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Darico Ecosystem Coin (#DEC) News and Headlines

January 20, 6:30 pm

Bitcoin Whale Carries Out Massive Sell-Off As BTC Price Suppression Cont...
An anonymous Bitcoin whale may have triggered a massive sell-off panic in the crypto market recently. According to an X (formerly Twitter) post by Ali Martinez, the whale sold off a whopping 59,000 BTC totaling over $2.45 billion.  Bitcoin Whale Dumps 59,000 BTC In his X post, Martinez announced that a Bitcoin whale has initiated a large-scal... read More

December 29, 11:18 am

Solana (SOL) Rollercoaster, Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions, Shiba Inu (S...
TL;DR Solana (SOL) has experienced notable volatility, with rapid price fluctuations and shifts in its ranking within the cryptocurrency market. Ripple (XRP) is the focus of bullish predictions by analysts, forecasting significant price increases in the coming months. Shiba Inu's Shibarium blockchain solution has reached a significant milestone in... read More

December 26, 9:08 am

Solana (SOL) Price Explosion, Bitcoin (BTC) Ready for a Rally, Important...
TL;DR Solana's Growth: Solana's SOL token has seen a significant increase, with its price rising by 1,000% since January, surpassing other major cryptocurrencies in market capitalization and excelling in the NFT sector. Bitcoin's Recovery: Bitcoin has recovered from its 2022 losses, hitting a yearly high and showing signs of a strong finish for th... read More

December 23, 6:00 pm

$10 Million Worth Of Dogecoin Exit Robinhood – What This Could Mea...
On-chain data has revealed more than 112 million Dogecoin tokens recently made their way out of Robinhood into an unknown wallet. DOGE transfers into crypto exchanges have seen an uptick in the past few days, as the crypto continues to struggle to keep up pace compared to other top cryptocurrencies. However, according to Whale Alerts, 112 million D... read More

December 20, 8:30 am

Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions, Bitcoin (BTC) Looking for a Breakout, Bo...
TL;DR Bitcoin (BTC): Reached over $44,000 in December but then declined. Analysts predict potential rise to $100,000 by 2025-2026, influenced by the 2024 halving event. Ripple (XRP): Peaked above $0.80 in July, now fluctuating around $0.60. Future projections vary, with some expecting significant growth. Bonk Inu (BONK): Experienced a sharp rise, ... read More

December 19, 6:50 am

Collab.Land Launches First SocialFi Bot, Telefrens, to Empower Crypto Tr...
[PRESS RELEASE - Denver, USA, December 18th, 2023] The popular token gating tool is launching the first SocialFi bot on Arbitrum for intuitive token trading within Telegram. Collab.Land [$COLLAB], an automated member management system for tokenized communities, introduced Telefrens powered by Arbitrum today, the first Social Finance (SocialFi) bot ... read More

December 18, 2:25 pm

Here's How This Trader Turned $226K to $1.69M in 5 Days With Dogwifcoin ...
A crypto trader has raked in more than $1.4 million in profit within five days by purchasing millions of Dogwifhat (WIF) tokens, a dog-themed meme coin on the Solana network. According to a tweet by blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain, the trader began their WIF journey by purchasing $226,000 worth of the tokens after they were launched on Sol... read More

December 18, 9:27 am

Ripple (XRP) Price Developments, Bitcoin (BTC) Tumbles Toward $41K, Bonk...
TL;DR Bitcoin's Volatility: Bitcoin experienced fluctuating prices, moving between $38,000 and $44,000, with predictions of future growth to $100,000 influenced by factors like BTC halving and political events. Ripple's XRP Prospects: Experts predict that Ripple's XRP, currently around $0.60-$0.61, could surge significantly, potentially reaching u... read More

December 17, 1:15 pm

Is the Ripple (XRP) Price in Danger? Closer Look at an Important Metric
Ripple dominance, the measure of XRP's market share by market capitalization in the competitive cryptocurrency segment, is flashing a warning signal this year. XRP Dominance Trends Lower XRP dominance is down 3.63% for the week, 18.83% over the past month, and 10.63% over the past six months. On the one-year window, Ripple's percentage market share... read More

