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June 29, 12:40 am

CryptoCom Removes DOGE, SHIB, and 13 Other Altcoins From Earn Progr... on Monday removed 15 altcoins including Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) from its Crypto Earn program. The delisting of these cryptocurrencies will be effective from 27 June 2022, 10:00 UTC, the company said. It also revised the interest rates of 5 stablecoins and added three new coins to the reward program. Under the Crypto Earn pr... read More

June 28, 1:00 am

Dogecoin Has Formed A Bullish Reversal Pattern, What's Next?
Dogecoin's price has been optimistic over the last week. The coin secured double digit gains over the last seven days, it rose by nearly 20%. The meme-coin has been experiencing rigid resistance at the $0.07 level and if it trades around the current price level, it could fall to its next support line of $0.05. The bulls have tried to show signs of ... read More

June 27, 4:00 pm

Biggest Movers: DOGE Nears 20-Day High, as TRON Also Surges
DOGE was trading higher on Monday, as prices rose to their highest level in almost 20 days. TRX was also in the green to start the week, as prices continued to climb, following a recent streak of bullish momentum. Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE was a notable mover during today's session, as prices rose to their highest point in nearly 20 days. On Monday, D... read More

June 27, 8:49 am

Bitcoin Tapped 10-Day High, Dogecoin Soars 9% (Market Watch)
Bitcoin kept climbing in the past 24 hours and reached a ten-day high of just under $22,000. Most of the altcoins have retraced slightly in the same timeframe, except for Dogecoin, which is up by over 9%. Bitcoin Rejected at $22K After bottoming at $17,500 last Sunday, an 18-month low, the primary cryptocurrency began its recovery on Monday and qui... read More

June 26, 11:30 am

Ruble Hits 7-Year High, Bukele, O'Leary Unfazed by Crypto Downturn, Elon...
As sanctioned Russia's fiat currency soars in value against the U.S. dollar, and crypto markets remain unpredictable, economists and crypto enthusiasts continue to puzzle and debate over what the next market move will be. In spite of this, several influential voices remain unperturbed when it comes to the future of decentralized digital assets, wit... read More

June 22, 5:39 am

Dogecoin Price Jumps As Elon Musk Reiterates Support For Meme Crypto At ...
Dogecoin, one of the most popular parody coins in the crypto market, is on a tear today. The crypto was up 13% at the time of publication. The move comes as Tesla CEO Elon Musk repeated his support for cryptocurrency on Tuesday at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha. Musk stated at the Qatar Economic Forum that he buys and backs it because people 'who... read More

June 21, 11:30 pm

Elon Musk Discusses Crypto Investing, Dogecoin Support, 'Unresolved' Twi...
Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk has shared his views on a variety of topics, including crypto investing, why he supports the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin, 'unresolved matters' in his Twitter takeover bid, and the likelihood of a near-term U.S. recession.Elon Musk on Crypto Investing Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared his thoughts on a wide range of topics i... read More

June 21, 4:00 pm

Biggest Movers: DOGE, SHIB Near 10-Day Highs, Following Recent Surges in...
SHIB was trading almost 15% higher during today's session, as its price approached a ten-day high. Its fellow meme coin, DOGE, was also in the green on Tuesday, with prices hitting their highest point since June 12. Shiba Inu (SHIB) SHIB was once again in the green on Tuesday, as it continued to move away from this weekend's lows. Over the weekend,... read More

June 19, 7:51 pm

Elon Musk: I Will Keep Supporting Dogecoin Despite The $258 Billion Laws...
Elon Musk, the world's richest man and self-proclaimed Doge Father, has declared his unwavering support for the leading meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. Elon Musk to Keep Supporting Dogecoin The Tesla CEO posted on Twitter earlier today: 'I will keep supporting Dogecoin.' He also revealed in response to a user that he is still buying the memecoin. As... read More

June 16, 8:11 pm

Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX Sued for $258 Billion Dogecoin 'Pyramid Scheme'
Is Elon Musk’s promotion of Dogecoin coming back to bite him? The billionaire and his companies are now being sued for $258 billion for engaging in a so-called 'crypto pyramid scheme' by way of the meme coin. Sued for Memes? As reported by the New York Post, the federal lawsuit was filed in Lower Manhattan by plaintiff Keith Johnson. He named... read More

