ... read More

July 19, 2:15 pm

Alchemy Pay: Exploring the Development and Trends of the Emerging Crypto...
With traditional commercial institutions like Visa, Mastercard, Tesla, BNY Mellon, BlackRock, Gucci and countries such as El Salvador, Central African Republic constantly expanding in the cryptocurrency field, more and more investors are starting to look at cryptocurrency with new eyes. In 2022 alone, the number of cryptocurrency users has reached ... read More

July 10, 9:22 am

Swaap v2 Launches: Revolutionizing DeFi Market Making with Secure, Autop...
[PRESS RELEASE - Paris, France, July 10th, 2023] Leveraging its successful $4.5m fundraising, Swaap launches its v2 protocol, bringing easy-to-use and powerful market-making strategies to the global DeFi community. Swaap v2 is unique in addressing key challenges such as impermanent loss which have plagued Liquidity Providers. Swaap, the cutting-edg... read More

June 20, 6:15 am

Ecoterra is the New Green Crypto Project Turning Trash Into Cash Through...
Ecoterra is a brand new eco-friendly cryptocurrency project that will allow users to help fight the climate crisis and earn cash via its revolutionary mobile app. Users simply scan every day recyclable household waste and earn instant rewards - the project has already raised more than $5.2 million in its presale and is set for listing on exchanges ... read More

June 14, 8:23 am

TRON Builds on its Blockchain Origins with New Metaverse-Focused Mission...
[PRESS RELEASE - Geneva, Switzerland, June 14th, 2023] TRON unveiled its new mission, vision, and values at its annual internal conference last week. Founder Justin Sun delivered a speech outlining TRON's ongoing commitment to honoring its original goals, to innovating with real-world solutions, and to empowering decentralized commerce and communit... read More

June 13, 5:50 pm

New Recycle2Earn Crypto Ecoterra Raises Over $5m, Final Presale Stage Im...
Exciting crypto presale project ecoterra is now in its penultimate stage, leaving limited time before the eco-friendly token heads to exchanges. Priced at $0.00925 in stage 8 of its 9-stage presale, over $5 million has been invested in ECOTERRA tokens since the project launched just 11 weeks ago. With the current total standing at $4.815 million, t... read More

May 31, 11:00 am

Junkineering Launches a Closed Demo in Q3 2023: New Approach Vision for ...
What is wrong with the current P2E market Since most P2E projects do not create long-playing products, the Free-to-Play model of the past decade is breaking down, threatening to disrupt a $100B+ industry. The main lessons learned before 2023 are: NFTs were misused for trading and farming, not for gaming, Pay-to-play model anyway to engage in a ful... read More

May 28, 8:00 pm

AI-Centric Crypto Market Loses Over $1 Billion in Value in 90 Days 
Roughly three months ago, 74 AI-driven digital currencies boasted a market value exceeding $4 billion. However, since that time, the AI-centric crypto market has experienced a loss of more than $1 billion in value.The Decline in AI-Driven Cryptocurrencies: $1 Billion Wiped Out From Market At the start of the year, products incorporating artificial ... read More

April 20, 9:15 pm

Securing US Alternatives: Coinbase Obtains a License in Bermuda
The US-based cryptocurrency exchange - Coinbase - received approval from the Bermuda Monetary Authority to operate on the island. It also intends to establish an offshore derivatives marketplace in the region as soon as next week. CEO Brian Armstong recently said his entity could relocate to other countries if the American watchdogs do not impose a... read More

April 13, 11:50 am

Balaji Srinivasan: 'Giant Robot' of Crypto-Friendly States Needed to Bat...
Tech entrepreneur, angel investor, and author of The Network State, Balaji Srinivasan, says a proverbial 'giant robot' of supportive governing bodies and crypto proponents is needed to do battle with the 'giant monster' of the U.S. federal government. The former CTO of Coinbase also said he will issue an update on his ongoing $1 million-dollar bitc... read More

April 01, 8:30 am

'AI Tools Will Provide Very Interesting Enhancements for the Metaverse'&...
According to Dirk Lueth, co-founder of the Upland Metaverse, the colonization of the metaverse by tech giants and the building of so-called 'walled garden systems' is not sustainable. Lueth argues that instead of 'locking users in,' the metaverse should usher in 'a future where they are free to move between platforms and can easily take their asset... read More