December 17, 7:34 am

Here's When Bitcoin Will Break its $69K ATH, According to VanEck CEO
Jan van Eck - the CEO of VanEck - one of the first global financial companies to file for a spot Bitcoin ETF years ago - believes BTC is a unique asset that will be extremely hard to duplicate or outdo. He also refuted the speculations that the asset is one big bubble and said there will be a new all-time high within the next 12 months. New ATH by ... read More

December 14, 10:33 am

Bitcoin (BTC) Rollercoaster, Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions, Solana (SOL...
TL;DR Bitcoin (BTC) reached over $44,000, a 20-month high, before falling below $41,000, but recently surged again to $43,000, influenced by the Federal Reserve's decision to keep interest rates unchanged and hint at future rate cuts. Ripple (XRP) also saw significant fluctuations, moving from around $60 to almost $70, then back to $60, with recen... read More

December 13, 3:30 pm

Okx Dex Falls Victim to $2.7M Cyber Heist, Arkham Confirms
Numerous reports reveal that a security breach at Okx's decentralized exchange (dex) platform resulted in financial damages estimated at $2.7 million, as confirmed by the onchain intelligence firm Arkham.Crypto Platform Okx Dex Hit by $2.7 Million Hack, Bounty Offered for Hacker's Capture The breach of the Okx Dex platform occurred on December 13, ... read More

December 11, 9:41 am

Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions, Bitcoin (BTC) Volatility, Bonk Inu (BONK...
TL;DR Bitcoin's Volatility: After surpassing $44,000, Bitcoin's price dropped below $42,000, causing over $400 million in liquidations. On-chain metrics indicate potential for reduced volatility. BONK's Success: Bonk Inu (BONK) experienced significant growth, rising 400% monthly and surpassing major memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Ripple's ... read More

December 07, 8:17 am

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Explosion, Solana (SOL) Volatility, Ripple (XRP) Tar...
TL;DR Bitcoin (BTC): Surpassed $44,000, contributing to a global crypto market cap of over $1.65 trillion, with signs of continued bullishness. Solana (SOL): Experienced price volatility, currently hovering around $64, with potential for an upcoming rally based on positive on-chain metrics. Ripple (XRP): Trading around $0.64, up 88% since January,... read More

December 04, 11:40 am

Newest Ripple (XRP) Developments, Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rally, Bullish Sol...
TL;DR Bitcoin surged to nearly $42,000, its highest in 19 months. Factors like the 2024 Bitcoin halving could spur further increases. Ripple's XRP also rose, reaching $0.64, boosted by bullish market trends and its new trading pairs on Solana's SOL increased 15%, hitting $65, with predictions of a significant rise to between $300 and $... read More

December 04, 10:08 am

Will Ripple (XRP) Price Follow the Bitcoin Bull Run in December?
TL;DR Bitcoin Surge: Bitcoin's price exceeds $41K, up over 10% since December 1st, potentially signaling an altcoin season and influencing Ripple (XRP) prospects. Ripple's Performance: XRP's modest increase to $0.64, with a 5.4% gain since December 1st, contrasts Bitcoin's rise; increased derivatives market interest hints at future volatility. Inf... read More

December 01, 9:36 am

Bullish Ripple (XRP) Targets, Bitcoin (BTC) Developments, Solana (SOL) P...
TL;DR XRP Outlook: EGRAG CRYPTO suggests XRP might reach $10 in the near term and potentially $50 by November 2024. Bitcoin (BTC) Trends: BTC supply on exchanges hits a six-year low at 5.38%, influenced by reduced trust in exchanges and recent Binance's $4.3 billion fine settlement. Solana (SOL) Predictions: SOL's price is expected to rise, with a... read More

November 30, 6:00 pm

Bitcoin Alert: $137 Million Moved By Long-Sleeping Whale, Market Braces ...
Recently, the crypto community witnessed a notable event as a dormant Bitcoin whale, inactive for nearly four years, returned to the market. According to data from the crypto analytics platform Lookonchain, this enigmatic entity transferred 3,623 BTC, worth roughly $136.94 million, to two newly created wallets. Market Speculations And Potential Imp... read More

November 30, 11:13 am

Dormant Bitcoin Whale Transfers $137 Million in BTC After 4 Years
A Bitcoin wallet address has sprung back to life after approximately four years of inactivity. The dormant whale transferred its entire stash of 3,623 BTC - worth around $136.94 million - to two new wallets. On-chain data suggest that the whale amassed 3,623 BTC worth almost $25 million between October 25, 2018, and December 31, 2019. During this t... read More