June 15, 4:18 pm

AscendEX lists new leveraged tokens: ADA, DOGE, DOT, EOS, GALA and LINK
AscendEX, a full-stack cryptocurrency exchange platform, announced today the addition of six new leveraged tokens for trading: ADA, DOGE, DOT, EOS, GALA, and LINK, set to go live June 16, 2:00 a.m. UTC. For more details on the new listings, see below: Token 3X Leverage Long 5X Leverage Long 3X Leverage Short 5X Leverage Short ADA ADA3L/USDT AD... read More

June 13, 3:00 pm

Biggest Movers: DOGE, SOL Hit 1-Year Lows as Cryptos Crash
DOGE and SOL were some notable movers on Monday, as crypto markets were once again hit by a red wave. DOGE dropped to its lowest level since April 2021, whilst SOL was also trading close to a one-year low to start the week. Solana (SOL) SOL's sell-off saw prices fall to their lowest level since July last year, as crypto markets were down across the... read More

June 13, 1:59 pm

Dogecoin Shed 91% Of Its Value Since 2021 High – A Musk Tweet To P...
The Dogecoin army has been closely monitoring the meme coin's depreciating value week by week. DOGE has lost an enormous amount of value from its all-time high on May 8, 2017, despite the fact that it remains one of the top 12 cryptocurrencies. Monday's Coingecko statistics reveals that DOGE is trading at $0.054143, a decrease of 34% over the previ... read More

June 12, 1:30 pm

Meme Token King Dogecoin Lost 91% in Value Since Last Year's High, DOGE ...
After a prominent rise last year, 2022 has not been too kind to the top meme coin asset dogecoin. Currently, the father of the meme coin economy, dogecoin, has lost 91% in value since the crypto asset's all-time high. Despite the drop, dogecoin is still a top ten contender among the largest crypto market valuations today.The Dogecoin Dog Days - Mem... read More

June 12, 8:51 am

Dogecoin Mining Revenue Massively Fell In Past 12 Months
Dogecoin continues to plunge as it failed to retain support at the $0.08 level. The bad news is that the Dogecoin price can still fall further down as the bears appear to have bypassed the triangular structure that has latched ferociously around it the previous month. With the structure breached, the bears could pump in more capital to earn more fr... read More

June 10, 12:45 pm

Dogecoin Market Cap Shed $6-B Last Month – Will Bearish Pressure C...
Dogecoin was one of the cryptocurrencies that took a heavy blow from a market crisis that broke out in March, resulting in a precipitous decline in its market capitalization. According to a chart by Coingecko on Friday, Dogecoin (DOGE) is trading at $0.079378, a decrease of 4.1% over the past week. Its most recent price activity resulted in a marke... read More

June 07, 11:00 pm

SpartaCats Troll DOGE With Billboard Near SpaceX Office
PRESS RELEASE. SpartaCats, a novel meme-coin project based on BNB and the Everscale blockchain network, put up a digital billboard advertisement in Hawthorne, California, near the headquarters of Tesla and SpaceX. In the ad, you can see an image of cats taking off in a rocket, leaving behind a smoking dog. Next comes an image where cats drive dogs ... read More

June 03, 5:00 pm

Bearish Year Leaves Dogecoin Trading Below $0.10, Who Remains In Profit?
Dogecoin has found itself unable to rally the way it did in the first half of 2021, thus resulting in it losing most of the value generated during that time. Nevertheless, it remains mostly profitable for the majority of its investors. The meme coin which has since lost its footing above 10 cents still remains the largest meme coin and a top 10 cry... read More

June 02, 9:18 pm

US Senate Candidate Will Propose to Make Dogecoin Legal Tender if he Win...
Timothy Ursich Jr. - who runs for election to the US Senate to represent California - vowed that he will draft a bill proposing Dogecoin as an official payment method if he is victorious. He also opined that two of the best instruments against the current galloping inflation are the leading cryptocurrencies - bitcoin and ether. The Votes Could Dete... read More

May 31, 4:38 pm

Elon Musk Calls Dogecoin Co-Creator Jackson Palmer a “Tool”
Elon Musk has fired back at Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer for his recent claims that the Tesla CEO doesn’t understand basic code. Instead, Musk insisted that it was Palmer that had the coding skills of a child, and invited him to share his coding prowess with the world. Jackson Palmer on Blast Musk’s comments were a response to a r... read More

