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$46.8 K

NFTX (#NFTX) News and Headlines

June 28, 6:00 am

CoinEx Institution?From NFT to NFT-fi: Real Demands or False Proposition...
  It has been more than a year since the NFT boom in 2021. According to NFTGO, the market cap of NFTs peaked at $36.8 billion in March 2022. As the market later cooled, the trading volume and market cap of NFTs started to shrink. This crypto novelty expanded its influence beyond the crypto community and fostered a huge market, which also gave ... read More

March 18, 8:42 am

How Someone Made $820K From ApeCoin's Airdrop Via Flashloan
With the anticipation skyrocketing around BAYC’s launch of a new token, an unknown user gamed the system and received more than 60,000 APE tokens. After paying off the flash loan and the fees, they netted $820,000 (almost 300 ETH). CryptoPotato reported yesterday the frenzy around the new ApeCoin that led to a pump and dump in Bored Ape Yach... read More

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