November 15, 2:09 pm

GigaChadGPT Unveils Innovative AI-Driven Cryptocurrency Advancements
[PRESS RELEASE - NYC, New York, November 15th, 2023] In the ever-evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency world, a new legend is emerging – GigaChadGPT ($GIGA). This revolutionary token combines the alpha energy of the internet legend GigaChad with the unmatched power of Artificial Intelligence. GigaChadGPT is the combination of the inte... read More

November 15, 11:06 am

Is Ripple (XRP) Price About to Chart a God Candle? The Last Time This Pa...
TL;DR Tony 'The Bull,' an XRP analyst, identifies a chart pattern on Ripple's price chart similar to 2017, suggesting a potential upcoming surge in XRP value, akin to the previous 900% increase. Recent large XRP transfers by anonymous whales imply possible market activity preparation, highlighted by multimillion-dollar transactions between unknown... read More

November 03, 5:41 am

Will This Have An Impact on Bitcoin's (BTC) Price Rally?
TL;DR Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors are anticipating a potential surge in Bitcoin prices following the possible SEC approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF, which is expected to attract more investment into the cryptocurrency. The Federal Reserve's decisions on interest rates are crucial to Bitcoin's price movement, with the upcoming December meeting b... read More

September 11, 10:00 am

Environmentalists Rally Against Crypto Mining Facility Renewal in New Yo...
Environmental advocates are redoubling their efforts to persuade New York officials to decline an air permit renewal for a cryptocurrency mining facility in North Tonawanda. They assert that the operation imperils residents' quality of life and undermines the state's climate objectives, as per a report by Mark Scheer for the Niagara Gazette.Battle ... read More

August 16, 5:56 am

XRP Price Chart is a Reminder the SEC is its Biggest Manipulator (Opinio...
XRP price had fallen nearly 5% on the 5-day chart Tuesday. Just five days earlier, the Securities and Exchange Commission appealed a recent U.S. court ruling that mostly favored Ripple Labs. Ripple opened Wednesday morning trading at an average price around $0.61, after changing hands above $0.80 just last month. That was after SDNY judge Analisa T... read More

August 11, 1:30 pm

Mysterious Crypto Trader Burns Over $4.6 Million in Ethereum and Premium...
In the latest wave of onchain mystery, enthusiasts of the crypto world have been abuzz with talks about an enigmatic address that has been annihilating millions of dollars in crypto assets, as well as blue chip non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Specifically, on July 26, 2023, this very wallet sent 2,500 ether, valued at over $4.6 million, to a well known... read More

May 11, 7:59 pm

Will The Lightning Network Save the Day for Bitcoin's Mempool Pileup?
While Bitcoin had whittled down waitlisted transaction orders by Wednesday, network congestion remains high. Median confirmation time hovered markedly above ten minutes. The on-chain metric for Bitcoin network fulfillment sits at a high unseen since Feb 2023 and Dec 2022. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of transactions at a time sit waiting to be ... read More

April 20, 7:53 am

Dormant BTC Whale Wakes Up, Sends $60 Million For the First Time in 9 Ye...
A Bitcoin wallet that stayed dormant for more than nine years has recently sent out 2,071.5 BTC (worth over $60 million). The address received a total of 6,071.5 BTC at the end of 2013, when the price of the primary cryptocurrency hovered around $663. Lookonchain revealed that the mysterious whale transferred the assets on April 20 after the walle... read More

January 10, 4:58 pm

Ethereum Price Records 9% Rise, Why Traders Bet On More Profits
The Ethereum price has been trending to the upside over the past week as the general sentiment in the market improves. The second crypto by market capitalization could extend its gains if macroeconomic conditions continue to support the rally.  As of this writing, the Ethereum price trades at $1,333 with sideways movement in the last 24 hours... read More

January 05, 2:48 pm

3 Reasons Solana Regained its December Losses in a New Year Rally
Solana has rallied for the week as the network continues to gain more users. Excitement over the new memecoin, Bonk Inu (BONK), coincided with the cryptocurrency's rally. The asset is moving in stride, brushing off recent losses in connection with the FTX's collapse. Solana is pulling through tough times. It's rough for the Ethereum competitor, the... read More