May 30, 11:16 pm

Dogecoin Co-Creator Shares Thoughts on Current Crypto Climate
Jackson Palmer - one of Dogecoin's founders - sees the cryptocurrency space as an ecosystem where wealthy people are getting even more prosperous on the back of tax avoidance or scammed individuals. He thinks the market's current decline will not last long, regretting the end of crypto is not near. Palmer is a well-known crypto critic, and his late... read More

May 29, 12:03 pm

Dogecoin Price Analysis: Despite Elon Musk's Recent Tweets, DOGE At Crit...
Like the rest of the cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin had seen a painful month in May, experiencing a rapid decline in its DOGE valuation. Can Elon Musk save his favorite cryptocurrency with the price at critical support? Key Support levels: $0.08Key Resistance levels: $0.11 DOGE had a positive month in April, but all of this came to an abrupt stop in Ma... read More

May 28, 2:00 pm

Biggest Movers: DOGE Climbs Following Spacex News, XTZ Rebounds From Rec...
DOGE rose on Saturday, following yesterday's tweets from Elon Musk confirming that Spacex could soon accept the memecoin as a payment option for merch. Tezos was also higher to start the weekend, as it rose by nearly 5%. Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE was one of the most notable movers in crypto markets on Saturday, coming as traders continued to buy the mem... read More

May 28, 2:30 am

Elon Musk Says Spacex Will Soon Accept Dogecoin for Merchandise — ...
Spacex and Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that dogecoin will soon be accepted at Spacex for merchandise, in the same way Tesla is accepting DOGE payments. Furthermore, Starlink subscriptions may also be paid with dogecoin 'one day.'Spacex to Soon Accept Dogecoin for Merchandise Dogecoin got a little boost Friday when Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced via Twi... read More

May 27, 7:37 pm

Dogecoin Spiked 15% as Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Soon Accept it for Mer...
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the firm will soon accept Dogecoin as a form of payment. Previously, on similar occasions, Musk's comments had driven the popular meme coin to surge in value within a short period of time. This time, the cryptocurrency spiked nearly 15% right after the news broke, but it soon gave away most of its gains. After announcing ... read More

May 25, 4:51 am

5 Up-and-Coming DOGE Projects that Might be Worth Your Money
In the 2021 bull run, cryptocurrencies that played on the dog theme dominated the market. It all started on April 2nd, when Elon Musk tweeted “Dogecoin might be my fav cryptocurrency. It’s pretty cool.” In the weeks that followed, Dogecoin - cryptocurrency’s original meme - skyrocketed from a meager $0.05 to a high of $0.75 ... read More

May 17, 7:14 pm

Dogecoin Co-Founder Says 95% of Crypto Projects Are Scams, Elon Musk Rea...
Billy Markus, co-founder of the popular memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE), said the great majority of cryptocurrency projects in the industry are nothing but scams and garbage with no real value to offer. Markus: 95% of Crypto Projects are Scams In a recent tweet, the Dogecoin creator argued that 95% of cryptocurrencies are worthless as they have succeeded ... read More

May 14, 1:30 am

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Reaffirms Dogecoin 'Has Potential as a Currency' as ...
Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk says that dogecoin has potential as a currency. However, his Twitter buyout deal has been put on hold 'pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users.' Elon Musk Says Dogecoin Has Potential as a Currency Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made another bullish statement ab... read More

May 13, 1:10 am

Dogecoin Has Dropped 90% Since “The Dogefather” Debuted On S...
Dogecoin, the most popular meme cryptocurrency, has dropped 30% in the last 24 hours, but has already started to rebound. Someone moved around 250 million Dogecoins during this enormous price drop, with little more than half of that amount going to Robinhood. Whale Move Dogecoin To Robinhood The @DogeWhaleAlert account, which monitors large Dogecoi... read More

May 11, 7:56 am

Shiba Inu Vs. Dogecoin And LUNA: Which One Will Survive The Crypto Carna...
Shiba Inu is proving that despite the previous weeks' turmoil in the broader crypto market, it can stand its ground and be unfazed by what's going on. Following a severe selloff in the previous session, major crypto tokens recovered on Wednesday. However, the increases were modest, indicating sluggish market confidence. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, comm... read More

