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Alchemix (#ALCX) News and Headlines

November 25, 5:30 pm

Stablecoin Market Rebounds — $5.48 Billion Growth in 22 Days
Over the last few weeks, the market value of leading stablecoins has experienced a notable increase. The economy of these fiat-pegged tokens expanded from $123.66 billion to the present $129.14 billion. This substantial growth of almost $6 billion comes after the stablecoin industry shed tens of billions in the last year. Notably, tokens such as BU... read More

November 08, 11:36 am

Exploited MEV Bot Incurs $2M Loss in Curve Pool Swaps: Data
According to PeckShield Alert data, an unknown Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bot has fallen victim to a hack, causing a loss of approximately $2 million. The incident, which took place in the renowned curve pools, has led to multiple large swaps and subsequent reverse swap arbitrage. Attacker Manipulates Curve Pool The exploitation occurred when th... read More

August 08, 1:15 am

Here is How Much Curve Finance Has Recovered From Its $70M+ Hack 
The hackers behind the recent exploit of several pools on the decentralized exchange Curve Finance have returned approximately 73% of the stolen crypto assets, accounting for about $52.3 million. Blockchain security firm PeckShield revealed Monday that Curve Finance lost $73.5 million in the hack. With the amount recovered so far, the exchange is l... read More

August 07, 12:00 pm

Curve Finance Announces $1.85 Million Bounty For Stable Pool Exploiter
Curve Finance, a popular decentralized (DeFi) protocol, has recently announced that it was rewarding persons capable of identifying the exploiters behind the draining of over $61 million from the platform’s stable pools on July 30.  The huge bounty offer is open to every person who can pinpoint the individual behind the incident in such ... read More

August 04, 10:00 pm

Curve Finance Exploiter Returns 61,000 ETH After Protocol's Stern Warnin...
In a surprising turn of events, the hacker known as the 'Alchemix/Curve Finance Exploiter' has returned a total of 4,819.55 alteth and 6106 Ethereum (ETH) to Alchemix Finance, as reported by the journalist Colin Wu.   The hacker, who had gained unauthorized access to the protocol, had earlier demanded that the Alchemix Finance team confir... read More

August 04, 8:45 pm

Curve Finance Offers 10% Bug Bounty to Attackers Behind Vyper $50M+ Expl...
Decentralized exchange Curve Finance has teamed up with Metronome and Alchemix to offer a 10% bug bounty to the attackers behind the recent exploit that saw more than $50 million siphoned off the platforms’ pools. According to an on-chain message on one hacker’s Ethereum address, the protocols are willing to cease the pursuit of the cas... read More

August 04, 2:00 am

Curve Impressively Adds 22% As Founder Sells CRV To Repay Aave Loan
CRV, the governance token of Curve, a decentralized exchange for stablecoins and a key player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, has impressively recovered, adding 22% after sinking to its August 2023 lows this week. When writing on August 3, CRV is trading at $0.59, rising double digits after dropping to $0.48 on August 1 following a ... read More

August 04, 1:00 am

Curve Finance Fights Back With Warning And Unrefusable Offer To Hacker
Curve Finance (CRV) has issued a statement on Etherscan, addressing the hackers responsible for the recent exploit that resulted in the loss of over $60 million from the protocol.  In the statement, Curve, Metronome & Alchemix have invited the hackers to discuss a potential bounty, offering a 10% reward for any stolen funds, which they can kee... read More

August 02, 11:19 am

Ethereum Price Stagnates as Curve Finance Hack Causes Volatility, But Ne...
The price of Ethereum ($ETH) has remained relatively flat over the past ten days, hovering around the $1,870 level. Contributing to this price stagnation is the continued fallout from the recent hack of Curve Finance, which has caused uncertainty throughout the crypto market. However, while Ethereum struggles to find direction, a new token called I... read More

February 24, 10:23 pm

Crypto exchange HitBTC enables staking functionality
HitBTC, the popular bitcoin and crypto exchange platform, announced today that its long-awaited staking function is now available for all exchange users. Staking is the process of holding cryptocurrency to verify transactions and support the operations of a proof-of-stake blockchain network. Simply, staking is the act of holding cryptocurrencies to... read More

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