January 02, 10:00 am

Italian Parliament Approves 26% Tax for Cryptocurrency Gains in 2023 Bud...
The Italian Parliament has introduced a 26% capital tax on cryptocurrency gains as part of the 2023 budget law, which was approved on Dec. 29. The document also offers incentives for taxpayers to declare their cryptocurrency holdings, proposing a 3.5% aliquot for undeclared cryptocurrencies held before Dec. 31, 2021, and a 0.5% fine for each additi... read More

December 25, 4:30 pm

BTC Wraps up 13 Consecutive Years of Recorded Market Value, With No Sant...
By the end of this year bitcoin will have 13 consecutive years of recorded market value under its belt. Seven of those years saw Santa rallies all the way up until New Year's Eve, and five of the 13 years saw bearish returns from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31. There's still six more days left until the end of 2022, but current market action seems to point towa... read More

December 21, 7:00 pm

$1.7M in Quadrigacx Bitcoins Move, Court Trustee EY Says Transfers Were ...
On Dec. 19, the Twitter account Zachxbt revealed he discovered five cold wallets from the now-defunct Quadrigacx crypto exchange move 104 bitcoin. The following day, 'big four' accountancy firm EY, Quadrigacx's bankruptcy court trustee, explained it did not authorize the spending of the funds and that prior reports detailed that the cold wallets we... read More

December 16, 6:00 pm

Earn 175% APR Through ApeCoin (APE) Staking on LBank Exchange
PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Dec 16, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has recently launched ApeCoin (APE) staking in its 'Earn” – “Flexible” section, users will be able to earn APE token with an annual return of 175% (floating adjustment), and withdraw anytime without locking. APE... read More

December 16, 6:30 am

ECB Hikes Interest Rates by 50bps; Signals Need for Further Hikes to Fig...
The European Central Bank (ECB) decided to hike three of its key interest rates by 50 basis points (0.5%) as part of its ongoing war against inflation. The organization stated that further increases are likely to happen 'because inflation remains far too high and is projected to stay above the target for too long.' ECB Follows Federal Reserve, Hik... read More

December 08, 2:00 am Completes VERSE $50M Token Sale, Launches Token on Verse DEX, a digital ecosystem and secure self-custody platform where users can safely and easily interact with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, announced completion of the pre-sale of its rewards and utility token VERSE, where 16% of the total supply was purchased for $50 million. also announced the launch of VERSE trading on its... read More

December 05, 6:00 pm

RBB LAB Uses NFT to Serve Alberto De Luigi and Andreas Kohl Summons
PRESS RELEASE. San Marino, Dec 5, 2022 — RBB Lab, a technology development firm based in the Republic of San Marino, has used NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to issue court summonses for the case against Alberto De Luigi, Andreas Kohl, both former collaborators of the firm, and their company Sequentia AG incorporated in Liechtenstein. Thi... read More

December 03, 12:00 am

Inside LBank's Exquisite Afterparty at DCENTRAL Miami
PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Dec 2nd, 2022 – LBank, a global crypto exchange, hosted an ‘LBank & Crypto Friends’ afterparty alongside the Web3 conference DCENTRAL Miami. LBank was proud to host more than 200 guests from all layers of the industry. This was LBank’s second event in Miami after exhibiting at the Bitcoin... read More

November 29, 12:00 pm Announces Strategic Partnership with Poly Network
Join the Verse public token sale now and purchase VERSE tokens using BTC, BCH, ETH and USDT/USDC. Sale closes Dec 1 at 0:00 UTC., a digital ecosystem that offers secure self-custody solutions for users to easily interact with cryptocurrencies, has formed a mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Poly Network to support... read More

November 23, 12:00 am

NFT Sale Starts on December 17th! NFT Sale Details of Entertainment DAO ...
PRESS RELEASE Financie Inc. pleased to announce that the 'SUPER SAPIENSS NFT' sales conducted by 'SUPER SAPIENSS', an entertainment DAO project active on FiNANCiE. About SUPER SAPIENSS 'SUPER SAPIENSS' is an unprecedented entertainment project that brings together three directors (Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Katsuyuki Motohiro, and Yui... read More