May 08, 2:45 pm

Meme Token Carnage — DOGE, SHIB Prices Sink Lower, Dogecoin Down 8...
Today's top meme coins have lost 4.8% in value against the U.S. dollar, as the crypto market carnage has wreaked havoc across the entire digital currency economy. While dogecoin had a phenomenal year in 2021, over the past 12 months, dogecoin lost 82.8% against the USD.DOGE Tapped an All-Time High a Year Ago Today, Meme Coin Value Is Down 82% Since... read More

May 05, 3:40 pm

Ice Cube Says He's Down With the DOGE Army
Renowned American rapper and actor – O'Shea Jackson Sr. (better known as Ice Cube) – asserted that he is a supporter of the first-ever memecoin Dogecoin. Thus, he put his name next to the likes of Elon Musk, Roger Ver, Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, and more. Ice Cube Among the DOGE Proponents Despite being created as a joke in 2013, Dogecoi... read More

May 05, 1:00 am

Dogecoin Price Could Plunge To $0.11 Owing To A Consistent Downslide
Dogecoin, the largest meme-coin by market capitalisation has bled for close to a week now. Prices of the coin have looked bearish in the last 24 hours and continued to look negative at press time. In the past week, Dogecoin lost 4.9% because of falling buying strength. The bulls have stayed out of the charts since the beginning of this month. If th... read More

May 02, 2:00 am

Elon Musk, Mark Cuban Discuss Using Dogecoin to Solve Twitter Spam Probl...
Shark Tank star Mark Cuban has come up with a way to solve Twitter's spam problem using the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOGE). Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk agrees that it is 'not a bad idea.' Twitter recently accepted Musk's buyout offer.Elon Musk Optimistic About Mark Cuban's Dogecoin Idea Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been discussing on Twitter how... read More

April 29, 9:50 am

Roger Ver: Dogecoin Is Significantly Better Than Bitcoin
One of bitcoin’s early investors – Roger Ver – opined that Dogecoin (DOGE) has certain advantages over the primary cryptocurrency. Additionally, he supported Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter, opining that Tesla’s CEO could end “censorship” on the social media platform. Dogecoin Emerges as Bitcoin’s... read More

April 29, 1:00 am

Dogecoin Displays A Falling Wedge Pattern; Here's What It Means
Dogecoin was struggling beneath its immediate resistance mark over the past 72 hours. The meme coin was seen consolidating on its charts. In the last 24 hours, Dogecoin barely displayed any price action. Bitcoin was seen trading above the $40,000 mark finally which displayed signs of strength, altcoins were yet to follow the same price action. The ... read More

April 28, 2:00 pm

Dogecoin Plummets As Investors' Doubts After Musk Twitter Takeover Unfol...
Investors are raising concerns about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. After soaring to a multi-week high price, the Dogecoin has crashed by 20% and is trading at $0.1381 with a total market cap of around $18 billion. In an announcement on Monday, Twitter agreed to be acquired by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for $54 per share. For 24 hour... read More

April 27, 2:03 pm

Dogecoin Volatility with 40% Surge and Retracement, Where to Next? (DOGE...
Dogecoin rallied 40% this week when the news that Elon Musk has bought Twitter was confirmed. Elon hinted in the past that Twitter could use Dogecoin for payments. Key Support levels: $0.125, $0.11Key Resistance levels: $0.15, $0.19 DOGE was an outlier on Monday, exploding in price and increasing by 40% before bears took over the price action. Sinc... read More

April 27, 8:56 am

Dogecoin (DOGE) Struggles, Drops 9% After Elon Musk Twitter Buyout
Dogecoin struggles to maintain its momentum, dropping steadily by 9%. And it seems investors are letting the chips fall where they may. Following the announcement that Elon Musk would buy Twitter, DOGE soared 26% and everything went bullish especially after the news that the Tesla CEO bought Twitter for $44 billion. Suggested Reading | Dogecoin (DO... read More

April 27, 8:54 am

Rollercoaster: Bitcoin Dumped to 6-Week Low, Dogecoin Plunges 12% (Marke...
Just a day after it soared above $40,000, bitcoin reversed its trajectory and dumped to a six-week low beneath $38,000. The altcoins are also deep in the red, with Dogecoin losing all recent gains that came out of the Elon Musk-Twitter saga. Bitcoin's New Drop After several consecutive days of price falls, bitcoin finally initiated an impressive le... read More