March 24, 11:30 am

How Crypto Ended Up at the Center of a Potential $20 Billion Internal Co...
The establishment of sanctions by the Trump administration towards PDVSA, the state oil company in Venezuela, reportedly forced the hand of the government in the country to find alternative means of payment for crude oil. According to reports, more than $3 billion are missing from these payments that were brokered by Sunacrip, the national crypto w... read More

March 15, 4:04 pm

Openai's GPT-4 Launch Sparks Surge in AI-Centric Crypto Assets
Following Openai's release of GPT-4, a deep learning and artificial intelligence product, crypto assets focused on AI have spiked in value. The AGIX token of the Singularitynet project has risen 25.63% in the last 24 hours. Over the last seven days, four out of the top five AI-centric digital currencies have seen double-digit gains against the U.S.... read More

March 07, 2:50 pm

Artificial Intelligence & Crypto Guide: Here Are the Top 5 AI Coins
The cryptocurrency industry is known for its explosive trends where a group of projects takes for the sky, outperforming the rest of the market considerably. There’s been a few of these already in 2023, but one that stands out seems to be a trend related to projects that have been working on solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. A close... read More

February 27, 7:00 pm

Artificial Intelligence Crypto Assets Continue to Surge, Accounting for ...
Following a brief downturn in mid-February 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) crypto assets have continued to see gains over the last 30 days. Currently, out of 74 listed AI-focused cryptocurrencies, the net value of all these tokens has risen to more than $4 billion, which accounts for 0.37% of the entire crypto economy's value. Majority of Listed... read More

February 27, 4:01 pm

Institutional Pipe Investor With $2B in Executed Financing Commitments L...
[PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, UAE, 27th February 2023] Alpha Blue Ocean (“ABO”), based in the Bahamas and Dubai, has announced the launch of a new private investment firm, ABO Digital, that will provide alternative financing solutions to early-stage and high-growth companies in the digital asset space. Leveraging ABO's experience as a structu... read More

January 29, 6:30 pm

Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency: The Rise of AI-Focused Proje...
Trends show that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a major topic in 2023, as data indicates a surge in interest. Since interest peaked and Microsoft invested billions into Chatgpt, demand for AI-focused cryptocurrency projects has risen dramatically. For example, the crypto project has seen its native token FET rise 212% in the past 30 ... read More

January 19, 11:30 pm

Davos 2023: WEF Unveils Global Collaboration Village Metaverse Platform
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced the rollout of the Global Collaboration Village, its own metaverse platform, for this year. Klaus Schwab, chairman of the WEF, plans to leverage this representation of Davos to allow people and leaders to meet in virtual worlds and coordinate global collaboration efforts efficiently. WEF to Promote Meta... read More

November 21, 1:43 pm

Polkadot Snags No. 1 Spot In Dev't Activity This Month – Time To G...
Certainly a welcome change for those who work in crypto. Despite widespread doom and gloom, Polkadot native coin, DOT, has become the most discussed cryptocurrency in the community. Still, that's not the end of the good news. A recent tweet by @PolkadotInsider explained how Polkadot has more active developers than Ethereum. This demonstrates the ec... read More

November 18, 7:39 am

MEXC Global Now Exceeds 10 Million Users, The Meaning Behind the Upgrade...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] As of September 2022, MEXC has finally reached a respectable milestone of 10 million users! To celebrate this unique achievement, starting November 18th of this year, MEXC will introduce a major brand color change to its global userbase to spread awareness for which it stands for. After surveying customers d... read More

October 28, 11:30 pm

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Breaks Out With Bullish Bias, Will $0.25 Play Out...
OCEAN's price shows strength as it bounces from a downtrend range price rallied to a high of $0.18 with eyes set on $0.25.  OCEAN could rally more as the price creates more bullish bias breaking out of its descending triangle with good volume as the price could rally to $0.25.  OCEAN's price remains strong on the daily timeframe above the... read More

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