October 13, 4:04 pm

CPI Crushes Bitcoin Price Down To $17,900, New Lows Imminent?
Bitcoin lost support at $18,600 and trended lower close to its yearly bottom at $17,900. The cryptocurrency managed to stop the bleeding at these levels, but the general sentiment in the markets seems to have flipped from dubious to fearful. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $18,300 with a 4% loss in the last 24 hours and a 9% loss i... read More

October 12, 3:17 am

IMF Warns of Bad Recession, Could BTC Go On Sale? (Opinion)
The IMF downgraded its projections for the global economy Tuesday, warning in stark terms: 'The worst is yet to come, and for many people, 2023 will feel like a recession.' As the old joke goes: 'A recession is when your neighbor loses their job. A depression is when you lose yours.' If 2023 feels like a recession for many people, as the IMF warns,... read More

October 07, 4:00 am

Bitcoin Miner Greenidge Seeks to Raise $22.8 Million in Class A Common S...
The bitcoin mining operation Greenidge Generation is seeking to raise roughly $22.8 million, according to a U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing published Wednesday. According to the prospectus disclosing information, the New York-based Greenidge conducted a sales agreement with the investment firms B. Riley Securities and Northland ... read More

September 15, 10:30 am

Russian Prime Minister Orders Finance Ministry, Central Bank to Agree on...
The central bank and the finance ministry in Moscow have been asked by the head of the Russian government to agree on a vision for the development of the country's digital asset market by Dec 1. Working with other regulators, they should also present a common position on the legislation needed to regulate it.Pressed by Sanctions, Russian Government... read More

July 13, 5:38 pm

As Axie Declines, Other Blockchain Games Emerge as Leaders in the GameFi...
In spite of what has been a difficult downturn for the cryptocurrency market, blockchain gaming is proving its longevity for the future through projects showing clear resilience and emerging as new leaders in the space. Axie Infinity (AXS), whose pet-themed trading blockchain game catapulted to notoriety during the economic shutdowns of 2020, has c... read More

June 14, 6:31 pm

NYC Mayor Adams Will Urge Gov. Hochul to Veto Anti-Bitcoin Mining Bill (...
New York City Mayor Eric Adams has spoken against the bill that seeks to impose a two-year moratorium on bitcoin mining plants, which are not 100% run by renewal energy in the New York state. He thinks the moratorium can impede the growth of the bitcoin mining industry in the United States. The controversial bill passed by the New York legislature ... read More

June 12, 12:35 am

85% of Merchants Say Crypto Payments Will Be a Norm by 2026: Deloitte
73% of merchants plan on internally integrating crypto payment within the next three years, a recently published survey has shown. Additionally, over 50% of large retailers (those with revenues of $500M+) are now spending at least $1 million to build crypto payment infrastructures. Entitled “Merchants Getting Ready for Crypto,” the stud... read More

May 21, 6:00 pm

Dubai Creates Committee to Help Cement Its Position as 'Key City i...
The rulers of Dubai have created a committee that is mandated with tracking the latest developments in the digital economy. The committee is also expected to bolster the rulers' quest to make Dubai a 'key city in the metaverse.' Dubai Rulers' Vision The Dubai rulers, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the crown prince and the deputy p... read More

April 28, 7:38 am

New York State Assembly Passed Moratorium Bill Targeted at Carbon-Based ...
New York State's lower chamber passed a bill on Tuesday, imposing a two-year moratorium on crypto mining facilities that use carbon-based fuel to validate proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain transactions. The legislation aims to address environmental issues derived from PoW's massive energy consumption. 'Not a Ban on Crypto Mining' Bill A7389C, sponsore... read More

April 18, 1:54 pm

Greenidge Generation's Bitcoin Mining Operations in New York Still...
Greenridge Generation – a power generation and Bitcoin mining company – reportedly faces an “uphill battle” in staying compliant with New York state’s environmental law. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is currently under pressure from a regional activist group to have the facility shut down. The Figh... read More

April 03, 4:25 pm

How the $35M Fractal Just Raised Could Rock the NFT Space (Op-Ed)
The announcement came on April 1, but it was no joke. Neither was the amount raised, $35 million USD, a tidy sum. Justin Kan dropped a hint of what was ahead for Fractal last month, tweeting, “Yeah, I built Twitch, it has millions of users & gaming NFTs are way bigger.” Ten days before launching the NFT marketplace on Dec 30 last year, ... read More

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