April 26, 1:06 pm

Dogecoin (DOGE) Trading Volume Plunges – Here's Why
With a bearish market, the canine-themed meme coin Dogecoin suffered a major decline in trading volume. Investor interest also dramatically waned starting December 2021. Further, there was a huge 66% slump in trading volume from January to March of 2021. Things got even worse in February when Russia invaded Ukraine.   Suggested Reading | ... read More

April 26, 8:41 am

Bitcoin Reclaims $40K, Dogecoin Soars 33% on Musk-Twitter News (Market W...
After marking a multi-week low at $38,000, bitcoin went on the offensive and reclaimed $40,000. The altcoins are also well in the green today, with Dogecoin stealing the show following a 33% surge after the Elon Musk-Twitter news. Bitcoin Reclaims $40K The bears had almost complete control over the market in the past several days. It all started on... read More

April 26, 6:25 am

Dogecoin (DOGE) Jumps 30% After Elon Musk Buys Twitter
Dogecoin (DOGE) soared nearly 30% Tuesday after Elon Musk agreed to acquire Twitter Inc for $44 billion, multiple news outlets reported. The cryptocurrency featuring a Shiba Inu meme, which has long been a favorite of the centibillionaire, was up 22.14 percent to $0.162 as of 01:10 a.m. IST Tuesday, according to CoinMarketCap statistics. Twitter's ... read More

April 26, 2:30 am

Meme Token Economy Jumps Close to 10% Higher After Dogecoin Spike Fuels ...
The top meme tokens by market capitalization saw a significant jump on Monday after being fueled by dogecoin's recent price rise. Crypto meme coins like shiba inu, dogelon mars, and floki inu saw 2-13% gains over the last 24 hours. The entire meme token economy is worth $35.8 billion, up 9.4% today.Meme Token Assets See Double-Digit Gains on Monday... read More

April 25, 8:57 pm

Dogecoin Jumps Back Into Top 10 After Musk Buying Twitter News
With the crypto market on a bearish trend, Dogecoin lost its spot as one of the top coins slipping to 14th rank on CoinMarketCap. However, it quickly rose back into 10th place after the news break today that Elon Musk is buying Twitter. DOGE was out of the top 10 cryptos for a long but today’s rise has put the coin back into the top 10 crypto... read More

April 25, 1:29 pm

Dogecoin Soars 15% as Musk-Twitter Deal to be Reportedly Finalized
Reports claim that Tesla’s CEO – Elon Musk – will most probably become Twitter’s new owner. The entrepreneur is a keen supporter of Dogecoin, and the rumors caused a 15% spike in DOGE’s price. The world’s richest man – Elon Musk – and the social media platform – Twitter – have been intera... read More

April 24, 9:05 pm

Can Dogecoin Slide Further? Key Technical Levels To Keep An Eye On
Dogecoin remains bearish at the time of writing as it just broke below its immediate price support line. Broader market weakness can be attributed to the price fall. Major market movers have displayed choppy price action. Over the last 24 hours, Dogecoin lost 2% and in the last week, it declined by 8%. The global cryptocurrency market cap was at $1... read More

April 23, 7:00 pm

Devs Send the First Dogecoin Transaction Without Internet via Radio Doge
According to Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin, a DOGE transaction was sent via radio using a protocol called 'Radio Doge.' Dogecoin proponents say Radio Doge will 'enable access to dogecoin for people outside the reach of the internet.'4.20 Dogecoin Sent via Radio Transmission On April 22, 2022, the first dogecoin (DOGE) transaction was sent via rad... read More

April 20, 7:30 pm

Doge Day Then and Now: Lackluster Buzz as Dogecoin's Price Is 65% Lower ...
While April 20 or 420 is synonymous with cannabis culture, the day is also considered 'Doge Day,' by a great number of dogecoin supporters. The day prior on Twitter, the Doge network's co-founder Billy Markus asked what people should expect on Doge Day and for dogecoin's price action. 12 months ago dogecoin was swapping hands for $0.44 per unit on ... read More

April 15, 2:30 pm

Robinhood's CEO, Elon Musk, and DOGE Co-Founder Billy Markus Discuss Imp...
On Thursday, following Robinhood's listing of shiba inu, the co-founder and CEO of Robinhood, Vladimir Tenev, spoke about dogecoin being the future currency of the internet on Twitter. Tenev's Twitter thread got a lot of comments and also received responses from the co-founder of the meme-based crypto, Billy Markus, and Tesla's Elon Musk.Robinhood ... read More

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